No Polack Joke This Time

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this inspiring photograph from the former East Bloc:

He says:

I came across this photo doing the rounds on Facebook. It shows some of the new multinational border patrols along the Hungarian fence.

The caption reads:

A Hungarian, a Pole, a Czech and a Slovak…

It’s not a joke. It’s a border patrol.
V4 — the defenders of Europe

“V4” presumably stands ‎for the Visegrad 4 countries — Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary…

But where are all the other countries who like to shout about solidarity?

Will we see Sweden, Germany or Holland show some solidarity by joining these border patrols?

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  1. I’ve seen this coming for many weeks now, that the former Eastern bloc is going to have to band together against the insane Western countries in order to protect its citizens from the Islamization its western neighbors seem hell-bent on imposing on the hapless victims of Sweden, France, Germany, and the UK, et al.
    Withdrawing from the EU cannot come soon enough.

    • The West may well end up pushing the countries they “welcomed” to NATO back into a revised Warsaw Pact. (Sadly, irony is lost on the Left.)

  2. Once more, Europe stands on the brink of destruction and just like at the Gates of Vienna we are once again witnessing the true European patriotism, strength and honour come not from the more “advanced liberal democracies” but once again from the Eastern Europeans. Well done those countries. Lead the way. Shine the light of truth on those socialist fools who would have us import millions of cockroaches that will destroy everything our forefathers fought and died for.

  3. A quote concerning Ukraine from early last year that I had saved could very well apply here with a few minor adjustments.

    “Note to Ukrainians: accepting the EU’s money is one thing. Go for it. But why this longing, on the part of Tymoshenko or anyone else in your country, to board the Superstate Express? Set aside, if you wish, the economic downside of the whole project, the looming disaster that is the eurozone, and just ask yourselves this: After spending most of your history taking orders from far-off imperial capitals, most of the twentieth century living under the nightmare of Commu­nism, and most of the greater part of the generation that followed under the gravitational pull of post-Soviet Kremlin despotism, why be so desperate to subordinate yourselves to yet another set of haughty, high-handed foreign rulers? Why slip away from being under one thumb only to voluntarily place yourself under another?” — Bruce Bawer, “EU Offers False Hope for Ukraine,” February 26, 2014, FrontPage Magazine

    The V4 may now recognize that the EU is something they should withdraw from, especially with Brussels’ insane immigration policy, but extricating themselves is, as the old saw goes, easier said than done.

    • Hungary is in better shape than most. During the fiscal crisis they politely declined to enfeoff themselves to the ECB, and instead extricated themselves from debt problems via the normal means employed by a prudent sovereign government.

      • Poland was also smart enough to avoid getting into crippling debt, and was the only European nation to not go into recession at all, leaving them in an excellent position of relative independence now at this time of need.

  4. Refreshing to see indeed, after following the insanity that is German politics.

    The eastern Europeans need to hold Germany to account. If Germany unilaterally issues on open ended invitation, then it can’t be allowed to turn around and say that it is a Union issue.

    Either Germany changes drastically and quickly or the EU will fall apart.

  5. Protecting Germany from its own folly is foolish. Let the Germans take in the Islamo Nazis, and see how long they tolerate living under a terror regime as they had imposed on most of Europe. Or let them proclaim that the war for liberty is not confined to Europe but to all free nations, so that Israel too may expell the foreign Invaders

    • I see you are still itching for revenge on the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Nazis, people who have nothing to apologise for. Such misplaced hatred is ugly indeed. Save your hate for the killers of today.

      • And Israel doesn’t have experience with “today” hatred?
        Why don’t you save your hatred for those that are perpetuating these crimes.

        • Israel experiencing hatred today has nothing to do with Germany. Nothing whatever.
          So I don’t really see the point of your comment.

  6. I love seeing Eastern Europe unite in solidarity.Let us see Greece show some solidarity by [intemperate recommendation redacted] any migrant who lands on its shores.

  7. In a similar vein (about Eastern European resistance), I can’t help but notice that virtually all of the resistance to Merkel in Germany today comes from the former Communist east.

    This might sound crazy now, but you have to wonder, if things continue, if Germany might break up into its old East/West configuration. Culturally, the two sections appear to be very far apart.

