Directions for Getting Raped in Finland

With my deep apologies to all those to whom I could have written a thank you note instead of posting this…

…but only a saint could resist such a temptation, such low-hanging fruit…

This is for a special donor – so faithful all this time, and so worried about her kin in Germany. To U, I say, be of good cheer anyway. Turn away from the fear they want you to feel down to your very soul. REFUSE them entry, close your ears to the siren call.

We don’t choose when to be born. Our parents didn’t have us with such great hopes and expectations and set our small boats out to sail on life’s wide seas only to have us sink in despair. Don’t let the forces of darkness win.

Look! This is how inane the Enemy is. These hare-brained MSM idjits in Finland who spent time and (public) money on this twaddle should be made to share Obama’s Peace Prize; they are equally deserving.

Besides, isn’t it too cold on winter evenings in Finland to expose one’s nether to the weather?

Would a public unzip in February result in a Freezing Migrant Mizzenmast?

One can hope.

48 thoughts on “Directions for Getting Raped in Finland

  1. This *must* be someone’s idea of a sick joke.

    I’m a weakling of a man physically (so much so that a particularily strong ex-girlfriend was able to playfight me successfully even if I put my best into it), but a shove and a handbag hit would have no effect on me if I had ill intentions.

    Most women are no match for most men (even me!) in a pure brute force contest. A good foot-stomp or kick to the knee, on the other hand, is likely to make pursuit rather difficult.

    • Sharp objects like screwdrivers, pens, hex bolts, small paring knives with shield carried in purse or coat pocket can be used. small spray bottle with ammonia or pepper spray. The authorities are slackers, allowing crime to run rampant. Turning the EU into a third world slum, soon to be chaos and killings when enough invaders are in settlements. Why are the men putting up with all this activity? Is it cowardice and apathy?

      • And there’s much worse that can be used as weaponry, if the will is there…

        Historically, European populations have proven to be quite good at making war and killing.

        If this broke out into an all-out war, the Islamic world would be finished. But that’s the funny thing – it doesn’t look like it’ll go that way. It’s victory through cultural exhaustion. Very weird.

      • At this point I’ve collected a list of several reasons:

        1) socialist-statist mentality that physical security is a state owned monopoly. Therefore it’s “not my job!” to assist in the defense of crime victims.

        2) because of the socialist-statist approach to security, violating the state monopoly is considered a threat to the state and thus men will assume that they will be prosecuted for assault should they hurt the poor little defenseless suspect while trying to defend someone else. This doesn’t seem worth the risk for someone you don’t know.

        3) some number of women (critical mass?) are sending the signal that they don’t want the help of random strangers in is situation, likely because they’ve never actually been in such a situation and thus can’t envision what they would want if it were happening to them. The cognition behind this signaling seems to have more to do with courtship and social inclusion (“I disapprove of ‘racists’ so don’t reject me”, “I don’t want to be escorted across town by anyone but a relative or possible boyfriend material”, etc) Any understanding of larger scale social implications doesn’t occur. While some men might ignore these comments as childishness not related to the real situation in question, others will decide that they aren’t going to defend any woman but a girlfriend, date, or relative.

        4) long standing unchallenged stereotyping of men as violent and criminal has caused men to adopt overly passive attitudes in an effort to avoid the stereotype and social rejection.

        5) while culturally Muslim men will immediately form a taharrush mob (social cognition will cause them to recognize the situation and they will just react accordingly to the “group activity”) the social pattern for forming a “defense mob” doesn’t exist among the potential defenders. Lack of clan/tribal communalism means a bunch of men can’t just look at each other and “know what needs to be done”. They’d have to sit around and discuss what was going on, possible actions, come to an agreement, etc and this would take too long. By that time the taharrush mob would have moved on.

        Add to that the usual fear and rationalization oriented toward avoiding anything dangerous and nothing happens.

        • Nimrod: Your list of reasons shows the EU will fall to Islamic control. Like Mike said, very weird. Apathy, cowardice and not believing in anything is why Europeans will be overpowered very soon. I have been reading this site and others in recent months, and this EU invasion is so shocking- an enigma to many that read these sites, that people would just give up and not react at all. A German woman visiting friends near me, last summer said how bad Merkel was and Muslims will kill us off and few seemed to care.

          • Laura, things may not be that bleak. I’m not that great with understanding social dynamics but the things I point out above are not static. Especially as more people get to talking, and much of it may happen one-on-one, attitudes will change and adaptations will happen. So please do not despair too much.

  2. their lives, spent in a dream world for decades, are now spent in a nightmare world,
    where has reality gone?

  3. I was thinking Krav Magar techniques or maybe Aiki Jutsu…….Not what would just qualify as foreplay to the low IQ invaders.

    • Krav Magar is only suitable for the very fit I have been told and it takes a long intensive training . Better to enrol small kids and train them as soon as possible.I know men of 40 having difficulty learning Judo , karate etc, let alone women. Again unless they started young.
      A simple self defence course is advised for everyone,and better than nothing though with tips how to outwit an attacker. A daughter-in-law has taken one of these courses.

