Molenbeek in Rome: Sorry, No Speak Italiano!

A few days after the jihad massacres in Brussels, an Italian TV outlet sent a reporter into the most culturally enriched district of the capital — “the Molenbeek of Rome” — to talk to Muslim residents. As soon as she brought up what happened in Belgium, her interlocutors said they had never heard of Brussels, or suddenly and mysteriously found themselves unable to speak Italian.

Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


    In the Molenbeek of Rome, silence on the massacres
0:00   San Basilio, Via Tiburtina, Prenestina, Casalina, Tor Pignattara, Centocelle, Termini with Piazza Vittorio.
0:09   This is the triangle in which are concentrated the largest number of Moslems and mosques.
0:15   In this area of Rome at the beginning of March three supporters of ISIS were arrested.
    (If you want to come here… I can organise everything for you…)
0:19   One of them was ready to set off for Iraq and blow himself up as a suicide bomber.
0:24   This is the interception of the ROS (Special Operations of the Carabinieri) that caught them out:
    (Just as long as you organise yourself so also with false documents… so you can come, Inshallah)
0:28   I have got …. someone… for a suicide operation
0:33   …. I spoke to a friend and I await his reply…. after which, he said
0:38   I will get on the plane and come where you said! Insh’allah!
0:45   The area of Rome is considered one of the most at risk of infiltration by ISIS.
0:50   The Moslem population has tripled in the space of a few years.
0:53   Today there are about 100 mosques here. Some are makeshift in garages, basements, shops.
1:00   And often registered with names of cultural associations
1:04   Here then we have the church of San Vito… and here is the mosque.
1:11   Hidden behind this blue door is another mosque.
1:19   These are the five prayers of the day.
1:23   How many people attend this mosque?
1:26   On Friday even 100, 80 people
1:30   100 people in this small room…. that is a lot. —Yes yes yes yes
1:33   Have you done the prayer? —Yes yes yes yes, Friday yes
1:39   During the prayer did you mention anything about the terrorist atrocity in Brussels?
1:42   I don’t know what you are talking about. —The attacks, The attacks, didn’t you hear? —No, no, no, no
1:46   Are you an imam? Yes, I am an imam. —And you have never spoken about ISIS… of Daesh. —No, no, no (not clear)
1:53   As is the case with this imam here, many Moslems, when you speak about terrorism, about ISIS,
1:57   Daesh in Arabic, say that they do not understand and do not speak our language.
2:02   Have you spoken among yourselves about the massacre in Brussels? (unclear)
2:07   I did not understand, Brussels? Can you speak English?
2:15   After the attacks in Brussels was something mentioned in the mosque.
2:19   But no, I go to mosque only once a week, you understand, I don’t know.
2:27   This is the quarter of Tor Pignattara.
2:30   Arab specialities, centres, shops where you can send things abroad, money transfer.
2:37   Is the tailor’s yours? —I don’t understand —How long have you been here? —Ummm. Italy? Two years.
2:46   Do you not speak Italian? She doesn’t speak Italian? Not at all? —Nothing.
2:52   But how long have you been in Italy? — Not long. —But how long, a year a month? —Four years.
3:01   And watch how the community newspaper communicates the terror attack of Brussels.
3:06   Here we have a newspaper in Bengali and this is the paper of the 23rd March, the day after the attacks in Brussels.
3:13   Where is the article about the terror atrocities of Brussels? On what page do you talk about it?
3:17   Twenty-six. —Twenty-six?? In our papers it was on the front pages everywhere. The day after the attacks?? — Yes.
3:26   It is the first Friday after the massacres in Brussels, for Moslems the day that their imam gives his sermon.
3:33   We go to one of the ten mosques in Tor Pignattara.
3:58   In what language is the sermon which has just been done now? — Both, Arabic and Bengali,
4:03   both of them. —Arabic and Bengali, and why not also in Italian?
4:08   Italian, today the people who translate did not come;
4:12   the imam who is here is not capable of speaking Italian well, to give an explanation.
4:17   Today, which is the first Friday after the massacres of Brussels.
4:20   Was anything mentioned in the sermon about the massacres of Brussels?
4:24   Today, no, actually. It’s the first Friday, the first sermon. First sermon. ( incomprehensible) …
4:30   This is not created by the mosque and so we should not give too much importance to this.
4:37   In mosques they don’t talk politics. —But that isn’t politics, though. —Now they say that people
4:42   say Allahu Akhbar and kill people, but the Moslem doesn’t say this thing.
4:46   To avoid that someone through Twitter, Facebook might badly “misunderstand” the message of the Koran,
4:50   according to you, isn’t it also necessary that within the mosques is stated clearly
4:54   that the message of the Koran is not Daesh?
4:57   No, no, no , this is something to do with politics; it does not have to do with the mosque here.
5:05   But is it really possible to ignore in this way the terrorist threat?
5:09   These are the gardens of Piazza Vittorio. These guys come here every day. They are all between 18 and 29.
5:16   Where do you come from? —All of us from Afghanistan. —All from Afghanistan, and how did you come here?
5:23   Umm , 8 years, 8 years, and others 3 years, 5 years
5:29   Have you integrated here into the social fabric of Piazza Vittorio, of the area?
5:34   Do you work? There is no work, we are all waiting for documents,
5:38   “Italy does not pay for political asylum, for home, nothing.”
5:43   Where do you sleep, pardon me? —In the station. In the road, on cardboard?
5:47   Yes, on cardboard. —For how long now? —Umm, 5 months now… 5 months.
5:52   Not far away a Moslem who has lived in Italy for ten years explains how ISIS gain new recruits.
5:58   ISIS works on these things. For example they are “shrewd”, they come up to you
6:02   and ask you what problems you have in life.
6:05   You are short of money? They offer you money. What are you missing (“power”),
6:09   they give you “everything”, they make you into a “boss”, let’s say.
6:13   The youngsters who don’t know where they are going find themselves in war, the same thing
6:18   that happened to us in Tunisia. I have a cousin who went to Syria and has already died there.
6:23   What, he departed for jihad, with ISIS? —Yes, with ISIS. A job really, from the boss down.
6:33   Also in Italy? Yes for sure, also in Italy, it’s arrived in France, in Belgium,
6:37   in Germany, and therefore in Italy as well.

