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Miramax, one of the largest movie production and distribution companies in the world, has been acquired by a media group based in Doha in Qatar. The group is associated with Al Jazeera, and already owns some thirty TV channels.

In other news, some German cafés have stopped selling pork sausages to avoid offending newly-arrived migrants.

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Financial Crisis
» ECB Set to Increase Dose of Monetary Medicine
» Greek PM Blasts IMF ‘Stalling Tactics’
» Italy: Carige Bank Falls 10% in Pre-Trading on ECB Diktat
» Warning! Coming Soon to a Bank Near You — A Cashless Society
» Why is Eurozone Inflation So Persistently Low?
» Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner as Obama’s Latest Anti-American?
» Incompetent US Leaders Drove American People Into Revolt — Senator
» New FBI Program Instructs High School Teachers to Report ‘Radical’ Students
» Pilot Shortage Hits US Regional Airlines
» Robert Spencer’s Scathing Indictment: “Hillary Clinton’s War on Freedom of Speech” (Video)
» ‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes All in With ‘Racists for Trump’
» The Times’ Biased Fact Check of GOP Critique of ObamaCare
» Trump Stumbles in March 5 Primaries
» Hear the Joke That Will Cost Comedian Mike Ward $180,000 (If Human Rights Commissions Have Their Way)
Europe and the EU
» 20,000 ISIS Uniforms Found in Spain
» Austria: Woman Robbed, Groped and Carjacked All in One Day
» Champagne, Cognac Lead Record French Alcohol Exports
» European Affairs: BDS Spreading Like Wildfire in Europe?
» French Judge Opens Probe After Paedophile Priest’s Victims Accuse Catholic Officials
» German Nationalists Set for Breakthrough as Democratic-Fascist Law is Struck Down
» Germany: Crowd Jeers Degenerate Music
» Italy: Outrage Over Medal to Ex-Nazi of Marzabotto Massacre
» Italy: Unions Lament Palace of Caserta Director ‘Works Too Much’
» Italy: ‘We’re Here to Win’ Salvini Says in Rome
» Italy: L’Espresso Group Posts 2015 Profit of 17 Million
» Juncker: Ukraine Will Not Join the EU-NATO in the Next 25 Yrs
» Liberal Europe on the Brink of Demise? Its ‘Feminized’ Men Can’t Protect it
» London’s Mayor Calls EU Membership a Prison Sentence Amid Brexit Rhetoric
» Nearly 20% of Finland’s Wolves Killed During Month-Long Cull
» Online Petition Against French Labour Reform Hits Million-Signature Record
» The Italian Driving Fashion’s Mobile Revolution
Israel and the Palestinians
» Flight From Big Cities, Many Move to Petah Tikva
Middle East
» Erdogan’s War Against Democracy in Turkey: Interview With Mehmet Yuksel of HDP
» Iran Billionaire Tycoon Zanjani Sentenced to Death for Corruption
» Low Oil Prices Put Strains on Gulf Currency Pegs
» Miramax Dons Veil, Acquired by Qatar Group
» Turkey: Court Seizes Anti-Erdogan Newspaper
» Turkish Court Takes Over Opposition Newspaper
South Asia
» Afghan Retreat From Key Districts Stokes Instability Fears
» India: Jat Peasants-Warriors Block Delhi’s Water Supplies and the Country’s Roads
» US Wins WTO Trade Spat Over India Solar Power Rules
Far East
» China: Body Found in Elevator, May Have Been Stuck for a Month
» China ‘Absolutely’ Will Not Have Hard Landing: Official
Australia — Pacific
» Meet the Muslim Schoolgirl Who Wants to be World’s First Hijab-Wearing Ballerina
Sub-Saharan Africa
» MH370 Wreckage ‘Found Off the African Coast’ By UFO Hunter
Latin America
» Socialist Former President of Brazil Detained in Connection With Massive Crony Oil Scandal
» 16 Shocking Reasons the African Migrant Crisis Won’t End Soon
» Another Reason Not to Admit Syrian Refugees: Anti-Semitism
» Daily Mail: New Observer Was Right
» German Cafes Stop Selling Pork Sausages to Spare Muslim Refugees’ Feelings
» H1-B Visa Scam Highlighted in Fla.
» Pope Francis: It’s an Arab Invasion of Europe
» Refugees Get Houses — Danish Social Assistance Recipients Get Sheds
» Slovakia: Pro-Invasion Party Crashes
» Three Held for Murder at Swedish Asylum Centre
» Why Political Parties Will Not Save Britain From Extinction at Hands of Third World Immigration
Culture Wars
» Tunisia: Homosexuality Crime, Debate on Abolition Re-Kindled

ECB Set to Increase Dose of Monetary Medicine

The European Central Bank will almost certainly announce new stimulus measures at its policy meeting next week, analysts said, as eurozone inflation turned negative and the economic outlook continues to cloud over.

After disappointing financial markets with what were widely to perceived as half-hearted measures in December, ECB chief Mario Draghi will announce bolder policy moves this time round, central bank watchers predicted.

These were most likely to include a further cut in interest rates, an increase in the volume of bonds it buys each month under its so-called quantitative easing or QE programme and a further extension of that measure beyond its current timeframe of March 2017.

“The ECB has signalled a further loosening of monetary policy at its forthcoming meeting,” said Capital Economics economist Jonathan Loynes…

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Greek PM Blasts IMF ‘Stalling Tactics’

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday said the IMF was employing “stalling tactics” and “arbitrary” estimates to hold up a reforms review crucial to the country’s economic recovery.

The leftist PM said the Washington-based global lender was bent on counter-productive cuts that failed to take into account the improved performance of Greece’s economy.

“The review will be completed soon in spite of the IMF’s stalling tactics,” Tsipras told his party’s central committee…

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Italy: Carige Bank Falls 10% in Pre-Trading on ECB Diktat

Must comply with new vigilance requirements

(ANSA) — Milan, March 4 — The Banca Carige bank fell 10% in pre-opening trading in Milan Friday after the European Central Bank’s request for a new plan “to comply with vigilance requirements”. The ECB has requested a new industrial plan that takes account of the deterioration of the current scenario, as well as a plan that reflects recent considerations on its strategic options, sources said.

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Warning! Coming Soon to a Bank Near You — A Cashless Society

According to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew who recently signed and sealed America’s current audited financial statements, as of 2015 the United States has $3.2 trillion in assets.

As other corporations do, the United States also listed its liabilities: $21.5 trillion. One does not need to be a mathematical genius to figure out that America’s net worth is a negative $18.3 trillion. We have $3.2 trillion in assets minus $21.5 trillion in liabilities.

In 2014, our negative net worth was $17.7 trillion and in 2013 it was $16.8 trillion. In other words, the United States is bankrupt. If you or I had five or ten times more debt than we had in assets, we would be in bankruptcy court…

There are those reading this article who will respond by saying “Oh, they’ll just print more money. Nothing will change.” There are many who won’t read this article who would respond that way if they did read it. They represent the “something for nothing” crowd. They simply cannot conceptualize the idea that irresponsible federal spending — mostly designed to buy the votes of the poor and the disenfranchised (and illegal aliens and other non-hegemonic portions of society as described by Antonio Gramsci) — has bankrupted this once healthy economy. They cannot see in their minds the idea that when you borrow something, it must some day, some way be repaid.

