The Man Who Would Be Caliph

It has been clear for more than a decade that the former prime minister and current president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has aspirations to revive the Ottoman Empire with himself as Sultan. His duties as Sultan would include functioning as the Caliph of all Muslims (or at least the Sunni branch of Islam).

The meteoric rise of the Islamic State, which is headed by a rival claimant to the office of Caliph, has given new urgency to Mr. Erdogan’s mission, and induced him to accelerate his grandiose attempts to consolidate power and establish his uncontested supremacy as the leader of Sunni Islam. He has increased his persecution of political rivals and opposition journalists in the last couple of years, and his meddling in the affairs of other countries, especially Syria, is becoming more and more brazen.

Among other responsibilities, the Ottoman Sultan/Caliph would hold suzerainty over al-Quds, or Jerusalem, which historically was part of the province of Syria in the Ottoman Empire. In the following video clip from last month, Mr. Erdogan expresses his longing for Jerusalem and his determination to regain control of it.

Remember: this man is the leader of Turkey, our “staunch NATO ally”.

Many thanks to Tanya for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


03:37   Tonight is the Mirach holy night
03:44   I wish you a happy Mirach
03:49   We pray for all Muslims’ freedom tonight
03:53   For freedom, for victory of all the Muslims
03:57   we pray for all Muslims’ freedom
04:01   When we say Mirach, what do we remember?
04:05   (People chant) Jerusalem (Erdogan) well done Ah yes, Jerusalem.
04:09   Our heart is aching isn’t it?
04:13   Isn’t it?
04:17   (Quoting poem) “You have to live and learn where is Jerusalem”
04:27   I carry Jerusalem like a wristwatch
04:33   Without winding Jerusalem,
04:36   you would waste your time.
04:40   It freezes and your eyes can’t see
04:44   unfortunately, as a Muslim
04:48   We have lost our control of Jerusalem.
04:52   Our eyes are frozen, can’t see it.
04:56   For Jerusalem …
05:00   All our hearts should beat together for Jerusalem
05:04   Not just beating, but fighting for it.
05:09   Tonight, the prayers we make for the Mirach candle…
05:13   and all the prayers will help us rewind the control of Jerusalem and (the watch) will be right again
05:17   And it is melting the ice from our eyes so we can see again, we beseech Allah for this.

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  1. Book of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39 are indeed on the near horizon, and the present world situation will play out exactly as the script in Chapters 38 and 39 has been written. Batten down the hatches me hearties, we be in for a blow!

      • Russia is arming both Turkey and Iran, maybe playing both sides of the Islamic fence, to eliminate Israel and obtain what it has desired for years, a warm water port. While they are at it, throw in the largest proven reserves of oil and natural gas. They don’t call it Leviathan for nothing! Israel is miraculously saved from the slaughter by the invading hordes through divine intervention that Satan steps in and lays claim to.
        Maybe all this takes place as the result of the 18 month ultimatum that the UN is preparing to level at Israel, which is, surrender Jerusalem to the PA or face the world’s wrath. We already know Israel’s position. This is reminiscent of the events that led up to the siege of the Alamo.
        Stay tuned, film at 11:00pm

    • the evil leader in the prophesy is described as “gog me(from in Hebrew)gog the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal(today turkey).
      gog was a word that then meant barbarian. but it was named after people that live about where today Is Georgia. like barbarian is name after a group of people that were called barbarian. that had a reputation of being barbarian.
      erdogan is a Georgian. not Turkish. surprisingly, because he is the president of turkey. and he is a barbaric person. and he was the prime minister of turkey for 12 years. and is the president 1/2 a year now (the president is the one in charge of the military there).
      so he perfectly fit the description “barbarian Georgian powerful leader of turkey”.
      I believe this prophesy is about the end of the world.

      • also there is a mistranslation there. Kush(כוש) was where northern Sudan is today. but it’s translated as Ethiopia. northern Sudan are official enemies of us(I’m Israeli).

  2. We must stop looking at Muslims as if they are the same as us, as if they see the world in the same way that we do. They talk about reclaiming lost Muslim lands – but never a word about returning lost lands, Istanbul and Cyprus for instance?

  3. Influence peddling has brought billions of euros in bribes to Erdoğan family. The Foundation of Youth and Education in Turkey, TÜRGEV, controlled by corrupt Erdoğan’s son Bilal Erdoğan, serves as a corruption center where bribes are transferred by businessmen whose companies are granted public tenders.

    TÜRGEV has been pushed into the spotlight after a graft probe into corruption and bribery erupted on December 17 of 2013. Revelations against four Cabinet ministers, businessmen and bureaucrats were widely circulated after opposition parties read out in Parliament excerpts from the summaries of investigation proceedings. This included revelations that businessmen were forced to donate to TÜRGEV in order to win public tenders. All corruption was coordinated by Bilal Erdoğan.

    Egypt plans to revoke the Egyptian citizenship granted to Bilal. Morsi, who was ousted from office in a military coup in June 2013, had given Bilal Egyptian citizenship on April 13, 2013, two months prior to the military intervention. Bilal used an Egyptian passport to flee to Georgia during the huge corruption scandal! Egyptian citizenship was also granted to several other Turks close to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.

