Cruel Theocratic Warriors in Iraq

The following article and video with German voice-over were translated by Rembrandt Clancy. The original plan was that the German-language video and a second BBC video would be embedded with the translations. However, in the interim YouTube took down the first video because of copyright violations.

Rembrandt Clancy explains what is now missing from this report about the Islamic State:

The footage in the German video was different from the BBC one in this sense: The latter video is concerned entirely with the firefight in Jalula; the German video shows a cut version of this firefight at the very beginning and lasting a few minutes.

Then the report moves on to describe a town in Syria, which they enter via Turkey, and there they describe how the IS behead people and leave the corpses out in the sun, starting with morning prayers and then into the afternoon. They also interview a deserter from the IS. It includes a cut from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s first and only public speech. It is all in the transcript, which identifies the speakers, and provides good idea.

Notwithstanding the limited overlap between the two videos, I believe the entire German version is BBC footage, even though I have not been able to find the rest of it anywhere else.

The translated article is below, followed by a video transcript.

Cruel Theocratic Warriors in Iraq

What the IS [Islamic State] terrorist army is carrying out in Iraq is in principle exactly the same as what the Prophet Mohammad routinely pulled off with his Islamic army in the 7th century on the Arabian peninsula: war against Jews and Christians. In the end, the region of today’s Saudi Arabia became Christian- and Jew-free; today, northern Iraq, where the IS rules, will be made Christian- Yazidi- and naturally Jew-free; that is, in the event any of these people should still be there. On Wednesday evening [6 August] the ZDF foreign journal [ZDF-Auslandsjournal] ran a superb TV report on the cruel theocratic warriors in Iraq. Their aim is quite clear — world domination. War will be declared uncompromisingly on every country that resists the expansion of Islam.

by Michael Stürzenberger

(Translated by Rembrandt Clancy)

Source Politically Incorrect

8 Aug. 2014

Here is the video of this impressive report showing the camera crew in the midst of real Islamic horror.

[Translator’s note: The firefight shown in this ZDF video takes place in the town of Jalawla (Jalula) in northern Iraq, just outside the Iranian border, and East of Bagdad. Immediately following the German video below, there is a BBC report which was not imbedded with Mr. Stürzenberger’s original report; it is presented here because it includes footage of the same firefight as shown in the German ZDF report. The latter is more broadly focussed on the IS/ISIS/ISIL itself.]

[The first video which was to be embedded here has been deleted.]

BBC video:

Islam’s 1400 year long war against all other religions, cultures and societies is now reaching another climax in Iraq and Syria. Everything that the IS perpetrates in Iraq, al-Nusra in Syria, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, al-Shabaab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Taliban in Afghanistan, al-Qaida in Yemen, and so on and so forth, is perfectly correlated with the Koran and with that historical paragon of Islam, its founder and enunciator, Mohammad.

The West must decide either to take action now against the theocracy in Iraq or wait — that is what one hears at the end of the ZDF-report. But eventually the war will come to us. But waiting would be to repeat the same mistake made in the early years of this totalitarian ideology. At that time Christendom watched for centuries as Islam brutally conquered one Christian land after another. The first reaction did not come until 1095 by means of the First Crusade under Pope Urban. It came 400 years too late, for had the Muslim armies been pushed back into the region of present-day Saudi Arabia in good time, mankind could have been spared 270 million deaths and 56 cruelly Islamicised peoples.

An article in DIE WELT calls the Islamic horror in Iraq by name: “Islamic State, A New Dimension in Cruelty”:

What is happening there is nothing less than the collapse of the last safeguards against the boundless abysses of inhumanity. It is a civilisational rupture.

The terrorist organisation, Islamic State (IS), which presently controls large swaths of Syria and Iraq, has come to signify horror raised to a new level, even by the standards of a region traditionally permeated and ruled by ruthless violence.

In this changed situation the excessive terror evokes not only the sense of horror with which the IS subdues the population in the regions under their occupation, but the IS also spreads its crimes over the worldwide Net on a hitherto unknown scale of triumphalist and boastful aggressivity.

The Abendzeitung [Evening Paper] in Munich, which has found a new investor in a conservative Lower Bavarian publisher, has just released two good articles on Iraq.

One of them is called “Mass Murder on a Daily Basis”:

Thousands of people are identified as opponents or unbelievers; they are selected, transported away and systematically executed.

In only a few days more people have fallen victim to this terrorist group than during the entire Gaza war. Their deaths are not attributable to “collateral damage”, which is by no means to be glossed over, but they are deliberately killed: with knives, guns and the gallows.

