A Lost Generation

The following piece by Michael Mannheimer (and the German Huffington Post) concerns the warnings of an ex-Muslim about the dangers of Islam, and how they are likely to go unheeded in German society.

JLH, who translated the articles for Gates of Vienna, notes that “The article from the German Huffington Post is preceded by Mannheimer’s own comments, and occurs just after the announcement of an interesting contest, translated below:”

And now, to give the affair a little oomph, a donor is giving 1,000 euros for the “Resistance Competition.”

Prizes will go to the most imaginative, creative ideas, and those most promising of success. Your imagination, your cleverness is requested. No matter whether a citizens’ movement, a network, a poster drive, a song or a series of presentations — anything that works and is meaningful. The winner gets 500 euros, second place gets 300 euros and third place gets 200 euros.


All suggestions must be non-violent, within the law, may have no racist, discriminatory elements and must be realistic and feasible.

From Michael Mannheimer’s site:

Our system is deaf to the truth about Islam.

This apostate is saying everything we Islam critics — denounced by the media as “Islam-haters” — have been claiming, can prove, and have brought to the people in countless articles and speeches. But you may be sure that the warnings of those who leave Islam will be noted and then, nonetheless, ignored completely. We may be sure that not one politician, no one in the media, not even one top-ranking politician will be led astray from his/her settled (or prescribed?) opinion of Islam. It will play out as before. Millions more Muslims will be invited in on us, more mosques will be built, more “infidels” will be killed and butchered — multiplied by those in our own lands. And there will be nothing in the way of decisive countermeasures. Best case — every one of the trillion attacks against non-Muslims will be whitewashed as an “isolated incident,” worst case — these attacks will be blamed on criticism of Islam. That is, our criticism is “provoking” these attacks. I repeat: Only insurrection by the German people will put an end to the whole thing. Merkel’s departure is not enough. What comes after Merkel will not be much better.

— Michael Mannheimer, November 7, 2015

From The Huffington Post, by Benjamin Reute, November 5, 2015:

Former Islamist Tells It Like It Is —

Politicians in Germany Are Ignoring This Danger

As a young man, Ahmad Mansour belonged to the most radical Arab youth in Israel. His imam preached that Christians, Americans, Europeans, nationalists, communists — all belonged to Satan.

Today Mansour, who has studied psychology, lives in Berlin. He has long since repudiated those radical ideas. But now he has written a book about Islam, and how it can be combated in Germany. The title — “Generation Allah. Why we must re-think the battle against religious extremism.” In the book, he warns of the danger of radicalized youth and how it will become a danger to Germany.

Mansour calls them “Generation Allah.” There is much discussion now of what danger is coming from the Islamists who are going from Germany to the IS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. In an interview on Deutschlandfunk (German Broadcasting Service), Mansour said: “It is an enormous danger, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.”

The real danger, Mansour warns, is still being drastically underestimated by politicians and security services.

In the interview, he says of the youth with an immigration background:

“To some extent, the young men are not even religious. They don’t even pray. They don’t know much about their religion, but it is very important to them.”

And further:

“They are young people who believe in a punishing God, who acts and functions very much like the patriarchal father, with clear rules, with punishment — there is no talking to him, he is wrathful…”

These young men are the perfect quarry for the Islamists, and especially the Salafists in Germany. They only need to exaggerate their ideas in order to radicalize them.

The problem is, the political system must confront this danger. Thus far it has been concealed. “If we make these subjects taboo in the majority society, right there in society, and do not talk about them, then the radicals will,” he warns.

This goes so far that he — the ex-Islamist — is being called an incendiary by refugee advocates.

In noteworthy statements on Deutschlandfunk, Mansour says:

“On the other hand, I notice that there is some political tendency in this country to perceive us — the Muslims — as victims. If we accept responsibility, if we touch on the wrongs in our own community, then we do not fit into this image, and are quickly ignored, or defamed in a thoroughly politically correct manner — naturally not what I get from the Islamist side of things, but for me, that too is a kind of racism.”

To keep the “Allah Generation” from drifting into Islamism, Germany must conduct an honest debate. About the difficulties of integration, parallel societies and education for refugees and immigrants.

If the country does not to do that, many thousands of young people are in danger of becoming a lost generation.

