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Update: This post was sticky for a while in hopes that more European readers would notice and add statistics from their countries to the comments. Newer posts are further down.

The reporter at a major American website is looking for information on the immigration crisis in Europe, including updated numbers on how many Muslims are currently migrating to Europe. It’s a big project. He is astonished by what he is learning about Muslim immigration, and wants to learn more.

I told him that accurate immigration figures are difficult to come by in Europe, especially when the numbers involve Muslims. The advanced state of cultural enrichment in most Western European countries is something that the Powers That Be prefer to obfuscate, so they often hide (or forbid the collection of) statistics on race, religion, and ethnicity.

The Schengen Agreement is a complicating factor. The free movement of peoples within the Schengen area guarantees that the changing demographics of any given country are hard to track. Newly-arrived migrants in, say, Italy would much prefer to be in Britain, Sweden, or Germany, because those countries offer the most generous welfare benefits and are the least likely to require enrichers to do any actual work. So the “asylum seekers” do their best to relocate as soon as their feet are dry and their life vests discarded.

To make matters worse, large numbers of illegals are constantly arriving in Europe. Tracking their numbers with any degree of accuracy is all but impossible.

Therefore, I’d like to crowd-source this project. European readers are invited to supply the latest estimates of the number of annual immigrants to their countries, along with the estimated proportion of those that are Muslims. Please supply references for where you obtained your statistics, if possible.

I’ll collate the results, and then send them to the writer who requested them. If we’re fortunate, there will enough figures so that the “wisdom of crowds” will kick in, and we’ll get a reasonably accurate picture of what’s going on.

I know that more than a hundred thousand migrants are said to have landed on Italian territory since this time last year. Other than that, I don’t have much data.

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      • As far as I know. Yes. Christian are refused visa’s into the West according to Syrians who sold everything and to a Lebanese Christian who wrote to the British Liberty GB . They know they are left to be slaughtered there, some Christian Copts escaped to Gerogia who welcomed them.
        They also know we are next.
        I read BO wants thousands of Muslim Syrians to descend upon America, if possible millions. One reason he created the upheavals I believe. What quicker way to deluge the west and ensure a swift muslim take-over. Just my 2 cents though.

        Pat Condell has a video he made years ago called Goodbye Sweden , explains it all

        • Believe you are absolutely right. O is very sympathetic to the Muslims but won’t hesitate to pounce on the Christians. O also seems to be dividing our country more and more — the worst we’ve ever seen. Not to mention the fact that he takes a heavy hand in “ruling” — think he wants to be reigning for life. His next stop will be very interesting and probably something where he has “control” of the world. Can anyone say “UN”?!

    • I was looking at that 120,000-160,000 number the other day and I saw a statistic for 60,000 in June 2014. I am guessing that means that 60,000-100,000 Gazans are now in Italy. However, I wasn’t able to find a source confirming this.

    • @steven karmi Actually not. The EU Observer is ultimately a pro-EU site and I have been banned there three times for presently uncomfortable facts.

      • Also forgot to mention. The EU Observer shut down their comments section around the time I was banned.

  1. The world is full of ironies.
    Europeans decimated each other because it bursts at the seams/ borders.
    They started to leave because of poverty and endless wars.

    Ironically once jihadis were imported they found money, shelter for them galore.
    Today native Europeans are leaving in droves while each is replaced by 5 jihadis.

    What a continent of great values!

    • Allow me to mention here, murad…

      We cannot tell how the European peoples would have been without the constant islamic aggression on Europe from the outside as well as from the inside, since the very first years of this imperialistic invasion ideology.

      From 711 until this very day, we are seeing a continuous attack on Europe

      711 – 1492 – Spain is under mohammedan occupation
      – Narbonne – 40 years occupation
      – Bordeaux, Rhône
      714 – 725 – Languedoc
      725 – Destruction of Nimes
      721 – Toulouse
      732 – Poitiers, where Charles Martel finally stopped the islamic hordes
      After the battle of Poitiers, Roland of Roncevaux became a legend when in 778 battling with his friend Olivier, against a muslim army at the Roncevaux pass in the Pyrenées. Roland was later immortalized with The Song of Roland.

      1301 – 1922 – Ottoman empire
      1346 – 1353 – Black Death, thought to have originated Central Asia, arrives in Crimea in 1343, killing 30-60% of Europe’s population
      1354 – Islam invades Europe
      1389 – Polje, Kosovo, first battle
      1448 – Polje, Kosovo second battle, against Murad II
      1683 – The Gates of Vienna
      1914 – WW1, Sarajevo. One of the six assasins was a muslim
      1940 – WW2. Endlösung. Hitler and mufti. Whose original idea was it?

      • There were also frequent razzias along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts for many centuries — pillaging monasteries, taking slaves, the standard Muslim treatment of infidels. In the 18th century, the Barbary pirates were still taking European slaves. (See the narrative of Thomas Pellow.) There were also Islamic pirate attacks on early American ships.

