Violent Crime in Copenhagen is Overwhelmingly an Immigrant Phenomenon

The following translated article from was originally published at Vlad Tepes. Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation:

Shocking figures: 84 percent of people charged for serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants

New shock figures from Denmark published in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet showed that a full 84 percent of those remanded into custody for crimes in the Danish capital are immigrants. Ten percent of these have Danish citizenship.

Despite the debate, figures and statistics are open and accessible in Denmark, even though the Danish government tries to hide the chilling cold facts from the population.

Today the Danish newspaper Expressen revealed amongst other things that 84 per cent of those taken into custody in Copenhagen are immigrants.

High numbers

New figures show that only 1 out 10 people who go to court in Copenhagen are ethnically Danish. 9 out of 10 are immigrants and the cost to society runs into the billions.

Lower crime?

According to Danish Minister of Justice Metter Fredriksen, crime statistics are getting lower in our society and people are apparently able to be safer on the streets. But this is a truth with exceptions.

Ekstra Bladet writes the following:

“If the risk of crime has actually fallen, it is due only due to the fact that the number of burglaries has fallen”.

But reality tells us something else — the number of cases of sexual abuse, violence and drug crimes is on the rise across the country. And those behind the violent crimes are often immigrants.

According to the new figures this shows that more than 8 out of 10 who are put in detention are immigrants, out of which 10 percent have Danish citizenship.

To be kept in detention one must have committed a crime that carries a sentence of at least 18 months; in other words, those who are in custody are charged with serious crimes.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that as many as 25 per cent of asylum seekers residing in Denmark have been arrested for a crime. Ekstra Bladet also points out that the number of asylum seekers has quadrupled under the Labour government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Crime rises sharply among young immigrants

In 2014, it also emerged that crime among immigrant youths has risen sharply. In 2007, 1028 of young immigrants were charged with a crime. In 2012 this figure had risen to 1661. This is partly due to the fact that the number of immigrants entering Denmark has increased. Compared with their ethnic Danish peers the immigrant youth commit twice as many crimes.

Newspaper: Government manipulates

Violent crime has risen simply because more criminal immigrants come to the country. Ekstra Bladet concludes that the government lies to and manipulates their constituents and the Danish people when they claim that the country has become safer.

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10 thoughts on “Violent Crime in Copenhagen is Overwhelmingly an Immigrant Phenomenon

  1. Need I say it again? More people imported because their votes can be easily bought by the oligarch class. The politicians couldn’t care less how violent or criminal immigrants are because the politicians have armed guards. Anyone murdered won’t be one of the elites, anything destroyed or stolen won’t be theirs.

    Isn’t it great to be “generous” with other people’s money, lives, and security?

    • Exactly what have Norwegians to do with this article?

      Nash Montana: ‘Nothing anyone can do?’ Well there is, but the so called ‘governments’ all over Eurabia will not do it.

      Someone correctly said we have three things to fear, ‘our governments, our police and our media, in that order.’

      If something isn’t done, and soon, what should be impossible will actually come to pass; i.e. Europe will actually fall to a rag-tag crowd of bullying barbarians, for no one is standing up to them, no one is making a stand. In fact, it’s as though leaders in all European countries are mesmerized, or seem unable to extrapolate the current situation and see where we will probably be in 20-40 years time.

      Surely the European people will not allow this to just happen without a fight, so it must come to violence–and as the late Winston sagely observed: ‘Better when you have the overwhelming numerical advantage’, so better sooner than later.

      The obvious (to me anyway) first thing to do is to cut out any and all benefits to the so-called immigrants–they should never have been given them anyway. I’m an immigrant to Canada, I received NO benefits, nor should anyone else, we came here to work, and assimilate. muslims do not.

      If all benefits were cut out, the E.U. would scream, as would the U.N.–let them. Then the violence would start, and hopefully Europeans would eventually get their countries back, and at the same time get rid of all the traitors who got them into the mess in the first place.

  2. Throwing their own people, mostly their women and children, to the wolves. That is what they are doing.

    Heart breaking.

    I will never return to Europe. I have recently spent a year and a half in Switerland. About 35% of the population is foreign background, hence, not native swiss.

    My daughter’s school where I was forced to send her, had a 70% immigrant rate. She is seven. She was bullied on a daily basis by culturally enriched yufs ages 8 to 12, from the Balkan, the Middle East and Africa. “Hey f*** b**ch come here I wanna f*** you” etc etc etc…

    The school told me “isn’t it nice that they speak english with her”. I raised hell. In vain. I ended up stalking various male yufs and threatening them personally with physical harm. It’s the only language they understand. It worked.

    I am Swiss, but I will never return to “my country”, because it isn’t. It isn’t My Country anymore. It belongs to the foreigners now. And there’s nothing anyone can do. Not a damn thing. All I can do is raise and spread the awareness where we are in the US. And keep on fighting.

  3. Shocking figures: 84 percent of people charged for serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants
    Which shows are racist Danish society is.
    If it were truely democratic the proportions of those who are charged with crimes would resemble those of the general population
    say, 84% Occidental danes, of which 50 percent are women, then 10 percent oriental Danes, of which 51% should be women, then 2% Jews, also equally divided.
    Jail population should reflect the general population for that is true justice!!
    As for Crime, it is in th eye of the beholder. Reclaiming for Islamdom that which was taken by Chris-Jewdom is 84% justified.

  4. What a beautiful, colorful mosaic has been woven for the indigenous population by their oh-so smart and nuanced betters! Diversity – its what makes us stronger, its what brings us together in so many strange, dangerous and painful ways!

  5. We dumb Sweds are still at the forefront.
    We sure are the dumbiest to find.

    In 2031 foreigners: MENA, Balkan, South of Sahara, in the agegroup 0-44 years (now 35%) will be in majority. They will have no own roof over their heads! Housing is already lacking. A new ‘Stockholm’ = ca 500 000 homes (dwellings?) must be built before 2020!

    Ha, Ha, Ha – we dumb Swedes!
    We are the master-dumbs!

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