The Night the Moroccans Came

Moroccan troops known as Goumiers formed part of the Free French army that fought with the Allies in Italy during World War Two. After the victory at Monte Cassino — in which the Goumiers had played a crucial role — bands of Moroccans rampaged through mountain villages in the area, raping all the women and girls they could lay their hands on, and sometimes men and boys as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on the atrocities committed by the Moroccans:

Marocchinate (… Italian for “Moroccans’ deeds”) is a term applied to the mass rape and killings committed during World War II after the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy. These were committed mainly by the Moroccan Goumiers, colonial troops of the French Expeditionary Corps (FEC), commanded by General Alphonse Juin.

The monument “Mamma Ciociara” was erected in remembrance of the women who were killed during the Marocchinate.

Below is a brief clip taken from an Italian documentary about the Marocchinate. Many thanks to Gaia and Par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:06   (Antonina) The Moroccans, they were like ants.
0:11   (Chadi Mohamed- French Expeditionary Force 81 Moroccan Goum) The Mountains were full of corpses, there were many dead from both sides.
0:16   (Amalia Colozzi- inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) Here (indicating on the head) they wore a cloth how do you say it? In a spiral form,
0:24   rings on the nose, earrings in their ears.
0:30   (Ben Toumi Mohamed – French Expeditionary Force III Division Algerian Infantry) We were on the front line and the Germans were facing us.
0:37   We wanted to transport our corpses in a blanket. or on our shoulders but we couldn’t.
0:45   (Silvio Palombo – inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) They wore tunics like this, all colours, they kept their hair long and dirty.
0:59   In a way that they did not even seem like troops but people rounded up from somewhere.
1:06   (Antonina) When the Moroccans arrived we were about to make pastries to celebrate the arrival of the Allies.
1:12   (Silvio Palombo – inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) We were waiting for the Americans, chocolate.
1:16   (Giovanna) They were saying, the Americans have arrived, the Americans have arrived, everyone with their handkerchief, WHEN INSTEAD DEVILS HAD ARRIVED.
1:26   (Scene from film “Two Women”) Rosetta had not fainted, and everything that had happened she had seen with her own eyes. and heard with her senses.
1:38   (Giovanna) I remember I attached myself to my mother they gave us a kick on the forehead and nearly killed us. Then they dragged me away, beating me as well because I did not want to go.
1:52   (Antonina) The Moroccans “killed” me, the took me away, they raped me, they beat me up.
2:01   (Nunzia) When this disgrace happened to me, there were also my cousins and other people.
2:07   They began to shoot because they would not give them what they wanted. (incomprehensible)
2:13   (Giovanna) The beatings that they gave me, maybe I was more dead than alive, I don’t know how I was.
2:20   (Antonina) They tied up all my hair and they took me around by my hair, they cut all my clothes.
2:36   (Nunzia) There was also my mother, my mother said that which you will do to my daughters do to me instead, and they said no.
2:45   (Giovanna) I was eleven and a half years old.
2:47   I thought I would die, I thought, ‘Now they will kill me.’ If they had killed me, maybe it would have been better.
2:55   (Antonina) Like Jesus Christ when they bought him away … they did in the same way to me.
3:01   (Giovanna) I was waiting for my hit; I was a young girl, but I was waiting for my hit. We thought that they would kill us all, that evening.
3:13   (Scene from film “Two Women”) She looked at me with eyes wide open without saying a word or moving, a look I had never seen before,
3:22   like an animal that is trapped and cannot move, and waits for the hunter to finish him off.
3:29   (Silvio Palombo) Those screams which I heard that night, it was like being in Hell!
3:43   It seemed like wild animals being torn to pieces in those woods that night! Terrible!
3:54   (Angelo de Santis – inhabitant of Castro dei Volsci (Fr)) We had a sister taken, a brother killed,
4:01   and we ran away all over the place because they were armed, and to resist them was dangerous.
4:08   (Amalia Colozzi – inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) When in the morning we arrived there, immediately, as soon as we arrived they took my sister, who was little.
4:20   (Annita Porca – inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) On top of the mountain, a poor father who tried to defend his daughter, they killed him.
4:24   (Ida Di Cuffoinhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) One of them came in, the other remained outside. My father, when he saw the one that came in,
4:31   said, “What’s happening now?” and tried to block him. The one outside shot him. He died instantly
4:41   his head back like this – Papa’
5:01   (Angelo de Santis – inhabitant of Castro dei Volsci (Fr)) My sister was hiding in a barn with other women trying to protect themselves,
5:07   but was found by four or five, don’t know how many of them …
5:15   (Amalia Colozzi – inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) I saw my sister with blood running down her legs and I asked my mother “What’s happened to Filomena?”
5:22   “She fell.” (my mother replied)
5:27   (Giovanna) What can you do? You just have to keep calm with those beasts, and they were beasts!
5:37   Not normal people.
5:42   (Amalia Colozzi – inhabitant of Esperia (Fr)) The older ones all died … They died of illness brought by the Moroccans.
5:46   (Antonina) They said “Look the (incomprehensible) of the Moroccans.”
5:49   (Giovanna) They didn’t even let us drink. At the well there were buckets but we were too disgusted to touch them after what we had been through
6:02   (Nunzia) I dreamed about it …

