Gun Gung-Ho America

Another Bill Whittle video, this one from January.

I subscribe to his “Firewall” episodes but am not always up for posting them. Today, instead of writing thank you notes (thereby relieving some of the Baron’s tasks – besides, I like doing them) I hid out on You Tube, waiting out the reactive pain about Tommy Robinson’s up-coming trial. [That’s the problem with childhood-onset PTSD, or one of them: those brain paths that trigger anxiety are so well-worn that the cascade of neurohormones from the HPA axis just crashes on down. The chute opens and I just ride the wave…I’ll be much-recovered by tomorrow.]

So here’s Bill on American (Amerikkkan) gun love.

Socialist gun control advocates won’t like this video. I doubt any of them will watch a man who shreds their fondest myths. Bill Whittle is an iconoclast of the first order.

A technical note: For those whose native language is not English or those whose hearing is impaired, Bill’s speech patterns may be hard to follow at times. He’s not Pat Condell; sometimes when Mr. Whittle is flying rhetorically his voice drops, he tends to run his words together passionately (while Pat Condell, in contrast, appears to slow down and enunciate more carefully). If you turn on the closed captions feature – it’s in English – you’ll notice that many of the mistakes occur at those points where he is most passionate about his subject.

Note: Any Marine (or his family) can tell you what ‘gung ho’ means. If it’s not in your lexicon, a short search on Google will enlighten you regarding this useful term.

22 thoughts on “Gun Gung-Ho America

  1. Gun control advocates…well liberalism is a religion and gun control is one of their ten commandments.

    My brother is a lib in every regard I can think of. Our family has a cabin in a the mountains in a state that permits open carry. He took his family on a hike and encountered a Boy Scout troop on the trail. The scoutmaster was bringing up the rear and was carrying a revolver on his hip. Quite legal, and with the reintroduction of the wolf in the area well advised. Bro came back spitting mad because of the gentleman carrying the gun. I pointed out several things, that it was his constitutional right, that the state permits open carry, that the man was responsible for the safety of his troop, that the wolf that had been reintroduced was in fact a hybrid of the Northern Grey and was a wolf that had a demonstrated habit of killing for sport, and that horse packers always carry a firearm in case they must humanely put an animal down. He was having none of it. His argument was that he’d never needed a gun while in the woods or on the trail and therefore the scoutmaster didn’t need a gun. And since he didn’t need the gun, he shouldn’t be permitted to have the gun.

    Fast forward to the next summer when Bro invited a couple of friends to visit us at the cabin. One is an ER physician and the wife is a psychologist. Super nice people and avid outdoorsmen. Over dinner they told us about some early spring hikes they had taken. On one of these hikes, they heard wolves near the trail up ahead and so decided to turn back. They the wife turned to the husband and said, “Honey, maybe we should start carrying the 357 on the trail”. And of course my brother didn’t blink.

    Guns for me, but none for thee: the liberal mantra. Needless to say, my brother and I are cut from different cloth.

    • BTW – only 90 guns per 100 citizens! Someone is not doing their part to form a polite and well armed society. I have 26 guns, not counting the one I have a deposit down on. Looks like some people need to pay a visit to their local gun store (LGS in common parlance).

    • Yep, it’s the leftist pact of Umar. Only leftists should be armed, everyone else should be disarmed. If only it stopped at that.

      • It’s far worse than that. Disarm all law abiding citizens, create a new class of criminal gun smugglers, create better armed criminals with any and all types of weapons, and leave the general public at their mercy (or lack of). Ban free speech (aka “hate speech”) and you are now living in a full on dictatorship surrounded by well armed criminals. Still trust the government?

    • You should have said:

      “Better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.”

      Not that it would have made any difference.