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  1. Did I read somewhere else, maybe in Vladtepesblog, that there was a female journalist in Italy who was either banned or a formal complaint was raised against her by Muslim group in Italy…is this the same person? It takes a brave woman to go and interview in these places about this sensitive subject! Amazing she was able to get the reactions she did…they don’t respect women. Does anyone know the rest of the story behind this interview?

  2. “Do you work? There is no work, we are all waiting for documents,
    5:38 “Italy does not pay for political asylum, for home, nothing.”

    “5:43Where do you sleep, pardon me? —In the station. In the road, on cardboard?
    5:47 Yes, on cardboard. —For how long now? —Umm, 5 months now… 5 months.”

    Yea.. parasites every last one of them, I don’t know why nobody says it..but mass immigration is an indictment on these peoples leaders/governments/countries who fail to provide them with an adequate standard of living.

    Unfortunately most EU countries enable this kind of behavior by rolling out carpet for these parasites, you see they would rather live in cardboard boxes and torture us with their invasiveness than actually accomplish anything meaningful for themselves in their country of origin.. Pathetic..

    Wake up!! We owe them nothing.

    • Homeless on cardboard, absolute BS, these lying ‘followers of the teaching of the prophet’ look far from undernourished.

  3. Just look at the dead eyes, the sullen faces, the duplicitous and evasive replies from these third world individuals. What do they offer Rome, the acknowledged CHRISTIAN centre of the world and yet the communist leaning Pope all to readily washes and kisses their feet.
    Greece’s economy and tourist industry are in their final death throes, Rome and Italy will shortly follow down the same path unless they repulse the next wave of North Africans poised in Libya to bring further chaos to the shores of a once great and cultured country.

    • 100% correct on the tourist industry, once the lifeblood of Europe’s ancient and historical cities. I still visit Eastern Europe, I have friends who put me up. Poland, the Czech Rep., Slovak Rep. and Hungary have not yet been verminized by globalist driven horde.

  4. To sum it all up we are deliberately being subverted and destroyed as a kind of global city,ie all mixed in together as one with no borders.Order from chaos,thesis,antithesis=synthesis for a satanic New World Order.Communism/socialism/fascism/islamism intermingled into a utopian dream/nightmare for totalitarian global governance.Distract the sheeple with dumbed down education,mind numbing tv,sports on everywhere you go and talk of sex and militant minorities and their being allegedly descriminated against(useful idiots).Any other critical thinking, a preservation of our borders ,indigenous cultures and our Judeo/Christian ethos and morality are labelled as bigots/fascists/racists etc to close down all dissenters. Quote from Yuri Bezmenov Love Letter To America,Stage 1 Demoralisation 2.Destabilisation 3,Crisis which allows an invasion (refugees)and then civil war 4 Normalisation otherwise known as martial law and totalitarian socialist government.The bad news is we have arrived at stage 3 and so called normalisation is just round the corner.Hang on to your hats things are about to get much,much worse.

    • Sadly our European brothers and sisters do not have firearms with which to defend themselves. Which IMHO is why the leftists/socialists in the USA are working overtime using every possible means to deny the citizenry their Constitutional right to bear arms.

      • Two things make America great namely the first amendment and the second amendment.

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