The Jew-Haters of Antifa

As reported in the French media, hundreds of Jewish graves in the Sarre-Union cemetery in Alsace were recently vandalized and defaced. Since the story first hit the news, it has been determined that the leader of the crew that desecrated the cemetery was a member of Antifa, the hard-Left “anti-fascists”.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of Front National, made a few remarks about what happened in Sarre-Union. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video:


0:10   It’s worth noting that, apart from Le Monde, that we can congratulate, yes!
0:15   and one time does not make a habit, that no other media
0:21   relayed that the leader of those youth who made themselves guilty
0:26   of the desecration of the Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union was an Antifa.
0:32   He was an opponent of the Front National, he was an Antifa leftist who, are the same people
0:36   who created the disturbance, all circumstances, which degrade the downtown areas,
0:40   and who perpetrate violence,
0:44   who act by violence and for which we have been demanding, months after months
0:49   to the Ministry of Interior, their dissolution.
1:00   I dare imagine, I dare imagine that the treatment would have made the headlines if the desecrator
1:10   would have had something to do, even remotely, with the Front National.

11 thoughts on “The Jew-Haters of Antifa

  1. Plain speaking will win many more ears than utterances from a forked tongue as our political/Traitor Class are so deceptively adept at. Well put M. Le Pen.

  2. I can’t say that I am surprised but, the fact that this information has been allowed to come out, even in a limited way, is quite a bombshell.
    As far as I can tell the media is trying to play it as “teenagers run amok.”
    I guess that is easier for them to swallow then a violent far-left group committing anti-Semitic acts.
    Doesn’t fit the narrative…

  3. I don’t know if readers are aware of that fact, but Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front, repeatedly denied that there ever was an holocaust.

    Marine LP tried to downplay it, saying that her father was in fact misquoted, but I am having none of it.

    So there *are* reasons why people would link anti-semitic desecrations to the Front National.

    For some people, there is no distinction to be made between Jews and Arabs (according to them, both groups have no business in Western countries), but in fact there is all the distinction in the world.

    Like Pamela Geller was saying: in the struggle between the civilized man and the savage, I choose the civilized man, i.e. the Jew.

    Judaism and Islam are both “semitic” religions, but are actual opposites when it comes to play a role in our societies. Jews contribute to our societies, whereas Moslems can only destroy.

    • So you think this absolves the Muzzies from actively murdering and intimidating Jews to the point there parts of France where no Jew dares show their face and they are fleeing as a result?

      Because none of it was Le Pen’s doing.

      Compared to say Leftists in our colleges here(U.S.) Jews and in Europe are now considered fair game by them for harassment. Oh yeah, lets not forget whom the openly Left supports and makes excuses for – Muslims who just want to murder Jews.

      Pretty much puts them all in the same category as some goose steppers from 70 years ago. Yet there is silence from the MSM.

      Just like our President who whitewashed the Jewish supermarket murders. You want to talk about a anti-semite – look at him. If he was a Conservative he would have been vilified to the ends of the Earth. Since he’s a Leftist, all is good.

    • Your points are irrelevant.

      Marine Le Pen’s point was that if the FN had been involved it would have been painted on a banner and hung from the Eiffel Tower but, since the leader of the desecration was leftist AntiFa scum, the press has been uninterested in the story.

      You may not know that Jean Lee Pen is no longer the leader of the FN. You’re free to source JLP’s actual views on the Holocaust, debunk them, and speculate all you want about the sincerity of MLP’s rejection of JLP’s views. However, in this post there is nothing that even hints at FN involvement. Zero.

      Second, MLP has done something concrete in the current existential struggle with European elites who are plainly supporting and using masked, leftist street fighters as an action arm for their suffocating, smug, hypocritical policies that will bring down our civilization and the civilized men and women in it. She is calling for an end to street fighters as honorary agents of the state, and she does so as one who is playing an active and leading role in electoral politics. All you are doing is uttering platitudes about what “some people” think and about choosing the civilized man over savages. And you do this while sniping at people who are a lot more invested in this struggle than you are, though I will be happy to be informed that it is otherwise.

      How about supporting that civilized woman in particular?

    • That’s not the way I remember it. As far as I’m aware, all JM Le Pen said was that the holocaust was a “detail of the Second World War.” If you have any evidence to back up your claim that he said it never happened, then please can we have it?

      • I think we do well to suspect Le Pen senior. His friendship with Dieudonne is not insignificant.

        I can foresee an alliance of socialists, muslims and fascists coalescing around their shared hatred of jews. I have a jewish friend who is being prosecuted for assault when she defended herself against a group of socialists who physically assaulted her at a demonstration where she was supporting Israel. The police are not prosecuting the socialists, only the jew. The case against her may fail because it is clear her actions were defensive and minimal. But it is staggering that we have come to this.

  4. Baron-

    Thanks for this important find.

    This story has vanished completely from dhimmi Internet ghettos such as reddit, where the userbase immediately determined that this tragic incident was the work of neo-Nazis.

    That brilliant conclusion was followed by calls to, “…round up all the usual suspects…”

    The traitorous left just keeps getting better and better, I suppose.

  5. Whenever I picture the Antifas thugs of Europe I think of two things:

    1) My experience at an anti-US rally over its support for the regime in El Salvador in 1980, where a hard-Left group of angry unstable males with a chorus of like-minded females took the lead and fomented frightening violence that caused the police to intervene;

    2) The fluidity and fluctuation of loyalties of the SA brownshirts between the Nazi and the Communist parties. It is well established that up to 3 million Germans who had voted Communist in 1932 then voted Nazi in the election of same year. That “left-wing” Nazi Otto Strasser had previously taken a block of Nazi support and transferred it to the Communist cause.

    Today’s Antifa thugs are just contemporary Brownshirts: they are angry unstable people who like doing violence. They are tolerated by the establishment of European countries – in Sweden it appears they are given carte blanche by the authorities because they do their thing against the Swedish Democrats – because they purportedly act in the noble causes of “Anti-Fascism” and “Anti-Racism” and thus are aligned with Leftist core values. The desecration of the Jewish cemetery at Sarre-Union by Antifa “activists” has been ignored by the MSM because it runs against the narrative. It is a perilous path.

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