Army Vet Beaten Up Near Dearborn

Westland is a suburb of Detroit just to the west of Dearborn. Two days ago an Army veteran from Livonia — just north of Westland — was attacked by a gang of men outside a 7-11 in Westland. At the moment it’s still impossible to determine whether the incident included any cultural enrichment, much less assign a Mohammed Coefficient to the crime.

The surveillance shots of the perps are ambiguous as to ethnicity. That close to Dearborn makes you wonder, but these guys could just be white thugs who don’t like blacks or soldiers. Seems unlikely, but you never know…

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this TV news report:

Below is the accompanying article about the incident from WDIV TV Detroit:

Livonia Man assaulted outside Westland 7-Eleven

Three suspects punched, kicked man outside store

Westland police are looking for three men who attacked an Army veteran Thursday morning outside a 7-Eleven.

Adam Wagner, 25, told Local 4 he had gone to the store on S. Venoy Road to buy cigarettes, but noticed three men giving the female clerk a hard time. He said he intervened and then walked out, but the three men followed.

Wagner said the men shouted racial and homophobic slurs, referencing the U.S. Army and military insignias on his vehicle, before they began punching and kicking him.

“They were yelling at me for being part of the military that lets a bunch of ‘n-words’ run around in it,” Wagner said. “I took great offense to that because my best friend in the army was black.”

Wagner served in Afghanistan as an infantryman in 2011.He said he initially tried to follow the men, but they turned around and starting beating on him again.

“They got me to the ground and the first thing I said is cover my head,” Wagner said. “They got a bunch of punches in at the side of my head but the kicks were right to the face. It just kept going on and on, I didn’t know when it was going to stop.”

After the men fled, Wagner went to the closest home he could get to and asked for help. He’s now at home recovering. His nose is broken, his lip had to be stitched up and he can barely see out of his left eye because of how swollen it is.

“It makes me real upset because I know what me and my brother went through,” Wagner said. “And it’s something that only less than one percent of this country have actually gone through in this world.”

His girlfriend can’t believe anyone would do this to an American hero.

“It breaks my heart to even think about this six-foot-four tall man just laying on the ground in the fetal position getting his butt kicked,” Wagner’s girlfriend Angela Deguise said. “It’s sickening.”

Wagner says Westland EMT workers were rude and uncompassionate and didn’t even help him to the ambulance.

Westland Police are investigating the incident and seeking assistance in identifying Wagner’s attackers, who were caught on surveillance camera.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Westland Police Department at 734-722-9600 or the Westland Police Detective Bureau at 734-721-6311.

9 thoughts on “Army Vet Beaten Up Near Dearborn

  1. Ohh, I think from the CCTV footage images there’s a Mohammed co-efficient.

  2. 100% Mohammed Coefficient!Amazing these creatures worship a “gerund”…
    350,000.000 deaths thanks to a corruption of an old Aramaic phrase to describe Jesys as the Servant of The Father.

  3. “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Hussein Obama

  4. Despite arrests,

    Police said at this time the identities of the three arrested will not be released.”

    On Saturday, Westland police said the department made three arrests in the attack. Police said the public helped identify the three men who took part in the beating of a man who served his country in Afghanistan.


    No details on the people arrested were released but police plan to forward a request for charges to the Wayne County Prosecutor.

    ““They beat the heck out of him,” Jedrusik said. “They beat him pretty bad.”

    The suspects may have been “either intoxicated or just causing trouble,” he said.

    More photos:
    1. Adam Wagner
    2. suspect 1, pose 1, suspect 1, pose 2

    3. Second suspect

  5. During the 2012 Olympics, when missile batteries were located atop blocks of residential apartments, soldiers were drafted into fix the fiasco caused by the government. These soldiers were billeted in Tower Hamlets. For the duration, the soldiers doing menial work that was far from their professional duties, were warned not to wear their uniforms on the streets of Tower Hamlets. Some of the soldiers were still beaten up by gangs of muslims.

  6. Gangs. Always gangs. It was the same in Oakland back in the 60s, I was always attacked by groups of 3 or more. Nothing has changed. How brave those gang members are!

  7. “Why would you need mowah than seven bullets in youah gun to kill a deeyaa?” –NY gov. Cuomo.
    Well, here I can see one reason why.

    • “We were only a machete away from being the UK. What will be the final straw?”

      In truth, the US has already suffered more than the UK.

      1979 – attacks on embassies in Tehran, Tripoli, Islamabad
      1993 – bombs in the WTC
      1998 – attacks on embassies in Dar es Salaam and Kenya
      2001 – 9/11
      2000 – USS Cole
      2009 – Fort Hood
      2013 – Boston marathon

      And still the American media refuse to name the problem. The Wikipedia article on 9/11 doesn’t even have a link to a story on the 1993 bombing.

      This is all happening while the US has got a fraction of the muslim population of Britain, France or the Netherlands. I can’t say I’ve tracked and compared the preventative arrests/convictions which have taken place in the US and UK, but my feeling is that the scale of atrocities stopped in the US have been of a greater magnitude than in Britain. The next sensational massacre by muslims is more likely to take place in the US than in the UK (and they do like them to be sensational).

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