Too Cowardly for The Conversation?

Part One

The case of the state of Florida v George Zimmerman will live in the annals of American history as a turning point in our centuries-long Conversation About Race, a discussion that has taken many twists and turns down through the generations. Remember when our current Attorney General came into office claiming it was a Conversation we were too cowardly to have? We didn’t know it at the time but that risible, rankly untruthful remark by Holder, made during Black History Month in 2009, was a warning shot fired across the bow of White People. Yes, we had been loaded onto our own separate ship, and our Attorney General was putting us on notice that the BGI (Black Grievance Industry) was now in the driver’s seat and we’d better make sure our lifeboats were in order.

But let’s go back a ways — back to the start of it all. Consider this:

Perhaps that Conversation itself was inherently flawed at our very beginnings? Is it the case that the long arms of karmic consequence reach down to us even now, to grab at our throats because of our Founders’ refusal to firmly confront the issue of slavery? Is that America’s Original Sin? Those men gathered in stifling back rooms in Philadelphia, hunkered down to hammer out something everyone could live with, had two ugly choices in the face of the exigencies of the situation.

The first “choice” would have been to refuse to give in to the Southern colonies on the issue of slavery and to demand surcease as the price for the South’s inclusion in this fledgling enterprise. The Northern and Mid-Atlantic delegates knew full well that the Southern colonies were adamant about keeping slavery legal. Thus, if the North pushed the issue, the grand dream of a federation free of King George’s heavy hand would die a-borning. Or rather, it would die on the battlefield itself, since they were already engaged in the conflict. Only unity could save the North and South from ruination and widespread executions of the rebel colonists.

The second choice, the path they took finally, was to appease the South and accept what they saw as an odious “institution”. Those men knew they were only kicking the can down the road to some future point when slavery would inflame and divide the country, but they thought it could be settled in a safer time and place, away from the pressures brought about by their Rebellion. Yes, they were certain that what they were bequeathing to future generations would carry a price, but I’ve often wondered this: if the Founders could have truly foreseen the consequences — the deaths of 650,000 men in horrific battles — would they have gone forward anyway?

Ruminating over the choices made by those signers of the Declaration of Independence is part of the Conversation that Eric Holder, with his Race-ist Filter permanently installed, can no longer hear nor see. Perhaps he never could.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Nonetheless, the Conversation has continued down the generations since it first began. Its origins are coterminous with America’s own beginning. The talk has taken many twists and turns over the years, in large part driven by the engine of justice, however ill-defined that virtue may be. All of us are born with that sense of “rightness” hardwired into whatever it is that makes us human. That desire can be suppressed, denied, or otherwise twisted, but nothing can destroy it, not even death. Many tyrannies, both personal and corporate, have taught us this hard lesson repeatedly, but it never stops the power-hungry from their attempts to engineer the plebes into thinking differently.

It is inevitable that along with those who hunger for justice come those who hunger for power. This conundrum repeats itself in every generation, and sometimes we can’t separate the wheat from the chaff until long after even the gleaners have left the field.

The Civil War, with its 700,000 dead (no one really knows for sure) was supposed to have settled the argument. But the thoughtful among us never really believed a war would work, because weapons were, and remain always, the wrong tools for framing The Conversation. All that wars do is divide and conquer; feuds have a way of becoming eternal. One has only to study the history of the wider world to understand this phenomenon. If people perceive that Justice wasn’t served, then The Conversation goes underground, but it still continues. And the fiercest wars become the ones generated between those who are nearest, those in whom we can perceive just the slightest difference — and maybe the slightest, glancing blow of indifference. Grievances mount. Anger divides. The experience of scarcity accumulates.

Almost fifty years ago, on August 28th 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. brought The Conversation center-stage. Dr. King was a fine strategist; he went into the lists to fight the reigning powers of the time, not with weapons, but with only words as his shield and sword. Those words established a firm moral underpinning to The Conversation. That is, he changed the frame of the argument from mere “rights” to a more profound consideration of justice for all. His “Dream” speech stands today as a marker for a new beginning.

Unfortunately, with his assassination the baton fell to the ground of that balcony where he died. What followed after, beginning even before they interred the remains of Dr. King , was a protracted period of unseemly, brutal, and amoral infighting among his associates. The king was dead: who would take his place as the leader in the cause of justice for all? To this day that baton lies where it fell. Sadly, those contending for its possession lacked the gravitas to pick it up and move forward.

