The New Stockholm Syndrome Looks Like HIV

The last week or so I’ve been struggling to finish a post on the perils inherent in our current immigration “policies”. Aside from my health issues (boring), digging up the pertinent information from a wide variety of sources was daunting. So much of it is deliberately shrouded in secrecy and divided among multitudes of organizations, bureaucracies, and “subcontractors. The trek through what appeared to be a trackless desert of agencies, programs, and (ir)responsible bureaucratic directives seemed endless. When it came to creating a coherent essay out of the disparate pieces, I sadly set the puzzle of evil intentions aside to wait for my physical condition to improve. Sigh…

What had brought my ongoing concern to a boil was that well-known Epistle from the Far-Left Fourteen. Their smarmy politospeak letter to President Obama actually got me out of bed and sitting at the keyboard. Given the wall-to-wall coverage by our intrepid MSM I’m sure your concern has been equally engaged, too, hasn’t it? Oh. You were away in Outer Mongolia last week so you missed it? Well, gentle readers, let me refer you to the four-page plea from some of America’s elected extremist Leftists to their Supreme Leftist Leader. It’s here and it’s ugly.

These senators will do anything for a vote. “Anything” includes demanding that we take in an extra 65,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016. I call this The New Stockholm Syndrome. There are several signs and symptoms associated with TNSS but its main manifestation is an inordinate, incurable desire to stuff your country with Syrian refugees and then proceed to let them destroy your culture. Before now I would’ve said, “It’s a Swedish thing; we couldn’t understand.” But now I know better: it’s a leftist thing. To begin to understand it, think of it as an opportunistic infection arising from the death of a previously healthy immune system. Yeah, like HIV. The public health departments have educated us all on the ways to avoid the near occasions of acquiring an HIV infection but it’s not entirely escapable: if your momma gives birth to you whilst in the throes of an HIV outbreak herself, you get to share the disease with her.

It’s the same with the extreme versions of socialism: if your elected leaders — and especially your fourth branch of government, those unelected and promiscuously replicating bureaucracies — are infected with suicidal levels of political correctness and/or multi-cultural diversity, then your chances of surviving their compulsively intrusive kamikaze “programs” will become dimmer by the day.

In this case, just do the math, sticking to politically correct parameters: we are told and so we all know for certain that only a tiny minority of Muslims are terrorists. Well, ninety percent of those Syrian culture-enrichers the senators are panting after are Muslim. If you’re an adherent of the “tiny minority” theory of terrorism, then we get to have, oh maybe, 650 new jihadists roaming the fruited plains. None of the remaining enrichers will be vetted for disease, dirty bombs, or designs on our country. File this under “the check is in the mail” — and I remind you that the check is drawn on the account of the already over-burdened American taxpayer.

The cynical pols who wrote that letter to the President used research from the Refugee Council USA to back up their demand that we make room. This is akin to calling a drug addict as an expert witness when making the case for legalizing heroin. Just click on that URL from the Refugee Resettlement Watch to bring up a search page on the history of this fine organization. And remember, the job of any bureaucracy is to guard its viability. It has to keep coming up with ‘work’ that justifies its existence.

The toxic horrors of the War on Poverty are in full flower now. Nearly every urban center controlled by the Democrat machine is failing on all levels: culturally, educationally, fiscally — you name a category and these determined socialist programs have deeply failed us. But you can count on the electoral vote going to the Democrats — and that was the whole point in that evil enterprise, the one Daniel Moynihan warned us about ahead of time. Even worse, these criminals have piled a heap of ruin on the very people they claimed to be helping. Our cities are exploding even as the Democrat governance of these places implodes. Look at Detroit and think “Chernobyl without the radiation”. Climbing our way over the mountains of trashed humanity and reclaiming those toxic areas will be the work of generations. That is, if we can hold the politicians and the professional bureaucrats at bay long enough to begin the work of excavation. Part of that work will be closing the door to large numbers of third world immigrants — closing the door and holding it shut against the very same ideological machinations that ruined America in the last fifty years.