  4. Well, actually these tactics usually work… against your average drunken Finn, who wants to talk to a pretty woman. Finns are generally quite mild mannered, so…

    Against your average muslim rapist, or a gang of them, this silliness will just enrage them further, earning you a more serious stomping before, during and after the actual rape.

    The National Broadcasting Company is well known in Finland for their strongly left-leaning bias on the “refugee”-situation, so this kind of stupid video is well within their range of dialogue…

    Many women in this country are scared to move outside now, especially in the evenings, and have started to carry makeshift weapons to protect themselves. Something that was almost unheard of before. Coming spring and summer, things are going to get interesting…

    • Yes.

      By all accounts, for Muslims, rape of a woman who is a stranger is a group sport. The woman would likely have a gang, rather than a rather lonely individual, accost her.

      Also, notice that she uses no self-defense techniques that would not be approved in all countries of Europe. There is no pepper spray or kicking: just an ineffectual swing of her purse.

      • The women need to use their thinking skills and carry improvised weapons common in any house or car. for ex: small sewing scissors, screwdrivers, etc.

    • Of course you are right: the average European drunk would get the point, and if he didn’t, the crowd would be on her side.

      This is totally different. I agree that this would just enrage these types further, because they have more in common with garden-variety rapists than overly enthousiastic drunks.

      Physical incapacitation is the only thing that will work on this crowd.

    • It is from Finnish TV, I’ve seen it myself. It’s widely publicized in Finland, and openly laughed at because of its stupidity.

      • Thanks for confirming!

        Just asking… for such significant stuff, it’s important to be sure.

        Btw, do you know when it was aired on Finnish TV? In January, or earlier?

      • So we have another case of the state being disconnected from the population?

        I hate to say it, but Finns have spent years worrying about Russians, but these days, my recommendation would be to deal with this sort of thing in the way that Russians would, i.e., somewhat brutally.

        I am *certain* that after a few complete humiliations of rapists, it would get under control. REDACTED. [Violates our rules about decorum]. Perhaps the Russians could be contracted to handle the jail part, that would add to the cachet of the method, I’m sure.

        All their buddies would laugh at the “unfortunate”, and nobody would want to be next.

    • Something does not feel right about this vid. Same source as the one that said “better rapists than racists”?

      • sadly true, though. See elsewhere in the comments – there’s a link to a Face Ache page. We don’t do Facey but it does come in handy for verifying things,

  5. There is a whiff of Monty Python about this clip! However should it be a genuine attempt to prevent sexual assault and rape may I suggest that a perpetrator against a wall in front of a firing squad (blindfold optional) would be a much more effective deterrent.

  6. Nonono… They have it all wrong.

    Women are now supposed to voluntarily have sex with the courtship ritual-challenged “migrants”. I mean if you just had sex with them voluntarily then they wouldn’t have to rape you!

    Saying no? That is waaaaaaaay too inhumane to these poor deprived refugees.

    Sort of like pepper spray, the word no will be banned now! Any woman saying no to a refugee who needs to satisfy his urges will be charged with a crime, same as illegal pepper spray.

    And anyone who complains about this new policy will be considered racist and charged with hate speech. So don’t even think about it.

    Better do a good job too because if this doesn’t work then the next measure will legally require the children to submit to sex with the refugees.

      • Sharia-like methods may be necessary to deal with this scourge.

        Call it “multiculturalism”!

        If “Big Daddy Finland” decides to protect his daughters by the use of serious violence, the problem will go away.

        Just like a powerful clan leader’s wife won’t get raped “back home”, I assure you.

        [redacted. Way past normal suggestions] “pour encourager les autres”. Otherwise it won’t stop.

        Being in jail isn’t a whole lot different from being in a refugee centre right now. It’s not enough of a disincentive.

        • Regarding jail, that’s an understatement. I remember reading an article about some Somali pirates in prison in the Netherlands who were fighting to stay in prison rather than be deported. Apparently the toilet, running water, beds, and regular meals were amazing! They had never seen such luxury.

  7. This is unbelievable!! Hope someone remembers to mention that a 10 pound brick in the bag would work wonders.

  8. And of course Finland like most countries has strict gun laws. They should at least legalize tear gas or stun-guns, In most countries even they are illegal.

    THe women groups in those respective countries shoud push for this.

    “When guns are outlawed, only ourlaws will have guns”. Like Mexico.

  9. Who said irony was dead. Oh how I laughed. “No, see my big handbag?” Ha ha ha. If it wasn’t so bloody serious.

  10. Provided the attacker is
    a) alone
    b) not too much bigger than the girl
    c) unarmed
    many rapes could be prevented by fierce, determined resistance.
    The guy’s not a robot, eventually his…interest… will flag if she turns out to be way too much trouble.
    Fight like an animal. Literally.