35 thoughts on “The Night the Moroccans Came

  1. God’s everlasting punishment in hell and eternal torment for slayers of innocence is too good for these pigs and devils incarnate.
    Lord have mercy on me for not being able to pray for such enemies of mankind and destroyers of young girls.

  2. A young Sophia Loren was in a movie about troops raping women and girls in Italy…..I cannot remember the name…..

    • TWO WOMEN …but I have never seen it…. My mom said it was not for young teens… Not being a fan of Sophia I have never even thought of it again. Still will not… the idea of it is too maddening.

      • Pity me. I did see it, when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old.
        Alas, my poor mother was not of the domestic type and used poor judgment in a number of areas.
        No. I’ve just checked with IMDB — I was probably 9 or 10.
        To this day, I abhor Italian films — and Sophia Loren, for associations I have of her with the film, regardless of her other roles. I have, as an adult, studiously avoided watching Two Women.
        I have two daughters, and two granddaughters. And three pistols.

        • I too saw the film when very young, and it stayed with ms, I understood something nasty had happened but not really what had happened, it was a shock that the child had also been assulted, by, if I remember correctly, a WASP American….

          Obviously if this was depicting the same history, then the ‘colours’ had been changed to protect the ‘community cohesion’.

          • Hi MC. I’m still working on it. Slow progress. I understand his reticence given my contacts previous travails.

  3. The Maghrebians are brave and aggressive, as postmodern Europe is finding to its detriment, daily. But a crucial role in Monte Cassino they did not play. Their contribution in this hard and long battle ranks below that of American, British, Polish, New Zealand and Canadian troops, in that order. The battle could have been won without the Mussulmans. Which makes the price paid for their participation even harder to swallow.

    • “The Maghrebians are brave and aggressive.” No, actually they are not. They are loud and aggressive when they are mob handed but otherwise they are cowards and bullies.

      I used to go to Morocco quite often in the late 70s/early 80s. It was a cheap two weeks holiday in the sun when I was not too well off and the beer was cheap. There were packs of Moroccan youths strutting along the streets abusing and threatening white people. The Moroccans would not threaten anyone unless they were five strong or more but I was younger then. Also, I never actually had to fight five of them. Once I’d decked two, the others didn’t want to know. Like I said, basically they are cowards.

      It is interesting that, in the mid to late 80s the UK government issued a warning to tourists about street violence and attacks on women in Morocco. It is now being promoted as a good place for tourists to go but my advice is, don’t go there.

      • In my experience Muslim-Arabs are cowards and only ever attack in packs.

