Auctioning off the ISIS Flag at an Australian Mosque

The following video shows a fundraising effort by “Australians” in one of those nice “moderate” mosques. Knowing how popular the ISIS flag is among members of their moderate congregation, they auctioned off an ISIS flag.

Oh, but don’t worry: It was a moderate flag.

News story here.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

3 thoughts on “Auctioning off the ISIS Flag at an Australian Mosque

  1. Jihad flag, the symbol of destroying infidels and dogs electioneered:
    Australia to the Jihadis: You can’t do that.
    Jihadis: To hell with you. You can’t tell us that. It is against your own freedom of expression. We are just exercising our freedom granted to us by your stupidity. And we use it to the best of our goals.

    Australia: ()sheepishly and cowardly as always) : Yes masters, that is correct. This is a FREE country.
    You see we have values.

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