I’m not well enough to continue my research and have sadly abandoned it. However, in our email today came the following post from the New English Review. Jerry Gordon has collected Ann Corcoran’s information, and Ann herself, to provide both a fascinating interview and a coherent summation of the criminal acts being foisted upon us. Unlike Sweden, we weren’t a socialist paradise before the immigrant onslaught. Unlike Sweden we already have a large minority population whose resentment is nourished by the same people who profit from it. Someday #BlackLivesMatter will be seen clearly as a con job by a bunch of opportunists. But that’s a problem to confront on another day. First, we need to be informed about the latest crisis being created by the folks at Constant Crisis, Incorporated™

That’s why I’m excerpting from the post Jerry Gordon has up at the New English Review.

He dives into the alphabet soup and comes up with the words these charlatans hide behind and use to disguise their real intentions.

Jerry also interviews Ann Corcoran, the woman above all others — including the foundations and purported ‘rightwing’ slick sheets — who single-handedly has educated many of us about the clear and present danger of our ongoing immigration crisis. “Ongoing” crisis as in one that has continued under the radar for decades. I suppose a “crisis” that is more than thirty years old is, strictly speaking, no longer a crisis. But what word can we use in its stead? The problems of immigration remain A Crisis because the bought-and-paid-for silence/complicity of our degraded mainstream media insures that the reality will be squelched until such time that it affects even their precious skins. Until then, we’re on our own to discover the truth.

Thank heavens for people like Jerry Gordon and Ann Corcoran. They deserve our gratitude. If this country is ever put aright again, their names will be in the history books. Just as, when the cabal surrounding the FDR Adoration Society eventually drops into a well-deserved oubliette, Diana West’s crucial work on the truth of those years will get the promulgation which it deserves and which we need. These events may not happen in our lifetime, but we need to stay vigilant for the generations coming after us so they will at least have some pieces to recover.

Now on to Jerry Gordon’s post, or at least some excerpts. Since I haven’t asked to mirror it, I will only use part of it — amended for my own purposes — but leaving you with plenty to read at the original URL. If there is repetition of what I have said in this long introduction, bear with me; I’ve been writing and thinking about this subject all week — ever since I came across that letter to Obama from those odious extremist Left senators. Because what NER has done here is so much more extensive than what I’d rounded up, I am duty-bound to give you the better report.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Jerry begins with the Pew Project numbers and some alphabet soup. If you read these reports long enough, you get used to the MEGO bumf, but it never becomes easy to read. [As we go forward, the emphases and kibitzing in this essay will be mine. The research, unless otherwise specified, will be Jerry Gordon’s. —D ]

Here’s my adaptation of Jerry’s opening paragraph. He cites Pew Research for his numbers on immigration; my preference is to make a table that is more easily comprehended when dealing with large numbers:

  • In 2013 over one million legal immigrants came to America. [did you know the number was that high? I wonder what it is now as Obama’s foreign policy of deliberately induced chaos has proceeded apace?]
  • Of these “over one million” immigrants ten percent were Muslims — though it doesn’t indicate what kinds of Muslims made it here [don’t forget to do your math on the terrorist “tiny minority” among this group].
  • More than 1.3 million Muslims have been brought into the U.S. via a billion dollar program run by the US Refugee Admissions Programs [Pew doesn’t say how long a period it took for us to admit these 1.3 million Muslims but I’d bet it’s less than a decade. Look at this other group, a gift from the UN, which is, I think, separate from the US RAP numbers Jerry quotes. Every single year the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees — that’s UNHCR to you — gives us a separate 70,000 . If you begin to research this area, UNHCR will come up a lot].

Here’s a chart I found going back to 2009, which Mr. Gordon might find useful:

Jerry continues:

According to Ann Corcoran, editor of the Refugee Resettlement Watch (RRW) blog, this UN refugee agency “virtually calls the shots” for the US RAP that provides legal refugee immigrants with a veritable smorgasbord of cash welfare, Social Security benefits for elderly refugees, Medicaid, educational assistance and a pathway to ultimate citizenship. Including both federal and state level benefits; some experts estimate that the annual total cost of the US RAP could be upwards of $12 to $20 billion annually.

