12 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Well, Part 2

    • However under the guise of a ‘religion’, and an era of Political Correctness (cultural Marxism), Islam will get a pass. If any other hate filled book was ‘taught’ and read to youngsters there would be an outcry of ‘brainwashing’ and ‘indoctrination’ from all of the ‘usual suspects’.

  1. That’s just nonsense. You Bodisseys seem to think that everyone is equally susceptible to whatever beliefs are out there, be it Islam, Christianity or whatever. Is that basically correct?

    How do you explain that the great religions have essentially stable demographic boundaries?

    • D Meister: ‘How do you explain that the great religions have essentially stable demographic boundaries?’:

      They don’t. The Islamic world has always had bloody borders. It has always been expansionist. This was temporarily halted by European colonialism.

      The countries now called Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and all the ‘stans’ of central asia were once Buddhist, Hindu or animist. And we’re not talking about prehistory. We’re talking about ‘mere’ hundreds of years ago.

  2. D Meister, What you say is interesting. *What* is just nonsense? That the variety of Islam known as Child Abuse Islam is a Mental Disorder (why capitalized?)? Mr. & Mrs. Boddissey think that everyone is just as susceptible to Flat Earthism as to Heliocentrism? How do you figure? But your most thought-provoking assertion is that the great religions (does Scientology count?) have essentially stable demographic boundaries. I can’t even figure out what a demographic boundary *is*. Maybe you were triggered by the reference to Mental Disorder and got carried away.

    • The picture caption is nonsense. Do I have to explain why?

      Certain religions resonate with certain types of people and have for centuries. Think Hinduism in India, Christianity in Europe and Islam in Asia Minor. Stable demographic boundaries.

      • Well, if we think about how Islam got to Asia Minor, and how Turkey came to being 99% Muslim (when a century ago, it still had very large Armenian and Greek Christian populations), maybe some events not all that peaceful helped the religion to “resonate” there?

    • Clearly not an Islamic troll. More like an atheist and a believer in human biodiversity.

      • And why on earth would an atheist be a fan of “biodiversity” of the superstitious kind? Let me guess – because most of what you see as that diversity is not Caucasian or Christian?

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