How Dare You!

Tarek Fatah is a Canadian Muslim whose outspoken opinions verge on ridda (apostasy), even from a “mainstream” Muslim perspective. Islamic true believers surely consider him no better than a kafir. Worse, because he was born into the true faith and has willingly forsaken it.

Mr. Fatah appeared recently before the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence in Canada. The Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell attempted to steamroller the witness by describing the wonderfulness of Islam, meanwhile putting words in Mr. Fatah’s mouth. The latter indignantly responded by — to use a phrase from the Vulgate — tearing him a new one:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

15 thoughts on “How Dare You!

  1. The Muslim for once resonates truth. The slimey type politician conman again resonates lies with his accidental on purpose one finger waving for the caliphate bought and paid for in Saudi cash.

    • The lowly Mitchel already a liar for the enemies cause. In blinding contrast to Mr Fatah who has echoes of the UKs articulate muslim fellow George Galloway. I wouldn’t support his cause. Still I admire how he stopped the weakling Michell in his tracks.

  2. A Muslim Islamophobe? Now, there’s a new term.

    Tarek Fatah was superb in knocking down the puffed-up, condescending, too-too-smart Senator Mitchell who thought he’d put Tarek in his place, tout de suite. After all, who does Tarek think he is – a thinking, self-critical Muslim daring to tell the oh-so-politically-correct senator that not all Muslims in Canada are so “wonderful” as his friends? Mitchell didn’t want to hear this, apparently, and (obviously ignorant of Tarek’s knowledge and vastly underestimating him) decided to put Tarek on the spot. Mitchell’s subsequent chagrin (although not visible on camera) must have warmed the heart of every down-to-earth Canadian from Buena Vista to Vancouver Island, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake waters. Bravo, Tarek!

  3. Tareq Fatah showed that he is clever, and has genuine values, and is ready to defend them. He does appease anyone. He does not fawn or toady to anyone. Most importantly he has Canada and Canadian people’s interest to think about. Tareq’s behaviour and way of thinking are a model for senators and politicians to follow. Humanity needs people like him noble. This kind of people deserve the title “Honorable”. Not Dishonorable DARING LIARS.

    He is trying to avoid the horrible fate islam is projecting for the west.

    On the other hand the dishonorable fawner sycophant, is paving the way for “his” own people’s perdition and paving the way for the Islamic project.

    What is sad is after Tareq finished correcting Mitchell by giving him a lesson in morals and genuine values, no one applauded him. Is it because this type of thinking can’t be understood by western politicians anymore, or because they sided with Mitchell?

    On what merits was this bankrupt empty superficial Mitchell thrust into greatness. Or was greatness bestowed on him for his good islamic work?

    Do people know that Mitchel made an ass of himself to carry and help muslims fulfill their dream of conquering and enslaving the west?

    What’s the objective of Senators and so-called representatives? Is it to islamize the wretched west, and pretend that they are “discussing” issues that matter to Canadians?

    The only concern – over the last 40 years- democracies have is promoting islam. Why this grotesque transmogrification? Why can’t politicians remember all the sacrifices made in TWO WORLD WARS?
    Why are they surrendering to Islam but not to Hitler?
    What happened to all the monuments of : “Lest We Forget”
    Why is the Traitor Class so dishonest, empty and immoral?
    Who is to teach the west what is right and whit’s wrong, and sacrifice their lives for higher values, and guide the west to a safe shore?

    Simply we cannot lives with sublime values based on the Ten Commandments. And no freedom is available unless ultimate sacrifices are made for them.

    While our pilots are fighting ISIS in Iraq, Mitchells of all western democracies are promoting ISIS.
    Sir Thomas More… we need your enlightened stubbornness.

    • “Why are they surrendering to Islam but not to Hitler?” — One reason they’re doing so is that they’ve fallen for the “Muslims are the new Jews” fiction, in which any wariness of Muslims is redolent of Nazism.

      More broadly, ever since World War II, left-liberals have maintained that Nazism was a product of nationalism (even though Hitler was aiming to create a multinational empire), and therefore the way to stamp out any such nastiness in the future is to abolish the autonomous nation-state and forcibly dilute any sense of shared ethnicity that ties a nation together.

      Supposedly, a country would be less likely to attack other countries if its people have no strong sense of unity. Whether there’s peace within the country is a question that doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention.

      • Which also explains in large part why so many Jews are liberals and support multiculturalism: with so many different ethnicities and religions, their’s is lost in the menagerie.

  4. “Humanity needs people like him noble. ” Yes indeed, back in his own land, being an asset to his own people!!! DEUS DAMNO ILLUD TOTUS!!!

  5. Tarek Fatah seems to have cut the umbilical chord that kept him tied to the Islamic belief system. It was not too long ago that he defended the pedophile prophet of Islam by claiming “Aisha was older”.
    This is lightyears ahead of dissimulators like Raheel Reza and the insufferable Irshad Manji, who is (are) “deeply rooted in their faith”, LOL!

    Yes indeed, Tarek deserves credit for this. And coming out like this he clearly put his life in danger. Any pious Muslim may take it upon himself from now on to assassinate this renegade who spills the beans.

    • So, why does Tarek Fatah continue to self-indentify as a Muslim? He seems adamantly opposed to Islam’s core imperative.

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