Neuss Savings Bank Says: Burkas Raus!

(Photo from CCTV footage of a bank robbery in Leicester, a culturally enriched area of England)

When a culture-enriching woman attempted to enter a German bank wearing a burka, bank employees upheld the rule against face coverings and escorted her off the premises. That didn’t sit well with the woman’s husband, who is taking action against the bank.

Below is the account from Politically Incorrect. The PI post refers to an article in the Grevenbroicher Zeitung. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Neuss: Savings Bank Throws Out Veiled Woman

At the entrance door of the Neuss Savings Bank is a clear indication to the ban on wearing face and body coverings on the premises. But since, as we know, our laws and regulations in most cases are diametrically opposed to those in the Koran, which is the only thing Muslims will listen to and follow, our laws and regulations are routinely and gladly ignored. And so, when a 20-year-old orthodox Muslim woman set foot into the Savings Bank, completely ignoring the posted rules at the entrance, the employees at said bank understandably reacted responsibly and the burka-clad woman was unceremoniously thrown out of the bank and escorted off the premises. Her owner husband did not take kindly to this.

The woman, according to statements from the financial institute, had been refused entrance before. But this time she did not want to leave, and instead offered to step into an adjoining room and take off her veil and show her ID. But the employees could simply not warm up to the idea of letting a fully burka-clad woman all the way through the bank and into the back to an available room, and they instead enforced the domiciliary rights of the bank. Stephan Meiser, a spokesman for the Bank, explained: “Not one person has a good feeling about it, when there is an unidentifiable person lurking along hallways or going into a room with that person. It’s the worst-case scenario one could imagine: A criminal person going alone into a room with one of our employees, dropping the veil and pulling a gun.”

The Grevenbroicher Zeitung reports:

The young woman said that an employee pushed her out of the bank. Because she was carrying a heavy shopping bag over her shoulder, she therefore incurred abrasions. The police arrived too late to try and mediate with the participants: The woman had already left. A little while later, however, she filed an assault complaint. The Savings Bank denies the course of events.

The Turkish-born husband of the woman in any case is indignant, and complains that his wife is still completely traumatized and that she now needs to see a psychologist, because she had been touched by a strange man.

The rules of the Koran are as a matter of fact traumatizing and whoever follows them verbatim should go and see a psychologist indeed — best-case scenario in a closed institution.

38 thoughts on “Neuss Savings Bank Says: Burkas Raus!

  1. Why did her ownerhusband let her go to the bank in the first place. Women should stay at home, right?

  2. The moslems just can’t help themselves, can they? Taking every opportunity they can to attempt to grind their supremacy into our faces.

    Good on the management and personnel of the bank. Germany needs more like them.

  3. It is settled law that people have the right to practice their religion up to – but not beyond – the point where they come into conflict with the law of the land – and that means the internal law of the country they have chosen to ’emigrate’ to.

    Check out the case of Khan vs. The United Kingdom.

    This is an important legal principle and precedent, which we should all be familiar with. As Gavin Boby was saying the other night – this is not a question of someone’s subjective opinion, it’s a stone cold fact that much of Islam is incompatible with both internal law of Western European countries and with human rights legislation.

  4. She and her husband should shut up and change their religion.

    If you’ve got nothing to be Muslim about, you’ve got nothing to fear.

  5. Turkish-born husband: I sent my wife to the bank to withdraw some cash. She came back empty handed, so I had to beat for ten minutes for disobeying. Then I had to beat her for 20 minutes because she went into the bank without a male relative. My parents say I should throw acid in her face for doing that, but it might not burn through the Burka, so I’ll let it slide this time.

    Reporter: Is that the worst of it?

    Turkish-born husband: No. What’s worse is that she was touched by a strange man who escorted her from the bank. Now she’s says the bank employee was more polite and gentle with her than I am. So, I beat her some more and had to send her to a psychologist. He’s an Islamic psychologist, so she gets caned properly during the sessions. And it gets worse! It costs a fortune and I don’t even get to do any of the caning. Luckily, the German government is paying for the treatment.

    Reporter: What do you do while your wife is at treatment?

    Turkish-born husband: Well, obviously my wife isn’t available to me at those times, so we schedule them when the German school girls are walking to or from school. Then I just do whatever I feel like. Merkle doesn’t seem to mind and the police don’t do much. So, it makes the time go faster. Dirty Dhimis though. Allah u akbar!

  6. I doubt very much that she was pushed out without first being asked to leave.

    When you refuse to leave private property, it is entirely expected and appropriate that you will be pushed out or otherwise forcibly removed.

    Indeed, where I live, it would be grounds for a citizen’s arrest and detention pending transfer to the police. I suppose that locking her in the bank vault would have done the trick.

    • Imagine this:
      After locking her in the bank vault the management realizes they can’t be sure she hasn’t stashed some cash in her burka. So they request a strip search.
      It would be worth the Manager’s time just to see the look on her face at the request. D*mn Burka takes away even that bit of fun. The Ayatollah was right, there is no fun in islam.