    As for the cold, that wouldn’t necessarily have too much of an effect if the attacker is in his teens or 20’s.

    • Right and what about elderly women. Rape is about power not sex. That’s why the elderly get raped. Brsides I don’t want to be equal-more or less- with the bad guys–I want overwhelming force to use.

      Looks like women will need to put on full burqa’s like they have to do in the middle-east; so they can’t turn men on. But really! I would consider doing this in light of what I read on this webbsite, if I were a women in these countries.

      • I used to know a lady who had lived in the ME 27 years ago who said even wearing a burkha / Niqab when outside of the compound they lived as Westerners , i.e. At the market or wherever, didn’t always help. She was still groped. Others have confirmed this, including ex-Muslims.

        • Confirmed from my mother-in-law’s visit to Turkey, as well.

          It’s a serious cultural problem. These guys view unwanted touching more-or-less like people in the west view unwanted comments or whistling, i.e., not all that seriously.

          Castration would probably work wonders, also. It’s actually done in the Czech Republic. I’ll bet you that they don’t have this problem over there.

          It’s overkill for a normal society in normal times, but these aren’t normal times.

  11. This is hilarious. I guess the feminized political elites believe their VIOLENT hatred of male aggression combined with the crocheting of their sissy ideology into a tapestry of predatory anti-male laws means they can fight a real war with girlie rules or, at the very extremity, a wack in the male’s face with that symbol of the female – her handbag, at which all males will fall to the ground and grovel in dread.

    What the girls need to be carrying in their clenched fists are poison-tipped knitting needles. But first they must form a Knitting Needle Brigade and skewer the political elites who have inflicted this plague of rapists upon them.

    • I was amazed to see this…ah…purportedly helpful video. As if….

      I personally have warded off attack (general assault; I don’t think rape was part of the agenda) by stomping the arch of attacker’s foot and biting his hand as he placed it over my mouth. I couldn’t knee or kick him in a…strategic area…because he was significantly taller than I.

      I drew blood on the bite, which was scary (this was pre-AIDS, but not pre-hepatitis or other blood-borne diseases).

      Fortunately, the attacker decided I wasn’t such an easy target–and probably that I had almost no money, which was true–and took off on his sore foot and healthy foot, dripping blood from his hand. I spat everything out that was in my mouth. Repeatedly. Rinsed rinsed rinsed with salt water multiple times, then fresh water multiple times. Then I took a shower, even though it was already 11:00 at night and I had class early the next day.

      I do like the Knitting Needle Brigade idea. The smaller, single-point (i.e., straight, not circular) knitting needles would be excellent for this; even the bamboo ones are pretty sharp. The metal ones are downright wicked sharp. Keep a container of bacon grease handy in your bag; double-lock it inside a ziplock-type baggie so it doesn’t mess up other stuff in your bag.

      I also like the suggestion above to put a *brick* into the handbag! But one needs to *not* telegraph one’s intention to swing the bag. Surprise is the best defense, so don’t give away the surprise: let the impact BE the surprise.

      Bite. Kick. Stomp. Stab with knitting needle(s) “armed” with bacon grease (who knows? they might even slide into the human body more easily than if ungreased). Knee/kick in strategic area. I’ve been unable to run since a car accident in December 1995, so all my defensive actions must be *in place*; remember, too, that if I’ve been on public transit, I have my cane with me as well. I didn’t need one before December 1995.

      I’ve also been told that hollering “Fire!” is more useful than hollering “Help!” but haven’t done either. Perhaps “Leave me alone!” (“Lass mich in Ruhe!”) would help, if potentially helpful people are thought to be near….

      • I’ve also been told that hollering “Fire!” is more useful than hollering “Help!”

        It’s sad that bystanders often run AWAY from these types of attacks. Israelis seems to be the exception – if you see videos of terrorist attacks, they’re often complete with bystanders running towards to help stop it.

  12. I would rather take my chances flinging a pork pie ! Or even better, have an open plastic bag in my pocket filled with pork grease to fling ? Will only work on the devout however :
    “Stop !! No!..I have pork in my hands”
    Absurd absurd, a comedy sketch. Is this what we are being reduced to ?

    • Sadly piety, devotion, and all of the rules change when a ‘follower of the teachings of the prophet’ sets his mind and will on perpetrating a criminal act, in the name of their deity, which then erases all guilt.

  13. Absolutely ludicrous and an insult to one’s intelligence, that a government sponsored video will somehow instantly change the behavior of these ultra misogynist ‘new arrivals’, by having the women ‘just say no’.

  14. Love the jazz hands sign. But they’re dancing around the solution they’ll ultimately settle with – hijabs and prayer rugs

  15. How did they make this video without laughing hysterically? The solemn expression on the face of the actress is priceless — it makes this perfect comedy. Did whoever authorized this know it would be laughed at? Does he know now?

    • and another one: ” Dr., Whenever I have sex, I have to cry.” Dr: ” Well, that’ s the tear- gas”.
      Sorry if this is not a brand new one.

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