The Racism of the Left

Paul Weston talks about the real racists of the 21st century — the Progressives:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

13 thoughts on “The Racism of the Left

  1. For some time I’ve wondered if there isn’t some latent racism in the attitude of the so-called ‘progressives’, it’s a modern version of the ‘noble savage’ concept.
    How else could we explain the patronising and indulgent attitude of ‘progressives’ when they’re confronted with the latest Islamic outrages for example. They are, actually, trying to assuage their own guilt.
    Multiculturalism is essentially an exercise in group therapy.

    BTW Mr Weston’s analogy is, of course, inapplicable, since only ethnic Europeans are racists, here’s an example of the virulent racism that infects the West.

    I recently read an online article by a Sri Lankan academic living here in Australia, she was outraged when Australians asked her where she came from. Such questions apparently are indicative of the racist attitudes of majority society.
    The academic in question was a Tamil who fled the Sri Lankan genocidal civil war because, as a member of an ethnic minority, her life was in danger.
    She could of course return to Sri Lanka where no one would enquire about her homeland.

  2. They search for the diversity of either genes or environment in college admissions and in home loan applicants…et al ad infinitum. But they want homogeneity of opinion. But to get this, one almost has to have a single culture, which spoils the diversity argument for the first two. If you put this into symbolic logic, the processor blows up.

  3. The Western establishment is sitting on what Americans call a ‘busted flush’. It lost the argument years ago, hence its reluctance to argue its case. When confronted with counter-argument it adopts the higher moral ground and refuses to engage, explaining that to do so gives its opponents more respect than they deserve. Either that or it showers dissenters with epithets.

    This is a real Copernican event that we’re observing. I wonder if the Islamic State will call the West’s bluff and force it to reveal its cards?

  4. The premise that the need for menial workers was the reason for immigration into the UK is contentious and questionable. Post war Scotland with its labour intensive industries did not appear to need third world migrant workers even with the constant flow of outward bound Scots.

    Only over the last decade has Scotland been subjected to the level of third world immigration that England has been assaulted with, from the high indigenous unemployment of the nineteen eighties to the present day the last thing the UK needed was an imported menial workforce.

    The storytelling of a despondent workshy British working class is a slander that advances third world immigration and multiculturalism.

  5. “The storytelling of a despondent,workshy British working class is a slander that advances third world immigration and multiculturalism”

    You are entirely correct and the facts are borne out by visiting the Office for National Statistics on the page “Economic activity by ethnicity”

    The highest employed group are “White British”,the lowest are “Somalian” at 85% economically inactive.The big joke is that because ethnic Somalians,Pakistanis,Indians etc may have a UK passport,then UK workers are not up to the job and need replacing by anything from a Pole (great people) to a Nigerian.

    We’ve messed around long
    enough,we’ve demonised the white British enough,we’ve done the positive discrimination and still we come out on top statistically.We’ve been excluded from public sector work because we’re white and still they can’t keep us down.

    What will our filthy government do to us next?

    I dread to think.

    Get it through their thick skulls.There is nothing wrong with white British people of a Christian heritage in England and they do not need racially replacing in their homeland,it’s a fact.

  6. I often wonder whether encouraging the mass importation of labour from those former Empire countries in the 50’s and 60’s, when it wasn’t really needed. Was a way of attempting to weaken the power of the Trades Unions in Britain, as these incomers formed a non-unionised work force. One which would: work for lower wages; do so in poorer conditions than the indigenous workers; be easier to control and therefore bring pressure to bear on the stranglehold of the union closed shop. In a similar way that the Eastern Europeans have being doing, over the past 1o years or so. A critical difference between them and many of the previous immigrants, is Islam. The incalculable social cost to our country (ignored at the time) of allowing such extensive Muslim immigration, is becoming increasingly evident. As the fabric of our nation gradually deteriorates, seemingly before our eyes.
    The film is yet another accurate description of the state of the U.K. by Paul Weston.

    • Sir John Major praises immigrants for ‘guts and drive’

      “Immigration into the UK has been a supply-and-demand issue. Businesses needed the labour and because of the way our benefit system was constructed, too few of the economically inactive took the jobs on offer.”Iain Duncan Smith

      The immigration they are applauding is not the competent skill set of the culturally compatible Polish transient worker but the disruptive socioeconomic colonising of the Third Worlders.

      • I know of an English nurse who was working a night shift with two Polish nurses. They kept speaking to each other in their language in front of the English nurse. She asked them to stop, as they could both speak English and she found it rude of them to speak to each other at work, in the presence of a colleague who couldn’t understand what they were saying to one another.
        The two Polish nurses didn’t speak to her at all for the remainder of the shift. The next day, the English nurse was called in to see her manager. The Poles had complained that she was being racist towards them and the manager agreed and warned her about this “racism”.
        Is this the type cultural compatibility we should be applauding?

        • Reminds me of the Battle of Britain movie where the Polish pilots are told by the squadron leader to stop squawking over the radio and to speak English.

          Maybe your English nurse is overly conditioned to the soft and sly tones of jihadist English and the harsh slavic tones overwhelmed her sensitivities. In her defence it is not as easy to have a multikulti sense of inferiority towards a Continental European as it is with a Third Worlder.

          Amused watching the thugs of the British two tone multikulti axis chase the white Continental Europeans up and down the street.

  7. @Patrick Brompton,

    The easy way to subvert the opposition to immigration is to vent that aversion towards Continental Europeans, bingo – the multikulti reinforcement of white self loathing and the distraction from the “good” mass immigration from the third world.

    While certain politicians are shouting about closing the “bad” Continental European immigration door they whispering about pushing the “good” Third World immigration door wide open. A term that could be borrowed from between the wars for “good” Third World immigration and the British politicians crypto-immigration policy is Chinese Labour.

    • And of course the Polish pilots needed to use a language their British comrades could understand. They were fierce fighters, though.

    • I don’t want the character of my country eroded by excessive immigration from any country. I am aware of the specific and existential threat that Islamic immigration and Islam itself poses to the U.K. But I don’t want unrestricted immigration from anywhere else either, even other Western European countries, and certainly not from Eastern Europe.

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