The truth is, they are about to stop printing money so those who say “they’ll just print more money to cover the debt” are wrong.

The truth is, your bank is about to stop paying you the pittance they’ve been paying for your deposit dollars, calling it “interest.” They are about to start charging you money for the money in your bank accounts. It’s already being done in Europe and other parts of the world…

What is about to descend on your head is Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP). NIRP means that banks, rather than paying you interest on your deposits, will charge you a fee (probably a percentage of your deposit amount) for managing your money.

“Managing my money?” you may ask. “I manage my money; not my bank.”

Your reaction is likely: “I’ll just take my money out of the bank.” No. You won’t. Why? Because they are about to remove currency — actual money — from the marketplace. I believe we are about to switch to a digital currency — and no, not Bitcoin.

[Comment: Read. It. All. This is all planned. March in lockstep with the NWO or find your electronic ‘cash’ locked and you unable to use your own “money”.]

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Why is Eurozone Inflation So Persistently Low?

Despite a raft of different measures by the European Central Bank to kickstart sluggish consumer prices in the eurozone, inflation in the single currency bloc turned negative in February for the first time in five months.

The ECB estimates that consumer prices need to rise at an annual rate of close to but just below 2.0 percent to foster healthy economic growth. But area-wide inflation stood at minus 0.2 percent in February, due to the combination of a number of different factors, experts say.

– Oil -…

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner as Obama’s Latest Anti-American?

President Barack Obama spent more than the past seven years flagrantly dissing America. Now that’s he’s passing his mantle on to Hillary Clinton, Obama is using willing surrogates and satellites from outside of America to do his dissing for him:

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to President Barack Obama’s State Dinner as an open and fully-fledged anti-American.

With only 39 percent of the popular vote when top members of Obama’s campaign team helped bring him into power on October 19, Trudeau now claims to speak for all Canadians when he says “Canadians would appreciate it if Americans paid more attention to what’s going on around the globe”.

This is what happens when Canadians are too busy trying to get by in an economy where the Canadian dollar (Worth .75 American) is the weakest it’s been for the past 13 years.

In Canada, Trudeau leads a Liberal Party, which just like the American Democrats, see themselves as the Natural Governing Party but whose newest, would-be members were already well neutered even before election. No pro-lifers were allowed to run for election and had their candidacies automatically and routinely dismissed.

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Incompetent US Leaders Drove American People Into Revolt — Senator

The rise of billionaire Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race was caused by the anger of ordinary Americans at the failure of the US political establishment to cope with the problems mounting on them, Senator Bob Corker said in a statement.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Corker argued that Republican voters were furious at their party’s leaders for failing to prevent President Barack Obama from carrying out his liberal agenda or pushing through any measures to end the tidal wave of illegal immigration.

“What’s happening in the Republican primary is the result of two things: the fecklessness and ineptness of the Washington establishment in failing to address the big issues facing our country, and years of anger with the overreach of the Obama administration,” Corker stated on Friday.

Trump has also capitalized on popular dissatisfaction with what the public has branded is corruption in the US government hypocrisy in the media, imposed speech codes that are euphemistically called “political correctness” as well as the troubling decline of the US economy.

[Comment: Not incompetent — just following their bankster master’s orders. Bankster’s clearly overreached with Obama and Americans are fed up with roll-over Republicans.]

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New FBI Program Instructs High School Teachers to Report ‘Radical’ Students

As part of its ongoing war on terror, the FBI has launched a new program in which it instructs high school staff across the United States to report students who show signs of being future terrorists.

“High school students are ideal targets for recruitment by violent extremists seeking support for their radical ideologies, foreign fighter networks, or conducting acts of violence within our borders,” the FBI guidelines read.

[Comment: This will likely be expanded to include those students who have a “Don’t Tread On Me” sticker on their vehicles.]

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Pilot Shortage Hits US Regional Airlines

Mid-sized and regional airlines in the US are suffering from a pilot shortage that could threaten the health of the broader US aviation industry.

The labor shortfall has led to canceled flights at carriers like Mesa Airlines and Silver Airways. That has hit smaller airports, such as in Redding, California, or Erie, Pennsylvania, according to figures from the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA).

The staffing crunch could also constrain traffic for larger companies like United Airlines and Delta Air Lines that depend on the mid-sized companies to serve rural consumers and feed customers into their networks.

“It’s becoming a crisis at some carriers, resulting in the cancellation of flights and other serious disruptions,” said Patrick Smith, a pilot who runs “Ask the Pilot,” an aviation blog…

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Robert Spencer’s Scathing Indictment: “Hillary Clinton’s War on Freedom of Speech” (Video)

Robert Spencer delivers a stinging one hour, data filled speech on the decline of liberalism and freedom under the Obama-Clinton regime, in favour of sharia law norms.

Additionally, Ms. Clinton raised nearly a half million dollars at one stop by Pakistani Muslims who feels Hillary can help stop ‘Islam-o-phobia’

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes All in With ‘Racists for Trump’

A swastika armband, ironing a KKK hood, and burning a cross

“Saturday Night Live” went all in against Donald Trump with a mock campaign ad depicting his supporters as Nazis, KKK members and white supremacists.

[Comment: I’m stunned this rubbish show is still on the air — I thought it was cancelled long ago.]

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The Times’ Biased Fact Check of GOP Critique of ObamaCare

Once again The New York Times is peddling its own false narrative about Obamacare’s success, this time aimed at the Republican candidates. But while Margot Sanger-Katz claims to fact check Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), it is her own reporting that needs an additional check. After all, why didn’t Sanger-Katz include statements from Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in her Obamacare fact check? Neither the Times nor The Washington Post seems eager to print anything that might undermine the Democratic candidates on this issue.

Criticizing Trump for having said that insurers are making a fortune through Obamacare, Sanger-Katz writes that “The most visible part of Obamacare-the new individual insurance markets in every state-have not proved profitable for many insurers.” However, she writes, “other parts of the insurance business have flourished under Obamacare, particularly private plans sold to states for residents covered by Medicaid.”

In other words, the money to be made is in government-provided insurance. Or perhaps in fraud. The Government Accountability Office reported in February that in 2014 it had submitted 12 fraudulent applications over the phone or through only one of those fraudulent applications was caught by the Obama administration. “The fictitious enrollees maintained subsidized coverage throughout 2014, even though GAO sent fictitious documents, or no documents, to resolve application inconsistencies,” the GAO reports. It estimates that by April 2015 the Center for Medicaid Services had not resolved “inconsistencies” for 431,000 applications made in 2014, amounting to $1.7 billion in potential fraud.

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Trump Stumbles in March 5 Primaries

The Republican Party establishment is firmly closing ranks against populist would-be presidential nominee Donald Trump, and, by using a combination of caucus and “closed primary” contests, dealt him a significant setback in yesterday’s party primaries.

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Hear the Joke That Will Cost Comedian Mike Ward $180,000 (If Human Rights Commissions Have Their Way)

(This isn’t the first time this has happened, either; a few years ago, Vancouver comedian Guy Earle was also fined over ten thousand dollars for heckling back at some hecklers in a comedy club.)

We’ll tell you the joke Mike made and what happened next.