    Erdoğan and the AK Party government have launched a self-declared war against the Hizmet movement, inspired by the ideas of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, after a corruption probe went public on Dec. 17, 2013, incriminating senior members of the government, the sons of three former ministers and government-affiliated figures as well as family members of corrupt Erdoğan.

    Bilal’s name has been in the spotlight ever since a voice recording surfaced revealing huge corruption. During five wiretapped phone conversations, corrupt Erdoğan is heard telling his son to dispose billions of dollars hidden in several relatives’ homes on the day police raided a number of locations as part of the operation. Towards the end of the recordings, Bilal tells his father that he and others have finished the tasks corrupt Erdogan gave them, the whole sum was zeroed.

    Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) celebrates its 13th year in power. AKP stated aim is to rule Turkey single-handedly until 2023, the centennial of Republic, if not beyond. Party propaganda even speaks about its 2071 targets, which basically means that the AKP wants to put its stamp on the entire 21st century.

    This much power feels good for those who hold it. It also attracts a lot of power-worshippers. But it has a terrible consequence, pointed out nicely more than a century ago by Lord Acton: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    This much power has corrupted AKP, and this corruption only becomes more absolute as the party’s power becomes more and more absolute. A notable person who recently spoke about this transformation from victim to aggressor is former bureaucrat Durmuş Yılmaz, who served for years as the governor of the Central Bank under AKP.

    It is this Yılmaz, somebody from the religious core of the AKP universe, who spoke out against Erdoğan’s populist and irrational jabs at the current Central Bank administration. Yılmaz has now joined the Nationalist Action Party (MHP).

    Yılmaz says: We had dreams, we had beliefs. We were not going to lie. We were going to tell the truth and accept our mistakes, even this went against our interests. We would side with the just. At this point, however, many of these ideals of mine have collapsed. What has happened in Turkey in the past four or five years has been a major blow to my dreams. Unfortunately, power makes man dirty. We have melted an iceberg with our warm breaths, but what we had at the end is a pool of mud.

    The result of the 13-year-long AKP experiment is a tragic story of a loss of values and the bitter triumph of Machiavellianism. The fact that the AKP’s rhetoric is only getting more and more self-righteous should not blind anyone to this ugly scene. This rhetoric is actually only heavy make-up used to cover the ugly scene.

    Davutoğlu has failed to restrain corrupt Erdoğan’s authoritarian ambitions. Like any ambitious person who is prone to become a dictator, Erdoğan exhibits his potential to threaten democracy, the rule of law and social peace, but it is Davutoğlu’s willful political impotence that turns it into a real problem.

    Developments suggest that instead of asserting his own personality and identity, Davutoğlu chooses to be a minion who is nothing but a mere imitator of Erdoğan. He sacrifices even the last remnants of his personality, dignity and willpower to Erdoğan’s unrestrained tyranny. Moreover, he reinforces his image as someone who is prone to, or ready to accept, Erdoğan’s tyranny.

    Turkey, the casus-belli-bully, is the world’s largest prison of journalists, bloggers, and generals. Corrupt Erdogan has outlined his course declaring democracy is a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off. His dictatorial mentality can already be seen in such steps as challenging the independent judiciary, fostering nonsensical conspiracy theories to jail his opponents, imprisoning countless journalists, and issuing preposterous fines against unfriendly media companies.

    Much of AKP narrative about the sacred march is propaganda that appeals to the sentiments of Turkey’s conservative voters, who, after decades of marginalization and humiliation by secularists, yearn for pride and glory. It is more sentiment than strategy. However, the very existence of this narrative influences the AKP’s current strategies, or at least its political behavior.

    The most practical and harmful result is the demonization of the AKP’s opponents. If the AKP’s mission is a sacred one, then those who stand in its way are not just political actors with different views and interests, but malicious forces that conspire against the obvious good. Therefore, they cannot be reasoned with. They just need to be weakened, defeated or even crushed.

    The second problem is that the narrative of a sacred march makes AKP immune to criticism — because, besides small personal errors and shortcomings, how could a cause which is sacred go wrong? The third problem is that the same narrative disallows intra-party democracy within AKP. Any dispute with Erdogan is branded as fitna, which is a very negative Islamic term that denotes conflict among believers.

    The narrative of a sacred march might be helping AKP to keep emotions high and galvanize the party base, but it does not help making the party conscious of its mistakes, shortcomings and its true potential. It only helps deepening the polarization in Turkish society between those who celebrate the AKP’s sacred march, and those who feel increasingly alienated, if not threatened, by this triumphant rhetoric.

    Corrupt Erdogan built his palace sprawling over 91,000 square meters (22.5 acres) inside the Ataturk Forest Farm in west Ankara. The 1,000-room palace, inspired by Seljuk architecture, is equipped with extensive security systems: bunkers, tunnels against chemical attacks, high-tech defenses against cyberattacks and espionage, deaf rooms with no electrical outlets to fend off bugging attempts and an underground war room. The palace, cost one billion euros, was given a name: Aksaray. It is a combination of two words, ak and saray, meaning white palace. AK is also the acronym of Erdogan’s party!
    Basil Venitis

    • thank you for a rather complete picture of Turkey, and the turkey that is presently in charge.

  4. Reminder
    The Sultan awarded by Saudi King (in 2010)
    ‘for service to islam’

    “… Saudi backing for Turkey’s bid to take a more activist role as a Middle East power broker”

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