        “Two women” is actually a very tame almost sanitised rendition of the beastly behaviour of the Moroccan Gourmiers in Italy in WW2.

        Imagine: a pack of “soldiers” raping an eleven year old girl. Another mistake of the Western allies to allow Moroccan troops to fight alongside them.

  4. WW2 was a war on Christian Europe. The Allied cause was satanic in some sense. I don’t say that lightly. For some reason the British kid ourselves that we were on the good side. Facing the truth is too painful to do. The US military and Russians (along with Free French) set Muslims and East Asians upon the Christians for sport.

    • The Allied cause was as near a Holy Cause as can be had on this earth. It ranks right up there with the Union cause during the civil war.

      It must be remembered that what the Nazis were up to was all this that was in the clip, and more, and more, and much more. For every one killed in the Marochiasse, there were literally one million killed by the Nazis.

      A sense of perspective is required here. Indeed, the Moroccans went on a rape and murder spree. But what of My Lai? What of the rape of Nanjing? What of the Soviet rape of most of East Prussia? My Lai was tiny compared to the other two, but it remains a stain on American honor and more children were killed in that event than were killed during the Marochiasse.

      In World War Two, there is dishonor to go around, even on the Allied side. But the crimes of this band of Muslims do not really stand out against the background. And the crimes of all the Allies, even including the Russians, pale almost to nothing compared to the crimes of the Nazis.

      The Brits were not only on the right side, they stood heroically, alone, for a year during which it must have seemed that their cause was rather the long shot. Churchill predicted it, and he got it right. That time was their finest hour.

      It is so easy to forget, in the passions of today, that the past was once the present and that in its day it was sometimes utterly awful.

      I’ll finish by quoting the prayer that Patton’s chaplain prepared, asking for good weather.

      “Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these immoderate rains with which we have had to contend. Grant us fair weather for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and nations.”

      And we did. That, in a nutshell, was what the war was about. And that is exactly what we did with our victory. At least, what we Americans did with our share of it. The Soviets, well, they were the lesser evil, which is the best one can say of them. The Nazis had made it so very easy to be the lesser evil. War is a terrible mistake unless it’s a war about a great evil which cannot be allowed to stand, after all.

      • You imply that the Soviet forces who infamously raped many German women were Russian, and not Muslim. Which is not the recollection of the older members of my family in Poland- where the Soviet troops behaved quite similarly…

        In their words (without disagreement), it was not the front-line Russian soldiers who raped, but the mostly “Asiatic” reservists coming in behind them. This is also an observation that has been made in some documentaries about the Soviet treatment of German women…

        With such ethnic features, the Soviet troops concerned would have likely been from Azerbaijan or one of the “stans”, making them in all likelihood Muslim.

        • From my research into this issue that goes back decades, if we are apportioning blame for the worst war crimes ever committed, the prize must go to the Japanese who carved their way through South East Asia with the bayonet and the naked male member, killing many with either.

          Since the war, the Japanese have tried to silence discussion of their war crimes by making it a condition when awarding economic aid to their poorer neighbours.

          I now live in Suth East Asia and I still hear stories of the Japanese occupation.

        • I do not dispute your account of what happened in Poland. But things really were different in East Prussia. The Red Army was on its very worst conduct there.

          The book “Armageddon” by Max Hasting has an account of it. Not with all the details; that would make for nauseating reading. But with enough.

          Front-line Soviet troops were doing it. Google “Nemmersdorf” for details. 2 Bn, 25 Gds Tank brigade. That’s not rear-area second stringers.

      • On 7th May, 1945, “justice among men and nations” was established west of the Elbe River. That’s 7th May, not 8th May as Stalin’s propagandists would have it.

        Justice among men, except, that is, for the two-million-plus anti-Communist Russians, Soviet POWs, and helpless refugees, men, women, and children, west of the Elbe River, who were rounded up by American and British troops in “Operation Keelhaul”, to be handed over to Stalin’s goons for immediate liquidation.

