The No-Man’s Land Between Greece and Macedonia

As successive European countries impose strict border controls, it’s like a series of watertight doors closing along the route that “Syrian” “refugees” take to get to Germany. When one state blocks the flow and slows it to a trickle, the migrants back up at that border, forcing the host country to follow the same strategy.

The following report shows the backup at the border between Greece and Macedonia. The latter has recently tightened up its border, so that crowds of migrants are now encamped at the crossing, angrily waiting to be allowed to proceed onwards towards their destination. This video is a skillful combination of drone and ground-level footage, with no voice-over or commentary:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “The No-Man’s Land Between Greece and Macedonia

  1. There is not a country with the name Macedonia.

    How many times do i have do write it?

    Macedonia is the north part of Greece for the last 3000 years·at least.

    The real name of that slavic state is Vardarsca and until the problem with them is solved (they are sluggish in mind) it is called FYROM by U.N.

    • Yes, I know that. But it is commonly referred to (outside of Greece) as “Macedonia”, so that’s what I call it.

      You can tell me all you want that the people east of Sweden are Suomi and those in northern Sweden are Sami, but I’ll still call them Finns and Lapps.

      And I say “Eskimo” rather than “Inuit”, and “Burma” rather than “Myanmar”, too. I said “Peking” for a long time after I was forbidden to, but eventually gave in to pressure and converted to “Beijing”.

      I suppose if I were somewhat older I’d say “Siam” instead of “Thailand”.

      • It has long been a pet theory of mine, never trust the reasons for name change.
        The English word for Paris is Paris, even if the French say Paree.
        Ok stay with the English version if you speak English, though of course you may be accused of privilege and supremacy etc. Just what is wrong with English that we have to change for every whim and fancy?

        As the Chinese and our wise media convinced the rest of the world to change from Peking to Beijing to only become a tragedy of Tienanmen square.
        I still eat ‘Peking duck’.

        I recall getting tea from a country called Ceylon. Then we had to accept the change to Sri Lanka, It just seemed to me be almost another name for civil war.

        What was once renowned for being a very peaceful country, Cambodia, which I recalled the tv , radio announcer sort of being insistent that we should be saying Kampuchea, and with the prefix of Democratic.
        What a sick joke that came to be. It actually was officially changed back to Cambodia when freed from the Khmer Rouge. I wish them all the best in rebuilding their society from the tragedy of the “killing fields”.

        Yes to Burma, despite the Generals demanding the change to “Myanmar”, back in 1989. Military coup in 1962, Between 1962 and 1974, Almost all aspects of society (business, media, production) were nationalised or brought under government control under the Burmese Way to Socialism,which combined Soviet-style nationalisation and central planning.
        Again done Myanmar done by “Most English-speaking international news media officially refer to the country by the name Myanmar, including the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Reuters, and RT (Russia Today)” from a wiki source.
        Their system of government was exposed much more in 2008 when aid was held back for survivors of Cyclone Nargis, which killed about 200,000.
        Sad to say much conflict in Burma as muslims have settled and moved in.
        Even this year the assistance from China as it also seeks a hold, to Chinese rebels, has created from a skirmish of about 45,000 refugees back to China.
        Whether peace with freedom can occur in Burma, so reconstruction can occur, remains to be seen after this years elections.

        Rhodesia was another little country that changed name to Zimbabwe, once Mugabe was ensconced in power on the back of 20,000 dead in Matabeleland and then also went back on his word. What an unmitigated disaster to this day., from a bread basket to famine stricken refugees.

        Enough, I must stop;. Faulklands Islands for Malvinas Islands, bringing about a brief war.
        Indonesia changing names of Islands as it enhances it powers or annexes.
        Macedonia area also having the history of strife with name changing etc. Lets hope the problems of that stay in the political courts now.

        Sure I know name changes are not always based on tragedy or one in waiting, but it is how the pc diversity mc ridden media etc. with what appears to be great reasoning and urgency, gloss over and whitewash any real detail. So seems it to me to mask over symptoms of a much deeper malaise.

        • “Macedonia area also having the history of strife with name changing etc.”

          It is not a matter of name changing.

          Fyrom insist by naming itself Macedonia in order to annex the north part of Greece,and the west part of Bulgaria.

          To support this they change the history by insisting that Alexander was not Greek ,and that the king Samuel was not Bulgarian.

          The area of Macedonia is large of which 51% belongs to the Greeks(in ancient times all Macedonia was under greek control)and the rest to Fyrom and Bulgaria.

          Fyrom wants (with the support of USA) the whole of the area.
          Macedonia of the Aegean(Greece),and Macedonia of Pirin(Bulgaria),and this hybrid state steals not only the name but also the history of its neighbors.

          The real name of that part of former Yougoslavia,when under Tito,was Vardarska,from the river Vardar.

          As you can see it is not a simple change of name.

          It is a mixture of Politics and History,and i am afraid that Greeks are very sensitive when it comes to their ancestors and their history.
          Also the Bulgarians.

  2. These people have no respect – look at the filth they leave behind wherever they go. They should be made to go back where they came from.

  3. Theatre of the absurd. Note the face of the ‘Syrian’ man looking over the person on the stretcher being attended to by the Red Cross. Look very close. I see an animal, a sick vicious and rabid dog. To those Europeans who truly love their lands and culture: UNITE. Throw off your fears of being called racist. Stand up to Merkel and her minions. Protect what your civilization has built. It belongs to you. You built it. Oh you people of Europe UNITE.

    • Surely you mean ‘FIGHT’. “UNITE” will do absolutely nothing unless you “FIGHT”. That especially means arm me and arm you and Army.

  4. It seems elementary that if the European governments are to stop the flow of immigrants, they will have to not only put up impenetrable border fences, but they will have to develop a mechanism to remove those migrants who are in transit from European territory.

    It is no small problem, as all the black market transportation is towards Europe, and many, if not most, of the migrants not only have no more money, but also have no credible identification or record of origin. Thus, it would be perfectly reasonable for Syria to refuse to take a supposed Syrian who has a forged passport. But, then where does that person go? The country in which he is situated when the music stops then has to incarcerate and feed him and his progeny for eternity.

    It’s long past the time when a safe and comfortable landing for these migrants can be provided. If Europe had take effective measures from the start, like Australia, returning them immediately to their place of embarking, the problem would not be of the magnitude of today. The first priority of European countries ought to be to keep any more migrants from entering their countries, and the second priority to get those already in, out. This leaves the transit countries holding the bag, but also gives them a greater incentive to act effectively.

    Probably what will happen is the country ends up making a deal with some dictator or warlord to dump the refugees with phony or missing identification on their territory, in return for massive bribes. This mess is not going to be ended without some messy results. Perhaps some of the leaders responsible for the mess can also be dropped off.

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