      • Same cabin, different story: One day we heard sort of loud sounds of Bang Bang Bang. At first I thought someone was having a well sunk but after a while I began to think differently. We all decided it might be gunfire so I went toward the sound to investigate. If I were at home in LA I might have gone to lay down in my iron bathtub, but I followed the sound of gunfire. The sound led me to a couple of guys shooting at a gallon of punch from the roadside. Now this is a location where discharging firearms is prohibited, and anyone who knows guns knows that shooting from the roadside is bad works, plus these turkeys couldn’t hit a gallon jug from fifteen yards. I started talking to them and told them they couldn’t shoot there and a few miles away on the other side of the highway it would be legal and they were done. The one guy was visiting from Tennessee and told me he was scared of guns anyway and glad the shooting was over. The local boy told me his friend told him that he came to our local to shoot pidgeons all the time so he thought he was cool. Never seen a pidgeon near the lake in 50 years, but never mind, they cooled it. On my walk back to the cabin I thought to myself, “Myself, I can’t believe I just ran toward the gunfire and bawled a couple of young men out for using guns”.

        Well, the cabin doesn’t have a bathtub.

        • Ooh, ooh, ooh. Is anyone her old enough to remember Tootie from Car 54? The LGS has the Bersa Firestorm on sale for $280 this week. If it fills my hand I’m buying it!

          • Nice, looks like a Walther PPK knockoff. If you are looking at a .380 caliber, I like the Russian Makarov a little better. Same size, well made, simple construction, and superior ballistics. It fires a 9 X18 round that is somewhat difficult to find at your local Wal-Mart, but is easily obtainable online. A .380 is considered marginal at best by most experts. Oh wait, where the heck am I? This is not a gun forum.

  2. My mother lived in Down East Maine. While visiting her one summer we heard a statistic that there were 5 guns for every household. To which my mother mused aloud “I wonder who has my 5 guns?”

    • Heh. No doubt it’s gone up since then. Maine is the only state seriously considering ‘hardening its skies’ against an EMP attack. I don’t know if it’s their Republican governor or what, but no other state takes the threat seriously. I try to picture Maine over-run with refugees from the ruined states nearby.

      It won’t end well. Not with all those suspicious Canucks…and no, everyone, that’s not a racist word. It’s what the Canucks I knew taught me to say, one of them being my theology professor.

      • No fears, Dymph’ … some of us Canucks aren’t really Canucks at all, we’re fifth columnists. We’re trying to convert Canuckistan to conservative Republicanism. (Needless to say, we’ll have to outlive Methuselah to see the day!)
        And some of us ‘Canucks’ … the Newfs who lost the vote in the late 1940s on Confederation with Canada … still think of Newfoundland as our country. We’re a bit like the Confederacy in that regard!

        • You live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I have some NF rocks edging part of my flower garden…

  3. I do understand your problem with Mr Whittle, Dymphna (though mine is with his repetitveness!) Like certain expressions of your military (“no names, no pack drill”, as they say in the British military), “gung ho” is, or used to be commonplace here- Wiki tells me it’s from the Chinese, early 1940s, but inaccurately translated.

  4. Great article, some interesting statistics that show just how skewed the left’s viewpoint on this is. Why anyone believes that a gun ban would prevent crime and violence is beyond me. His stats about the most violent cities in the U.S. speak volumes about the actual problem (hint: it’s not gun availability). All bans on anything have ever done is create new classes of criminals and criminal enterprises.

  5. I just looked up Plano, Texas. Almost 80% of the population is white or east asian.
    Another thing those social justice warriors out there like to ignore is that the worst murder rates are in cities with large black populations, seemingly dependent on their proportion of the city and the worst nations are mostly those with large or majority black populations.
    The other thing they like to ignore is that they don’t include asians when discussing inequalities, only black people and increasingly latinos (as the term is popularly used in the USA).
    I don’t expect anything to change when the current dialogue is happy to blame white people collectively for just about everything but takes umbrage at anyone who points out the failings of other groups.
    Sweden is noticing it’s own slide down the ranks thanks to its “enrichers”, it really doesn’t matter if this is some biological or cultural phenomenon, the reality is that these people do have a certain culture, it is inimical to ours, we should not be bringing more of the same into our communities because they will never adopt our culture. Foremost reason being that they come from cultures where strength is important and our consensus, conciliatory based culture is regarded as weak.

  6. A great family story. It reminds me of the divisions I experience in my own family. This is like a nation-wide civil war, families torn down the middle, trying to find a neutral place to meet and enjoy one another. It’s very hard.

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