        Hitler got the idea for his death camps by visiting his friend Stalin’s gulags. Stalin alone was directly responsible for the deaths of more human beings, in engineered famines, in death camps, and before firing squads, than was Hitler.

        The Versailles treaty forbade Germany from developing renewed air power, preventing Hitler from carrying out his plans for blitzkrieg and world domination. Except, that is, for his helpful friend and model Stalin, who gave permission for him to rebuild the Luftwaffe secretly, at air bases in the Soviet Union.

        Launching a major attack east, to conquer Poland, might have given Hitler pause. It could possibly embroil him in war with the Western powers who were committed to Poland’s defense, at the same time as his forces could come under attack from the USSR. Except for that helpful Molotov-von Ribbentrop treaty, which contained secret clauses guaranteeing that Soviet military might would be deployed in splitting up Poland, thus cheering Hitler on to officially start the war in Europe.

        Placing the largest land army the world has ever known directly on the borders with Germany and Germany’s allies, in preparation to roll west to the Atlantic, might have given Stalin pause.

        After all, there was a possibility of Japan attacking him from the east, (“North wind cloudy”) to potentially trap him in a two-front war. Except for that delightful Operation Snow, in which treasonous crypto-Communist government officials, highly placed in their respective capitals of Washington, Tokyo, and Chungking, made a successful triple-play, coordinated from Moscow, to convince Japan to attack the United States instead (“East wind rain”). Thus, Japan wound up over-stretching itself with war in the central Pacific, southwest Pacific, China, and Burma simultaneously, making a further campaign against the USSR suicidal, providing de facto protection to Stalin’s eastern flank.

        Then there was the fleet of warplanes with which FDR promised MacArthur that the general would be able to retake the Philippines from Japan, prior to the fall of Bataan and Corregidor. The planes were built in the eastern United States, but a strange thing happened as they were traveling west cross-country on their way to the southwest Pacific. When they reached North Dakota, Harry Hopkins, FDR’s right-hand man (should that be “left-hand man”, considering that he was a crypto-Communist?) in the White House, arranged for them to be ferried to the western USSR, via Alaska and Siberia, as part of the so-called “Lend-Lease”, to be flown by Soviet pilots against Germany.

        Stalin might have had pause, again, in 1950, before trying to end South Korean independence, and to evict the American army from the Korean peninsula. But that helpful Harry Hopkins, even from the grave, was able to lay Stalin’s mind at ease on this point, once again through the so-called “Lend-Lease”.

        During WWII, Hopkins had arranged for Stalin and Stalin’s chief assistant psychopath, Beria, to receive latitude-longitude coordinates, detailed floor plan blueprints, and detailed machinery blueprints for all of America’s most secret installations of the Manhattan Engineering District. These included Los Alamos and Alamogordo in New Mexico, Hanford in Washington State, Oak Ridge in Tennessee, etc. Also sent were the technical papers and blueprints relating to the actual designs of the uranium and plutonium bombs. He also shipped American natural uranium, by air delivery, through North Dakota, Alaska, and Siberia, to the USSR. “Lend-Lease” also supplied Stalin with high-quality piping, built for the oil industry, with which natural uranium could be refined into weapons-grade uranium, like the Americans did at Oak Ridge.

        When Gen. Groves, the commanding officer of the Manhattan Engineering District, suspected what was going on with these uranium supplies, he placed an embargo on the export of all American uranium. This stopped all the leakage of American U supplies to the Communists. But the ever-resourceful Hopkins, together with his crypto-Communist colleagues in the Treasury Department in Washington, helpfully arranged for American tax dollars to be used to purchase Canadian natural uranium for delivery to North Dakota, and thence to the USSR, as part of “Lend-Lease”.

        The net result of all this nuclear “Lend-Lease” was that the Soviet weapons program, under NKVD chief Lavrenti Beria, (who shared with his Islamic colleagues, btw, an unhealthy fascination with 9 year-old girls), was able to explode “First Lightning”, its first uranium bomb, in August of 1949. This paved the path to the 1950 attack on Korea, with no fears of a major US response, except for one confined to the Korean peninsula itself, with all the attendant disadvantages which that location posed for American forces.