  7. The bank employees should be applauded for their efforts. However, Turkish Husband will be awarded tens of millions of Euros in court and Imams will pressure the bank’s holding company to fire the employees and shut down the bank. Further, Ms. Traumatized will become an instant celebrity and invited to the White House where Obama will find this a perfect opportunity to shed more tears and will award the couple with eternal U.S. citizenship.

    • You know what’s good about her becoming a celebrity? She can do more of it than any western woman.
      She can appear on several different shows at the same time. It’s just someone in a burka. Who’s gonna know if it’s really her? If she’s not well spoken they can fill in someone who is. Possibly even the local imam.

      I’m thinking the stoning scene from Life off Brian in reverse.

      • I studied the small area of face in the photo. It appears to be a masculine face and especially the eyes. Notice the wide shoulders and aggressive forward-leaning posture; also observe the wide placement of the feet. Good call by the bank’s staff. Shooting an armed Muslim in the act of commiting a bank robbery could net you 10 years.

        • Sorry, I should have put a note on that photo (I’ll add one). That’s a photo from CCTV footage of a bank robbery in a culturally enriched area of England.

          • My home town. Born there in 1941 about 200 yards from city centre – during air raid. (Leicester had many engineering works). Recently saw re-burial of Richard III (not many muslims there !). Leicester is now 49% white with a huge muslim population. Left in 1985 – saw the way things were going and now in un-enriched Norfolk.

  8. Good on the bank! However no doubt there will be some left wing lawyer or equally deluded left wing feminist group chomping at the bit to take up the cause of this woman and her husband. Anyone with half a brain can see the potential for criminals to adopt burkhas as a disguise but Muslims in Germany are the new privileged class right! No doubt someone from the bank is going to make a humble apology and resign and of course the deeply offended Muslim couple will have to be paid hefty damages too! I reckon this couple could have set the whole incident up anyway. Respect to the bank anyway and I hope they stick to their guns.

  9. She’s traumatized, is she? She’d be more than traumatized if a number of us were there! And not half as traumatized as a person in the process of being decapitated, crucified, raped or set alight by one of her barbaric fellow Muslims.

    It staggers me that Merkel, who invited them all in, is still breathing the air, free as a bird. But then it took a long time and the death of millions to get rid of her predecessor, Hitler.

  10. Well done, employees of the bank. Muslims push, and push and keep pushing to see how far they can go.

    There’s a muslim woman who has served in the Australian navy for over thirty years. During the last two years she’s decided to wear the hijab under her navy cap. She looks an absolute dork and many think she’s desecrating the uniform but she’s got away with it. The brass should have said no, but they were too gutless.

    • The interesting thing is that after THIRTY YEARS of being in a place like Australia, working for the gummint, she’d have Islam get to her head (literally).

      That is even more surprising than that they tolerate it.

      • Why? For 30 years she’s been told that Islam is “equally valid” and that its one of the “world’s great religions”. Combine that with the fact that her fellow Muslims say that it is the only legitimate religion and what pressure would she be under to possibly have any other beliefs?

  11. What is she doing in an infidel bank anyway? They charge interest on loans, so aren’t they forbidden?

    Or is that a rule they can ignore, as opposed to dressing up their women in black sacks, which they MUST follow?

    • That is the real question. A fully orthodox muslim would only be involved with Shariah compliant banking. I suspect it was a stunt to play the victim card fully knowing she would be challenged. Take off the burka or send hubby to the bank. The price of living in Europe.

  12. Any woman that would dress in these silly costumes and worship allah the moon god needs to see a Dr. for an extensive head exam for sure. If the Dr had any sense, he would ask her why she enjoys being a Muslim slave, and rec. she needs to get a life. Banks in my area won’t allow sunglasses or hats inside the bank for obvious security.

  13. Y’all forget an important point. What does a fanatical mohammedan in a bank? Banks charge interest and therefore are haram. She wasn’t even allowed by her religion to enter it – unless to provoke an incident, of course.


    The events in Germany over the coming years will turn out to be the catalyst for the salvation of europe. Short term pain, long term gain.

    If Nash Montana might have time to translate this video linked above? This will definitely be a viral. The heartfelt plea of a 16 year old German girl full of fear for the future of her country.

  15. When you think about it. These shelas (Australian female) wandering around in their pudding cloths are a means of peace full communities. The towelhead (male) has no worries about disparaging remarks by his mates as to the likeness of her to a camel. Or putdowns about his meaness in providing dental care for the family. Alltogether I feel there is some merit to the practice

  16. I visited the pharmacy last week. A woman dressed in burka made to serve me. I refused saying I wanted to see who I was talking to. After I left I made a complaint to the parent company. I said the burka was an impediment to communication and emphasised the importance of effective communication in such a situation. I also said I was offended that the company expected its customers to deal with a member of its staff who refused to show her face. Waiting for a response.

  17. Everybody knows how this will end. Criminal charges will be filed, the savages will win and the bank will be fined. Then the savages will take civil proceedings extracting more money from the said bank as damages. This was clearly a put up job.

    Why didn’t the muslims concerned take their business to an islamic bank?

  18. Quite likely, as with Ahmed the Clock Boy in the U.S., this was a provocation planned by the husband.

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