Protesting Halal Slaughter in Berlin

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has translated and subtitled a video of a demonstration against halal slaughter in Berlin. The animal rights advocates who arranged the street theatre were objecting to the exemption in the animal cruelty laws granted to Muslims on Eid al-Adha when they are allowed to slaughter livestock in the traditional halal fashion.

The event shown in the video took place in 2011, but the video only recently came to Vlad Tepes’ attention.

The translator notes:

According to the Impressum on the web page, the group changed their name from Arbeitskreis humaner Tierschutz e.V. (Task Force for the Humane Protection of Animals) mentioned in the video to Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e.V. (German Animal Protection Bureau), most likely some time after April of 2012.

On their archive page there was only one other mosque action that I could find. It took place at the giant mosque in Cologne on 4 April 2012.

Otherwise they seem to be a typical animal rights group addressing activities of industry, experimentation with rabbits, and so on.

It seems surprising that such a group would address anything that had to do with Islam. Perhaps it was just a temporary jaunt into foreign territory, assuming they have not had any similar actions since April of 2012. If not, then they are now behaving normally.

If you have ever seen images or film of the actual process of halal slaughter, you know that the real thing is far more gory and horrific than the simulated throat-cutting of the “lamb” in this video. Still, it’s fairly graphic and “Islamophobic”, especially coming from progressive-minded activists:

Video Transcript

Spectacular Animal Protection Action in Front of Berlin Mosque: Symbolic Slaughter of a Sheep

Text on the Demonstration Banner:

Religious Freedom: YES
Without Anaesthesia: NO
Change the Animal Protection Law NOW


We are here in front of the largest mosque in Berlin, in Berlin-Neuköln. We are demonstrating here today, in a play, against slaughter without pre-stunning which is still permitted in Germany.

In order to show how cruel the slaughtering is, we have a sheep-butchering … with artificial blood, artificial knife; the throat is cut open, blood squirts.

We are showing the people how the animals suffer during this butchering.

During butchering without stunning, we see that while alive its throat is cut open without any stunning, how animals effectively bleed to death while fully conscious. It can last over several minutes; the death agony with full consciousness. And the animals bleed to death, effectively in agony. It must be forbidden.

There are very many media representatives here on-site in order to report about it.

The animal protection law must be changed. Not to forbid butchering generally, but only that this suffering no longer takes place. The Task Force for Humane Protection of Animals has been fighting for years for the prohibition of butchering without stunning; and now with this action here today, it has made another basic step forward.

Text on the Demonstration Banner:

Religious Freedom: YES
Without Anaesthesia: NO
Change the Animal Protection Law NOW

6 thoughts on “Protesting Halal Slaughter in Berlin

  1. What a dramatic way of educating people to avoid oppression in a “democracy”. Left and Right have lost their original meaning. Today they mean nothing. They should mean nothing. What matters for the people and a nation is whether the decisions taken are logical, make sense or reasonable. Are decisions taken benefit the whole nation, some elite, or only muslims and islam? Over the last 40 years western politicians have one goal: to promote, kick upstairs, elevate, advance, whitewash, islam and muslims. They are ready to sacrifice anyone, anything for islam. Is islam so sweet because it is aggressive? Why then we have been blaming Hitler for having an iron will, aggressiveness, and determination? Every “manly” adjective in Hitler was/is detested , the same “manly” features in muslims are understood, appreciated and encouraged. Westerners lack these manly boasts, by vouyerism and proxy, they appreciate their existence in muslims. Nowadays it is a crime and a shame for a westerner to assume those boasts. These boasts will cause war if adopted by westerners, they will make peace if sported by muslims.
    I listened to Tariq Fatah interview in the site Vlad Tepes, in its entirety. It contained every idea that we need : reasonable and logical. It must be shown to everyone, must be taught in schools. Those are real ideas and not lies or rubbish.
    Guess what: It is removed and we are still a democracy and we have freedom of speech. We have freedom to put forth as many lies as we can to islamize the west. That’s permitted by democracies.

  2. This method of slaughter obviously has a negative effect on the animal, but what of the effect that consuming this meat has on the human? The terror and stress experienced by the animal during the throat-cutting causes it to flood its system with adrenalyn, which taints the meat. Could it be this adrenalyn-soaked meat that causes the near psychosis that we witness in so many Muslims? Just a thought…

    • Well, I see little evidence of psychosis in Jews who eat Kosher meat (apart from the extreme Orthodox, but most religions seem to have such people, even the vegetarian ones).

  3. I think the purpose of Judeo-christian, Hinduism and Buddhism, is to condition (Pavlov) individuals to sublime thoughts, ideas, and behaviour, and to take a look inside one’s doings and deeds and compare them to the Ten Commandments, which are intended and designed to alleviate pain perpetrated on the unfortunate man by man and woman on woman.

    Fundamentality in Judeo-christianity is completely different from that of Islam. In Judeo-christianity you have to become friendly to every person, creature even trees and animals. To wipe out hatred of humans utterly.

    In Islam it is hellish: you have to intensify your hatred towards every one nonmuslim and every thing belonging to non-muslims. In Islam the more you kill and take pleasure in beheadings the higher your place in The Houri Brothel.

  4. We had one of these hell on earth Halal slaughter houses here in New York City. The animal blood would leak out onto the sidewalk. It was disgusting and typical of anything Islamic ….. big, in your face, unhealthy and loathsome. Children had to walk through the blood as they came home from school and still we in the community had to fight to close it down. Any other organization on the planet would have apologized for traumatizing children and creating a health hazard but not the Islamofascists.. They hate animals. If an animal gets on an elevator while they’re in the elevator, they storm out. Walk through their neighborhood with a puppy and they scowl and complain. Why was immigration from the Middle East to the West open only to Islamics and not Christians?????

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