Silence concerning this genocide, without quotation marks, prevails around the world. There is silence also from the Muslim communities; no outcry, no demos, no distancing. On the contrary, it is much more agreeable to go to the marketplace on Sundays and hold the old, mortal enemy Israel responsible for all the evil in this world than to denounce ones own unfettered brethren in faith who have more Muslims on their conscience than the hated Jewish state. […]

In any event, the dramatic situation of the Christians is forgotten. Throughout all this the land is about to become “Christian free” — the almost 2,000 year history of this region in Iraq is drawing to a close.

An abyss has emerged out of the “cradle of humanity”.

A second article is called “The Final Slaughter of the Christians”:

The Society for Threatened Peoples International [Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker] reports how the Jihadists mark the houses of Shiites, Christians and Yazidi. Many inhabitants are either killed immediately or they are first forced to convert to Islam.

The Sharia is radically and mercilessly implemented in the occupied areas. Women who have allegedly breached the regulations are publically decapitated with blunt knives. Also children are killed — or are themselves forced to shoot at prisoners. […]

However there is also resistance against the IS: Kurdish units engage the extremists in intense skirmishes. The Peshmerga fighters wish to reconquer the areas north and west of Mosul previously seized by the terrorist group.

Also the Kurds are sheltering Christians who are also currently resisting. The 2,500-strong Christian “Babylon Brigade” have armed themselves. By their own reports, they are prepared to defend their homeland “to the bitter end”, according to Die Welt.

The fighters who are in the advance proudly wear an image of the Last Supper.

Presumably it will be their last battle.

Der SPIEGEL reports that the “terrorist militia IS” has trapped ten thousand Yazidi in the mountains.

The Islamic terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) has finally taken the city of Sindschar, likewise in the north of the country. Many Yazidis live there. According to their representatives, the extremists have killed about 500 men of that faith community since taking the city; even children are being executed. As the British Guardian reported, at least 130,000 people from Sindschar have fled to the cities of Dohuk and Erbil in the Kurdish autonomous region. It is said that in Sindschar itself, once a Yazidi stronghold of around 300,000 inhabitants, there are only about 25,000 people remaining.

All carried out in the name of Allah and his eternal instruction book, the Koran.

Video Transcript

ZDF Commentator

They can only move around under covering fire. The Kurdish unit, the Peshmerga, cautiously ventured into the small, northern Iraqi town of Jalula in early July. They want to repulse the fighters of the IS, The Islamic State. The IS wants to conquer Jalula for the Caliphate which they proclaimed in parts of Iraq and Syria in late June.

At the time of our arrival, the battle appeared to have ended; but then the Kurds learn that 75 vehicles, with IS fighters, are on the way so as to cut them off.

Voices of Reporters under Attack in Firefight

Down! Down! Down!
Take cover!
Guys, come with me, Come with me! Come with me!
Down here! Down here! Down here!

ZDF Commentator

Panic spreads among them. The Kurds believe that the Jihadists are coming through the rear part of the building. They know what the IS does with prisoners. Everyone here expects to be shot or to be beheaded if captured.

Voices of Kurdish Soldiers

Don’t shoot!
There he is!
There, behind the blue sack!

ZDF Commentator

This is only a smaller IS unit. The Peshmerga think it was here that the IS attempted to hide the bodies of captured foreigners so that they could not be identified.

One third of Iraq is under the control of the terrorist group. We cannot go into the occupied areas. Therefore we are travelling into a region of Syria which was temporarily held by the IS. There, we want to learn what life is like under their rule.

The journey begins in Turkey. Here we meet a defector from among the IS fighters.

He deserted the organisation because he was repelled by what he saw. He fled for fear of his own life.

IS Defector

In the beginning the IS were still friendly to the people so as to win them over to their cause. The IS supplied the people with what they needed in order to receive their support quickly. Once the IS fighters had succeeded in this, their behaviour changed dramatically. They were no longer friendly, but cruel and harsh. Either you are for me or against me. There is nothing in between. If you are against me, then you will be killed.

ZDF Commentator

This road leads into Syria. Half an hour beyond the border lies the town of Azaz. Last September The Islamic State took over command here and introduced their particularly strict version of the Sharia, the Islamic law. The Jihadists used the traffic circle in the town centre for floggings and beheadings.

Local Witness to IS Atrocities

They slaughtered four men of the Free Syrian Army here. They deposited two bodies there below and their heads up there. And then they let the dead men lie there from early prayers until the afternoon.

ZDF Commentator

Under the IS people were flogged for the smallest offences, like smoking. They executed their enemies.

ZDF Reporter

In the videos, people cheer. Are they in agreement with this?

Witness to IS Atrocities

No one dared to utter even a word because each individual himself was afraid of being killed. Anyone could be accused for no reason of working for the Free Syrian Army and be executed for it.

