Nice: The Fix Is In, But Not Quite

As we reported a few days ago, the central government in Paris attempted to coerce the city of Nice into destroying CCTV footage of the terror massacre on Bastille Day. Now it turns out that the pressure to delete videos was just a small part of the French government’s effort to create a false record and conceal the incompetence and negligence of the national government.

The news report below describes the intensive efforts of the Ministry of the Interior to pressure city officials in Nice into falsifying their records of what happened on the night of July 14. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Following the security controversy of July 14 in Nice,
0:05   we are talking to Igor Sayeri, who is the special envoy for BFM TV in Nice.
0:10   “Igor, the female police officer in charge of the municipal CCTV center
0:15   today claims she was put under pressure by the Ministry of the Interior,
0:19   in order to change her report.”
0:22   “Yes, absolutely! Sandra Bertin actually says that the day after the attack, well,
0:27   A commissioner of the Place Beauvau [in Paris, Ministry of the Interior HQ] came to meet her,
0:31   came into this urban supervision center (CCTV); she evokes a busy man who asks her to do, well,
0:37   a report on the presence of the municipal police at points in the recording,
0:42   specifying that also the national police can be seen at two specific points in the recording.
0:50   She refuses, because on her screens there are no national police at these two points in particular.
0:57   The man, the commissioner, then asked her, well, to send a report by email that could be altered.
1:04   She refuses at first, and then she — the head of the municipal police —
1:08   Goes one step further, and claims harassment. She says she was harassed for over an hour,
1:15   ordered to confirm the presence of the national police at the specific points;
1:21   a presence that she did not see on her screens. She even says she was actually forced
1:25   to ask the commissioner from the CSU to leave,
1:28   and ultimately she had to send two reports: one non-modifiable and another one modifiable.
1:33   Finally, she confirms also that a few days later, well,
1:37   the anti-terrorist sub-directorate asked her
1:40   to destroy the videotapes from six CCTV cameras that she mentions in her report:
1:44   — those are exactly, well, these six cameras that filmed the killings of 14 July.
1:49   Officially they need to be suppressed, well, to prevent leaks in the press or in the public.”
1:54   “Igor Safari with Nastassia Passers.”
1:57   Note that the Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas responded with a statement:
2:02   he reminded us that the investigation falls exclusively within the purview of the judiciary.
2:07   He specified that the images captured by video surveillance,
2:10   seized by the justice system, were, I quote, “in no case destroyed.”

6 thoughts on “Nice: The Fix Is In, But Not Quite

  1. Deny deny Deny
    And then you die.
    This is the scenario in the early thirties where the jews of Europe were told by the revisionists to get out now because the evil just around the corner was far worse than they had ever experienced,

  2. The greatest negligence is allowing them into the country in the first place, and then continuing to do so, after they so fully demonstrate their desire to destroy your society.

    Muslim integration is going to be the issue that totally destroys the left in the US and Europe. The problem is if they start to be critical of muslims, then the whole idea of multiculturalism gets thrown out the window, and the rest of their supporters now open themselves up to everyone being critical of what they believe in.

    The left can never do this, as racial divisiveness is central to their political power. Meanwhile, the remaining white community is then fractured because there will always be people who want to act to preserve the peace regardless of the cost to society. Their number is becoming increasingly smaller as the violence and rhetoric increases.

  3. If this is going on in the French government I can only imagine what kind of things go on in the EU government.

  4. Guy Millière ends his profoundly pessimistic response to the third major jihadist attack in France this year, with a question- a question pertinent to all Western countries;
    “Islamists seem to think that no French politician will to overcome what looks more and more like a perfect Arab storm. They seem to feel that the West is already defeated and does not have what it takes to carry the day. Are they wrong?”
    Hollande wont do it, he’s an Islamo-leftist, a species we will no doubt, tragically and predictably, along with increased jihadist violence, be seeing far more of in the near future.

    Unless that is, the political class currently replacing their own electorates, particularly those whoring after the blok-vote, are themselves replaced.

    That this is an existential choice for Europeans should be clear to most- but not yet apparent for many.
    One wonders just what it will take- how many jihadist atrocities, just how many priests will be beheaded cut, before Europe wakes from its multikulti dreaming?

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