        • They took slaves from as far north as the coast of Iceland. Danish / Norwegian sailors were taken as slaves as well, from trade vessels. More than one million European slaves were taken and sold in the slave markets.

      • “Hitler and mufti. Whose original idea was it?”

        Yes. Good point. The Mufti visited Auschwitz. Which apparently Hitler never did. And also, according to historians, was active in protesting against a proposed Red Cross exchange of Jewish children for Germans held in neutral Spain. In the end, Hitler bowed in to the Mufti’s wishes. Seems like the Mufti did have some leverage with the Fuhrer.

  2. I can’t assist you directly on this, but I have endeavoured to find reliable estimates of the number of Muslims in France from various sources. The variations in the unofficial estimates are astounding ranging from 6% to 8% of France’s population, with the latter %age being regarded by many as too low because its count of illegals is near impossible to determine.

    Spare a thought for poor old India: the variation in estimated Muslim population is from 13-19%, ie over 200 million. With many hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing in from Bangladesh every year. And the whole point of creating the former East and West Pakistan was to give Muslims of the Indian subcontinent their own country.

        • Even the ones leaving their gentrified idyll in Europe are bringing the early stages of the infection, to their new countries/states.
          Many of the new comers to my area, I would turn back, as they have the seeds of our destruction, with their diverse, multiculti, social justice, social equality out comes, etc. that they drive into our local and national politics.

          A price will have to be paid, and the longer we sleep walk the more horrendous the cost will be.

  3. Italian kindergarten, “Quadrifoglio” in Padova, has 66 children, of which one – 1 – is Italian. The mother of this little Italian thinks this is the opposite of integration, whereas the few Italian children are forced into integration into a foreign culture. This is not right, the mamma says.

    She is asking that her child be given the opportunity to get a certain amount of Christian culture, like celebrating Christmas, but with so many stranieri of different culture, she can see that this would not be possible.

    Just one example of the proportions of islamic immigration in Europe Anno Domini 2014.

    The ministry of national education says there are 740 000 stranieri – foreign – pupils enrolled in italian schools for the new school year.

  4. Whatever numbers the researchers come up with they will almost certainly be lower than the real numbers. This article from the UK’s leftwing Independent newspaper from 2007 puts the British population at around 80 million based on food consumption and other not-so-easy to fake sources.

    By comparison, the official population figure for that year was about 60 million.

  5. “One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet
    to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in
    to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children.
    Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”

    Former Algerian President to the General Assembly of the United Nations, 1974

  6. I think the counting is good but it’s not the real problem. The real problem is: this is a new phase in a very old war. What are we going to do about it? Are we all waiting to win a next “election”? The left and the enemy keep pouring in new “voters”.. I say: the game is rigged, Therefore we need to change the rules of the game. And we need to do that quick and swiftly.

    • No doubt about that, Dutch Patriot!

      Stop the dance immediately
      No more free drinks, goodie bags or other free stuff
      Play different music
      Everybody, go home
      Call the (home alone!!)party off
      Tell all the un(!!)invited guests not to come
      Stay at home – no party!
      Parents are back!!

      To those home alone-teenagers who still want to party, go visit them at their house…and party with them in …
      Dubai, Baghdad, Kabul, Cairo, Tunis, Gaza, Dakar, Lahore, Mogadishu, Islamabad, Bamako, Doha, Tripoli, Timbuktu and, hey, why not Touba!

  7. In 2012 37% of all newborns in France were of Saharan/Sub-Saharan origin. Yes, you’re reading this right: THIRTY SEVEN PERCENT OF BABIES BORN IN FRANCE, and that was two years ago!

    A note on the source:

    The HAS is the French government’s highest authority dealing with health and medical issues. As plainly stated on the cover, this report’s contents were validated collegially, meaning that the governmental institution as a whole stands behind the data. In other words, this is not some unsubstantiated hearsay from an anti-immigration website.

    Now for the alarming headline: on page 13 is plainly established that 309,858 newborns out of the national total of 836,079 for the year 2012 were tested for drépanocytose (sickle cell). France only tests genetically at risk newborns from potential carrier populations, meaning that the newborn’s parents are in France’s case almost exclusively from Saharan/Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Haute Autorité de Santé
    Dépistage néonatal
    de la drépanocytose en France
    Pertinence d’une généralisation du dépistage à l’ensemble des nouveau-nés
    Date de validation du Collège : 18 décembre 2013

  8. 800,000 foreigners were naturalized in France in the years 2007 -2012. About 367,000 of them from the “top five countries” are iterated, per categories, in this table: Of those, about 33,000 are from non-Muslim Russia and Portugal, i.e. 9% — except European demographics being what they are, some of those are Muslim too.