        You lump the “Allies” of WWII together, rather than separating them into the Western Alliance camp and the USSR, respectively. In both moral terms and in terms of strategic aims these were so different as not to be allies at all, at least not in the conventional sense.

        Then you claim that their crimes “pale almost to nothing compared to the crimes of the Nazis”, dismissing Operation Keelhaul on the Western side, to say nothing of Stalin’s misdeeds, which alone were greater in magnitude of human deaths than were Hitler’s.

        In doing all this, you seem to be viewing WWII through some sort of distorting lens crafted by Soviet apologists, rather than looking at it straight on.

        The war crimes and treason I have alluded to above are all part of recognized history, though some of them from corners of it that are not exactly widely-advertised to the general public. But the writer and former military intelligence officer, Viktor Suvorov, has written two books in the West, that raise the argument against Stalin to another level. In Icebreaker (available in English as an affordable e-book), and The Chief Culprit, he has laid out a case, which he first conceived while stationed as an archivist in the intelligence archives of the Red Army General Staff’s intelligence organ (the notorious GRU), and claims to have confirmed in the West, with records that became publicly available there since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

        Suvorov states that, as far back as Lenin, the Soviets wanted a Second World War, in order to fulfill the Marxist prediction that wars cause revolutions, and that world wars cause world revolutions. This much is orthodox Communist theory.

        But he further claims that Hitler was selected by Moscow to be its “Icebreaker of the World Revolution”, at a time when the Austrian was still looking for political support in beer halls. From that point, the USSR and its fellow travelers in the West covertly helped him and his party, enabling him ultimately to come to power in Germany.

        If Suvorov claims are true, (and they are now widely accepted as the true history of the war, at least in Eastern Europe, where his books have been translated into several languages), then guilt for all the deaths and destruction of WWII may be laid at Stalin’s feet, either directly or indirectly through his henchman Hitler. In this case, the Molotov-von Ribbentrop was planned by the Communist leaders as merely the second-to-last act of a many-act play: a play that began with funding an Austrian socialist found in a Bavarian beer hall, and was to end with the largest army in history conquering Europe.

        Please read Diana West’s American Betrayal to get a handle on what actually happened in that war.

        • Brilliant Sir! But lest you forget Chalk River, Ontario, Canada I will remind you from whence originated the CANDU Reactor, which, under peaceful guise and subsequently usurped by India with consequent illegal sale of Nuclear technology to Pakistan, is resultant in Nuclear armed, secular India and Mad Mullah equivalent Pakistan.

          And Canada voluntarily, in shame, withdrawing from the Nuclear club. The stories we can tell.

    • Monty, you sound like one of those lefties who make up lies to defame the British Empire. Would you like to be specific about what you are claiming?

  5. hi Peter,
    same experience in the 60ies and 70 ies.We were two !!! never shying away from bodily dispute.They are just cowards.We got one slapped severly but not hurt ….. and he had himself being carried away by his companions screaming for mama.Just disgusting.Other thing in the 80 ies and by car.I had to floor the gas and honk on a mountain road of the Rif to chase road bandits. Had my rearview destroyed, so one was hit.Believe me, I have friends in that country and been there often, but I know people who went once – to resorts- and say never again.
    They are obnoxious people, and I hate to say that!

    • Herb, They are obnoxious people and they do not like it up them! Now they are behaving in the same manner all over Western Europe. All they need is standing up to and they will bottle it.

  6. Spike Milligan, a British comedian who served in North Africa and Italy in WW2, referred to Goumiers as ‘Rapists by Appointment to the Allies’ in his memoirs. I always thought it was an exaggeration- until now.

