Blowback in Geldermalsen

A very unusual event occurred tonight in the small Dutch town of Geldermalsen: there was a riot.

“But Baron,” you say. “That’s not at all unusual. Culture-enrichers riot almost every day in The Netherlands, and all over the rest of Western Europe.”

Yes indeed, they surely do. But this was a riot by the indigenous Dutch, who were protesting the establishment of an asylum center in their town, a deal arranged behind their backs. This is a man-bites-dog story.

In the videos below you’ll at first see the public meeting, which is taking place in a room with big plate glass windows. While public officials drone on, the riot is gathering in intensity just outside those windows.

A Muslima takes the microphone to give her testimony. As she speaks, the people around her grow visibly uneasy, directing more and more of their attention to the windows, outside of which the protesting townsfolk are throwing fireworks and clashing with the police.

After another thirty seconds or so the call goes out to abort the meeting, and everyone hastily leaves the room. After that you can see some footage of what is transpiring outside the windows.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this concise explanation of the background for tonight’s events:

Geldermalsen is a small town of 26,000 inhabitants, less than 10,000 in the main village itself.

The reason for the riots is very simple. Money. Lots of it.

The village is near bankruptcy due to silly investments. Before the real estate bubble burst, they bought agricultural land to change it into an industrial zone. The village spent a lot of money on it (the land itself, infrastructure, etc.) but nobody was seriously interested in setting up their business there. Something they could have foreseen with a bit of marketing research. They didn’t do that research, and Geldermalsen is now looking forward to a €12.5 million write-off. Bankruptcy, in other words.

The mayor found a perfect solution: she offered the industrial zone for conversion into an asylum center. COA (Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers, the authority responsible for asylum seekers) is desperately looking for asylum locations, so this came as a gift from heaven for them. All Geldermalsen had to do was offer the entire plot for sale, which would have meant a very large asylum center. COA is only looking for locations that can house more than 600 persons. By offering the plot to COA, they could ask the current market price for it. That meant the village would have been saved from bankruptcy.

The mayor is a proverbial progressive dumb [epithet], but not so stupid as to think the population would meekly accept the new arrangement. She understood very well that the population were not going to like her idea. So she tried to do the usual backroom deals so familiar to us all. Arrange everything ‘amongst friends’. Pretend genuine interest in democracy by organizing one (1) public meeting where the (selected) audience would automatically approve the deal. Then COA would buy that land for the market value. And house 1,500 refugees there.

This scheme has now backfired. Last week concerned citizens contacted GeenStijl [major Dutch website] for advice and support. They got that immediately. Good advice, such as ‘select a capable spokesperson’, ‘make sure extreme left as well as right wing extremists from outside don’t interfere’ and how to behave with the media.

They discovered Geldermalsen has a white industrial elephant, and published it. The population was outraged.

Tonight that meeting was held, and got wildly out of control.

The riots are not, repeat, NOT nationwide, only in the municipality of Geldermalsen.

What is striking is the media’s response. They abhor this outburst of violence, and strongly condemn it.

Which is a first. Up until now, they have never ever condemned violence. When committed by left wing activists, that is.

Below are the videos. They’re in Dutch, but there’s really no need for subtitles. The events speak for themselves:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

28 thoughts on “Blowback in Geldermalsen

  1. Well that looks like some kind of “insurrection”
    And the “Industrial Zone”? What will happen to it?

    • What do you think yourself? 😉

      It will industrial, but now for the asylum industry. By the way, I find it remarkable the police found it necessary to fire warning shots. This might be genuine, but I really doubt that. Far more likely, this will be the excuse to declare a state of emergency and close all pretences to a democratic debate.

      • Allowing the influx of huge numbers of Middle Easterners into Europe is meant to create social destabilization for exactly the reason you state, as an “excuse to declare a state of emergency.” The ruling elite know this will cause chaos: they’re not naïve, they’re counting on it.