[We are being beggared by beggars. But that may be the whole point of the extremist Left’s scheme to eliminate the backbone of the middle class by overwhelming it with immigrant labor and endless regulations —D]

He then breaks down some of the ways in which these bureaucrats use your money. Again, a table; a flow chart would be even more enlightening:

The tripartite US RAP is administered by:

  • the US Department of State, Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration (BPRM) that admits and contracts with voluntary agencies to process refugees;
  • the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that allegedly screens refugees abroad;
  • and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) of the US Department of Health and Human Services that funds grants to program contractors and refugee ethnic groups for community absorption.

Look where all this goes:

The President, upon advice from the State Department BPRM, sends Congress an annual directive conveying these UNHCR refugee allotments that are virtually “rubber stamped” by immigration and border security subcommittees of Congress.

When we alarmists sound that alarm this is what all our noise is about — the hollow sound of rubber stamps where there used to be voice votes in Congress. But now it’s backwards: the fourth branch of government — the bureaucracies named above in this case — should have to appear before the relevant Congressional committees to have their fiefdoms held in check. Only after their budgets have been approved by Congress’ advise-and-consent function should they then go to the president for approval. But that’s not how it works anymore. A corrupt short-circuit by the fourth branch of the federal government has been inserted into the process, emasculating Congress.

Jerry names names for the Big Boys who hire the hundreds of “subcontractors” — another piece of bureaucratese to indicate which groups drag these folks into the country and plop them down every whichwhere — and I’m not exaggerating. I only wish I were. This is where the true criminality lies, and it’s why you don’t hear this administration sneer at “faith-based” orgs anymore. Obama’s appointees are finally up to speed on how the system works so they’ve shut up and let the professionals continue bringing in the immigrants:

A network of 9 major religious and secular voluntary agencies (VOLAG), supported by 350 subcontractors places refugees in more than 190 cities, often without any opportunity for review by localities. These contractors include:

  • Church World Services (CWS)
  • Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)
  • Episcopal Migration Ministries
  • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
  • World Relief Corporation (WR).

Hmmm… What happened to Catholic Charities? Has that group been subsumed under the US Conference of Catholic Bishops? Probably. Refugee Resettlement Watch has a good summary page on Catholic Charities’ efforts. It is important to keep in mind when looking at any of these groups that their main reason for existence is simply maintenance of their group. Any “help” they give is secondary to their own survival. This is the essential toxicity of bureaucracies. Until we come up with a method by which all bureaucracies have a built-in destruction date, we are going to see them continue to proliferate. They exist to employ the middle class functionaries; helping the poor and wretched is secondary to main mission of survival.

Warning: serious levels of bumf ahead. This part of Jerry’s post is worth perusing despite its mind-altering MEGO levels because it illustrates how these people compete ferociously for the available food (funds). Yes, your eyes will glaze but I’ll keep it brief. Bear in mind that some of your neighbors earn their living reading this stuff and perhaps you’ll understand why road rage is so common. You may even wonder why it’s not higher:

Based on 2012 IRS Form 990 submissions, the top US RAP funded Volag was the IRC that received more than $332 millions in federal grants and contracts accounting for more than 73% of annual revenue. Next in rank was the USCCB that received $71 million in federal grants and contracts accounting for 98% of their annual revenue.

Got that?? Did you have to scroll up the page to remind yourself what a Volag was? How about the IRC? Got that USCCB at the tip of your tongue?

My favorite is the US RAP — remember, that’s the Refugee Admission Programs, the big dog. And Jerry says it’s a powerful tool used against its enemies. NOW, finally, the mystery is solved: we know why Michele Bachmann probably retired and who did her in. She was one of our most effective Congressional representatives and they cut her out of the loop:

Congress has never exercised effective oversight of the Refugee Admissions Program through hearings and recommendations. The US RAP has been used punitively against political critics. One example is the assignment of large numbers of Somali refugees to the Congressional District of former US Rep. Michelle Bachmann in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

RAP assigns a whole lot of Somali refugees to your district, and if you’re not a Leftist extremist, bye bye Miss American Pie. Nationally, people on the Right liked Bachmann’s political ideas. But it was Somali immigrants who were stuffed into her district. You’ll notice she simply retired in the face of the corruption. Sometimes what you’re fighting is bigger than you.