For links to previous articles by or about Michael Mannheimer, see the Michael Mannheimer Archives.

14 thoughts on “A Lost Generation

  1. We will have a Lost Generation no matter what idiocies Angela Merkel and Erdogan manage to push off on the German people and the ignorant immigrants who think their macho Muslim intimidation will allow them to live off the fat of the Germans.

    The whole world is suffering from stagnation, big time – it’s all about Debt and Demographics. The elites know this but they don’t want us to realize it till they’re safe.

    The general perception of China is that they are this giant growth monster that will save the world from a stagnant economy. There are two reasons I think that is not so. Debt and Demographics.

    The demographics is an easy one to point out. About 39 years ago China put in place the “one child policy”. A person who was 18 then, is now 57. 30 years old then is 69 years old now. That generation was the great generation of workers who grew china. All the while having only one child. They are now at retirement age or fast approaching it. For each 2 of them, there is 1 child.

    That one child must fill all the jobs, support 2 elderly parents, and continue to grow the economy at the same rate as those 2 parents. Plus, China has suddenly realized they are in this bind, so have loosened the policy to a ‘Two Child’ policy. So some of these folks will be carrying 2 children as well.

    For the next 20 years, at least, there will be fewer workers carrying more non-workers. That can not be changed. The great bubble of excess labor is retiring. Much like in the USA where the Boomers are retiring.

    And the EU, where the debt is so large that Merkel can run rings around all the other member states – until those immigrants have eaten the seed corn and smashed the machinery they don’t understand.

    That’s the future demographic: old people and some resentful young. Plus the fecund underclass in America.

    Now he gets to debt, and guess what: we’re playing musical money chairs because everyone – including the Chinese – are floating humungous debt:

    In the case of debt, the same reality applies to the EU countries, but I’m not going to go into it for them. We’ve all seen Greece and Cyprus implode. Spain and Portugal on deck. Italy in the wings.

    We also all know that the USA is at about $19 Trillion in debt (about a 1:1 debt to GDP ratio as we had a $17.4 T GDP in 2014). That is about the limit of what is sustainable. Japan has gone up to about double that without a collapse, but at the expense of a couple of decades of zero growth and stagnation in the process. Greece did about double that, but is mid collapse at the moment. Usually about 150% of GDP as debt is the end of the road for any kind of decent economic performance. Less is much much better.

    It is pretty well understood that the USA is on a rocket ride to debtors prison at the moment and we just passed the 100% of GDP level on the way to crashing. Obama did that in 6 years, and we have 2 more to go before anyone can change the budget (Gee, Thanks, Republicrims… and the Boehner Wet Kiss of departure…)

    But this is about China.

    Many of us also are painfully aware that we owe about $1 Trillion or so to China for national debt. The impression is that they have boat loads of cash and have been oh so frugal. So we borrow from them. But not so fast…


    Their total Debt Equals 282% of GDP: That’s how big China’s total debt load, including borrowing by the government, banks, corporations and households, had gotten by the middle of 2014, the report says. That’s far above the average for developing countries and higher than some advanced economies including Australia, the United States, Germany and Canada.

    They are already past “Going Japanese” in this regard.

    In short, we borrow from them as THEIR central bank prints money like crazy and others borrow from US as OUR central bank prints money like crazy.

    It is all one giant Ponzi Scheme of Debt.

    In reality, there isn’t any real wealth to back up all that debt. We are each writing IOUs to the other based on nothing.

    Once that reality sinks in, and as the Demographic Wall forces it to be undeniable, there will be some major issues that can no longer be ignored. Like how do you cash out that debt, to pay the retirement for all those folks no longer working, when each ‘retirement account’ is full of IOUs to the other one?

    You could do a whole essay on any one of his ideas…but the main thing is, as I’ve said before: DEMOGRAPHICS. If they weren’t so grim, we could handle the bizarro debt. But without the babies…oh well…

    Read his conclusions here:


    • On the debt: When the our Congress again raised the debt “limit” just as we were about to blast through it, some Democrats were quoted as saying the action showed that “we’re a responsible country that pays its debts.” There may be some technical sense in which raising the debt “limit” means paying our debts, but in the larger sense it’s crazy.