In the fifty years since Martin Luther King spoke in Washington D.C. the political class there has created a poisonous winner-takes-all environment. It has divided our citizens, bloated our government, and compromised the integrity of our media by selling itself to the highest bidder. Thus do we find spouses and siblings of powerful journalists occupying seats very close to the chair in the Oval Office with not a whisper of public complaint. The walls and boundaries so carefully erected to prevent collusion and undue influence have long since collapsed and disappeared.

The degradation of our American culture is almost complete.

So it is that we’ve come to live in a time of manufactured crises, of opportunities grabbed and utilized for political agendas whether or not citizens would assent to what is done in their name. Protest too loudly and you’ll find yourself a target, too. Old people are saying they’re glad they won’t be here to see the end of all they loved, while the young are bitter about the diminished chances they have to control their own futures.

We have arrived at a narrow defile; there seems no way forward. With alarm we are witnessing an increasingly hostile environment.

Here are just a few indicators:

  • the rise of warrior police forces in nearly every state, some complete with tanks;
  • intrusive bureaucracies that capriciously rain fire down on innocent individuals;
  • the overtly pornographic and abusive search-and-seizure mandates of the TSA, sullenly borne on the backs of those who shuffle through airports;
  • the legislation of all-encompassing regulations which force lawbreaking by even the most careful among us;
  • an expensive system of education which produces ever more ignorant students, many of them functionally illiterate after twelve years of government teaching;
  • the spread of “infotainment” which has replaced the reporting of news;
  • the increasing balkanization of our fellow-citizens, as we fragment into mutually suspicious paranoias;
  • over the course of only two generations, the creation by government fiat of an underclass which has neither ambition nor direction;
  • a blanket of political correctness that smothers legitimate differences and legalizes injustices performed in the name of a specious higher “good”.

It is not the case that Americans are too cowardly to have This Conversation about race. We’ve been talking for hundreds of years. What has become plain fact, however, is that after Dr. King died, the inferior folk who jostled for his position weren’t willing to be either honest or benign. They were out to make a killing, both figuratively and literally, and they have succeeded brilliantly in producing an angry, entitled criminal class, one that even scares them.

The Karma Dude will have his little joke, won’t he?

In a further bit of karmic humor, today it was revealed that the man the Black Grievance Industry (BGI) chose as their villain, George Zimmerman, acted in character again. This link is to the opinion piece from the Daily Caller, who titled their story, “Enemy of the State George Zimmerman emerges from hiding to, um, save someone from an overturned truck.”

ABC News reported that police in Sanford, Florida revealed only today that last week George Zimmerman stopped at the scene of a highway accident to help rescue a family from their overturned truck. He and another man pulled family members — two parents and their children — from the vehicle. Mr. Zimmerman didn’t witness the accident, so he simply gave his name to the officers and was permitted to go on his way.

It’s worth visiting the Daily Trawler for his tongue-in-cheek predictions about what the TrayvonTruthers will do with the story. In addition, be sure to read about the way in which ABC first twisted the story. They hastily removed the nasty bit, but you know how it is in the bowels of the Internet: nothing disappears, so their snide comment in the body of a news story is right there in a screen capture. It’s too bad the editor at Standpoint magazine fails so utterly to understand why one doesn’t remove materials on the internet. However, it would seem he is now joined in that ignorance by ABC.

As for George Zimmerman’s good Samaritan behavior, just a reminder: this is but one more sample of the fabric of George Zimmerman’s life. Helping others is simply who he is, what he does. This is a difficult concept for the cynical to grasp.

Our Attorney General, who has cynically turned the Department of Justice into what some are calling the “Just Us” Dept., won’t ever get it. His Race-ist filter fatally hinders his understanding: he stumbles under the weight of his resentments.

44 thoughts on “Too Cowardly for The Conversation?

  1. If we are being honest, then we need to understand that Communists have used black leaders and black groups to undermine – and overthrow – the United States of America for a very long time.

    To lionize Martin Luther King, Jr., is to lionize the WRONG man. I will leave it to readers to research the true MLK, Jr. who shared many social, moral, and political similarities to Barack Obama – and his teen dream Trayvon Martin.

    I will say that someone other than MLK, Jr., wrote the “I Have a Dream Speech.” Go get copies of MLK, Jr.’s speeches. NONE of his speeches comes even remotely close to the level of writing of the “I Have a Dream Speech” – even his later speeches where he uses parts of the “I Have a Dream Speech” to punctuate his own inarticulate ramblings.

    Admittedly, many world leaders have used speech writers throughout the ages, BUT my point is that you CANNOT use the majesty of the “I Have a Dream Speech” to judge the content of MLK, Jr.’s character – nor the character of the black leaders and black groups associated with the civil rights movement that was led by MLK, Jr.

