The Tyranny of the Vuvuzela and the Fire Alarm

Janice Fiamengo is a Professor of English at Ottawa University. On March 28 she attempted to give a lecture on the double standards of feminism and the discourse of “rape culture”.

The lecture was shut down before it started by a group of Communist provocateurs who were determined not to allow any discussion of ideas contrary to ‘The Narrative’. Eventually, they pulled the fire alarm.

No arrests have been made so far. None are expected.

Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for the original footage from the event, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video:

4 thoughts on “The Tyranny of the Vuvuzela and the Fire Alarm

  1. Janice Fiamengo suggests @2:00 this happened because

    “Unfortunately today, on campus it isn’t possible to discuss a whole range of subjects “because there is this very vocal minority of hard core radical students who don’t believe in free speech.”

    If this unmistakably rude and disruptive behavior isn’t challenged by campus authorities, it cannot logically be characterized as belonging to a “minority of any sort. What we witnessed here is currently the new standard of operation – institutional retardation.

    In the very short video clip exposing this remarkably infantile behavior there was no evidence of a presence of campus security removing the tantrum throwing individuals. Nor was there any evidence of any interested participants (with a spine), visible to the viewer, challenging these disrupters.

    The first thing that came to mind when witnessing the vevuzela disrupter and the female demonstrating a characteristic of the highest spectrum of autism was the outcome of parents who failed miserably in parenting.

    Clearly, they failed in teaching basic courtesy and manners. Disfunction was permitted at home to their peril. So now, savoring temporary respite from the results of their failures, out of exhausting desperation and falsely placed pride having survived spoiling their children by despoiling them of common sense, common courtesy and the slightest hint of common respect.
    These disfunctional creatures then graduated to the next disfunctional abode, a brainwashing campus apparatus which further retards their offspring’s mental development.
    Such a respite will be very short lived.

    Parents and campus coconspirators better invest securely in their own long term interests.

    For certainly, this video’s examples of the next generation will be so thoroughly indoctrinated with poisonous values, how can they possibly muster any consideration for the best interest of their parents or indoctrinators in the near future?

    Insert Evan Sayet’s “Regurgitating the Apple, How Modern Liberals “think”

  2. Their disruption confirms the presence of significant cultural approval of and defenses for rape.

  3. Anon:

    Campus security did come in fairly early in the disruption. I have seen it on the video I was sent. However they where essentially unwitting agents of the disruptors as the main security person said: “And if you cannot behave we will have to close the event down” as i that was a punishment to them.

    It had to be explained to him that they were in fact, counting on that. The ‘students’ remained quiet till the security left the room and started again. Once the organizers moved the event to another room and filtered out the disruptors they pulled the fire alarm.

    Having seen much of this and heard all the details from various attendees I have come to the following conclusion:

    To solve this problem is extremely easy. The dean expels all students who willfully disrupt any activity like this on campus and explains that if any of them ever come back on campus within 10 years they will be charge with criminal trespass. The rationale for creating such a policy, or should I say, re-instituting one, is simply that the purpose of attending a university is to learn new things and debate their validity or utility. And that those who force the closure of an event, especially by a member of the faculty, clearly are at cross purposes.

    I cannot really imagine why this is not the case. Alan Rock, the dean of Ottawa U is a well known opportunistic leftie however which can be discovered by looking at his record as minister of justice under Pierre Trudeau.

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