      In Democrat-think, attaching any discussion of how we’re eventually going to pay the national debt (as against paying particular debts with more borrowing) is irresponsible and not “clean.” Of course, the Republicans are hardly better, but some of them sometimes display an understanding that raising the debt “limit” doesn’t make the debt go away.

    • Dymphna-

      China’s financial numbers are so horrifically stir-fried beyond anything from the Fed or ECB that no one really knows the true state of their economy at this point.

      Some of the recent mass layoffs, draw downs in raw material consumption, and the myriad ghost cities do give us some idea of how bad things really are.

      • Everyone is in debt to everyone else. The Fed is our grease machine/money press. Government jobs for all & print more $$ to pay them.

        Hey it worked for Europe, the land of the giant bureaucracies. That’s why everyone wanted in on the EU giant gimungous bureaucracy in Brussels. With zero accountability for expenses. That’s why all European pols want to grow up to be members of the EU Parliament. When Ireland was pushed over the edge into the waiting arms of Brussels, you could see that woman, whatever their president’s name was at the time, drooling in anticipation.

        It was eerily similar to Nancy Pelosi’s drooly smile as she said we had to pass the ObamaCare bill in order to know what was in it. And now we know: a huge engorgement of medical bureaucracy and less medical care. An informal, let’s-not-talk-ugly death panel reality.

        Morale at our small rural clinic has plunged. I suspect it’s going to be shuttered and patients forced to drive much further for their care, waiting in longer lines for fewer services.

        ObamaCare is a swindle of those who are forced to use it. That, of course, excludes government workers at every level. They don’t get the blue-chip care that, say, federal workers & federal retirees have, but you can be sure it’s far above what’s out there for anyone making less than 75,000.00 a year.

        My insurance company that coordinates with ObamaCare has cancelled policies in our county. We’re too poor as a class to qualify. Which is exactly what I predicted when this albatross was hung around the necks of average Americans.

        That done, our destroyer-in-chief is moving on to green us all up and protect the earth from fossil fuels. He knows his plan will increase govt debt and impoverish the poor as they pay huge increases for electricity bec. of mandated “green” energy that doesn’t exist. So a utility can’t find green energy to supply its customer base? Why, just pay this fine and you’re off the hook. That big fine is passed along to the utility customers.

        In about 18 – 20 months, look for stories about old people eating cat food. The MSM will find them bec Obama will be out, gone to Hawaii or wherever he plans to golf. The new Oval Office holder will be on the hook for the whole nightmare of the last 8 years especially if he’s a Republican.

        Past that it’s hard to know the tipping point.

        • I know what you say is true. The poor working class; those that are just above the toehold of total subsidies will not be able to cope and will sink into poverty; those that are not so poor that they get a free ride with obamacare and subsidized energy costs.
          Every time I fill my oil tank for winter heating I pay a sales tax to my county. I am financially able to pay that tax. What about the working poor that do not qualify for an exemption?
          This whole thing stinks.

          • The admin of this blog qualify as bona fide members of the poor working class; we live accordingly and without complaint. You pays your nickel and you takes your chance.

            This is a repeat of the corruption of the 30s but on a much, much larger scale. When Obama escapes in 2017 to live in his never-never land of eternal golf, the stories of deprivation and ruin will begin. They’ve been here all along (we have tent “villages” outside our large cities, constantly having to move on) and we have a plague of homeless people in any place large enough to call itself a “city”. Their plight will remain hidden until Obama’s gone, just as our incursions in the various flash points in MENA will be hidden till then. Our treasonous media will then pile all this on his successor’s plate, in a concerted effort to destroy him. The only exception would be the election of a socialist- say, Hillary or Sanders. Hillary offers them plums in terms of appointments, access, and bribes. They can’t wait.

            Should reality return in the next election in the form of an unlikely victory by some quasi-conservative entity, it won’t be a New Morning in America moment…more like “Here we are at the favela on the east (north-south-west) in Detroit/Los Angeles/Chicago, etc., and it’s all the fault of this new “president”. 24/7 coverage.

            One thing is sure: the “Republican” bosses will do everything in their power to prevent that – in just the same way they made sure McCain and Romney went down in flames. And if they can’t have their status quo “me too” grab at the consolation prizes on offer, they will act like Eric Cantor and begin to finish off whoever spoiled their favorable position.