The US RAP has been fraught with fraud facilitating the entry of Muslim Jihadis from countries that hate us; Somalia, Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo. Rampant fraud was detected from DHS DNA samples taken among Somali applicants for screening under the State Department Family Reunification P-3 Visa Program resulting in the shutdown of the program for three years. 20,000 fraudulently admitted Somali refugees were never pursued or ejected. Given the world’s attention on the problem of illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean, the State Department refugee program let in to the US hundreds of Somalis who fled to the Island of Malta without any clearances.

That State Department Family Reunification flim-flam has been going on all over the West. I remember reading that Denmark had tightened its oversight of family reunification at one point but I don’t know if that continued. This work requires super-human amounts of vigilance and an ability to persist in the face of entrenched corruption and greed.

It is one of the reasons Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch is one of my personal heroes. Her work is irreplaceable simply because no one else is doing the quotidian drudgery such oversight requires. I mean, other people could do the work if they were in good health and willing to tolerate the risk. Just think: if there were maybe ten Ann Corcorans in each of the fifty states. There’s your tiny minority of five hundred people devoted to push back at the state level. As it is, Ann by herself does attempt to chronicle individual states, but she’s bound to miss a few.

Is there a way to gather enough people to replicate what she does? Is there a will to do so? It’s exciting to think it might be done.

Imagine fifty websites named after each state: we’d have Refugee Resettlement Watch Tennessee, or RRW Florida or RRW New Jersey. Aside from a willingness to persist, and some training from Ann (simply to avoid the pitfalls she must have experienced in the early years of doing the dirty work). Imagine the hope and energy that could be generated by such a project.

Ann is just one average person with an exceptional ability to persist in the face of hostility. No personal wealth, no foundations, no celebrities, no big meet-ups to spread the word about her work. Just digging up the facts and posting them. Period.

Jerry says:

There are rising concerns over Muslim refugee resettlement under the US Refugee Admissions Program that has operated for 35 years. These concerns have arisen since the Refugee Act of 1980 was passed and signed into law by former President Jimmy Carter. The law was introduced by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and then Senator, and now Obama Vice President, Joe Biden. Corcoran of RRW believes that it is overdue for a major overhaul and reform. By virtue of admitting hundreds of potential Jihadis among refugees from Muslims lands, the program constitutes a significant national security risk.

Now there is pushback by American cities, as witnessed by concerns expressed in letters to Secretary of State Kerry by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), chairman of the House Judiciary Sub Committee on Immigration and Border Security. Both The House Subcommittee and the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) hold annual hearings over refugee allotments. Gowdy’s letter of April 13, 2015 was prompted by constituent complaints in Spartanburg, South Carolina over the establishment of a VOLAG office dedicated to the processing of Syrian refugees. He wrote Secretary Kerry seeking answers as to why the office was being established and had not been reviewed with state and local agencies.

I remember this letter from Rep. Gowdy; it was triggered when suddenly a city in his district was targeted. Gowdy is a good man, but he’s been lax on this issue. It’s been going on for years and this is the first action on his part, as far as I know. While the Benghazi horror (which he is pursuing) is important, there will be far more loss of American lives if key Congressmen like Gowdy don’t act to control the immigration of Muslims into our country. Immigration that lacks adequate oversight gave us the nightmare of the bombs at the Boston Marathon. Had due diligence been performed, those two monsters couldn’t have made it here.

The US RAP is a virtual Trojan Horse facilitating immigration under the Islamic doctrine of Dar al Hijra- immigration that constitutes civilizational jihad. This is the subject of a book by former Islamic jurist and convert to Christianity, Sam Solomon, and co-author E Al Maqdisi:

Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?

The authors drew attention to the Islamic imperative behind migration allegedly attributed to the prophet Mohammed:

Migration cannot be ended as long as there is kufr (unbelief) or as long as there is an enemy that resists (kenz al Umak 4627). In other words, as long as there are communities out there that are non-Muslim, where Islam is not regarded as a supreme system, then jihad must continue.

Hence, Mohammed made it clear that migration is a duty that needs to be upheld forever or until the earth has submitted to the Islamic hegemony.

The authors note that the hadith (alleged sayings of Mohammed) demand that Muslim migrants not assimilate and remain separate adhering to Sharia “advancing the cause of Islam”:

In other words: “no integration with the host country.” Now if one’s entry visa or livelihood is based on showing some kind of integration … then it must be in appearance only and temporary until the Islamization objective is achieved.