He and I laugh about this situation but of course, it is deadly serious. If we don’t push back against these censors, then fascism wins.

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20,000 ISIS Uniforms Found in Spain

Spanish authorities have seized 20,000 uniforms and equipment believed to have been intended for jihadists in the extremist group Islamic State (IS) and the al-Nusra Front, reports SVT.

The discovery was made during a crackdown on a network which, according to Spanish police, worked to provide the organizations with military equipment.

The uniforms had been hidden inside containers marked “second-hand clothes” and was stored among other civilian garments, reports CNN.

The containers also contained various kinds of goods to feed an army, according to the Spanish authorities.

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Austria: Woman Robbed, Groped and Carjacked All in One Day

Blonde Rosita Kohzina posted the video a few minutes after the attempted carjacking, in which she said the man had tried to force open the doors to her car at a traffic light.

She said: “I am really seething. And I don’t want anybody to tell me I’m making this up and that it never happened.”

She said that after fighting off the bag-snatcher and an attacker who tried to grope her breasts, a man tried to carjack her but could not get in — he had rolled on the roof and then had attacked a completely random woman who was walking down the street, shoving her over before running off.

After parking further down the street she decided to vent her rage in an online rant saying: “Listen ladies, I’ve just recently been forced to make the acquaintance of some of these non-Austrians.

“First of all I’ve had to defend my handbag and my iPad. Fortunately I managed to defend myself, but I still don’t find the whole experience cool.

“And just now, somebody tried to get into my car which fortunately I had locked from the inside.”

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Champagne, Cognac Lead Record French Alcohol Exports

France notched record-breaking sales of wines and spirits in 2015, thanks mainly to robust exports of champagne and cognac, with 11.7 billion euros ($13.15 billion) flowing in.

On the downside, France’s place in the world market continued to slip in the face of cheaper, more aggressive rivals.

ADVERTISING”This good result should not distract from the constant erosion of our market share,” said Christophe Navarre, president of the French Federation of Wines and Spirits Exporters…

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European Affairs: BDS Spreading Like Wildfire in Europe?

A growing rift between American and European labor movements as regards their attitudes toward Israel has unfolded over the last decade. One extreme example was the left-wing Italian Flaica-Uniti-Cub trade union calling for a boycott of Jewish-owned stores in Rome because of Israel’s 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead to stop Hamas rocket fire into its territory. While major trade unions in the United Kingdom and Ireland have waged a BDS campaign against Israel, more than 30 unions in the United States (including those representing teachers, the United Auto Workers, the AFL-CIO, the Change to Win coalition of American labor unions, and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists) joined a Jewish Labor Committee campaign in 2007 to oppose boycotts of the Jewish state. The UAW overruled in December a resolution by its local union of California teaching assistants to boycott Israel.

All of this helps to explain that organized labor in the US remains largely free of anti-Jewish boycott measures. To be fair, The Jerusalem Post learned this week that the German teacher’s union GEW pulled the plug on a BDS talk with a Palestinian official in Hamburg. German unions, in sharp contrast to their counterparts in other parts of the EU, have not capitulated to BDS activity.

The lessons of the Holocaust appear to be alive and kicking within Germany’s labor movement. The legendary former head of the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB), Michael Sommer, played a key role in laying the anti-BDS foundation. Speaking at a joint Histadrut and DGB event in Berlin in 2009, he voiced his opposition to boycotts against Israel.

The 800-pound gorilla in the room that separates Europe from the US is the Holocaust.

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French Judge Opens Probe After Paedophile Priest’s Victims Accuse Catholic Officials

A French judge has opened a preliminary investigation into “failure to report a crime” after the alleged victims of a paedophile priest said top officials of the Catholic diocese of the eastern French city of Lyon covered up for him, judicial sources said Friday.

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German Nationalists Set for Breakthrough as Democratic-Fascist Law is Struck Down

German nationalist parties are set for a dramatic entrance to the political center stage in Europe in May 2014 after the German constitutional court struck down an attempt by the democratic-fascist establishment to prevent real democracy in that country.

The democratic-fascist establishment parties in Germany-who, like their counterparts in most Western nations, are only in favor of democracy as long as their “opponents” agree with them on all the major issues-passed a law in 2013 which said that any party had to gain at least 3 percent of the vote before they could qualify for a seat in the proportionally-elected European parliament.

The German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has however now struck down this law, saying that it denied voters equal rights.

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Germany: Crowd Jeers Degenerate Music

A concert-going crowd last weekend in Cologne, Germany, jeered to a halt a performance by Iranian “virtuoso” Mahan Esfahani of an infamous piece of degenerate “minimalist” music by American “composer” Steve Reich.

The crowd’s behavior, condemned by the Cologne Philharmonic management as “stunning,” is unprecedented, and German media have tried to link the reaction to the New Year’s Eve mass sex attacks by nonwhite invaders in that city.

According to a report in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, Cologne’s music scene was in an “uproar” this week over the hostile reaction from the crowd during Esfahani’s solo performance of Piano Phase, composed by the American Jewish “minimalist pioneer” Steve Reich in 1967.

Philharmonie Köln management said it was “stunned at the unforeseen reaction to Sunday’s concert. We expect artists to be treated with respect,” and insisted that Cologne’s prime concert venue would remain a “forum for cultural diversity.”

The “music” consists of two identical lines consisting of twelve notes (E4, F#4, B4, C#5, D5, F#4, E4, C#5, B4, F#4, D5, C#5) played over and over again for nearly twenty minutes, on two identical instruments (in Esfahani’s case, a replica 18th-century harpsichord, combined with a simultaneous tape recording “in a version approved by the composer”). The two lines of music are at first played synchronously, but slowly become out of phase with one another when one of them slightly speeds up.

The uproar came during the second part of the concert, when the crowd-consisting mostly of paid subscription concertgoers, objected loudly to being subjected to the cacophony created by Esfahani.

[Comment: Public is waking up to the cultural degeneration assault masked as “art”.]

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Italy: Outrage Over Medal to Ex-Nazi of Marzabotto Massacre

German town awarded medal to Wilhelm Kusterer

(ANSA) — Bologna, March 4 — Italian politicians expressed outrage on Friday over news that the German town of Englesbrand had awarded a medal to its resident Wilhelm Kusterer, a former Nazi SS member who participated in the 1944 Marzabotto massacre.

The massacre, which took place in the small village of Marzabotto near Bologna, was the worst mass murder of civilians that took place in Western Europe during World War II.

The massacre was carried out in reprisal for local support given to Resistance fighters and also took in the adjacent Grizzana Morandi and Monzuno areas of tthe Monte Sole massif, which is part of the Apennine range in the province of Bologna.

Among the victims, 45 were less than two years old, 110 were less than 10 years old, 95 were less than 16 years old, 142 were over 60 years old, 316 were females and five were Catholic priests.

“That medal is an insult not only to the 1,150 people barbarically killed by the ex-SS soldier and to their families, but to all of us who have been continuously involved in imparting the horror of Nazi-Fascist history in order to build a democratic and peaceful future,” said Massimo Mezzetti, Emilia Romagna regional councillor for culture.

Mezzetti said he contacted Emilia Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini and they would be requesting that the German town revoke the medal.

