The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Our German translator JLH sends this postprandial Thanksgiving verse about shhhh! — you know what!

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…

— From “Antigonish” by Hughes Mearns, 1899

The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name
(Inspired by a leitmotif on a certain News Feed)

by JLH

I heard a young girl lost her head,
Because her brother wished her dead.
She wanted to dance at her senior prom.
It was nothing at all to do with Islam.

A soldier guarding a monument died.
His existence offended the Prophet’s pride.
Infidel warriors can give him a fit,
But Islam has nothing to do with it.

Resistance is futile, says the Koran.
We will subject you, because we can.
You’ll live as a dhimmi and pay your due.
But with Islam this has nothing to do.

A follower of Freud and Mohammed both
Killed thirteen comrades, then, nothing loath,
Said: “Whenever a fellow like me just vents
It’s only some workplace violence,”

Trying to cut off his co-worker’s head
Was an un-Islamic act that led
This newly hatched convert to be shot several times,
But did not, alas, lead to Paradise.

This fine fellow took an axe
And gave some policemen forty whacks.
And when he saw what he had done,
Said: “It isn’t Islam. It’s all in fun.”

Give “Asians” an underage girl for a week,
Whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh,
And they’ll groom her into a prostitute.
But any connection to Islam is moot.

Kidnapped and raped and trying to survive,
Waiting for pedophile “husbands” to arrive,
All the girls taken by Boko Haram
Have absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

Female genital mutilation
Is a typical coming-of-age celebration.
Should blood loss or poisoning bring some harm
It would be inappropriate to blame Islam.

A kid likes to make his parents proud.
So one day he goes where kids are allowed
And blows up everyone there with a bomb,
But this has nothing to do with Islam.

If you are raped, you’ve committed a sin,
But killing your attacker is not a win.
You’re stoned for murder or adultery — they’ll choose,
It’s not Islam, it’s just lose-lose.

A book you write or what you say
Can get you censored or put away,
Or killed on the street without a qualm.
But of course it has nothing to do with Islam.

When all the “good” folks look away,
The “football hooligans” take up the fray.
They’re arrested because they got it right,
But blaming Islam just isn’t polite.

Beat Kurdish children with electric cables.
Kill as many infidels as you’re able,
Rape and maim in exultation.
It’s not Islam, it’s just recreation.

Hanging gays from industrial cranes
Is an exercise that is worth the pains.
No plea can save them, no friend, no mom.
They just have nothing to do with Islam.

An atrocity happened today, somewhere —
A little atrocity that wasn’t there.
Tomorrow will probably be the same.
I wish, I wish I knew its name.

9 thoughts on “The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name

  1. Holy moley. Every mosque. Every Muslim. Every Koran. Is the equivalent of a nail in our own coffin. A well people would have had a general call up and interment by now. Well look at WW2. We did not immediately elect a leader with dodgy credentials and extremely sympathetic to the force Hell bent on destroying us. Not to mention flooding the country and government with the enemies settlers and Brethern. Jesus wept. Just read the Koran – and we are still pondering if we do we or don’t we have a crisis? So many sad people have no belief in God in spite of the evidence all around. I suppose it follows that without contact with Reality they are blind are blind also to evil.

    • Most people I suspect can longer see evil, even if it’s front of them. Especially if it wears a suit and tells them what they want to hear. This goes doubly for the intellectual and political classes that are so arrogant and insular that they have become impervious to reality even evil openly parades it’s wares for all to see.

      One only has to read the litany of comments by the political class and academics covered on blogs like this or Spencers JW to know they are nothing short of being nuts and without a moral rudder.

      And oh, they have no qualms about selling out the ordinary people as has been shown with importing millions of 3rd world immigrants for no other reason than to displace us or supporting job killing trade agreements that have de-industrialized the West.

  2. This should be sent to:

    and every other facilitator/promoter/apologist for the deadly hate that they dare not name.

  3. Um, actually it’s doggerel, but it’s good anyhow and I suspect that I could do no better so creds to the author.

  4. Magnificent! Wonderful, funny, true. Sometimes humor gets through to people when other approaches don’t. This deserves to be seen everywhere. Thank you!!

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