I’ll end my excerpt from Jerry Gordon’s post with a brief video featuring Ann Corcoran. Jerry says it has gone viral since it was posted in late April:

When my health allows I’ll do a review of Ann’s book, published in March:

Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America (Civilization Jihad Reader Series) (Volume 2)

Meanwhile, I urge you to finish the rest of the post, which includes an interview with Ann by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates. Here is a brief excerpt from their conversation:

Bates: Ann, I’d like to build this pyramid from the ground up with a very broad based question. What refugee resettlement are you watching?

Corcoran: I’m watching a very complicated, secretive program, where we bring in approximately 70,000 refugees a year from various countries around the world, and the U.N. is basically calling the shots as to who gets into the country.

Bates: Are you concerned about refugees from the entire planet, or a specific segment that is of greater concern?

Corcoran: I can tell you the truth; it’s quite shocking for most people to realize that we are bringing in tens of thousands of refugees every year from countries where people hate us; Somalia, Iraq and soon Syria will be on the list. It is those refugees that I’m most concerned about…

Gordon: Ann, I want to read you a quotation from Mo, our friend, the Prophet Mohammed.

Bates: May peace be upon him.

Gordon: This is courtesy of one of the more reliable commentators, Bukhari. “Accordingly, there can be no Hijra — which means migration — after the conquest, but Jihad and a desire or an intention, and if you settle, then spread out.”

How important is this Islamic doctrine behind the mushrooming effect of Muslim immigration to America? There have been roughly 350,000 to 400,000 Muslims who have come to the U.S. as refugees from some of these countries you just enumerated that hate us; 100,000, for example, originally from Somalia; another 100,000 from Iraq, and another 100,000 from Bosnia.

Out of these groups have emerged “known or lone wolves or terrorists against us.” We saw that in the case of the Chechen refugees, the Tsarnaev brothers who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombing. Then in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you had not one, but two Iraqis who came in as refugees lying on their admission forms who were actually Al Qaeda operatives. They were trying to ship weapons and money to Al Qaeda.

One of them, amazingly, got fingered, literally, because his prints were on the shards of IED’s that he made in Iraq. Are there hundreds if not thousands of these folks among these “refugees from countries that hate us”?

Corcoran: Well there certainly could be. One of my larger concerns, aside from the terrorists who are getting in here, is we can’t properly screen them. Recently the FBI testified in the House Homeland Security Committee that they can’t screen the Syrians because they are coming from a failed state. Which is only common sense as you wouldn’t be able to screen people from countries that don’t have records of them; particularly countries like Somalia. I’m also concerned about the civilizational Jihad; the pressure that comes on our western societies when Islamic population reaches certain levels. It doesn’t even have to reach high levels for the pressure to be put on for us to accommodate Sharia, Islamic law and the Islamic way of life.

Please go over to read the whole thing.

They’ve covered it more extensively than I’ve seen anywhere else.

Before I bow out, I’ll make a pitch both for funds for Ann’s RRW site, and for the New English Review. As many of you may remember it was NER which published the phenomenal Emmet Scott book. That seminal work is so important it will transform how you look at Islam.

16 thoughts on “The New Stockholm Syndrome Looks Like HIV

  1. Thanks for all this, Baron. Nothing more important.

    We have got to elect better leaders. How can we stop electing psychopaths and progressives? …and people who are Islam-o-morons?

    If these rich modern enlightened European countries can get into so much trouble, so can we.

    E.g. Very quickly, we could have a nuclear Iran demanding that her US citizens be allowed to live under Sharia. Lots of bad stuff can roll in on us in an instant and our peaceful lives ripped away.

    Pay attention. Be mindful. Think of your kids.

    • You say, “We have got to elect better leaders.”

      Indeed we have to do that. And the sooner the better. But to paraphrase the poem, “better leaders we have not got.” So now what?

      While we’re at it why don’t we elect a better population to go along with those better leaders. Better leaders deserve a better citizenry.

      Where are you going to get these “better leaders” that we’re all going to line up to elect??

  2. Reading the information provided in this article is like getting the news from the doctor that I have cancer. Not that I have ever gotten such news, but it should feel the same. It is fundamentally catastrophic and overwhelming. It produces a disbelief and a paralysis. The first impulse is to crawl into a shell for shelter.