The head of the Democratic Party (PD) in the region, Stefano Caliandro, said he would present a resolution in the regional legislative assembly in the coming days “to invite the regional government to convey to the Italian government and the local German institutions our community’s opposition to and disappointment over the news” of the medal.

“It fills us with anger,” Caliandro said.

“We certainly owe it to the memory of the victims and their families but we also have a responsibility to the younger generations to make sure these acts don’t go unnoticed”.

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Italy: Unions Lament Palace of Caserta Director ‘Works Too Much’

Renzi calls this ‘ridiculous’, Camusso says unions ‘wrong’

(ANSA) — Rome, March 4 — Italian Premier Matteo Renzi said on Facebook Friday said that labour union complaints that the new director of the Palace of Caserta works too much are “ridiculous”.

The Palace, in Italian Reggia di Caserta, is an 18th-century former royal residence near Naples and a UNESCO World Heritage site open to the public, whose new director Mauro Felicori was appointed through an international application process.

“The labour unions that complain about Felicori, (who was) chosen by government through an international competition, should realise that the tide has turned. And the free ride is over!” Renzi wrote.

“It’s not by chance that in February 2016 visitors are up 70% compared to February 2015 and receipts are up 105%”.

Italian daily Il Mattino reported on Friday that in late February three labour unions sent a letter of protest to members of Culture Minister Dario Franceschini’s staff, complaining among other things that Felicori worked past closing time and this “puts the entire museum at risk”.

Felicori said he doesn’t have to justify himself, calling his job “an enormous responsibility”.

“The Palace is guarded 24 hours a day, so even if the director asked someone to work overtime… there wouldn’t be anything wrong, but I’ve never done that,” he said.

Labour union UGL coordinator Carmine Egizio said working late was just one of the complaints listed in the letter.

“We also cited problems that haven’t ever been solved, like the personnel time clock, which is still the old one,” Egizio said, pointing out that the culture ministry mandated a new system in 2013. CGIL trade union federation chief Susanna Camusso also weighed in.

“When you’re wrong you should be able to admit it, and the unions at #reggiacaserta were wrong!” she tweeted.

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Italy: ‘We’re Here to Win’ Salvini Says in Rome

Rightwing politician speaks amid heavy police presence

(ANSA) — Rome, March 3 — Rightwing, anti-immigrant Northern League leader Matteo Salvini told supporters in Rome Thursday his party “is here to win”.

He also said he would back Giorgia Meloni from the small rightwing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party for mayor of Rome, but “I can’t force her”.

He spoke amid heavy police presence as leftwing activists were also on hand to voice their opposition, displaying a banner that read “Salvini out of our neighborhood, racists and petty pols go away”.

Romans will be called on to elect a new mayor in mid-June.

Salvini has pulled his backing from former civil protection chief Guido Bertolaso as centre-right candidate, though Bertolaso is still backed by Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party as well as FdI.

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Italy: L’Espresso Group Posts 2015 Profit of 17 Million

‘In merger talks with RCS’

(ANSA) — Milan, March 2 — The l’Espresso publishing group in 2015 posted a profit of 17 million euros, up from 8.5 million the year before, with earnings of 605.1 million, 6% down on 2014, the group said Wednesday.

The l’Espresso group, which publishes Italy’s second-biggest daily La Repubblica, is reportedly in merger talks with the RCS group’s Itedi unit that controls La Stampa of Turin and Il Secolo XIX of Genoa.

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Juncker: Ukraine Will Not Join the EU-NATO in the Next 25 Yrs

Referendum in the Netherlands on free trade agreement with Kiev

(ANSA) — BRUSSELS — Ukraine will not join the EU and Nato “in the next 20-25 years”, Ec president Jean Claude Juncker said, speaking at the Hague yesterday evening at a meeting of the Christian-Democratic Party of the Netherlands (CDA), and commenting on the referendum to be held Sunday in the Netherlands on the Eu’s free trade agreement with Kiev. Juncker, however, urged the CDA to support the “yes” vote in referendum, claiming that Ukraine’s accession to the EU and Nato (a prospect that is generating tensions with Russia) is a long-term goal. “Therefore — said Juncker, quoted by Dutch media — I can not imagine that Holland, a country that can boast such a long-lasting and successful tradition in the field of trade, may say ‘no’ to this cooperation agreement”.

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Liberal Europe on the Brink of Demise? Its ‘Feminized’ Men Can’t Protect it

Europe has found itself in the midst of a “textbook style crisis”, which has all the potential to take a dangerous development into a civil war; however the “feminized men in Western Europe, who in protest against the rape of women in Cologne dress up in skirts” are completely unable to withstand it.

Europe is now in the middle of a “textbook crisis,” which has “all the signs of overthrowing the State,” according to Polish political journalist Konrad Stachnio.

The textbook crisis, he explained in the article for the New Eastern Outlook website, consist of three phases: destabilization, the crisis itself and the so called normalization.

What is going on the continent right now, the journalist explains, has all the indications of ongoing destabilization phase.

“The Roman Empire showed us what we all know: the great empires fall if the boundaries are not well protected. Stop the migrants — we need to stem the flow of migrants coming to Europe, we cannot maintain the current level,” the journalist quotes Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte as recently telling to a small group of journalists from Brussels.

Having called the current refugee crisis in Europe the destabilization phase, the journalist elaborates that this phase will be followed by a crisis.

However in Europe it has all the signs of growing further into a much more serious one: a civil war and external interference.

“Right now we have in Europe a growing conflict between supporters and opponents of the refugees,” he explains. “Between Pegida and so-called the left wing. Between Muslims and their opponents.”

A feature of destabilization is also the total disintegration of State services.

“If you look at the incompetence of e.g. the German Police in relation to offenses committed in Germany, such as those in Cologne, it is hard to find a better example of State services disintegration,” he adds.

Another example of destabilization provided by the author is that people organize themselves into self-defense groups because of the lack of an effective defense provided by the State.

“We are currently experiencing that in several European countries,” he states.

“These are just a few indications of crisis aggravation, that can lead to a civil war in Europe, especially if this lead to the creation of mass ‘Islamist movement’ in Europe, something like the ‘Arab Spring in Europe,’“ he states.

The signs of external interference cited by the author are the Daesh cells which are being formed in Europe:

“Daesh sends to Europe its cells and smuggles weapons including chemical and biological ones. What is more, it via the Internet or in person, recruits new members to its cells in Europe,” he says.

After this stage should come a so-called “normalization,” namely the establishment of a new order and getting rid of all those who have helped to stir up the fire in Europe.

However, the author explains, it is also a very dangerous stage for Europe, as after this come the so called “liberals” who will contribute to the disintegration of Europe with all their strength.

“In my opinion, ideology that could lead to the collapse of Europe is precisely liberalism,” he states.

He provides as an example “Europe’s humanitarian suggestions and actions expressed by such representatives of the so-called West like Bill Gates.”

‘Software substitutes, whether it’s drivers and waiters or nurses … progressing … With time, technology will reduce the need for jobs, especially in the lower end of the skill set […] In 20 years, the demand for labour for many basic skills will be much lower. I do not think that people have this in their mental model,” Stachnio quotes Gates as saying to the Washington economic think tank of the American Enterprise Institute.

The above might lead to the revolution of the masses without work, the journalist warns.

