Interview With Jack Buckby

Jack Buckby is a member of the LibertyGB political party in Britain. In the following two-part interview with Vlad Tepes, he discusses his expulsion from Liverpool University. His opinions, as expressed in emails, tweets, statements in seminars, etc., were considered unacceptable by the university authorities. Despite the university’s official commitment to free speech, and its tolerance for Labour Party activists, Communists, Islamic radicals, and Jew-haters — but then, I repeat myself — Mr. Buckby’s ideological tendencies were judged dangerous and unacceptable, and he was thrown out.

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  1. Awful! I’d be happy to teach, and have in the university, someone like Jack.

  2. With every story coming out of Britain these days, things seem to get more ridiculous…

    I remember the days when PPE at Oxford was described as the place where you “had everything, from Communists to Fascists and everything in between”. Now you get politics courses where you’re not allowed to hold the “wrong” types of politics. If that’s not totalitarianism, then what is? Then again, at a university where a lecturer asked students to join “Unite Against Fascism”, this is not exactly a surprise… the big question – where is the outrage, and where are the lawyers??

    • The only protection diversity has is diversity itself. It is the objective of the Left and the Ummah to destroy diversity of every single kind.

  3. This happened to me 20 years ago although not so openly as they do now. I was refused a place to go a PhD in Roman Frontier Studies, even though my marks were consistently
    70% plus (A-). Now I am freelance, work for an Archaeological Society, have a Church Doctorate (not a fake one like those sold in the US), am a Fellow of the same and my expertise is sought everywhere. I can say what I like about the Left and their vile clients.

    I like nothing better than to be an absolute pain to them….They have absolutely no sense of humour or fun. I have hours of great fun. Try it…..

    They are so stupid, yet they think themselves so intelligent. I have had to approve PhDs that wrre nothing less than Marxist diatribes. As for grammar? Wot?

  4. Liverpool can’t be that “respected” if it has Leftist yobs and louts for academic staff? From mine own “angle” it is on a par with “Sarf Bank Uneevursitee”- a former polytechnic in London. In other words of questionable academic integrity. If this young man would like to contact me, I am sure we can help hm pursue his studies…And get him into a better University. We have the contacts.

    GoV- Please note.

  5. Two articles by Dr Leon Moosavi, lecturer in sociology at the University of Liverpool, on the murder of Lee Rigby at Woolwich. Jack Buckby, I think, refers to the first article below in video 2.

    1. The Liverpool View: Uncomfortable lessons from Woolwich attack

    23 May 2013

    At the University of Liverpool website:

    2. Are converts more likely to be extremists than other Muslims?

    24 May 2013

    At the Guardian website:

  6. Liverpool will be the first university to be added to a list that my daughter will not be applying to.

  7. this is frightening stuff, it should be on the front page of every newspaper and tv screen, operation trojan horse. it’s not only happened, it’s worked, all thanks to weak politicians and complicit journalism. what a brave man jack is, any self respecting university would take him on as a student proudly for not just his convictions but the fact he has an inquiring mind that questions propaganda and indoctrination. well done jack!

  8. “Despite the university’s official commitment to free speech, and its tolerance for Labour Party activists, Communists, Islamic radicals, and Jew-haters — but then, I repeat myself — Mr. Buckby’s ideological tendencies were judged dangerous and unacceptable, and he was thrown out.”

    It is weird to see anyone band together the Labour Party alongside Communists, Islamic Radicals and Anti-Semites as if the Labour Party has any sort of connection to any of those groups. Absolutely baffling. How crazy that a University allows a group of students to run a society affiliated to the second biggest political party in the United Kingdom.

    For the record any sort of racial hatred or racial discrimination is not just unpermitted by the university but also illegal, so any “jew-haters” who actively attempt to set up a society with the aim of spreading antisemitism or any individual actively promoting antisemitism would be instantly kicked out of the university. The same would be true of any radical preachers of Islam if they attempted to promote hatred or discrimination whilst a member of the university.

    Jack Buckby may wish to believe his expulsion was unfair or illegal yet he fails to find any evidence that he has been hard done by. If so Jack Buckby surely would have sued the University by name for sullying his name, record and character, but, the opposite is the case. Jack instead has seemingly missed placed the 40 page document summarising the evidence and reasoning for his expulsion and instead resorted to rhetoric’s and half truths to attempt to defend his position. Perhaps if he was willing to publish it he could clear his name but he won’t do that because the University was justified in its decision.

    Jack Buckby if you have been so hard done by, if the University has really treated you so unfairly, if you honestly believe you have personally been discriminated against then publish this document and prove you are right. I hope you accept this challenge.

    • What makes you think I’ve totally lost all my documents? I was away from home during this interview. All my papers are at home. I have two copies of a document in excess of 100/200 pages detailing my expulsion.

      I have not, however, published this document (yet) as I am unaware of potential legalities surrounding this. Surely confidential documents are protected in some way. I don’t know, I’m no expert.

      I do plan, however, to write extensively about this, and will be seeking legal advice as to how much I can publish. Hopefully, it’ll be possible for me to just publish the lot, as people really do need to see this.



  9. Perhaps England will be divided into muslim and non-muslims zones in the future. Dreadful to imagine Oxford or Cambridge ending up in a muslim zone though. I just hope the Cotswolds will be saved.

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