    • Nemesis is right, William. You’re *supposed* to feel that way: helpless, paralyzed and despairing. They want you to give up.

      In this post I keep pointing to Ann Corcoran and what she did and continues to do. With no money and no big foundation she persisted by herself for several years (at least five) before her stories began to be noticed.

      As she did, we need to brainstorm to come up with strategies we can all employ in a variety of venues. The fellow who held the most recent Draw Mohammed cartoon had a good idea – i.e., keep the meme going, but then he went too far in his F-Islam tee shirt. People who might have joined him were turned off by that brutal message. Our primary intention is to communicate and as Peter Drucker said, it’s the person listening who counts:

      What Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer did with their bus ads was bold, and, I think, successful. But such ventures take money – both for the ads and for the fight against city hall to be permitted to put them up.

      OTOH, while I admire Ann Barnhardt’s turning away from her stock broker business to become (I think) a witness against the frankly sadistic Islamic take on sexuality, that’s a road open to very few. We can’t all follow Joan of Arc as Ms. Barnhardt has done.

      So I’m back at Ann Corcoran again – gathering material and persevering until she has built an audience and a reputation for veracity. She’s a no-drama mamma, and every point she makes is backed up by sources.

      I am hoping she will begin to train others in different states to start their own state or local level “Watch” website. It costs nothing but time; it requires nothing but dedication to the job of cutting the snares they’ve put around you…doing SOMETHING is a cure for paralysis.

      I don’t know much about how such a thing would be built, but then I never believed the Tea Party could have accomplished the things it has.

      My next step in this still-evolving idea is to consult the person who helped Ann get started. Or get references from her.

      The immigration problem isn’t the only one we face. Our crooked politicians is another – on both sides of that benighted aisle.

      Some people would want to focus on cultural issues or the feral children being raised by our welfare state just long enough so they can proceed to kill one another.

      There are more than enough problems to go around; for those who want to fight against the despair and paralysis, the beginning of that fight is to acknowledge it and to see it as part of a larger pattern that can be addressed. George Soros has the money to fund the ferals, but the middle class still has their core habits. These would serve them well in the process of figuring out the most skillful way to foment a rebellion. A legal rebellion.

      It can be done. Are you willing??

  3. This is slightly off topic but I was struck by a statement that the organizer of the recent protest in Phoenix made. The interviewer said (and I paraphrase) “these people have been in our community for decades.” To which the organizer replied (and I paraphrase) “when I look around I see Christian and Jewish hospitals and nursing homes. I have yet to see a muslim hospital in this community.”
    And yet, that is one very grand house of worship that the organizer was standing in front of! Very grand. It had all kinds of recreational and educational opportunities FOR MUSLIMS, no one else…

    I wonder if any GOV reader in any country can point to a community benefit sponsored by muslims like a hospital, a care home, or even a public recreational facility open to everyone.

    As to the point of this post, refugee resettlement is big business. As D said, $12-$20 Billion annually! I recall reading last summer when the flood of “child refugees” were streaming over our southern border that some of these agencies were soliciting for host families to take them in. I read that they were offering $72,000 TAX FREE ANNUALLY for hosting 2 children (and inflicting them on your school district and social services.)

    I actually thought about it.

    • Babs, they say that everyone has their price. One may only need a few moments to reflect on the calibre of ‘politician’ that now runs all our countries to realize that.

      Your question regarding ‘Muslim inclusiveness’ toward the greater society at large they have chosen to live in – apart from ‘open day’ at their Mosques and dawah in the media and on the streets – one would also only need a few seconds to realize that the Muslim caters only for other Muslims while the infidel in his own land is tolerated by them, but only because they do not yet have the political muscle or the numbers to openly declare their true intentions.

    • AARRRGH! BABS! omg. I am so glad you didn’t fall into that pit. Having been a foster child, having been a foster care worker/later a supervisor I don’t have adequate words to explain how corrupt the system is. Add abused immigrant children to the mix and my mind runs from the images.

      You would have been eviscerated, put on a spit and broiled. And that’s just what the govt social workers would have done, never mind the “children”.