However, it “is not the only thing that is waiting for us in the nearest future,” he predicts and gives another possible development of what lies ahead.

“One of the think-tanks of the United Nations, the Tellus Institute, has described for the United Nations the whole plan to implement a global, grassroots civic movement, stating in its report that such a movement is necessary to create social acceptance towards global government which is being created,” the journalist says.

The author then provides excerpts from this plan:

“The model of the expanding circle predicts a gradual process of organizational development, starting from a relatively small group of committed people supported by loosely linked network of people and organizations. In pursuing its activities, the initial circle will develop strategies for expanding into the next circle, a pattern which will be duplicated at each stage. In this way, the organization will periodically stop to evaluate, adjust and reorganize for greater circle and to improve the program.”

“We have created an expanding circle, a new organized effort designed to support the formation of a global civil movement. Instead of a rigid plan, TWC strategy assumes an increase in successive waves, adapting to changing circumstances, including development and diversity.”

Europe and, in fact, the whole world, the author suggests, are facing “two aggressive and clashing approaches to the future of our planet,” one being represented by the Islamist extremists, the other — by billionaires, like Bill Gates.

Worst of all, he concludes, is that “feminized men in Western Europe, who in protest against the rape of women in Cologne dress up in skirts, will certainly not be those” who are able to respond to the dangers presented.

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London’s Mayor Calls EU Membership a Prison Sentence Amid Brexit Rhetoric

London Mayor Boris Johnson said that leaving the European Union would be “wonderful” for the United Kingdom, as British business would get rid of a huge burden currently on it.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — London Mayor Boris Johnson compared on Sunday the membership of the United Kingdom to the European Union to an imprisonment with “the door left open” amid the rhetoric over the upcoming Brexit referendum.

“This is like the jailer has accidentally left the door of the jail open and people can see the sunlit land beyond,” Johnson, who has recently joined the “Leave” campaign, told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Leaving the European Union would be “wonderful” for the United Kingdom, as British business would get rid of a huge burden currently on it, Johnson added.

The UK nationals are set to vote on June 23 in the in/out referendum, after Prime Minister David Cameron and 27 of his European colleagues secured a deal in February to grant the United Kingdom a special status within the bloc.

Cameron, who won the 2015 election on a promise to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership, now leads the “Stay” campaign.

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Nearly 20% of Finland’s Wolves Killed During Month-Long Cull

Nearly one fifth of Finland’s endangered wolf population was killed in a controversial month-long cull which ended Sunday, authorities said on Monday.

Authorities gave permits to licensed hunters to kill 46 of Finland’s estimated 250 grey wolves in a cull intended to curb illegal poaching.

“The catch was altogether 43 wolves… meaning that three permissions were left unused,” Sauli Harkonen, a senior official with the Finnish Wildlife Agency, told AFP.

The hunt was the second part of a trial cull launched in 2015 to reduce illegal poaching in rural areas. It was the first time a cull had been authorised since 2007, after the European Commission accused Finland of breaching EU protection rules on the endangered species…

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Online Petition Against French Labour Reform Hits Million-Signature Record

An online petition launched against a bill to overhaul France’s labour laws hit the one million signature mark on Friday, a record in the country.

The popular petition opposes reforms aimed at making France’s labour market more flexible, allowing companies to lay off workers more easily.

The reform package has been commonly referred to as the El Khomri law in France, after Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri who has championed the text.

Available on, the petition’s signature count had far outstripped that of other recent popular appeals…

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The Italian Driving Fashion’s Mobile Revolution

With his high-waisted jeans and sneakers, nobody could have accused Steve Jobs of being a style leader.

Posthumously however the Apple founder is becoming an icon of the luxury fashion business as the smartphone technology he pioneered shakes up a sector of the industry initially slow to embrace the Internet.

Ask Federico Marchetti, the Italian CEO of Yoox Net-A-Porter (YNAP), the fashion e-tail heavyweight that shifted 1.7 billion euros worth of designer gear and luxury goods last year.

“Around 50 percent of our sales came from people ordering on smartphones,” Marchetti told AFPTV in an interview at Milan fashion week…

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Flight From Big Cities, Many Move to Petah Tikva

Internal migration data from central statistics Office

TEL AVIV — Flight from the big cities — in Israel as happens elsewhere, the tendency at the moment is to leave the big “metropoles,” above all in favour of small towns where one lives better, also because of a lower cost of living.

And so people are leaving Jerusalem, and also to a lesser extent leaving Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps. According to data for 2014 published by the central office of statistics at the apex of towns that are growing is a small centre such as Petah Tikva which in 2014 recorded a positive immigration balance (between entries and departures) of more than 3,000 Israelis.

Second placed is Ashkelon not far from the Gaza Strip with 1537 new citizens followed by Rehovot and then Netanya, a seaside resort in continuous expansion.

Jerusalem in contrast heads the standings of abandoned towns with a negative balance of 6,740 fewer people, followed by the southern Israeli port of Ashdod where 2,280 citizens have left the city.

Third placed is Bat Yam, a seaside resort city near Tel Aviv, with 1.774 fewer residents. Then Haifa, the industrial pole in the north of the country recently accused for its pollution, which lost 1,147 residents. Then Tel Aviv which lost 930 citizens in 2014.

But who is leaving Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and where are their destinations inside Israel? According to the Office of statistics, in the overall picture of the departures from the Holy City (17,091 in part compensated by 10,351 arrivals to give an overall negative balance of 6,740) many people (1464) have chosen to move to the countryside of not far away Beit Shemesh, while 1.454 others moved to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv itself counted 21,449 departures and 20,519 arrivals, with a negative balance of 930 people.

Of those leaving the city most did not go very far with 2017 people moving to the suburb of Ramat Gan or else a little further but still close to hand at Holon (1289). In all 445 instead chose to move to Jerusalem, the eternal rival of Tel Aviv.

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Erdogan’s War Against Democracy in Turkey: Interview With Mehmet Yuksel of HDP

President Erdogan of Turkey has fomented a war against the Kurdish-led opposition after failing to achieve a super majority in the June 1, 2015 Parliamentary elections. An election that saw the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), co-led by Turkish Kurd, Selhatten Demritas, obtain 80 seats or 13 percent of Ankara Parliament. The HDP, with other Turkish opposition parties, defeated AKP super-majority control and Erodgan’s quest to hold a referendum converting the largely ceremonial Presidential post to an executive one giving him near dictatorial powers — one that Erdogan said was similar to that of Hitler in Nazi Germany. In mid-July 2015, Erdogan relented and agreed to join the war against ISIS, opening up Incirlik Air Base enabling the US-led coalition to fly more frequent and shorter missions in support of Syrian PYD-YPG forces fighting ISIS. However, instead of fighting ISIS, Erdogan sent his air force to bomb PKK bases in northern Iraq.

Erdogan’s AKP achieved a comeback victory at the polls on November 1, 2015 winning almost 50 percent of the vote, 325 out of 550 seats in parliament and reclaiming control, but not a super majority, thwarting his plans for a national referendum. HDP’s slate following the November 1, 2015 election fell to 59 seats or 10 percent in the Ankara parliament. There were accusations that the AKP’s assertion of majority control had been achieved through fraudulent balloting. Following the November 1, 2015 election results, HDP co-leader Demirtas was cited in Time Magazine, saying:…

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Iran Billionaire Tycoon Zanjani Sentenced to Death for Corruption

Iran’s billionaire tycoon Babak Zanjani has been sentenced to death for corruption, a judicial official said Sunday, after a long trial in which he was accused of fraudulently pocketing $2.8 billion.

