Undercover and Under Threat

A female French journalist adopted the online persona of a mujahid as a ruse to elicit information from jihadists. However, some of her personal details became know, compromising her “disguise” and causing her to receive death threats. In the following video the studio audience had to be removed before she discussed her plight with the program’s host.

Many thanks to Bear for translating this clip from French TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times from the original clip):

00:00   We now move on to the file of the week
00:04   Lilley Tublacko and it is the journalist Ana Erele
00:08   It is she that publishes in the guise of a jihadist that we will find
00:12   on this set after these ads but before, due to security measures…
00:16   I will ask the public to leave…
00:20   the set.
09:33   So you declined to leave, evidently
09:37   so you received some threats and the paper you work for asked you to change phone numbers
09:42   and address, and you learned Ana…
09:46   that a fatwa has been launched against you and the fatwa is…
09:50   kill her with the condition that her death be slow
09:54   and painful. She is more impure than a dog
09:58   rape her, stone her and kill her.
10:02   it is the threat that weighs upon you today? It is one of the threats
10:06   that I have, it is the one that scares me
10:10   because there are videos that go with the fatwa and there are
10:14   they have information about my real life
10:18   ’Melanie’ (her FB alias) may have wanted to help a destinies out there
10:22   and today it is Ana that is picking up the broken pieces.
10:26   You are under police protection? that is why…
10:30   you are evidently masked that is why the public did not stay
10:34   If you had to do it again, would you? Of course I would today
10:38   Life is not always simple. a detail that is important to me, a detail that I keep to myself
10:42   because of security reasons but yet I would do it again. the book is called “In the skin of a jihadist”
10:46   Thank you Ana for being with us and Bravo for your courage.