Church Bells vs. the Mujahideen

Last Saturday (May 3, 2014) the Salafists of Nuremberg held one of their rallies in a public square. This time they experienced some pushback from local citizens, assisted by a priest who rang the church bells over the cries of “Allahu akhbar!”

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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8 thoughts on “Church Bells vs. the Mujahideen

  1. The sparks of freedom are beginning to erupt. Soon those sparks will turn into spot fires! Well done to that priest. He knows his vocation is now calling him to action!

  2. Allahu Akhbar = Sieg Heil.
    No doubt.
    The Germans should keep challenging the authority of the Ummah in the streets of their cities, or lose them as the British so blithely have.

    • Well done Nuremburg, we are so wet here in the UK, we are sleep-walking into a shariah state, top marks to the ringing of the bells to drown the wretched muslims, shout these [epithets] down. The police stood by there, here in the UK, they would move us on!!!! The police here are pro Islam it seems, the senior officers are [epithets of lesser intelligence] that are puppets that dance to a worthless governments dictates. Our police would shoot non-muslims in any conflagration, i’m convinced of it.

  3. I suspect it’s no accident that the Muslims have set up their stage right next to the church.

  4. Mehdi Hasan and Tariq Ramadan- a pair of Islamic creeps, liars for allah. I cannot listen to their facile drivel.

  5. Taking down icons of the kafirs (be they churches of the Christians, temples of the Hindus, or whatever else) is a core part of Islamic strategy of expansion. Remember, Islam is a military ideology. As such, it has a well developed and well rehearsed set of strategies to decimate Kafirs.

    Unite now friends. Let us fight Islam tooth and nail and eliminate it from this world.

  6. The bells were wonderful! Another simple act which causes Mohameddans discomfort is witnessing Christians crossing themselves a la Catholics. I have done this, though not Catholic, to great effect, once stopping two Mohameddans in their tracks. I also sing the Lord’s Prayer in the presence of Mohameddans, aka Satanists.

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