        Consider the following from a presentation Bernard Connolly at Banque AIG made in May 2008 titled “Europe — Driver or Driven? EMU and the Lust for Crisis.” He made these predictions under the heading “What Europe Wants,” note especially the second bulleted point:

        “To use global issues as excuses to extend its power:
        • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance
        • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance
        • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)
        • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

        It is interesting to note that the most recent Paris massacre gave Hollande the excuse to limit civil liberties in France just before the conference on the global warming hoax (two of the above bulleted points). Hmm, how convenient. I won’t go as far as to say that the authorities had direct involvement or intentionally stood down (although the latter was ordered at Benghazi), but they know an increase in terrorism is inevitable with the importation of mostly military-age Muslim men. They may not know when it will happen, they just know it will — and then you “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

        URL to Zero Hegde’s first exposition of document:

        • Seems very short-sighted.
          How will the bankers and political elitists like it when their sons are beheaded and their daughters incorporated into some Imam’s harem?
          They won’t be immune.

    • Ineed it is. But if you can pretend it’s a real riot, one gets lots of extra’s otherwise impossible. The mayor can declare a state of emergency. Banning groups bigger than 3 people. Stop the “democratic process”, until order has been restored. Forbid any demontration. Arrest whomever they want.

      That’s why I doubt the necessity of the police firing in the air. It might very well prove the excuse needed to declare that state f emergency. When will it be lifted? The moment the asylum center is open for business, of course.

  2. Oh dear…. Finally the worm rises up and turns. Expect more of this…..Serves them right. These Buraeucrats are the public servants not the protesters.

  3. Yes, I agree. There will probably be more of the same. Unfortunately none of the brain-dead idiots riding the political gravy train will even think twice about what they are doing. Nothing, absolutely nothing on this earth, will ever cause the neo-totalitarians to change their minds and admit they are wrong. Nothing.

  4. In other related news:

    Putin’s ‘peculiar walk’ linked to KGB weapons training, report claims

    Study published in the British Medical Journal links Russian president’s ‘gunslinger gait’ with his time in the Soviet security agency. RFE/RL reports

    The study, published on Tuesday by the British Medical Journal, notes that Putin has shown a “clearly reduced right-sided arm swing”, possibly related to weapons training he received when he was part of the Soviet KGB.

    Citing a KGB training manual they obtained, the researchers suggest that his style of walking is linked to training he underwent in the feared security agency, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring at the twilight of the Soviet Union.

    “According to this manual, KGB operatives were instructed to keep their weapon in their right hand close to their chest and to move forward with one side, usually the left, presumably allowing subjects to draw the gun as quickly as possible when confronted with a foe,” the researchers, based in Portugal, Italy, and the Netherlands, wrote.
    What do the researchers say about the British who are importing invaders and dislodging their own native people and sending them to other parts of the world with a dark future? What do they say about clothing, sheltering, financing their own enemy and gradually surrendering their country to their enemy, in a subtle way unnoticed by 99% of the native people?

    Indeed, the clever researchers should study why Russia is not destroying itself like Britain, France, Sweden, Norway, Holland, . . . and indeed:

    Deutschland schafft sich ab[de] (“Germany abolishes itself”)

    You see only Thilo Sarrazin and Trump see Germany destroying itself. Only two people against millions. So they must be wrong.

  5. All power to the good citizens of Geldermason who would appear to have been excluded from any meaningful discussions regarding a migrant influx into their local area! The more these QUISLINGS sitting on local councils are brought down to earth with an almighty bump the better. I just hope that other towns and cities throughout the EU now realise that they are being systematically betrayed by their representatives at both national and local levels and perhaps direct action is perhaps the only answer. It works for migrants so why not for hard pressed citizens too.

  6. To reach the real Islamic enemy, opponents of Islam will FIRST have to fight their way through their own (redacted) forces of “Law ‘n Order”.

    These so-called “Good Guys” are really doing very, very bad things. The problem will be how to reach THEM, and get them to protect the citizenry rather than their (redacted, redacted) “Leaders”.

    That (redacted) fight of the “Leaders” vs. “The People” is getting damn near universal throughout the entire Western World these days. Lock and load, boys and girls.

  7. I think there’s a good chance the indigenous Europeans will be able to round up the invaders (eventually) and either expel them completely or confine them to well-secured areas. It seems the European nation-state is dead, and we will go back to the times of provinces united by culture and language.

    This is what the Serbs were about to do in the Bosnia War. The process was aborted when NATO forces intervened on the side of the Muslims, bombing the Serbs into surrender.

