A Big Win in Tennessee

This heartening news just came in from the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ACT! For America. The anti-Shariah activists of Middle Tennessee managed to persuade the state textbook commission not to approve the purchase of high school textbooks that sanitize the history and doctrines of Islam.

The efforts of these dedicated folks in Tennessee demonstrate that pushback can be effective. But you have to fight smart. You have to educate yourself, and join forces with other like-minded activists. You have to show public officials — who, after all, work for you — that you mean business, and you’re not going away.

Here’s the story from Middle Tennessee:

An unprecedented victory in Tennessee!

Commissioners refuse to approve social studies textbooks!

Imagine the scene.

The Tennessee Department of Education’s Textbook Commission is meeting to consider approval of recommended social studies textbooks for the state’s public schools.

Normally, nobody from the public shows up at these meetings.

But this time, ACT! for America chapter leaders and members are out in force.

They’ve done their homework, using our “Education or Indoctrination: The Treatment of Islam in 6th through 12th grade American Textbooks” report.

They’ve done the legwork, educating public officials and the members of this textbook commission, showing them the many flawed and biased ways Islam is presented in the textbooks they are considering.

And then the time comes for the commissioners to vote on whether or not to approve the textbooks.

And not one of them makes a motion to do so.

So a second call was made for a motion…

And not one of them offers the motion.

The state’s Director of Curriculum stands up and sternly warns the commissioners there’s a deadline looming and they need to approve these books.

And the commissioners hold fast and refuse to approve the textbooks.


To our knowledge this is the first time a state textbook selection committee has refused to approve textbooks due to concerns about how Islam is presented!

Yes, folks, you can fight city hall. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

You have to be informed, organized and strategic. Which is what we do at ACT! for America and what our Tennessee chapter leaders and members did.

They did it smart. They did it right. And they’re just the latest example of what ACT! for America is accomplishing and how our strategic and grassroots approach WORKS!

The final chapter still has to be written. There’s another commission meeting on October 23rd.

We need the commissioners to stand their ground and refuse to approve these social studies textbooks.

If you live in Tennessee, you can help push this across the finish line by contacting the Rutherford County chapter of ACT! for America at rutherfordcountyact@gmail.com.

Thank you, ACT! for America chapter leaders and members in Tennessee for your awesome work on our behalf. Keep fighting the good fight!

5 thoughts on “A Big Win in Tennessee

  1. Good thing. But why is there a 3rd meeting? Isn’t ‘no said twice’ enough? Don’t they wish to take no for an answer, just as in the EU where they keep on voting until finally the ‘right’ result has been reached, and whereupon no more votings will be held?

  2. A small battle won against sharia, but the total war being waged against USA is being won gradually and assiduously and insidiously every day every hour by our “democratically” elected Gov. As long as USA imports half a million 500, 000 Muslims a year, and 300,000 muslims are born in USA a year and happily given Green Cards, they will need mosques, sharia and Caliphate. Muslims are preparing for the distater when oil will dry up and are taking up the western countries as their future colonies. That’s made possible by the indifference and idiocy of the humanist, godless westerners. Only a naive western person will console him-/ herself when phantom half-hearted victories like these take place. Sharia will at last prevail as long as our gov. is empty of any position and void of any direction or goal.

  3. This is why white Anglo(ized) Americans should organize. You have to pressure the politicians and clearly demonstrate that negative consequences and legal and economic pain will follow if they dont appease your groups interests. If you arent in the special interest game, you will be railroaded and abused by default, as other groups discriminate against you and give special preferences to themselves…and legalize that as the law of the land.

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