Curse the Kuffar!

If the following video is any indication, Muslims in Germany celebrate Mohammed’s birthday by intoning curses against the infidels.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Some Muslim refugees in Germany curse the kuffar on the birthday of their prophet, along with their guests. These types of prayers are legitimized in Islam with the following texts: Sura 71, 26, Sura 10.88 (see Al Qurtubi Exegesis), Al Bukhari 2932 and 4111
0:05   Oh Allah have mercy on the fellowship of Islam,
0:10   of the Quran and of Mohammed, praise and blessing be upon him.
0:13   The nations have surrounded us from all sides like dogs…
0:17   but for you we have no one.
0:20   O Allah, banish the unbelievers wherever they are.
0:24   O Allah, expel them.
0:27   O Allah, shatter their communities apart.
0:30   O Allah, cripple their faith.
0:33   O Allah, let the ground tremble beneath their feet,
0:36   because you are the strongest, and they are weak.
0:39   You are the highest; they are the degraded ones. O our strong god, you know of our situation,
0:44   you know of our weaknesses,
0:47   you know of our sorrows, strengthen us…

6 thoughts on “Curse the Kuffar!

  1. So enter Germany then pray to “the god” to expell the kuffar from their own country. Who do they expect to pay for their welfare benefits if all of their sponsors are expelled? I guess they’re supposed to mail the check from some other place?

    • Yeah! Thay’s a god point. But then I guess in future they will simply take over the state; so they’ll simply issue themslves the checks.

      • The only problem with the ‘pious followers of the teachings of the prophet’ taking over the state is that they will turn the state into the same type of 3rd. world cesspool and hell hole they came from.

  2. I didn’t realize this before, but the transcript suggests that they think of themselves as being pitiful and rather weak. They nevertheless ooze with pride and braggadocio. Are they cowardly in battle? I bet yes. This seems to sum up as characteristics of typical schoolyard bullies. Good to know.

  3. banish the unbelievers??

    Its clear NOT included Christians or Jews both who believe in Allah “God, G-God”

    • Your email address puts you in Dallas-Ft. Worth, but your IP address says you’re in Auckland, New Zealand, half a world away. Very interesting.

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