ZDF Commentator

The IS is an al-Qaeda offshoot. During Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s first appearance after the proclamation of the Caliphate at the end of June, he appears to have announced a global Jihad.

Speech Excerpt from the First Public Appearance of Bakr al-Baghdadi, IS Leader

Oh Allah, honour Islam and the Muslims and humiliate those who adore gods other than Yourself. And grant victory to Your mujahideen who adore You alone throughout the East and the West in the world.

ZDF Commentator

The self-declared Caliph calls upon all Muslims to enter his new Empire.

And 1,200 young Europeans have reportedly already joined, among whom are numerous Britons. One of them was prepared to be interviewed over Skype. He says he is a Jihadist and is fighting with the IS in Syria. He calls himself Abu Sumayyah al-Britani and says he is on the waiting list of suicide bombers.

Voice of Abu Sumayyah al-Britani over Skype

Everyone is pressing our leader, the Emir, to get on the list; and once on it, to get moved up a little. Everyone wants to fight for Allah.

ZDF Commentator

He denies that he and other foreign IS jihadists are being trained to launch attacks in their homelands. They do not want to go back, he says — they have even destroyed their passports.

Voice of Abu Sumayyah al-Britani over Skype

But if you do not leave our Muslim brothers in the world alone, and if you support our enemies, then you can expect these attacks; and attacks on America too, or likewise any other country.


The West is facing a decision: to intervene now against the new Caliphate, or wait.

Shiraz Maher: King’s College London

I think when we look at the overriding goal of the IS, they intend to rule the world and subject it to their version of Islam. At some point we shall be drawn into a confrontation with them. The question is only when: in twelve months, in five years, or in fifty.

But eventually we shall have to confront them.

ZDF Commentator

The Islamic State announced additional conquests on the weekend, among them the largest reservoir dam in the country. 200,000 people are said to be in flight. Until now, the West has stayed out of it, but for how much longer can it continue to afford that?

7 thoughts on “Cruel Theocratic Warriors in Iraq

  1. “Warriors”?
    Too noble a label for these psychopaths – we need to take the gloves off to deal with these people.

    • This use of the word warrior has bothered me too. Some of my own family were warriors (RCAF) in the expectation of putting an end to all this. One of them even lived to see the RAF Bomber Command memorial desecrated with the word “Islam”. That should have been a sure sign to him that we lost; and we lost because the underlying spirit behind the ideology was never defeated, only a particular historical phenotype. But that is a deeper question which requires dealing with the “Enlightenment”, and many people are not ready to put it behind them yet.

      The German word being translated here is “Gotteskrieger”, and does literally mean “God’s warriors”, or “holy warriors”. It could, however, be translated as “Jihadists”, the “pointy end of the spear of Islam”, a translation which is clearly implicit in the dictionary definition below. But German already has a word for that (Dschihadist); therefore, a translator is inclined to assume that if the writer meant “Jihadists”, he would have said that.

      Here is how the Duden, a respected German dictionary, defines “Gotteskrieger”:
      “Someone who commits warlike (belligerent), terrorist acts, mostly in the pursuit of Islamist (sic) goals, and who according to his belief, will be rewarded for it in the afterlife.”

  2. Get them all in one place, and then, Allah willing, the Americans will have a real president, and boom. No more ISIS, no more caliphate. The west is going to have to decide if it wants life or wants to cater to the worst of humanity. And that worst will only destroy them and they will no longer have a vote.

  3. Don’t count on it that the U.S. will ever have another American President. The change in the demographics is what put Obama in the WH, and the population of third world immigrants has only grown since then.

  4. After 9/11 there was a new strategy how to proceed with the arab nations. It seems like the americans are working with some arab nations in arming the terrorists in order to destroy the remaining socialist countries there due to the lack of another opposite pole (like the soviet union)
    General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years

    3 October, 2007 Commonwealth Club of California
    San Francisco, CA
    Courtesy of Commonwealth Club of CA

    Asylum seeker and war victims are being deported to the EU in order to establish a surveillance state with the help of the european security industrial complex

    NeoConOpticon – The EU Security Industrial Complex report from the TNI (Transnational Institute)

    i.e. Full spectrum dominance in the borderlands
    Points of departure: from migration controls to social controls
    EUROSUR: the European Border Surveillance System
    R&D for global apartheid?

    Here is an article from the austrian magazine “” about the highest code breaker in the NSA.

    William Binney ist Mathematiker und war im Kalten Krieg der begabteste Code-Knacker und Analyst der NSA. 37 Jahre lang arbeitete er für den Dienst, zuletzt als technischer Direktor. Sechs Wochen nach 9/11 schied er aus und machte sein scharfe Kritik an den Zuständen bei der NSA öffentlich. In folgenden Gerichtsverfahren wurde er freigesprochen. Der österreichische Regisseur Friedrich Moser dreht derzeit eine Dokumentation über Binney, die kommendes Jahr in die Kinos kommt – auch in den USA.