  8. This is great to see some of the EE nations banding together to defend themselves against the locust swarm.

    Personally, I’d like to see other EE nations like Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania saddle up and join the cause in the near future.

    • Most of the Southern Eastern European countries do not have short memories, especially Bulgaria which suffered under 500+ yrs. of ottoman domination.

  9. It’s that nasty “history” thingy that everybody chooses to ignore, and has ignored for the last couple of generations or so.
    It was always the people “of the eastern bloc” that bore the burden of fighting the MUSLIM [redacted] hordes for ONE THOUSAND years or more in the not-so-distant past. Just remember that action at the ‘Gates of Vienna’ and who it was that actually came in the nick of time to save the day.

    Save for Chares Martel and Lepanto, Europe (Including the Austrian Hapsburgs) mostly cringed at MUSLIM [redacted] attacks and/or paid tribute rather than fight. That was left up to the peoples of the Balkans and the East. The whole of the Mediterranean was essentially left as a muzzie lake for pillage and piracy–one of, if not the major cause of the “dark ages” post-Rome.

    Today’s craven surrender by “modern Europe” is only a continuation a theme. Europeans seem able to fight each other –witness the carnage of WWs I&II–but are strangely unable to resist Mo’s bunch of (militarily inept) thugs. This present horde seems totally unarmed -AND reliant on its victims for ALL FORMS of support (though I wonder what’s in the basements of those MANY, MANY mosques).

    We are going to find out.


    Lock and load, boys and girls.



        • So I got your attention, Babs? Good. That means my use of caps – repeated only for the two most recent incidents violating our rules re civil discourse – were noticed by you, then perhaps I won’t need to do that anymore.

          Nice to hear from you.

          • Are you implying that I don’t comment here in civil discourse and that you needed to get my attention? If so, I apologize for making any comment.

          • There you go again, Babs. Inferring from my explanation to your question that my reminder to others was somehow meant for you. That’s a might big jump.

            Nothing in my CAPS MESSAGE mentioned you or “implied” anything about you.

            I repeat: if YOU noticed my comment, that means it’s likely that the people I needed to reach also noticed. And that is a good thing.

            Ain’t no tea leaves to read here, Babs. Please give it a rest.

  10. let’s see, a Hungarian, a Pole, a Czech and a Slovak are walking along a fence. The Czech asks, “Which side of the fence are we on?” The Pole answers, “We are on our side.” The Hungarian asks, “What is the fence separating us from?” The Slovak answers, “Their side, that’s why we didn’t put any gates in the fence.”
    So Western Europe took of-fence at their sentiments.

  11. Will we see Sweden, Germany or Holland show some solidarity by joining these border patrols?no but you’ll find them on the oter side cutting the fence

  12. This V4 thing could end up being the kernel for a larger alliance of Eastern European nations. Would make sense. They are threatened from three directions: demographically from the South by the Muzz, militarily from the East by Putin and revived Russian authoritarianism/expansionism, culturally from the West by Obama/Merkel/Hollande style Cultural Marxism/68’er multiculturalism.

    Pilsudski was just ahead of his time.

    • I do not think Putin wants ANYTHING to do with any of the EU states at this time.
      He is just watching the idiocy of Germany, Sweden , the UK and France from afar and chuckling at who the USA wants them to believe is their enemy… and it is certainly not the MUSLIMS [redacted]. The USA wants all to believe Russia is not their pal.




          • So I got your attention, Babs? Good. That means my use of caps – repeated only for the two most recent incidents violating our rules re civil discourse – were noticed by you, then perhaps I won’t need to do that anymore.

            Nice to hear from you.

    • The V4 formed their own EU Battlegroup that was to be operational in early 2016 and was to include Ukraine. What the current status of this military arrangement is I don’t know.

      If the Eastern European states wish to continue as nations of distinct peoples and preserve their heritage and cultures they will have to exit the EU, there’s no other choice. Brussels’ elite Eurocrats, like Sutherland, have openly admitted they want to destroy the nation state system and create a EU superstate and subordinate the member-states’ sovereignty. It is this mindset that encourages and allows the mass Muslim hijra into Europe to occur because they believe it serves this end.

      • I think that is very well put.
        We will see in a very short time if the Eastern states believe in state sovereignty or, if they enjoy subsidies from the EU for as long as they last.