Zanjani became notorious during the era of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, finding ways to channel hard currency from oil sales to Tehran despite financial sanctions imposed on the Islamic republic’s banks as punishment for its nuclear programme.

The 41-year-old was convicted of fraud and economic crimes and as well as facing the death penalty he must repay money to the state, judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejeie said at his weekly press conference…

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Low Oil Prices Put Strains on Gulf Currency Pegs

Weak oil prices pose a threat to Gulf Arab states’ currency pegs against the dollar, but the energy-rich region is unlikely to abandon the policy yet, analysts say.

Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates all keep the values of their currencies fixed against the greenback, while Kuwait has a link to a basket of currencies including the dollar.

But doubts are growing about whether the policy still makes sense.

The slide in oil prices has battered the economies of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states at a time when an improving American economy and prospects of higher US interest rates are lifting the dollar…

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Miramax Dons Veil, Acquired by Qatar Group

‘Pulp Fiction’ studio goes to ‘beIN’ group linked to Al Jazeera

(by Gina Di Meo) NEW YORK — Miramax is donning the veil and becoming Arab property. One of the most important global cinema production and distribution groups has in fact been acquired by the ‘beIN Media group’, based at Doha in Qatar.

The announcement was made in a joint statement by the two companies even though no details of the cost of the operation were disclosed.

The Arab group belongs to Al Jazeera and owns 30 channels around the world, especially in the Middle East, north Africa, Europe and north America. It also controls several sports channels in France, Spain, the USA and Australia.

According to Variety, beIN only began to expand in the film sector in recent months, especially after having pulled off an agreement with Front Row Filmed Entertainment, a film distributor in the Middle East, followed by another with Italia Film International, a distributor with 600 titles in its portfolio based at Beirut in Lebanon that has contacts with the main American cinema firms including Disney and DreamWorks. “We are deeply enthusiastic,” said Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president and Ceo of beIN Media Group, “ about having concluded this agreement. Miramax is a successful company in the film and television sector, it is a strongly recognisable brand and thanks to its experience we want to grow and develop new content”.

Also according to press sources, there is a simple reason for beIN’s expansion in the entertainment sector, namely that two thirds of the Arab world’s population are young people under the age of 30 and therefore avid consumers of products offered by cinema and television.

“Our ambitions are very high,” said a BelN manager. As far as concerns Miramax, the acquisition has to be seen in especially in the light of a series of negative investments by the previous owners, Colony Capital.

Miramax was founded in 1979 by the brothers Harvey and Robert “Bob” Weinstein with the aim of distributing independent films but thanks to the acquisition of some films such as ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ ‘A woman to Save’, box office successes, it became the leader in the cinema sector.

In 1993 it was bought by Disney for 75 million dollars and then re-sold in 2010 for nearly 700 million dollars.

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Turkey: Court Seizes Anti-Erdogan Newspaper

Zaman put in administration for links with magnate Gulen

(ANSAmed) — ISTANBUL, MARCH 4 — An Istanbul court has decided to place in administration the editorial group that includes the Zaman newspaper, Turkey’s largest circulation daily, because of its links to the magnate and imam Fethullah Gulen, the former ally then sworn enemy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, local news agencies say.

The request, accepted Friday by the judge, was presented by the office of the Chief Prosecutor of Istanbul. Now the judicial administrators must take control of the group, appointing a new editorial management, as has happened in the past in similar cases.

The decision is already causing alarm and protests over the threats to freedom of the press in Turkey, already under heavy pressure in recent months.

According to most recent figures, Zaman is the highest circulation daily in the country, with some 650,000 daily copies, most of them distributed by subscription to followers of the Gulen movement.

A similar measure was decided on the eve of early elections held November 1, also because of Gulen’s links to the Ipek editorial group, which controlled the television channels Bugun Tv and Kanalturk and the newspapers Bugun and Millet, closed definitively in recent days. On that occasion the police entered by force in the newsrooms involved.

Under administration the Ipek group had its editorial line overturned, passing from the opposition to becoming pro-government.

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Turkish Court Takes Over Opposition Newspaper

The picture shows women holding up copies of the newspaper Zaman, while protesting the arrest of the paper’s managing editor who was arrested in 2014.

But that was not enough apparently, and now Turkish court has instead simply seized the newspaper.

Turkish court has decided to take over the administration of the daily newspaper Zaman, which is critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports the state news agency Anatolia.

This means that the court will appoint new managers of the newspaper.

The newspaper is closely linked to Erdogan’s arch-rival, the US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen.

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Afghan Retreat From Key Districts Stokes Instability Fears

Overstretched Afghan forces are pulling back from violent southern districts without a fight, ceding key territory to the resurgent Taliban as part of an unprecedented “strategic retreat” that has stoked fears government control is slipping.

Beset by record casualties, desertions and troop shortages, Afghan troops have recently abandoned outposts in parts of central Uruzgan province, extending a withdrawal which began last month.

They have already pulled out of Musa Qala and Nowzad districts in neighbouring Helmand, bastions that foreign troops struggled for years to defend as the opium-rich region teeters on the brink of collapse…

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India: Jat Peasants-Warriors Block Delhi’s Water Supplies and the Country’s Roads

The blockade on water in the capital has been lifted. A week of clashes has left 16 people dead, and hundreds wounded. India’s 80 million Jats want to be downgraded from upper caste to receive more aid from the government.

New Delhi (AsiaNews) — A week of caste-related protests in the Indian state of Haryana has left at least 16 people dead and hundreds wounded with roads blocked, houses and cars set on fire, and one of the world’s largest capitals, Delhi, without water.

At the heart of demonstrations is the Jat community, one of India’s many ethno-cultural groups. At present, Jats number 80 million, and are 30 per cent of the population of the State of Haryana, which is next to the capital.

With ancient origins (from Shiva’s Locks according to legend), the Jat people are a traditionally agricultural community that left Sindh, moving into northern India, and the western Gangetic Plain in medieval times. They eventually took up arms against India’s Muslim rulers and established a major kingdom in the 18th century.

Their martial virtues reached their zenith under the British, who incorporated India’s “martial races” in the British Indian Army. Along with aristocratic Rajputs and the brave Sikhs of Punjab, many Jats lost their lives during the Second World War. Because of this rise from agriculturalists to a warrior caste, the Indian government ruled out providing Jats with benefits given to most disadvantaged groups.

Under Indian law, castes, ethnic groups and minorities belong to a hierarchical system that provides special treatment for ‘Other Backward Classes’ (OBC) in areas like education and employment, including a 27 per cent quota in the public service. The same is also true for religious minorities.

However, the system is flawed to the extent that, with the exception of those who have pursued a military career, most Jats continue to be employed in menial jobs in agriculture and animal husbandry.

The Jats are thus a paradox for India. Formally, high on the social scale (providing some of India’s foremost political figures), but largely poor. Contrary to what Indian pride and sense of modesty might dictate, they want the government to demote their group to a lower rank.

