A Notice to the Commenter With Many Names

To the commenter who has taken various aliases in rapid succession:

You must settle on a single pseudonym and stick to it. I don’t mind people who choose anonymity, but your fellow commenters deserve to know that they’re conversing with the same person on different occasions.

I have the advantage of being able to see your IP address, which allows me to determine that the following commenters are in fact the same person:

  • Instantbull
  • Basically
  • Mind Crossed
  • Breathe Deep
  • Har Dhar
  • Ist Hatso
  • Heading off to the races
  • Sweden Agogo
  • Mien Gott

And that’s just in the past twelve hours or so.

I consider this a subtle form of trolling, and I will no longer put up with it. If you persist in submitting two or more comments in succession with different nicks, I will no longer approve any of them.

13 thoughts on “A Notice to the Commenter With Many Names

    • I’m not sure what the motivation might be. All I know is that it’s been going on for quite a while — weeks? months? — and I got fed up. It’s not fair to you, the readers, that you can’t tell you’re talking to the same person under different names.

  1. Well, I have been ill ( getting better now) for a while and had to give up my other 47 “names”…just kidding!

    Question is to me at least, who in the world has time to do so many accounts??? THEY must be getting some financial ( or sexual ..LOL) compensation for all that “work”.

    IT is good to dump these twits for its cuts off their $$$$ or their little “fun” time.

    How come some creep like Soros has all this money to waste by paying fake bloggers??? Man he could have drilled thousands of water wells for poor people around the world with all that money … aw just shucks! Liberalism is a mental illness and a SELFISH one indeed.
    Hey, George I could use a loan to pay my electric bill this month….

      • We had a paid for troll on the old Bangkok Post forum about 10 years ago. He went under the name of Alex and at times it was difficult to ascertain whether he was islamic or just a common or garden trot.

        It was a fun site in those days but I guess it offended commies and islamics ( I know I did) and they took down the site. What has now replaced it is not worth contributing to.


        He wants all the old folks to kick of from the cold in the winter UP NORTH and the HEAT in Florida in the Summer.

  2. Sheesh.

    Maybe this fellow (woman? third gender? talking statue?) is just trying to make the comment section more lively? Doing his part for the Counter Jihad and all that…

    I wonder if he is a government employee with a make-work job in a huge bureaucracy whose computers are not blocked against hate sites like ours.

    Or maybe this malady is merely a sign of the times – i.e., not enough jobs to go ’round so s/he fills in hes time as best s/he can while waiting to shuffle off this mortal coil. I can sympathize. Sort of.

    For those of you so inclined, a small prayer sent in hir general direction couldn’t hurt.
    Hope those personal pronouns are p.c. enough to pass muster. I’ve been away from the political gender scene too long now to recall all the forms. I certainly do remember how trivial all of that was back when work required traveling in the Perpetually Offended Lane.

    • Ah. A small point on which, alas, I can perhaps shed some light: p.c. pronouns.

      The S.F. Bay Area seems to have–not exactly a Zeitgeist, for that would imply that the Bay Area was simply ahead of others rather than at right angles to them–a “special” 😉 way of phrasing things. Right now *one* of the generic third-person singular pronouns I’ve seen used is “hizzer.”

      No kidding.

      I’ve also seen “hir,” but in the past, not so much the more recent five years or so. And I’ve also had to witness (imagine the mental contortions, since I’m also a technical editor and have taught English in middle and high school) serious discussions about “they” as a gender-neutral third-person *singular* pronoun…. Generally reserved for trans people or (as I learned about in an “assault by fire” case here a year or so ago) “agender” people, “they” is used evidently on request.

      Sigh. A Very Big Sigh. I understand courtesy, and trans etc. people certainly have a difficult row to hoe, but the English language surely has some standing?

  3. Sorry about that Baron and Dymphna. At all times I was aware that you have access to both my email and IP addresses. My motivation for the most part is to contribute and never to troll although I can see how it could be interpreted as such and easily understand your frustration. Thank you for the work you. On this pseudonym I do stick.

  4. Simply block the IP address. Problem solved.

    No, it is not that simple. If you don’t know why, then you shouldn’t be recommending such a solution in the first place.

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