Salzburg Welcomes Culture-Enrichers

The “cosmopolitan” citizens of Salzburg in Austria have opened their hearts and the city gates to the wave of migrants now inundating Europe. The photo below was taken this past week in Salzburg by an Austrian reader, who notes: “This call to — what, exactly? — was found in front of the main theater in Salzburg city. I wonder how many tourists and festival visitors will flock to Mozart’s city once the “refugees” have settled in…”

The translated text of the sign:

For a cosmopolitan Salzburg
Refugees are welcome here

Joint statement by all persons engaged in the cultural sector in Salzburg

We are calling for a tolerant cooperation of and by cultures with freedom of speech as its highest pillar.

We want to live in a society based on freedom, tolerance, and solidarity and one that does not shut its eyes before the plight of asylum seekers.

We support a well-fortified democracy and a cosmopolitan Salzburg, one that not only welcomes tourists from all over the world, but also those in need of our help.

Salzburg Cultural City Initiative / Cultural Coordination Organization / Salzburg State Theater / Historic Civic Coordination Organization

24 thoughts on “Salzburg Welcomes Culture-Enrichers

  1. Do the arty-crafty people of Salzburg understand that they are not, on the whole dealing with refugees, but with economic adventurers looking for easy money?

    These are the hordes which will, in their turn, make refugees out of the good and well meaning burghers of music land. They to will have to “climb every mountain” as they flee the wrath of islamofascism.

  2. “A tolerant cooperation of and by cultures with freedom of speech as its highest pillar.” Are these people cynical or just naive? These are people who have university degrees, who can read and write. What does it take to make them open their eyes? Look what happened in Europe only in 2015: cartoonists and jewish people slaughtered in Paris, man beheaded in France, man trying to cause explosion in gaz factory, man trying to kill people in an international train, etc… If it was not so sad it would be funny (very morbid humour though). As a law professor said in a Belgian newspaper: it’s probably best to already prepare to leave. And that is what I am actually doing. I hope it won’t be necessary but whatever financial decision I will from now on take will be with a possible – legal of course – immigration in the back of my head. Which makes me terribly sad as I love Europe so much.

    • To add to the horrors in Europe 2015

      The double assassination at IKEA in Vësterås, where mother and son were killed with knife

      • You are right, I forgot that one. Thanks for adding it. Guess there are too many :-(.

    • I leave Europe to-morrow. By the time it gets this pathetic in the United States I imagine I will be dust again. Who knows for sure happens after ones last breath.

  3. I’ve visited Salzburg twice and loved the place. It’s beautiful. Soon to be “was” beautiful. There goes the neighborhood.

  4. A variation in man has occurred that will cause a reduced survival in its offspring (dining with wolves). Natural selection will begin reducing its numbers and competing, more successful, men will begin to take over and multiply.

    This seems to be extinction by intent and self, rather than by mutation or random stochastic variation.

    Perhaps such organisms should die out? Do they belong in the game of evolution? Are Austrians like Neanderthals?

  5. “We are calling for a tolerant cooperation of and by cultures with freedom of speech as its highest pillar”.

    Not taking any Muslims in then?

    • It is all an aspect of the crazy contemporary competition of conceit: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most tolerant of them all?” The Salzburgers’ want to be in the front running.

      25 years ago Salzburg was one of the most peaceful, tidy, prosperous cities I’d ever spent any time in. Byeee!

      Cynical1 has nailed it; precisely identifying the glaring internal contradiction in the Salzburgers’ posturing.

  6. The poster reads, “Gemeinsames Statement [why in English?] der Salzburger Kulturschaffenden”. The translation “all persons engaged in the cultural sector” is good as far as it goes, but more literally, “Kulturschaffenden” means “the culture-creating” (schaffen = to create).
    So we have culture creators welcoming culture enrichers.

  7. Good thing I’ll be in Salzburg in 2 weeks.
    It might not be worth seeing soon.

  8. I love Salzburg. In fact, I love that city so much, I make sure to visit it every time I go to Europe. It’s a terrible shame the people of Salzburg don’t appreciate their beautiful city the way I do, for of they did, it would be off limits to the savages. I can only imagine what the savages will do to that beautiful little cemetery at the foot of the catacombs once their numbers increase there. Sigh.

  9. “We want to live in a society based on freedom, tolerance, and solidarity and one that does not shut its eyes before the plight of asylum seekers.”

    Good luck with that.

  10. Love your enemy as yourself. Turn the other cheek.
    Europe seems intent to test these dicta to their max.

    It seems paradoxical that a place where Christianity is withering should act in such a biblical way.

    This suggests that they really do not believe in anything but are, rather, nihilists acting from a script written for a dry calculating strategy.

    • Seems like they’re even loving their enemy MORE THAN themselves… would Jesus have acted like this, or would He have given Europe’s leaders a good telling off, for not protecting their citizens better, while also having a word with the newcomers, about the prospect of fast cars, 4-star hotels and vast benefits not being the best reason to leave your family stranded in a desert refugee camp?!

  11. I would like to return to Saltzburg in a few years when the ‘honeymoon’ is over, and the native population still living in a state of denial, is asking what did we do wrong ?

    • Exactly what I’m thinking… Not just Salzburg – but Heidenau, and all the other towns taking vast numbers of mostly young, male and unemployed newcomers… what will the public mood, and election poll numbers look like in these places, a few years down the line??

  12. European political elite is, of course, destroying Europe in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘solidarity’ and what not. It has a lot to answer for. But the main culprit of the present invasion of migrants into Europe is the USA.

    It is the USA that invaded Iraq and replaced a secular dictatorship, which protected Christians from Islamic fanatics and persecuted Muslim extremists, with a bloody mess of anarchic sectarian strife and criminal violence that spares no one. This resulted in a dramatic fall of living standards. End result: millions of refugees and other migrants.

    It is the USA that welcomed the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which is, in fact, a violent Islamist uprising against secular regimes. Consequence: millions of refugees and other migrants.

    The USA also wholeheartedly supported the destruction of Lybia, thus turning a relatively well-ordered and peaceful country with high standards of living into a nightmarish puzzle of warring tribes and factions whose population now lives in abject poverty. It also put an end to a regime that shielded Europe from migration waves from sub-Saharan Africa.

    And it is the USA that, instead of supporting Bashar Asad in his fight against ISIS, continues to undermine his power. Consequence: millions of refugees and other migrants.

    One cannot avoid the impression that the USA is intentionally destabilising the Middle East and North Africa not caring a fig about the resulting waves of alien migrants who are invading Europe. Or does the US ruling class want to destabilise and weaken Europe?

    • Check out Gatestone Instsitute, 29th Sept, “Dividing the Arabs” (sorry, I’m hopeless with links). Bismarck rules!

    • And what’s the name of the current Emperor of the USA, who made very plain 7 years ago that he would stand with the muslims and change America fundamentally?

      I also agree about Assad, but America can’t get over his ties to Russia, insisting the Russian Orthodox Putin is the bad guy, while dragging the real enemy (muslims) into the good ole USA!

      Makes one wonder who really is the ‘bad guy!’

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