I Wasn’t Going to do Sderot Day 4, But…

I wasn’t going to do Sderot Day 4, but…
by MC

But it has been an eventful day and we have been told to stay off the streets, just like ‘Pillar of Cloud’.

Where is the world outcry as the missiles continue to slam into the civilian enclaves in the South of Israel?

Are Muslims exempt from Spanish arrest warrants as war criminals? Is there some rule in the Geneva convention that says Islam need not comply? We know that ‘human rights’ and Islam are a one-way system. There are no ‘settlements’ in Gaza, so there are no excuses.

What is a settlement? what is an occupation? what is a ‘settler’? These are all cultural Marxist ‘hate’ words used to demonise their enemies, and to saddle them with ‘responsibility’.

The Gaza strip has been under perpetual occupation since 1917 when Allenby outflanked it at the Battle of Beersheva. Previously it had been under Ottoman occupation since the 15th century. So it passed from the Turks to the British, and in 1948 it was illegally occupied by the Egyptians when they tried to genocide the newborn ‘Jewish State of Israel’. It passed to Israel in 1967. It has not really been anything except ‘occupied’ for hundreds of years…

Jews were once more driven out of their homes in 2005 when Israel was forced to hand Gaza over to the ‘peaceful’ Palestinian authority under Arafat.

It is 10:15 pm and the USA has just given us the ‘right’ to defend ourselves after two weeks of bombardment.

We have had about four missiles over in the time that I have been writing this. About ten minutes ago, a roar like a jet at low altitude, and a streak of fire as Iron Dome intercepted an incoming…

Now that BHO has given permission, I presume we can do something about the situation — that is, until Barry hits the stop button, at which point all will reset until next time.

Bye for now, maybe a hudna tomorrow…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

5 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Going to do Sderot Day 4, But…

  1. ” Where is the world outcry as the missiles continue to slam into the civilian enclaves in the South of Israel?”
    I can assure you there will be an outcry when Israel starts to defend itself.

  2. Just happened to run across a link to this piece from Gatestone:

    …Earlier this year, on March 3, 2014, Saudi King Abdullah invited everyone, as the Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reported, to spread the culture of moderation and tolerance in Arab countries. He talked about a “common responsibility” that concerns “governments, political leaders and non-governmental organizations.”

    Two months later, however, on May 7, Raif Badawi, detained since June 17, 2012 in Briman Prison in Jeddah, was sentenced (sentence no. 34184394) to 1,000 lashes (in violation of international law, which prohibits such punishments), ten years in jail and fine of one million riyals ($270,000).

    Such behavior from the Saudi regime comes with the bought consent of the West, which would rather constantly reprimand and punish Israel than address the Arab and Muslim world’s floggings, beheadings, stonings and amputations — not to mention executing homosexuals, gender apartheid and the effective imprisonment, if not frequent slavery, of women, and the often merciless treatment of foreign workers. Such a double standard exposes how many Europeans, who consider themselves moral and speak about “ethical investing,” are, in fact, accessories to these Saudi crimes, and therefore themselves guilty of crimes against humanity.

    Badawi was condemned, according to Amnesty International, for having co-founded a website, “Saudi Arabian Liberals,” and for having written and publishing on it his blog and other writings, as well as on Facebook …


    The title of the essay is apt:

    “Eroticized Violence, Savage Justice in Saudi Arabia”

    When we first started observing Islamic culture, the creep factor in the obviously eroticized “justice” was – and still is -unnerving.

    IMHO, it has much to do with a fundamental evil in Islam’s tribal culture: widespread sexual abuse of children from the time they are infants. As long as you don’t damage them, the children are simply objects to be used. Their blind ignorance of children’s developmental needs is like something out of …umm, the seventh century, perhaps?

    In the West, there is a move to ‘normalize’ pedophilia. And it’s getting a big boost from Islam, since the latter never stopped. We see where it leads: to a warped, harsh adult justice. The same will happen to our culture if we don’t put a stop to pedophilia, including the passive kinds like websites that pass images around.

    • I think you only have to read accounts of Islam’s relationship with its dhimmi communities such as Bat Ye’or’s “The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam” to get a good idea of Islam’s corrupt sexual politics. This might also explain why a dysfunctional British ruling class, currently involved in a huge paedophilia scandal engulfing senior politicians of all stripes, is so taken by Islam.

    • Paedophilia appears to be reserved as the privilage of the elites, and their preferred religious sect, like Rome in its decline, hunting is out and orgies featuring children are in.

      Anybody of the non-elite who indulges gets their fingers chopped off, and Rolf may be viewed as a scapegoat and decoy, the sacrificial ‘bete noir’ to protect his betters in the elite hierarchy.

      The blatant political protection of ‘PIE’ in the UK, and the hidden Dunblane enquiry material has made the current exposure of pederasty in Parliament of no great surprise. (PIE – Paedophile Information Exchange

      Although children are easily compromised, it is no excuse for exploitation, ALL those who abuse children should face long term Gaol, even if it is just to keep their victim’s sanity intact. One victim I knew had to go into hiding when her abuser came out of prison 8 years later.

    • The last posting on Jihad Watch for 7th July has an interesting insight into Islam as gang culture.

      Oddly (or maybe not) this chimes with a recent BBC report on the huge power of gangs in Honduras, Guatemala and Salvador; young teenage girls are told to submit themselves sexually to gangsters; those who refuse may be dismembered. Little wonder unaccompanied children are being sent north.

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