In recent years, this has led to government attempts to add some of the poorest Jat clans onto the OBC list with the result of displeasing others. However, things boiled over recently when Jat clan leaders came together to oppose the government after the latest failure to extend quotas to all Jats by negotiations.

At present, at least seven of Haryana’s largest cities have been placed under curfew whilst Jats are coming from neighbouring states of Rajasthan and Punjab to provide support for their fellow Jats in Haryana.

Indian Prime Minister Modi has reacted by deploying at least 3,000 troops to quell any protests with orders to shoot curfew violators.

Thus, no room for dialogue seems to exist, and the conflict can be expected to intensify with inevitably more casualties.

Protesters have seized the main roads preventing the transportation of food and basic necessities to Rohtak, Jind, Bhiwani and other places. Gurgaon, India’s main Information Technology (IT) hub and home to many foreign multinationals, has also been affected.

A spokesman for the Northern Railways announced that, due to the agitation, 150 trains were cancelled from the capital to the States of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Jammu (Kashmir).

However, what worries the authorities the most is that Jat protesters seized the canal that supplies water to 18 million Delhi residents. Although the army took it back, it might take three to four days before normal supplies resume to affected areas. (C.L.)

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US Wins WTO Trade Spat Over India Solar Power Rules

A World Trade Organization panel ruled Wednesday in favour of a US claim that India’s rules restricting what products can be used in its solar industry breach international trade regulations.

WTO’s dispute settlement board ruled that India’s requirement that only Indian-made products be used in large parts of its rapidly expanding solar power industry were “inconsistent” with a range of global trade regulations.

Washington hailed the decision…

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China: Body Found in Elevator, May Have Been Stuck for a Month

(CNN)A 43-year-old woman was found dead in an elevator in China after possibly being trapped for a month, state media reported.

A maintenance crew was called to inspect a malfunctioning elevator in a residential building in the Gaoling district of Xi’an on January 30, the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper reported.

The elevator had stopped between the 10th and 11th floors, so workers yelled from the 11th floor to see if anyone was inside. They did not hear an answer, and then cut off the power supply.

When they returned on March 1 to fix it — after the Lunar New Year holiday — they discovered the body, according to state media.

The woman, who lived in the building, may have died more than 30 days ago.

Local authorities arrested and charged the building’s management and the elevator maintenance company.

An autopsy ruled out the possibility of homicide.

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China ‘Absolutely’ Will Not Have Hard Landing: Official

China’s economy “absolutely will not” suffer a hard landing, the chief of its top planning body said on Sunday, as Beijing’s leaders try to reassure global investors about the world’s second-largest economy.

Xu Shaoshi, head of the National Development and Reform Commission, made the comments to reporters on the second day of the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the Communist-controlled legislature.

“China’s economy absolutely will not have a hard landing,” Xu said…

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Meet the Muslim Schoolgirl Who Wants to be World’s First Hijab-Wearing Ballerina

Australian Stephanie Kurlow, 14, moved closer to becoming world’s first professional ballerina to wear a headscarf after receiving scholarship from the Swedish fashion brand started by Björn Borg.

Kurlow has been dancing since she was two but stopped in 2010 after she and her family converted to Islam. She said she had struggled to find a school that would accommodate her religious beliefs and dance needs.

Despite criticism from some Muslims who have claimed that ballet dancing was haram, or forbidden, Kurlow insisted she would not be deterred.

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MH370 Wreckage ‘Found Off the African Coast’ By UFO Hunter

Scott Waring believes an underwater shadow off the coast of South Africa is the outline of a Boeing 777. It is just the latest in a series of theories about the doomed MH370.

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Socialist Former President of Brazil Detained in Connection With Massive Crony Oil Scandal

This is a huge development. Lula has long been the darling of the socialist Left around the world and especially in South America for almost 2 decades. He rode the “pink tide” to power in the early 2000s with other socialist leaders on the continent, but now it appears that the statist dream is crashing down in a giant crony capitalist scandal. His protege Rousseff Dilma, the current Brazilian president is also staring at impeachment.

This is the way it ALWAYS goes with big government politicians from Chicago to Brussels to the former Soviet Union. Politicians who call for bigger government in the name of “justice” (or any other reason) are ALWAYS on the take. The bigger the government the bigger the corruption. This is a constant. It’s about as close to a verifiable equation as there is in social science.

And I love that one of the things prosecutors are examining are Lula’s “veiled” kickbacks via “speaking fees.” This reminds me of someone.

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16 Shocking Reasons the African Migrant Crisis Won’t End Soon

by Alex Charles

Admit it.

Deep down you’re afraid.

You’ve seen the video clips, the pictures, the headlines…

Millions of refugees are coming to Western countries.


Your city, your community, your neighborhood.

Something just doesn’t seem right about all of this.

It’s an exodus affecting not only Europe but all Western countries alike.

And even though you want to believe that everything will be fine, you still wonder… when will it end and what are the real causes?

Well, we’re going to dive into the facts and give you the real truth that you’re not being told.

Here are the 16 reasons the African migrant crisis will not end anytime soon:…

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Another Reason Not to Admit Syrian Refugees: Anti-Semitism

On Monday, February 22, 2016, Dr. Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance stood at a lectern in the rotunda of the Rhode Island State house in Providence explaining to Governor Gina Raimundo why “unconditional welcome” of Syrian Refugees was dangerous: anti-Semitism. Jacobs assisted by former US Rep. Pete Hoekstra couldn’t complete his remarks given the outcries from 100 protesters. The news service reported the evidence behind Jacobs’ rationale, Citing anti-Semitism; Jewish leader urges Rhode Island to reject Syrian refugees:…

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Daily Mail: New Observer Was Right

The Daily Mail newspaper has confirmed that the New Observer was correct in its worldwide exclusive January exposé that the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper made up the story of a “mass neo-Nazi attack on refugee children” at Stockholm station.

In an article dealing with the Swedish establishment’s attempts to prevent Swedes from even discussing the effects of the nonwhite invasion, the Daily Mail said that despite the reports, “no migrants have told police they were assaulted at the station.”

The Daily Mail’s confirmation that the Aftonbladet made up the story was done without daring to reference the New Observer by name. Instead, they referred only to a “local newspaper” as having disputed the claims.

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German Cafes Stop Selling Pork Sausages to Spare Muslim Refugees’ Feelings

A number of German cafes have started to exclude traditional pork sausages from their menus in order not to offend the feelings of Muslim newcomers, Deutsche Welle reported.

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H1-B Visa Scam Highlighted in Fla.

The endorsement of Donald Trump by two former Walt Disney World employees, who say they lost their jobs and were forced to train their H1-B visa foreign replacements, has brought into sharp focus how this capitalist establishment scam works.

The two former employees-Dena Moore and Leo Perrero-appeared at a weekend Trump rally in Orlando, where they endorsed Trump and said that they had been betrayed by Trump rival and Florida senator Marco Rubio.

The two former technology employees at Walt Disney World are suing Disney and the outsourcing companies they say colluded to break the law and replace workers with cheaper immigrant labor.

Perrero and Moore say their pleas for help to their home-state senator went unanswered. Perrero told the rally that Rubio had “betrayed American workers” because he wants to expand the H1-B visa program. Rubio supports raising the number of immigrants through the H1-B visa program from 65,000 to 110,000 annually.