            American politics at the national level is a poisoned well.

    • Excellent comment! This is well-known to the global financiers themselves and that is why they are agitating for Supra-national institutions in order that they will be able to manage and manipulate (for their own benefit) the oncoming debt catastrophe. (Soros is on record suggesting that the USA ought to have a ‘managed decline’.)

      One of the best articles I’ve ever read explaining the economic leitmotif of the Middle East Islamic madness is here…


      Competition for natural resources and global deregulation, since Bretton Woods, has enabled the financiers to obtain their profits by the growth of debt, through their administrative servants – the central banks.

      This article – How Bretton Woods Reshaped the World explains it all.


      Merkel wants cheap Muslim workers to help keep the lid on German labor costs which have jumped, with the decline in Turkish immigration.

      The future looks bleak unless the global financiers can be reigned in (virtually impossible), unless national governments become fiscally responsible ( unlikely), unless the tyrants of the ME (and Africa and South America) can be toppled and replaced by governments whose number one priority is universal Western education, specifically a tertiary technological education, to enable their economies to move from natural resource-based to modern technological innovation. In addition, the power of the Muslim clerics must be broken.

      Instead we are heading for World Government (President Merkel or Emperor Obama?)and serfdom status for the rest of us, except for the exceedingly rich elite class of financiers and their bureaucracies and worker bees in the institutions of control. The New World may make Stalin’s Russia seem like a school picnic. It seems our only option is the threat of civil war, because they can’t kill us all!

    • I get your point, Dymphna. A few years back, Larry Lang (Lang Xianping), a Hong Kong-based economist (and unreconstructed Communist, alas) warned what he thought was a closed meeting of Communist leaders that “every Chinese province is a Greece”.

      But I think there’s also another dimension that needs to be addressed. Europe and North America are also spiritually bankrupt, and were so long before they went economically bankrupt. After reading both the Old and New Testaments for quite a while, I get the feeling that this ongoing collapse before the Islamicist challenge (from a civilization that basically produces slums surrounded by deserts) may just be God’s return mockery to a civilization that for centuries has prided itself on its “emancipation” from God. Isn’t it something where most young know “Jesus Christ” only as an oath, they are now learning to be circumspect about sacred things from that disgusting travesty called Islam.

  2. I’m so sick of the MSM types telling me that Islam is such a peaceful religion. If they really believe that, they should all convert or [remain utterly silent].

    • Fear, my boy……….
      It’s fear, fear–FEAR!!!

      ‘They’ are NOT “peaceful”, and what is more–everyone knows it.
      The ‘MSM’ ???
      They ALL know it. Each and every single one of them. They know. They even care–but they cannot bring themselves to mention it, and many not even dare THINK it. CERTAINLY not print it–or speak it to each other or over the air.
      They know some kind of clash is coming.
      They know-but they whistle past the graveyard and hope, “not today–not yet.”

      Lock and load, boys and girls (ESPECIALLY the girls).

  3. The police know these are “entirely isolated incidents” because they
    are exactly like the other five hundred entirely isolated incidents.

  4. Here’s one for the Bishop… Hope it lifts his mood ;0)

    “One day the last Rembrant portrait and the last bar of Mozart will have ceased to be. Possibly a coloured canvas and a sheet of notes will remain, but the last eye and the last ear accessible to their message will have gone and so they will no longer be.”

  5. Boy that’s depressing…. I was hoping that Islam would be defeated, Muslims will be liberated and all people religious and non religious will live in harmony, debating minor differences like civilized human beings without war or heads rolling.
    It is all within our reach, ask we need to do I’d defeat the Islam pandering left, reveal the true evil that Islam is and educate Muslims to realize the difference between good and evil, without worrying how it will hurt their feelings. That would be though love.
    The real threat to western civilization is not so much Islam but the traitors that are breaching our defenses and letting the loaded Islamic Trojan horse into our midst, to conquer and destroy us while we slumber to the song sung by the leftists idiots that goes ” Islam is a religion of peace”. Defeat the left and there is a real good chance that we can sink Islam to the depths of hell where it truly belongs …. Please don’t give up hope…. Not yet anyway!

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