  13. I’d like to see Viktor Orban visit Arizona, and show John McCain how to “build a danged fence”…

  14. For these countries would be better to get out of the European Union to keep Russia at a distance with his terrorist colleagues, and strengthen nationalist sentiment away from the clutches of any centralizing legislation where they will be required to join the rotten agenda of the European Union, or any guild that solve part. Ah! Of course! They should keep away from America and its crazy leader Obama.

    It is the only way to get away from the Cultural Marxism, political correctness, and multiculturalism.

  15. So I got your attention, Babs? Good. That means my use of caps – repeated only for the two most recent incidents violating our rules re civil discourse – were noticed by you, then perhaps I won’t need to do that anymore.

    Nice to hear from you.

    If you wish me to not comment on your site simply delete me. But, once again you are calling me out for public shame like you did a few years ago. I wonder why?

    • You started this conversation between you and me, Babs, by asking your question about my use of caps to someone else, not to you at all.

      I answered your question, saying that if you’d noticed my use of CAPS then perhaps those to whom I was actually speaking noticed too.

      And now you come back with a global shame position about some dispute I’ve long since forgotten? After the many pleasant private backchannel chats we had at the time, why do you focus on one that you perceived as shameful? One that’s been buried by a hundred thousand comments since then? I don’t get it.

      But I am done with it. Enough.

      • Have you ever heard of the last nail in the coffin? I am not going to have this discussion with you in public. Perhaps you are having a bad day. You know my private email.

      • Dymphna. You share this site with the Baron, and others like Vlad Tepes, but most importantly, and this is my opinion, with many from around the world who share with you what is going on within their own little world. Each individual has their own way of communicating, of expressing themselves as best they can, surely you know this from your own history within the work force as you have written about from time to time?

        The worst aspect of being accepted into anywhere by individuals who seek a common cause is to be told what they may talk about or how to express their thoughts – that is censorship!

        I do understand the restrictions, and to which I wholeheartedly agree, on the use of offensive language and intemperate suggestions. That should be par the course for good dialogue and thoughts to which any self-respecting counter jihadist should apply to.

        But, I do not agree with your restriction on how commenters should describe the followers of Islam. I have been censored in the past for using the term ‘muzzie’ to describe the potential enemy of our freedom – is that any worse than what our forbears described the Japanese as or the Germans for that matter?

        Islam is out to get us, and Islam’s followers are people who are trying to kill us, therefore I have no hesitation in describing them any way I wish to, and I would think that there are many others just like me. Please believe me when I write that ‘muzzie’ is not the most offensive word used to describe our natural enemy, nor will it be viewed as such by those who visit this site.

        In any war, especially the one we now face, the use of defamatory terms to describe your enemy is one of the most effective propaganda tools that any side can employ. So please take on board that we, the infidel, are referred to as far more derogatory terms by our enemy than what some use on this site use to describe them as.

        We are now in a fight to the death. Niceties should be taking a back seat until it is all over.

        • it does not help our cause to use epithets to describe the enemy. Nor will I permit name-callng like libtard for leftists. Those are the tactics of the Left and their propagandists; we don’t employ them here. It’s an attempt to humiliate and degrade.

          “Censorship” is a term reserved for public spaces. Gates of Vienna is not public; it’s a moderated forum. That means the moderators make the decisions regarding propriety. Anything that degrades the language here isn’t going to be permitted to stand (if we notice it). We had the same problem with variations on mooslimes…they didn’t fly either. Over the years Gates of Vienna has evolved into an extension of our lives; it is where we live and move and have our being. I’m here every single day, all year long.You come when it suits you to do so, thus your perspective is different from mine. When language starts to degrade and I see it, I’ll take the trouble to redact it while leaving the whole of an idea in place. Sometimes that’s not possible – e.g., when it’s not a comment but a whole snarl of invective.

          Our culture is being degraded on all sides and, as you say, we are now in a fight to the death. Name-calling takes away from that mortal struggle and adds no value to the exchange of ideas. It is a tactic of the school yard and of our enemies but one we won’t adopt here.