    The biggest danger by far is intervention by military forces not directly related to the fighting. In the case of the Geldermason citizens, the Dutch national police and military could send forces to suppress the protest. I’m sure the Dutch government is not above requesting assistance from the German or British military, should things really get out of hand. Or, like in Bosnia, you could even have NATO intervention, including US troops.

    Exactly the same problem presents itself in the US. The red states might get to the point of seceding from the union, particularly if Hillary attains the presidency and continues the policies of Obama. In that case, you can expect not only the US security forces and military to attempt to suppress the split-up, but possible assistance from NATO countries, including saturation bombing. Why would Obama, or Hillary, both internationalists, hesitate to bring foreign troops into US territory?

    I’m just saying that any planned rebellion needs to take into account the very real possibility of outside intervention, and develop appropriate contingency plans.

  8. And in comes the Dutch police! They have a reputation to uphold when it comes to helping occupiers. Firing warning shots towards the Dutch people who dont want these invaders on their soil. Brave quislings. The Dutch police should have been firing warning shots towards those liars in that fake city council…

    Death to all those who help the islam (ic state) in any shape or form! Death to all enemies foreign or abroad!

    • I feel very strongly for the protesters.
      My the force be with you and ignite the rest of Europe.

  9. The progressive mindset has an astonishing “hold” on its followers, doesn’t it? It is as tenacious as a religion.

    Hey… duh, I wonder if it actually is a religion?

    It is as if we are fighting a mixture of two religions that have come together, Islam and Progressivism. I bet the historians can tell us that this has happened many times before in history.

    • The Progressive religions (there are a number of different sects) are an outgrowth of Scientism, which replaced reverence for a deity with reverence for scientific knowledge. But the science thus revered is an imaginary concoction; it explains absolutely everything, which is of course not possible (see Heisenberg, Gödel, and Chaos Theory, for starters). Furthermore, Scientism’s adherents affirm knowledge that they don’t have, which they are actually taking on faith. “The science is settled” is the most obvious example, since 99.9% of those who assert that factoid have no expertise whatsoever in the field of climate science. They are simply accepting the received wisdom of the hierodules of “Anthropogenic Climate Change”, who have, to put it mildly, a political interest in promoting certain conclusions.

      These religions-without-God take strange forms, because they are required to deny what they in fact are. This contorts their catechisms into bizarre intricate circumlocutions in order to provide all the deep satisfactions provided by religious belief, while repudiating all forms of religious belief.

      As far as I know, this sort of thing is unprecedented in history. Until at least the 19th century, there was no religion whose basic premise was that no form of deity existed, and which claimed not to be a religion.

  10. I’ve commented on this general topic several times on the forum of a large and very cyber-active Austrian newspaper ( , for those of you who read German), all my comments have been purged by the VERY PC moderators.

    What I basically said was that violence against the immigrants/settlers/refugees/invaders whatever you want to call them is not only pointless but counterproductive.

    The only thing you will accomplish is that YOU will look like the bad guy, the TV coverage showing crying Arab children and your hate-filled, distorted mug, possibly armed. Completely regardless of what actually happened and how, or who actually started or what.

    And, as other posters have pointed out, the security forces (police, military, etc.) will, in most cases, side with the government, often to the bitter end.

    If you are attacked, you should, of course, defend yourself and those close to you, even if that means jail time for you and your house turned into a refugee camp.

    Guess we’re not quite at that level yet, but that’s what may be around the next bend.

    The closest historical comparisons to the current disaster I can come up with would be the Hun invasion of the 5th century, the plague outbreak in 1346 or the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

    Prepare for a modern reboot of the Middle Ages.

  11. Thoughts:

    1) Muslima seemed angry….probably doing her victimology speech.

    2) Tear gas and dogs are usually the initial stage of an upheaval in society.

    3) This will end in blood and camps.

  12. [Expletive]!!!!
    What do you want to say with this post? Just some farmers, throwing some crackers,
    the only thing you can say, the establishment are [weak and emasculated men]. Even so are those rioting(if you can say that) people over there. If this is the purpose, whe are doomed! Wake UP, you [weak and emasculated people]! Watch Kaotic, or be demolished!

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