A recent article in the New York Times provided background to the lawsuit against Disney, and of how the H1-B “skilled visa” scam works.

Perrero, along with two hundred and fifty others, was laid off a year ago from his technology job at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and spent his final months there training a temporary immigrant from India to do his work.

He and Moore have filed lawsuits in federal court in Tampa against Disney and two global consulting companies, HCL and Cognizant, which brought in foreign workers who replaced them. They claim the companies colluded to break the law by using temporary H-1B visas to bring in immigrant workers, knowing that Americans would be displaced.

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Pope Francis: It’s an Arab Invasion of Europe

Pope Francis now describes the immigration to Europe as an “Arab invasion”, which he both warns against and welcomes.

Born in Argentina, he warns that Europe is getting “weakened” and that it choose to “forget its own history,” because of colonialism and low birth rates. Therefore, the Arab invasion could be something positive, he argues.

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Refugees Get Houses — Danish Social Assistance Recipients Get Sheds

Elsinore municipality in Denmark, finds it ‘absolutely unrealistic’ that they can find housing to welfare recipients who must go from their homes due to the benefit ceiling, reports Ekstra Bladet.

– We have a total of 79 homes that are cheap enough for refugees to pay for them, and they have since long been rented out.

– So it is totally unrealistic to expect that we should be able to find housing for welfare recipients, with the new benefit ceiling forcing them out of their homes.

– We may be forced to house families with children in sheds, pavilions, containers or in shelters, says chairman of Elsinore municipality’s employment committee, Allan Berg Mortensen.

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Slovakia: Pro-Invasion Party Crashes

The only major political party in Slovakia to have supported the current nonwhite “refugee” invasion of Europe-the Krestanskodemokratické hnutie (Christian Democratic Movement, KDH) has been swept from parliament in that country’s elections, losing all sixteen of its seats.

The KDH is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), which includes Angela Merkel’s Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (CDU), Austria’s ruling Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP), and Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party.

[Comment: Repeat performance please in all western countries.]

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Three Held for Murder at Swedish Asylum Centre

Three men, all aged 25-30, are suspected of murder after the victim was stabbed in the throat.

Police declined to release the nationalities of the casualty or the three alleged attackers.

Two suspects were detained immediately after police arrived at the Storå asylum centre, located 200 kilometres west of Stockholm, and found the victim seriously wounded. He was taken to hospital where he died from his injuries at around 9.30am.

The third man ran into the woods but was later arrested when he turned himself over to the police in Lindesberg.

“We don’t yet have any information about a motive,” police spokesman Stefan Wickberg told the TT newswire.

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Why Political Parties Will Not Save Britain From Extinction at Hands of Third World Immigration

Political parties and the democratic system will be unable to prevent Britain-and many other western European nations-from being overwhelmed by the Third World invasion because there are already enough nonwhites present to alter the course of elections, a new report by the Nova Europa project has revealed.

In a posting titled “Third World Invasion Figures Reveal Why Political Parties will not Save European Britain from the Nonwhite Invasion,” the Nova Europa project-which aims to help facilitate the creation of local Euro-communities in order to survive the Third World invasion-says that a new analysis from the UK government funded “Operation Black Vote” organization has revealed that the number of nonwhite voters in 241 of the 650 seats in the British parliament-and 168 of the most important marginal seats which will decide the next government-are so large that they will be the deciding factor in the May 7 election outcome.

The posting says that in practical terms this means that the Third World invasion of Britain has already reached such large proportions that it is now impossible to halt or reverse the flooding of Britain through any political party in the current democratic system.

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Tunisia: Homosexuality Crime, Debate on Abolition Re-Kindled

Appeal reduces sentence for six lads, but controversy continues

(by Paolo Paluzzi) (ANSAmed) — TUNIS, MARCH 4 — The debate in Tunisia on abolishing the crime of homosexuality, punishable with up to three years in prison under article 230 of the penal code, has been rekindled. The law, that punishes only the act and not homosexuality in general, says “the male homosexual act (liwat) and female (mousahaqa) is punished with prison up to three years”.

For the LGBT associations, fighting for a long time for decriminalisation, especially after the revolution of 2011, this norm also is in contrast with the new Tunisian Constitution introduced in 2014.

Re-opening the question was the sentence of the Sousse Court of appeal, which drastically reduced the terms for six university students convincted last December to three years in prison for homosexuality by the Kairouan Triubunal. Now the three youngsters, who remain free, only have one month of prison and 400 dinar fines, but the sentence does not satisfy either the Shams association for the depenalisation of homosexuality in Tunisia, nor the young men’s defense lawyers. If on the one hand in fact there are sighs of relief for the boys remaining in liberty and for the Court having cancelled their exile from Kairoaun and a conviction for offending public decency, there remains disappointment over the recognition by the judges of the remaining criminal offense.

The sentence in fact can be read in a political way, as if the judges wanted a compromise between the criminal offense and the rights of modernity in one of the most secular societies in the Islamic world, choosing not to damage the boys, but also not to deny clearly the Kairouan police and the lower court judges.

The case also re-kindled controversy over the way in which the proof of “guilt” was obtained — by anal test — when instead according to the law they should have been caught in flagrante.

The defense lawyers said they would appeal to the Supreme Court.

It is a judgement that underlines the contradictions of Tunisian society, symbolised by the story of the Shams association: recognised in May 2015, it was in fact suspended at the start of 2016 and then authorised anew only a few days ago by the magistrature.

So there is no shortage of obstacles in Tunisian society to abolition of the crime, even if a kind of consciousness is maturing for a different interpretation of the theme of homosexuality.

A video spot in which some actresses and bloggers speak against article 230, posted on the Facebook page of the Shams recently, is enjoying unprecedented success with thousands of hits constantly increasing.

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  1. *** [Comment: Public is waking up to the cultural degeneration assault masked as “art”.] ***

    I always appreciate the commentary of JD.

  2. With a Saudi prince acquiring a bigger share in Twitter you can see where the media is heading.

  3. Just like before, during and ever since WW2 Henry Ford and all the other “great patriotic American” companies were trading with the enemy. This WW3 is by far worse and man oh man how the merchants of death to American’s work with impunity on the used to be home front. We are stark naked.

  4. Feminized men. We saw it coming after the EU Parliament had Eurovision Conchita Wurst sing one of his/she or its songs. There was an attempt I believe to push Wurst forward as the new image of the European male but I think that mostly failed – there are more bad [vulgar anatomical references] (men and women) here than most Americans realize – except we don’t have guns.

    Destabilization is a result of the problem the EU rulers created. The Hegelian dialectic (problem-reaction-solution) has been going on for decades in Europe. The fighting between supporters and opponents of “refugees”, the manufactured banking crisis, the terrorist attacks in London and Paris (France probably under permanent martial law), the endless abstract war on terror, and the revival of the Cold War by demonizing Putin as the aggressor, etc.

  5. [vulgar anatomical references]

    Didn’t realize. It’s a phrase used frequently on many television programs here – all imported from USA.

    • Yes, television is a total sewer these days. But we’re old-fashioned here.

      To quote John Derbyshire: “Pop culture is filth.”

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