    Assuming that the same 91% percentage of Muslims holds for the entire 800,000 of newly naturalized Frenchmen, 1.1% of France’s official population of 66 million has been replaced by imported Muslims in the five years ending in 2012. Then, of course, there are the illegals and the non-naturalized…

    Currently, 17% of French children and 40% of births are of foreigners, and it would be an underestimate to assume that at least 91% of those are Muslims. Talk of “forcible population replacement” is already made openly on MSM TV — but what’s the use; it’s 30 years too late…

  9. Here in the United States, the Democrats and the RINO’s are allowing untold people into this country. The only good thing is that although they are from Latin America, very, very few are Muslim. Here, we have estimates of between 8 million to 20 million illegals. Who the hell knows. The only sure thing is that after the November Congressional elections, Obama and his buddies in the Senate will declare them all safe here.

  10. Re J. Galt 3rd’s comment, this may actually be somewhat, the saving grace. Most immigrants from Latin America are Roman Catholic. I recently was on a plane from Toronto to Lima, Peru. On board there was a mohhamadan, (the only one on the plane) dressed in the long white floursack they sometimes wear in Canada. Upon arrival at the Lima airport he removed it and wore jeans. I asked my wife, who is Peruvian, about this, and she was of the opinion that he would probably be attacked in Lima wearing the floursack outfit. On the Halloween following 9/11, A person wearing an osama bin laden outfit in Lima was attacked in the street by a mob for wearing it, probably something that would not happen in Canada or the U.S.

  11. Here is a link to a youtube video I found with demographic numbers for Europe including some figures for Muslim immigration. The video does not say who produced it or from where most of the figures came. This video is chilling. I’d be interested in what people think.

  12. I browsed through Slovenia statistic on

    In the year 2013 13,871 people moved to Slovenia. Of that 84 % were foreign nationals, that makes 11.651 people. Of that 73 % were from the former Yugoslavia. We can assume, most of those ( say 85 %) come from Bosnia and Kosovo, who are predominantely muslim. That makes 7229 muslims in a year.

    All in all, in Slovenia on 1.4.2014 lived 97,646 foreign nationals. Most of them from former Yugoslavia.


  13. Immigration numbers alone is interesting, but not sufficient for reliable analysis. The establishment of parallel societies and a pattern of marrying only/mostly within their own group, preferably with a family member from the country of origin of the 1. generation, makes it necessary to include 2.nd, 3.rd and later generations in projections.

    For Norway:

    Immigration (and other) statistics in Norway is updated by a de facto state sponsored monopoly. They can be found on It is possible to buy customized reports from them, but they can (and do) refuse when there is a lack of available personnel… Raw data is not available, not even to those who paid for them in the first place, the taxpayers. No faith based records are kept, only (claimed) country of origin.

    The best source for analysis of the reports, numbers (the only national numbers available) and projections is, performed by writer Christian Skaug. The best financial analysis of the economic costs of immigration into the “welfare” state is made by

  14. Czech Republic
    The first wave of immigrants came from the East.
    Numbers of muslims allegedly 10 000 (?) and steadily growing. The new enrichment is on the way from Afghanistan, Albania, Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia. Kuwait… etc. Czech Republic serves more like a transit country ( the welfare is poor, the local language complicated and the indigenous population hostile but there are renegades).
    (numbers of foreigners living legally in CR as permanent residents or working- by countries)
    Undercover as Muslim in Prague (Czech TV documentary, English subtitles)
    (a former Czech muslim, who became an apostate..)

  15. No idea how many Muslims in Poland. Traditionally (since WW2) a very homogeneous, Roman Catholic country. However in the past 10 years or so, in the big cities kebab shops have sprung up on almost every major street corner. Most of whom are run by Muslims.

    A friend in Poland who knows a lot of Muslims there told me once about a method they use to get residency – they pay $100 or so to a kebab shop manager, who gives them a “job contract”. Since kebab making is a job that other EU nationals are reckoned to be unable to do, this is one of the professions where they are entitled residency.

    Students are another major source of immigration – since studies are cheaper in Poland than Western countries. When around campuses in Warsaw in recent years, I noticed quite a few Arab/Pakistani-looking people, as well as Turkish flags etc.

    Also recently entry requirements for foreigners have been softened, although I know from a good source in an immigration office there that most applicants for residency are from the Ukraine (ie Christian Orthodox or Catholic). However that may change, and there are a lot of Chechens in asylum centres across the country (I met a group in a forest there once). I’ll keep my eyes open for any more “solid” statistics.

  16. migration out of the Netherland. Source ( the governments official statistics office)
    Period 2000 t/m 2009
    numbers 1.077.776 – average 107.777
    2010 – 128.000
    2011 – 133.000
    2012 – 142.800
    2013 – 145.700
    2014 – 140.000 (expectation)
    * Total 1.767.276 people leaving the Netherlands.

    Causes ( top 3):
    – lack of social cohesian in the Netherlands
    – The need for more space per person.
    – To much crime.

    Immigration to the Netherlands:
    2000 t/m 2009
    numbers in total 1.186.197 – average 118.629
    2010 – 154.432
    2011 – 162.962
    2012 – 158.374
    2013 – 164.772
    2014 – 175.000 (expectation)

    * Total 2.001.737 immigrants *

    In general: third world in..higher educated native Dutch: out!

  17. I’ve written to my MP asking him for this information. I’ll post his reply once I receive it.

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