      Here’s a site I’ve been looking at and will probably write a post on – or at least a post on its larger framework:

      ACEs is a questionnaire developed by the CDC and Kaiser, the big HMO in California. Everyone ought to examine the Adverse Childhood Experiences pyramid, just to see if you, without realizing it, fit into the criteria.

      It’s important info to have if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, or any adult on-set auto-immune disease.

      They also have you check your “Resilience” – that quality in kids where they survive awful circumstances and transcend them. Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind. From ghetto angry boy to the head of Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery. THAT is some transcendence.

      We deal with so much bummer news here that I want to turn the kaleidoscope just a few degrees on occasion to look at some things EACH of us can do. Objective actions with real life changes…we have to get out from under the progressive “leave the problems to government” mindset.

      • A big part of the problem with social workers seems to be that a very large portion of their education is taken up with philosophy rather than science. So they spend more time learning about some de facto philosophical religion (generally neo-Marxist philosophy, a term their instructors will never use in favor of the term “social justice”) rather than real science needed to treat individual problems.

        It’s as though the emphasis is on the politically acceptable goals they are allowed to work towards rather than the means by which any given individual would be helped.

        So too many of the therapist types end up being philosophers rather than scientists, and most of them not even very good philosophers.

  4. “Before now I would’ve said, “It’s a Swedish thing; we couldn’t understand.” But now I know better: it’s a leftist thing. ”

    If the Republicans and their supposed tens of millions of supporters don’t do something to stop it, it’s more than a leftist thing.

  5. I commenced reading the Senators’ letter to the President and wondered: will they or won’t they? They did. As people like this always do. They invoked the Holocaust to justify bringing scores of thousands of Syrians displaced by the current civil war into the USA. This routine misappropriation of the genocide of a people 70 years ago to prop up current fashions in immigration, refugee and asylum seeker policy is supremely offensive and intellectually bankrupt.

    Memo to the authors of the letter: the Jews seeking to escape Germany and Austria weren’t trying to escape the “1930’s genocide” as the genocide didn’t start until 1941. What they were trying to escape from was a progressively tightening web of legal restrictions being imposed upon them by a government deeply hostile to their continued presence.

    Where in the source countries for the current flood of refugees to the West is there a remotely analogous web of legal restrictions being imposed on a minority by a hostile regime? The closest we presently have is the systematic persecution of Christians in Syria and Iraq at the hands of ISIS, which doesn’t bother with laws other than Sharia, but there is no reference to that persecuted minority in the letter. Christians are not the object of the proposal. The last figure I saw was that the ratio of Muslims to Christians in the Syrian refugee intake into the USA was 700 to 43 which does not reflect the demographic split at all. The Christians refugees are, where possible, making their way into Turkey where they are looked after by the Syriac Church. Meanwhile American church organizations look after Muslim refugees. The UNHCR, like the UN and the Western nations, does not recognize the persecution of Christians in MENA. And in Syria it takes no steps to specifically help them or even protect them from their murderous fellow countrymen if they do make it into UNHCR camps.

    Does anybody see the supreme irony of the invoking of the tragedy of the Holocaust to justify and advance the immigration aspirations of Muslims? Hint: if and when they get ensconced in Western countries they don’t attend Holocaust Remembrance events, other than to protest their taking place and in other public events hold up placards such as “Hitler was right” and “Hitler didn’t finish the job”. We always hear that “the overwhelming majority of Muslims are moderate” and such like. This TOMOMAM mantra goes unchallenged yet seems to not be borne out by the evidence. For example the peak representative body of British Muslims, the establishment, mainstream and government-funded Muslim Council of Britain, boycotted Holocaust Remembrance Day from its inception in 2001 to 2007, then boycotted it again in 2009. Its governing council members have never attended as a delegation. They even deny that their rejection of the event is a boycott and officially protested the BBC describing it as such.

    The MCB wants the event replaced by a “Genocide Memorial Day”, because, and I quote, “[it] totally excludes and ignores the ongoing genocide [sic] and violation of Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere”. Given the extraordinary population growth of the Arab population in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank since 1949, this supposed genocide of Palestinians … never mind, the claim is so risible as to not be worth making the point. And why is human rights capitalized for heaven’s sake? Oh, for good measure the MCB also objects to the Holocaust Remembrance Day event because it also acknowledges the, actual, genocide of the Armenians. This objection is on the grounds that whether the Armenian genocide happened at all is disputed, ie denied by Turkey, and is thus controversial.

