School for Jihad in Quebec

Adil Charkaoui is a culture-enriching “Canadian” who has managed to get himself in a spot of bother with the Quebec authorities. He says they are being unfair to him with their accusations that his Arabic schools promote violent extremism.

Many thanks to the Counterjihad Collective and CB Sashenka for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article published in MetroNews about the travails of Adil Charkaoui:

Charkaoui blasts decision to suspend leases

MONTREAL – Adil Charkaoui said Muslims in Quebec are targets of a “witch hunt” as he blasted a decision by two Montreal junior colleges to suspend leases granted to his Arabic schools.

The Moroccan-born Montreal educator who was once accused by Ottawa of being a terrorist and spent several years living under tight restrictions, said Friday his schools were unfairly tied to a group that left the country for Turkey and may have joined jihadist groups in the Middle East.

It recently emerged one of the men had attended a handful of classes at his school.

Charkaoui said it’s just the latest example of mosques, schools and community centres being targeted.

“In Quebec, right now there is a new form of McCarthyism — a witch hunt led by certain media and it’s the Muslim community that’s taking the rap,” he said, referring to the act of making unfair allegations, without supported proof.

Two schools suspended Charkaoui’s contracts Thursday in the wake of reports that six young Quebecers left the country in mid-January.

Charkaoui said he only found out this week from a journalist that a former student was among the six.

“He came twice, somebody very shy, not talking too much,” Charkaoui said. “We didn’t evaluate him so, really, we don’t know about his level in Arabic and religion.”

One of the junior colleges defended the decision to suspend Charkaoui’s lease, saying a video circulating online suggested the activities of the school and the college’s values were at odds.

Charkaoui maintained the video used to justify the suspensions does not contain any “heinous or denigrating” comments.

“This video, I think the people who have viewed it don’t understand Arab or didn’t have time to translate the contents,” Charkaoui said.

“What the video says is a song that demands more respect from people,” adding that it’s about companionship and being polite.

Charkaoui’s association rented space from the colleges for weekend courses and he said there was nothing controversial about the subject matter.

About 125 students attend classes, mostly between the ages of four and 12, and the professors are volunteers.

“We are teaching Arabic, the Qur’an and we are giving a half-hour soccer and 20 minutes about religion,” he said.

“The books we are teaching — publicly there is a link— it’s a book about faith, Islamic faith and another book about how to pray.”

Charkaoui added that he hasn’t ruled out suing the colleges if the contracts are cancelled.

College de Maisonneuve and College de Rosemont both issued statements Friday saying they would maintain the suspension of the contracts and continue with their own internal investigations before making a final decision.

Video transcript:

2:56   Now, Adil Charkaoui
3:00   commented on the suspension of two of his leases with …
3:03   two colleges in Montreal, and denies having anything to do with students
3:08   who left to join jihadists in Syria. Marie-Laurence Delainey:
3:12   Adil Charkaoui did not mince his words.
3:14   “I can only be disgusted at the most outlandish allegations, most disgusting.”
3:20   He first accuses the Management of Maisonneuve and Rosemont colleges.
3:24   “I am appalled by the twisted logic
3:28   used by the spokespersons
3:32   of both colleges”. Maisonneuve college suspended
3:35   the rental contract Thursday with De Compagnons school, owned by Adil Charkaoui,
3:40   because one the controversial students that had already attended it, is one of the six youngsters who left
3:44   to join jihadist groups in Syria this last mid-January, our bureau revealed last Thursday.
3:48   “The only youth who may have attended our school, he assisted two sessions.
3:53   If I follow this ridiculous reasoning, we would need to suspend
3:58   all the courses in both colleges.”
4:03   Rosemount college dicovered hyperlinks leading to radical websites through Adil Charkaoui’s school. “What you are saying is false.
4:09   There are no texts calling for jihad
4:13   or violence, on our website and I challenge you to find one.”
4:16   Following verification, in a few short clicks, we landed on Osama Bin Laden’s writings.
4:20   “Before making … let her, she’s an adult, she can speak for herself…’
4:25   During the press briefing, Adil Charkaoui also attacked media and politicians.
4:29   “I said there were certain mass media
4:33   pressured and for purposes of political manipulation
4:37   are conducting this witch hunt.”
4:41   Meanwhile, one floor above, Bernard Drainville (PQ leadership contender) was also in a briefing.
4:45   Like (Quebec Premier) Philippe Couillard, he remained cautious in his comments.
4:47   “What stirs concern now in Quebec is the absence of clear rules,
4:52   is the lack of parameters.” We must also work upstream, in schools, …
4:57   communities, and this is what we will do, and it’s important work.
5:01   Adil Charkaoui suggested the possibility of a lawsuit against Maisonneuve and Rosemont colleges.
5:05   Marie-Laurence Delainey, TVA Nouvelles Montreal.

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    • And then there’s taqiyya about taqiyya:

      And then after that there’s taqiyya about taqiyya about taqiyya, and so on… an infinite recursion of lies as one lies about lying and then lies about lying about lying.

      Islam is nothing more than satan worship by a new name. If “allah” is the greatest deceiver then that’s the definition of satan, so the two are one in the same.

    • “taqiyya”
      Why it’s nigh impossible to discuss anything with a muzlim.
      Good thing we are in the Age of Peak islam!

  1. There are two ways to spread your ideology/ religion: you believe in it until you are martyred for it and others start to adopt it or you kill and behead until others start to espouse it no matter how unreasonable, atrocious, detestable and dreadful it is.

    Traitor Class want to fool themselves and others that islam poses no thread to the west, and they don’t want to reveal Taqqyia and the invading of western lands of dar-alharb. We are thankful to Adil Charkaoui, Jihadi John and others who can’t conceal their enthusiasm and motives. This way we know what is going on and expose and embarrass our dishonorable and treacherous traitors, who collude with the enemy and we still go and reelect them.
    Eurabia! by Bat Ye’or. I am reading it now. It explains (based on documents, why EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and USA are letting islam control us and our fate. Traitors have no mercy for their own people and Israel.

    • His idea was right. Its execution was most unfortunate. Gave our enemies eternal carte blanche to make a moral equivalence btwn him and all conservatives.

      • Also McCarthy concentrated on the media, who were exercising their rights under free speech guarantees, while apparently ignoring those in a position to do real harm, in government and the military; though Truman’s refusal to believe what was happening was also a factor.

  2. there are 100’s neigh 1000’s more such operations in N. America. In South America the #s are equally large

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