  7. The Moroccan “Regulares” (Spanish colonial Moorish soldiers) behaved equally savagely during the Spanish Civil War, fighting for the nationalists under Franco.
    Antony Beevor in his book ‘The Battle For Spain’ mentions an American journalist JohnWhitaker:
    “..who was present when two young girls were handed over to Moroccan troops by their commanding officer Major Mohamed Ben Mizzian, who told him calmly that they would not survive more than four hours.”
    He goes on to say that “Regulares were later made ‘honorary Christians’ by the nationalists.

  8. Hear hear! Here’s another echo than the one that desperately wants us to believe that it’s actually the Moroccans who won WWII and liberated us.

  9. Baron, you might be interested to know that I put up an essay on my blog many moons ago (Oct. 2011), Think globally, pillage locally, in which I analyzed in detail the college thesis of Tommaso Baris (published in the Italian journal Millenovecento, in 2003, “Montecassino 1944, Moroccans run amok”) on this very issue:

    Baris must have had access to much of the same eyewitness testimony, as he includes a lot of it, and others not mentioned here.


    “…the reader gets a sense that it was not merely a matter of savages running amok due to some primal nihilism, reflecting merely a backward culture that may be tangential to Islam. There seems to have been some sense among the perpetrators that they were an invading collective force—e.g., the recollection of one Italian eyewitness: “…they came out from everywhere, seizing all the women that they found and taking them to the woods, coming among us in military columns…” (…passavano in colonna in mieso a nui…) And the description by the author: “The systematic nature of the violence…” (Il carattere sistematico delle violenze…) …”

      • Thanks Max. I meant to add the perhaps most pertinent part of the dissertation:

        …in the municipalities of Giuliano of Rome, Patrica, Ceccano, Supino, Morolo, and Sgurgola, in the span of three days (June 2 to June 5), there were 418 cases of sexual violence—three of the victims were men—29 murders, and 517 cases of theft imputed to the Moroccan soldiers, who “raged against those populations, terrorizing them”. A high number of women, girls and infant girls were raped, often repeatedly, by these pillaging soldiers in a state of savage ecstasy that was sexual and sadist, and they often forced parents and husbands to assist such evil mayhem. Inevitably the activities of the Moroccan soldiers included the theft of innumerable citizens of their wealth and livestock. Numerous habitations were sacked and often destroyed and set on fire.

  10. Morocco still illegally occupies Western Sahara, having practised ethnic cleansing there. One might also mention Turkey and Northern Cyprus, or China and Tibet.

    Even if one believed- which I don’t- that Israel occupies “Palestinian” land, where (apart from over Tibet sometimes) are the equivalent protests?

    • There are Tibetans all over Northern India. In Ladakh, they were using Mao’s little red book as toilet paper.

  11. Such was the nature of the “liberation” for these villages… and from what I read, it seems these incidents were noticed in high places. Some of the perpetrators were severely punished. And the Pope requested that the Gumiers did not take part in the liberation of Rome. A request which the Allies accepted, perhaps not wanting to give the Nazis free propaganda… then later on, came the film mentioned earlier starring Sophia Loren, Marocchinate.

    All of which means that the powers-that-be which brought us multi-kulti cannot plead ignorance. For the behaviour of the Goumiers could have served as a warning, about the likely effects of mass immigration of North Africans to Europe on a much larger scale. And perhaps it can also serve as a warning of what may still happen, should the new Cultural Enrichers ever hold a position of military power over native Europeans? One can only pray and work towards making sure that may never happen.

  12. While I was in Morocco, I met a large number of young men (under 25) who were actively plotting to get into Europe. In the 70s and 80s, politicians hadn’t sold out for oil so it was much more difficult for them to do.

    The plan was to get enamoured with an older, preferably unattractive European woman, marry her, emigrate to her country of origin and, when all the paperwork for citizenship had been obtained, they would leave her. Most planned to deal drugs in Holland and Belgium. They were already doing the same in Morocco.

    I remember an old English comedian once said “Once upon a time there were two Moroccans. Now look how many there are.”

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