4 thoughts on “An Irrational Fear of Submission

  1. In this instance Mr. Weston, sane people the world over stand with you and your right to quote a great former statesman who was awarded a Nobel prize for the literature containing the very same words! TV Host Michael Coren in Canada quoted the very same words and we shall wait to see if the weight of the Canadian government falls on his head also – such is the wavering state of free speech in our so-called “western democracies”. May Peace Be Upon You Paul as you stand on the shoulders of giants in your fight for basic freedoms and human rights in the former bastion of freedom known as great Britain!

  2. it appears that the god of this world is turning up the heat. England, the once fair land of Christian promise that took the gospel (for the most part) wherever they went and taught those in America to do likewise, has apparently become the Orwellian nightmare that we were warned of. Who needs police when you have mohammedan SS enforcers. The saved money can then be budgeted for their welfare (payment) programs. All the while the Christians are being mocked, assaulted, and killed on the streets on London as they would be in Damascus, Cairo, and other places in the Middle East. Satan made it very clear shortly after Jesus raised from the dead showing Himself to be both God and our Spotless Redeemer that he would brook no competition on the planet he was god of. Satan has used various strategems down through the years but now the gloves appear to have come off. Here in America the Supreme Court refused to hear the Certiori challenge to the NDAA Section 1021 that would allow the detention without due process of anyone ‘deemed’ to be either a terrorist or an extremist as subjectively ‘defined’ by the government. Will the Roman Coliseum spectacles be next I wonder?

  3. I admit to a level of disappointment with Mr Coren, in my view this interview exposes his journalists left wing bias, he interviews Mr Weston by talking instead of listening, in effect, he’s trying to hunt with the hounds while running with the hare.

    Paul Weston is bang on, those of us who are the intended victims of the three ugly sisters policy of race replacement have our tails up, and NO snide remarks about “not agreeing” with everything Paul Weston has said will carry any credibility, by trying SO hard to distance himself from someone of the “right” Mr Coren has in my view also distanced himself from the unvarnished truth of OUR situation in England today.

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