          Why do think we ever began moderating comments to begin with? It was suggested that if I didn’t like something then why didn’t I just delete it? But random acting-out isn’t the point of moderation; the point is to make certain our rules re civility are maintained. Thus our adversaries are leftists not leftards,libtards, etc Muslims not mooselimes or some variety thereof. Feminists are not feminazis, etc. Times have changed – the days of Japs and krauts and kikes are over. Such words are soul-shriveling.

          That’s my own “never again”. Not here at least.

          Meanwhile, there are plenty of websites where you can indulge in any language you want. Gates of Vienna is hardly the only forum available.

          • That is true and I will seek them out because GOV seems to have an animosity. Perhaps I didn’t donate enough.

          • Well I believe you are being petty Dympthna.

            Language and culture declines or it evolves but it never stands still.

            I can see your point but at this time, do not agree with your personal censorship. What you are trying to uphold is similar in some way to the commander on the battlefield who orders his troops, as they are killing the enemy, to not swear at them – that is not maintaining discipline but denying the soldier his method of dealing with the death he is causing.

            In a similar vein the commenters who come here have developed their own methodology or terms for whom they perceive as the cause for why thy decide to visit here – denying them the use of their personal terms they have chosen to describe those they have generally come to detest will only cause resentment. You cannot control what people think or say, only in your own little world is that possible, so I too will bow out from Gates as I feel your ‘political correctness’ now offends me.

          • It is something I have wondered, how to maintain your sanity, seeing and hearing the goings on around the world and where one of the major issues revolves around a “hate”.
            I question my own mind when I see what is happening world wide.

            During the last “bleg” I felt and wondered how Baron and Dymphna cope, virtually day in day out.
            I think on many people who have been statesmen like during times of difficulty, like Churchill that bought Britain through the long stage of 1920-30’s pacifism to finally girding its loins for an ultimate showdown, as he stared at death and terror, daring defeat, with inspiring speeches, for nigh on 2 long years.

            “Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness.”
            and as I think quoted here not long ago,
            “With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.”
            -Otto von Bismarck
            Read more at “brainyquote”

            For myself, to maintain a credibility, if talking anything of islam and muslims, I really do try and keep anything profane away from my explanations of the koran, hadiths sira etc. Mocking, questioning, ridicule, satire, etc., can be done in very nice and polite language and I believe it is more effective.
            The most surest way of so doing is not to entertain the way of thinking. I used to work in a “hard industry” and it was always embarrassing when a slip of the tongue let loose a profanity in polite company, so now even the dogs had to learn the polite English too.
            To quibble about language, nibbles at the main important effective points to be made.
            Just make the point, as simple truth, hits hard and does not need embellishment.
            We are after all free to add our own understandings and interpretations when relating to others elsewhere.

            I also try to take a leaf out of Father Zakaria Boutros’ attitudes, who suffered in Egytian jails, before getting to safety, as he is a very effective speaker about Mohammad.
            where there is access of over 200 videos his teachings and interviews.

            ( Just viewed the above video in the post “The Final Solution to the European Problem”
            At the end of the day, plainly speaking, Churchill knew how to lead and wage a war. A war that he did not want, but if necessary, at all odds, you must win at all costs.! ! ! even though democracy bounced him out of Parliament, though he did return 3 years later.

            I do hope that Baron and Dymphna are able to get time away, even take a break, for a week or so, and hopefully come back refreshed. “Life is to be lived in abundance! ! !”.
            Their dedication to raising up information, with great background and context, staying true and principled, is a great guide for the rest of us, and as also many of the commentators.
            Thank you

          • First, you do know that the Baron uses Bismarck’s image as his avatar, yes? It was done with his usual sly humor, I thought.

            Second, thanks for the link to Father Boutros’ videos. He has a most expressive, entertaining voice – he’s not outraged by Mohammed’s tricks but almost amused at their childishness. He mentions how the ignorance of many Egyptian Muslims keeps them naive…I’d love to hear one of his sermons sometime. I’ve bookmarked that channel.

