Day Three in Sderot

Our Israeli correspondent MC wraps up his coverage of recent events in Sderot, noting: “I think the hudna is now in place. Hamas gets away with it yet again.”

Day Three in Sderot
by MC

It’s all suddenly gone quiet. The job is done; Hamas is upheld….

In Sderot we have had a day free of rocketry, no doubt due to the return of our Iron Dome (as long as this is not a game of ‘musical domes’ we should be OK now). But there have been twenty or more today up the coast towards Ashkelon and into the Eshkol region.

One cannot help contrasting the various attitudes of the US State Department. A US citizen (a Jewish child ) gets kidnapped and murdered in an obvious terrorist incident, and the State Department is somnolent. An Arab boy is kidnapped and killed in what might be an honour killing (but now looks as if it was not) and the State Department accuses Israel and demands explanations. Then a US citizen is arrested during a riot where petrol bombs and other lethal missiles are thrown or slung at police, and a video produced bearing Pallywood-style hallmarks, and the State Department are demanding yet another explanation.

So who is gullible? You can bet your bottom dollar that it is not John Kerry…

The PA propaganda machine now specializes in the “hit and run” techniques where one stages an incident (with the friendly camera crews conveniently nearby), the inflammatory material is put on the airwaves without delay, and a hostile media are quick to publish.

When said propaganda is exposed as mendacious, the same hostile media hides the retraction on page 9999.

Lies become perceived truth, and Israel and Jews are further demonised. Now the potential lies have State Department backup. Does this make them true? Or does it just further cheapen US politics and politicians?

I will close down this series now until the next time, and there will be a next time because evil has gone unpunished once more. But when the next election comes, this vacillation will be remembered. We will remember that Likud listens more to Kerry than to its electorate. It will also be remembered that the lives of three Jewish children were cheaply thrown away. Never again! What, ‘never’? Well, hardly ever…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

7 thoughts on “Day Three in Sderot

  1. Well that retraction, should it appear in print on page 999, will be in size 3 font.

    John Bolton said it would take a generation to clean out the Augean stables we know as our Department of State. And while the Dems are in charge, there will not be an able leader to run that manure-filled mess.

    In April, Commentary mag opined (in the context of John Kerry’s numbingly stupid idea to introduce the deeply divisive Pollard case into negotiations back then):

    A generous evaluation of Kerry’s actions might merely ascribe this to a string of bad luck. But luck has nothing to do with it. The common thread between these various diplomatic dead-ends isn’t that small-minded and recalcitrant foreign leaders thwarted Kerry’s bold initiatives. It’s that in all these situations, Kerry believed the force of his personality and his tenacity was equal to the task of solving problems that had flummoxed all of his predecessors. Aaron David Miller perceptively wrote last fall at a moment when Kerry’s fortunes seemed to be on the rise, “Rarely have I encountered anyone — let alone a secretary of state — who seemed more self-confident about his own point of view and not all that interested in somebody else’s.” It was this hubris that has led to his current humiliation.

    In a rare example of agreement between the editorial boards of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, both ridiculed Kerry’s use of Pollard as a pathetic Hail Mary pass to revive the peace negotiations that had been scuttled by Abbas. Though the two papers came at the issue from different perspectives—the Journal correctly thought it was wrong to trade a spy for the terrorist murderers Abbas wanted Israel to free while the Times thought that the gesture would advance the negotiations—they spoke for just about everybody inside and outside the U.S. foreign-policy establishment in declaring the Pollard gambit to be a sign of desperation on the part of the secretary.

    The problem here isn’t just that including Pollard in the talks was wrong-headed and unlikely to yield positive results. It’s that Kerry is so invested in trying to prop up a process that never had a chance of success that he’s willing to gamble with America’s credibility. While he proved able to pressure Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians, Kerry’s naïve miscalculation about Abbas being willing or able to make peace has led to the current stalemate. Even worse, Kerry’s desperation has emboldened Abbas to keep asking for more and more with no sign that he will ever risk signing a deal that will end the conflict. The talk about Pollard is significant not just because it’s a bad idea but because it reflects American weakness rather than boldness.

    But while Kerry’s self-image is sufficiently grandiose to insulate him against criticisms, those who will pay the price for his failures will not be so fortunate…

    Sounds like Obama has found his mini-me in Kerry – albeit a strong-headed, short brained version – equally thin-skinned and delusional, though…

    Both these boyz, just like Clinton, have daddy problems down to the marrow of their being.

  2. The deliberate avoidance in recognizing the fundamental cultural abyss between Israel and the Arabs in the pursuit of an ideological two state option as being the magic panacea to end the ongoing conflict, is a classic example of the failure of the Western Humanist mindset that has rejected the infallibility of God, what the Bible tells us, and completely ignores the lessons of history.

  3. MC, I cannot imagine one day under rocket fire let alone 3! I thank G-d for the safety of all in Sderot.

    You used the term ‘musical domes’, it brought a smile to my face. Perhaps the HaTikva could be used when responding to the rockets from hamas, full volume, especially the last couple of verses;
    Ode lo avdah tikvatenu
    Hatikvah bat shnot alpayim:

    L’hiyot am chofshi b’artzenu –
    Eretz Tzion v’Yerushalayim.

    Not to be confused with ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’.

    • Its been two weeks now not 3 days, but I started the articles two days ago as I expected some kind of concerted action to stop the rot, but it seems that will not be on the agenda unless a missile hits sacred ground of secular Tel Aviv!

      Whilst it is only insignificant cities far down the coast where the REAL Israelis live, the government can ignore us along with the rest of the world, Here, Hamas are committing war crimes, but the world is not interested, it has a different agenda.

  4. The crisis is far ranging and deep which involves Muslims playing football with human heads, a practice which was also going on among the Muslims that Izetbegovic organised in Bosnia, and the economic/political crisis in Europe and US is also deep and insoluble.

    What is going to be of great importance among us all on the side that opposes Jihad is the defence of the Israeli 6, a defence which I say has to be unconditional

    see my points on

    • Personally I find it contemptable that a government (and world opinion) is more worried by the criminal murder of a 17 year biy, nasty as it is, than a whole section of its territory being serially bombed by a neigbouring ‘country’.

      It is like swatting a gnat whilst a hungry liom is licking your toes…..

  5. I find the current world opinion of Jews and Israel totally despicable. Where is the honor? Where is the truth?

    John Kerry was a deserter and is unworthy to be Secretary of State, but we have a very corrupt government on our hands and until the American people wake up, so it will be.

    Cry for the beloved country of America.

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