6 thoughts on “Is That Thing Loaded?

  1. My ex wifes french, at a guess Id thiink she was saying,”How many, how many of Gazas innocents be killed?”.
    But that’s just a guess mate, never bothered to learn the language as had a job with a whole different language keeping me busy.
    To learn both in French would have meant we would not of lived in a 3 bedroom home.

  2. Nobody knows whether this is a “real AK 47”. It looks like one and it may be one, but that’s all we know. Police is not “everywhere”. Police is not everywhere at a demonstration. There’s no police to be seen on the video and pictures of that incident.

    The police say that if they had seen that, they would have taken the gun away, and there’s nothing to suggest the contrary.

    The man with the gun came out of a van. It’s obvious that before staging this little propaganda scene, the demonstrators checked that there were no policemen in the immediate vicinity.

    The French media reports relative to that event, according to which it is illegal to carry a weapon in a demonstration, are highly comical. In France, it is illegal to carry a weapon at all times and in all places ! And not only a gun… If the police stops and frisks you, finds a pair of scissors in your bag, and decides they can be used as a weapon, they have the right to confiscate it, take your DNA, keep it on file for years, and charge you for carrying a weapon.

    Even self-defence tear gas canisters for ladies are forbidden : they are considered as illegal weapons. Of course, criminals use them to assault people, rob shops, etc.

    Incidentally, the police is looking for this guy, and odds are that they will find him. CCTV is all over the place.

  3. Looks more like the reenactment of an ISIS/IS killing. With actual footage easily available to associate this sick comedy to IS rather than Tsahal, this only proves people are either badly ill-informed or absolutely stupid (talking about the non-muslims). If they actually are moved by such scenes, I can’t imagine how they’d sleep through the night if they were aware of what’s actually going on in places like northern Iraq. This simulacrum of a slaughter should be a discredit to these pro-pal movement for any rational mind.

  4. “One must use the correct words, the correct vocabularly. There is an army of occupation slaughtering humanity in the Gaza strip.”
    She repeated herself several times, but that’s the gist of it.

  5. France-Info, the state radio station which first reported the incident, now says that the apparent AK-47 is indeed a replica. The comedy gunman called France-Info to say that is weapon was a “toy”, then surrendered to the police. He was let free. However, the inquest continues : the police want to know whether the demonstration organisers were aware of the stunt.

    Incidentally, the man is called Mohamed.

    You might not be able to kill “innocent Palestinian children” with such a “toy”, but it would certainly be a very efficient tool to rob a tobacconist, a bakery or even a bank.


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