            As for us getting away, I’m not well enough to travel…yet. But I never give up hope I may improve. But we have a dilemma: the B won’t go on one of his outings to visit the landscapes he used to paint unless there is someone to stay with me. Our friends all have animals and so I can’t stay with them. Others work and have families; their lives are busy. I am considering going to a hotel in town so he’d know I was relatively safe but that is a last resort. Right now I’m focused on getting the several hundred slides of his paintings converted to images that can be put up on a web page. I don’t even know if it’s feasible but will check with people who do that as their business. I’d considered getting a projector/digitizer myself but after looking at those capable of reproducing his work accurately it would be far more expensive. Also getting up to speed on the software is far more work than I could perform in a reasonable time…

            …I know that if any of this is meant to be, it will happen in its own good time. I wish we had a word in English like the Greeks have “kairos” – e.g., at the right moment, or the fullness of time. Anyway, thanks for your expression of interest. I agree with your philosophy re abundance: it is the key to everything. And yes, Gates of Vienna provides an abundance of experiences we’d never expected to have…

  16. The EU is obviously a wounded animal, which makes it even more dangerous. Cameron is piling up demands on the EU, which will only make it easier for a Brexit. I imagine there will be economic incentives for EU “nations” with the most “refugees” foisted upon them. Poor countries like Greece may even be given sweeteners to pick up a few in exchange for a lighter sentence.

  17. can see the Warsaw Pact reforming but in a different form based on the ignorance and stupidity of the West. Putin would be wise to lead the anti-Islamic sentiment. He’d probably provide a welcome alternative to “western” democracy, as it is now promoted by global elitists of a fascist bend.

    I wonder if Americans will waken from the stupor they are in or if they will elect another corrupt socialist who promises all things to the leeches of society.

    • Putin is a product of the KGB. His ‘chess moves’ have outflanked all those who have tried to undermine him. He is a cold and ruthless man in the worst aspects of KGB/CIA/MI5, but he is Russian, and that matters more to him than anything else.

  18. Dymphna, I appreciate your standing against a descent into crude insulting terms.

    I have avoided so far forwarding this website to various friends precisely because they would see the insulting comments used and judge the site accordingly.

    Nemesis and others, clearly you are thoughtful committed people. But until I saw this thread, you appeared to me as possibly racists.

    Those of us who stand against what Sam Harris calls the “Regressive Left” and who know from history, from the Koran and from the Sunna what a serious threat Islam presents, cannot afford to give yet more ammo to those who already call us racists and islamophobes.

    Often tempted as I am to just say “[redacted]’em”, I remind myself it’s more useful to alert and warn them. They are after all my fellow Westerners. I won’t get them to reconsider their prejudices by appearing to be crude and extremist myself.

  19. The Top Ten most commonly misspelt words in the study by were:
    1 Definitely (Definately);
    2 Sacrilegious (Sacreligious);
    3 Indict (Indite);
    4 Manoeuvre (Maneouvre);
    5 Bureaucracy ( Beaurocracy);
    6 Broccoli (Brocolli);
    7 Phlegm (Phleghm);
    8 Prejudice ( Predjudice);
    9 Consensus (Conscensus);
    10 Unnecessary (Unecessary).


    • Damn and tarnation, indeed.

      But hark! Is that a British word I spy sailing over the horizon? I do declare they have such strange spelling habits:

      I have a similar problem now with plain old American words, one I’d never experienced before. It’s probably an age thing…almost never spelled a word wrong until I hit my late forties. Now when I run into, say, a Latinate medical term, I can no longer internalize it seamlessly the way I once in my youth stored “gluteus maximus” for future reference. With the new ones, no retrieval is possible since the storage space appears to be taken by earlier metabolisms.The days of owning/acquiring words are gone. Sigh.

      But the real heart-breakers are the ones which got up and left without so much as a wave goodbye. Betrayers!

      • It is, Madam, a British word….unfortunately a mis-spelled one. And I remember with what majestic certainty I wrote it and hit the “Post Comment” button. You know that moment when one has sent the email that one really really ought to have just saved in drafts?

        Most of my contemporaries suffer from some degree of verbal aphasia as we reach our prime. But how odd to have all this life experience and then lose or mis-spell a word once known with certainty…it throws one back to that childhood experience of cognitive dissonance, when we kept discovering that the mental map we had made of reality was different from that of the grown-ups.

        I think it is the pain of this same cognitive dissonance that Muslims need to avoid at all costs by taking offence when our normal Western cultural behaviour reveals that their belief system is just…well…nonsense.

        Ahhh…bacon and eggs, the bedrock of civilisation!

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