  6. It seems obvious to me that a push back to this suicidal policy would be to hammer and shame the wealthy countries of the OIC to take in these refugees. They are of the same religion and the climate is similar.

    I would be more than happy to take in Christian refugees from the ME as they share at least part of our culture.
    Maybe if we made this a part of our foreign policy things might change.

  7. A small number of very fundamentalist activists is all you need. Majority is irrelevant, a nice extra and something to worry later about.

    Two examples:
    1- The Dutch Revolt (1572-1648)
    This wasn’t started or fueled by Calvinists, but economical problems coupled with religious dissent. At the start of the rebellion, about 60% were RC and 5% Calvinists. At the end of the rebellion, about 55% were RC and 7% Calvinist. Even today, the largest religious denomination is still RC at 26-30%. Those Calvinists were very outspoken, and they set the tune.

    2- Socialist revolt 1968-now
    All over Europe and the USA progressive or outright left wing students took to the streets and demanded freedom (of the draft, free money, free sex, etc.). Again, they were and still are a minority. But they are very outspoken, almost religious in their fanaticism and its them that still set the tune.

    • #1 is a good point, Mr. Numan. The 68 Rebellion was essentially hedonist and sent the US culture on a downward spiral. The hedonist offspring of the self-sacrificing WWII generation who only wanted their children to succeed. They may have been a minority but that minority swept through our institutions and made them mirror images of their own narcissistic poseur antics. Is there an academic discipline they didn’t ruin? Amazing how they refused to grow up.

      I like Camille Paglia’s point of view. You might enjoy her. From the wiki on her:

      Paglia has said that she is willing to have her entire career judged on the basis of her composition of what she considers to be “probably the most important sentence that she has ever written”: “God is man’s greatest idea.”[12]

      Paglia’s Sexual Personae was rejected by at least seven different publishers before it was published by Yale University Press, whereupon it became a best seller, reaching seventh place on the paperback best-seller list, a rare accomplishment for a scholarly book.[6] ‘Paglia called it her “prison book”, commenting, “I felt like Cervantes, Genet. It took all the resources of being Catholic to cut myself off and sit in my cell.”[11] Sexual Personae has been called an “energetic, Freud-friendly reading of Western art”, one that seemed “heretical and perverse”, at the height of political correctness; according to Daniel Nester, its characterization of “William Blake as the British Marquis de Sade or Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson as ‘self-ruling hermaphrodites who cannot mate’ still pricks up many an English major’s ears”.[13]

      Paglia is a devotee of Oscar Wilde and Walter Pater, cherishing “performance, artifice and play rather than earnestness.” She has expressed admiration for Dorothy Parker and Mary McCarthy, as well as for models, singers and movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, and Barbra Streisand.[11]

      In 2005, Paglia was named as one of the top 100 public intellectuals by the journals Foreign Policy and Prospect.[14] In 2012, an article in The New York Times remarked that “[a]nyone who has been following the body count of the culture wars over the past decades knows Paglia”.[3]

      For those in the U.S. who want to see what a “Dutch-flavored” religious activism (with the emphasis on “active), check out The Acton Institute and their work on reviving the thought of Abraham Kuyper.

      See the quick version, here:

      It has long been my contention that the spirit of New Amsterdam still abounds in the re-named New York City, even as it is burdened with its current Communist mayor. The Dutch still walk the lands of the Hudson Valley and their spirit of commercialism, back before it became corrupted by the syndicalists…Sadly, they weren’t visionaries- they surrendered the port of New Amsterdam in exchange for the Spice Islands. Commerce came first.

      If the Dutch ever recover their glory it will be when they fully accept again the need for commerce grounded in the good of all. Let’s not forget it was they who permitted the persecuted Puritans to live in Amsterdam for several years after they fled England.

      And in the New World, it was the Dutch who permitted a ship carrying Jews to land in New Amsterdam, (moving on to Rhode Island). That ship had been refused by every British port they attempted to enter. American Jews ought to honor their karmic debt to the Dutch. Gratitude of a lasting nature is long overdue.

  8. the writing here is a very special thing.
    please take care of yourself, D.

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