    “Wenn die Sie kriegen wollen, sind Sie dran”

    Ex-NSA-Agent Bill Binney erklärt, warum die US-Geheimdienste durch die Massenüberwachung unfähig sind, das Land zu schützen
    Statt Terroristen zu jagen, setzt die NSA auf Massenüberwachung. Daten von Milliarden Personen werden gespeichert, 70 Mrd. Dollar jährlich dafür ausgegeben. Ergebnis: null, Potenzial zu Erpressung und Verfassungsbruch: 100, sagt Ex-NSA-Agent Bill Binney zu Christoph Prantner.
    STANDARD: Zum Zeitpunkt der 9/11-Attentate waren Sie noch im Dienst. Was haben Sie damals gemacht?
    Binney: Ich wusste, dass wir versagt hatten, und bin zur Agency gefahren. Man ließ niemanden mehr ins Gebäude. Am nächsten Tag habe ich noch einmal angeregt, die Daten zu durchsuchen. Der Punkt war: Sie hatten genügend Informationen, um die Attentäter zu stoppen. Aber sie wussten nicht, dass sie diese hatten. Tom Drake hat unser Programm zwei Monate nach 9/11 durchlaufen lassen, und alles war da.
    STANDARD: Neben den politischen Interessen geht es vor allem um Wirtschaftsinteressen. Wie groß ist der Markt in diesem Bereich?
    Binney: Ich würde ihn auf 70 Mrd. Dollar (52,4 Mrd. Euro) im Jahr taxieren – so viel wird allein in der Intelligence Community an Aufträgen vergeben. Übrigens: Ex-NSA-Chef Alexander sucht gerade einen neuen Job in diesem Bereich. Er stellt sich eine Gage von einer Million Dollar vor. Im Monat. Es werden viele zu Millionären. Die Sache dabei ist, dass sie das Grundproblem eben nicht lösen. Sie wollen mehr Geld und neue Aufträge, deshalb müssen Probleme und Bedrohungen bestehen bleiben, um noch mehr Geld aus dem System ziehen zu können.
    STANDARD: Was wurde zum Beispiel bei Kanzlerin Merkel gesucht?
    Binney: Es wird über jeden alles gesammelt. Damit kann man Hebel finden, dass Menschen das tun, wovon man will, dass sie es tun. Nehmen Sie zum Beispiel Ex-CIA-Chef Petraeus oder den früheren Isaf-Kommandeur Allen: Ein Teil in Obamas Wiederwahlstrategie war es, zu behaupten, mit dem Tod Bin Ladens seien Al-Kaida und der Terror besiegt. Die beiden äußerten Zweifel daran. Prompt wurden E-Mails publik, die außereheliche Affären der beiden belegten oder nahelegten. Die NSA-Datenbanken wurden benutzt, es wurde Schmutz gesucht und gefunden. Und weg waren sie. Das Gleiche geschah mit dem New Yorker Gouverneur Elliot Spitzer, der 2008 gegen die Banken vorgehen wollte und kurz darauf über eine Affäre mit Prostituierten stürzte.

    ThinThread was the program developed by Binney but it was shut down before 9/11 so another program was introduced where a lot of people did became rich. $$$$$

    ThinThread is the name of a project that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) pursued during the 1990s, according to a May 17, 2006 article in The Baltimore Sun.[1] The program involved wiretapping and sophisticated analysis of the resulting data, but according to the article, the program was discontinued three weeks before the September 11, 2001 attacks due to the changes in priorities and the consolidation of U.S. intelligence authority.[2]
    The “change in priority” consisted of the decision made by the director of NSA General Michael V. Hayden to go with a concept called Trailblazer, despite the fact that ThinThread was a working prototype that protected the privacy of U.S. citizens. ThinThread was dismissed and replaced by the Trailblazer Project, which lacked the privacy protections.[3] A consortium led by Science Applications International Corporation was awarded a $280 million contract to develop Trailblazer in 2002.

    This will be seen in a documentary by Friedrich Moser

  5. There is a very big difference between a warrior and a murderer. The Islamic state (and indeed, most of Islam) does not have warriors. On the other hand, they are very good at producing murderers–each trying to best the other in terms of cruelty.

    The Islamic state would make most people who are convicted of vicious murders in any other country seem extremely civilized and almost saintly in comparison. Have you seen the new videos where they behead little children and collect their blood? Extremely extremely disturbing. It took me a few days to get over that. PURE EVIL is all I’ll say. PLEASE AMERICA—BOMB THIS EVIL TO DUST.

    Your old Hindu friend–Yog.

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