    • Racists don’t actually judge by the colour of skin. That’s just a colour coded warning. The corpus of racist literature in the 19th century was a genuine attempt to figure out
      why the Europeans had come out on top. Some of it was pseudo science, some was spot on. Darwin pretty clearly understood that his theories had a consequential role in undermining the equalitarianism of humanity that Christianity gave us before the mercy of God’s judgement. We haven’t stopped evolving… Let’s put it that way. Inspite of Dawkins’ and Gould’s belief in common humanity we are all evolving in divergent ways.

  2. Who wrote MLK’s speech is irrelevant to my larger theme. In fact it’s OT.

    A few months before King’s speech a real stalwart of the push for equality was murdered in his own yard, in front of his children. Medgar Evers simply wanted to live the American Dream, free and equal. For that effort he was shot in the back. King was criticized for his own advocacy of non-violence; some say that advocacy helped get him killed.

    So he didn’t write the speech he delivered quite eloquently…and few could have done it better. George Washington didn’t cut down a cherry tree, either…

    …Perfect is the enemy of good enough, and MLK was definitely good enough.

    We haven’t had a replacement since – which was *my* point. And because the BGI has poisoned the environment we’re not going to get another one either.

    I ask that commenters stay On Topic – i.e., the contention that we are cowardly. I don’t think we are and I believe it is crucial to respond to that as precisely as possible. One thing is sure: Zimmerman is no coward and the BGI reps in Washington know it. They’re running scared.

    • Dymphna, are we having a conversation or a lecture? Why don’t you let the readers decide for themselves in this ‘uncowardly’ conversation that no one ever gets to have?

      How much do people know about MLK, Jr., apart from propaganda?

      Are people sure that MLK, Jr., truly advocated for non-violence – or was the non-violence the veneer of a carefully crafted propaganda campaign along the lines of the current ‘Religion of Peace’ campaign that we see today where religious now (and racial then and now) violence is ignored unless it fits the pre-approved PC MC narrative?

      Was MLK, Jr., saying one thing in front of the cameras and another thing off camera just like the Muslim imams who say one thing to a Western audience and another thing to a Muslim audience?

      Indeed, a lot of people today would claim that Barack Obama advocates for non-violence when the opposite is true. In the future, Obama will probably be lauded as a great peacemaker, too, where Obama carries the torch of ‘justice for Trayvon’ in our modern day version of Animal Farm where some animals are ‘more equal’ than other animals.

  3. The truth is that there are thousands of eloquent men and woman (many of whom can trace their genealogy back to ancestors who suffered under the legal institution of slavery) who make efforts to lead the disadvantaged community forward to embrace the opportunities America has to offer.

    But they are systematically ignored or vilified by a media which is consistently hostile to the principles of individual freedom and personal accountability.

    • You continue to be a voice of reason. Thank you. I am hoping to use your earlier observations as part of another post.

  4. Hi Dymphna!
    Great article, a definite Watcher’s pick.

    One small caveat. You mention that the Founders chose to ‘appease the South and accept what they saw as an odious “institution”.’ Actually, they did anything but IMO.

    The decision you’re talking about came not in 1776 under wartime conditions but in Philadelphia in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention, 5 years after our independence was won.

    You will hear many grievance pimps whine about how our Constitution only considered blacks 3/5 of a man. What they don’t realize is that it wasn’t the foes of slavery that wanted to count slaves ( not black freedmen) as a full man but the slave owners!

    The controversy was based on apportionment. New England, where slaves were not a vital part of the economy wanted not to count them at all for purposes of deciding how many seats in the House a state would get. The South wanted them counted as a full man, something that would have given them the votes in the House to expand slavery to new territories and make it a permanent fixture of American life. The brilliant compromise our Founders came up preserved the union, but it also sealed slavery’s ultimate demise by restricting representatives from the slave states.

    The Founders underlined this by outlawing the importation of slaves in 1804 and using the American Navy to back it up, something that caused a shortage and a huge jump in the price of slaves and further restricted it to the areas it was already established in.

    Rather than appease the Slave states, the Founders restricted slavery severely and set the stage for its ultimate demise .

    If James Buchanan hadn’t been such a shockingly bad and incompetent president who did nothing to stop the growing divide and everything to exacerbate it, the Civil War might very well have been averted with a settlement of the issue similar to Britain in 1832 where slave owners in places like the Caribbean were compensated to the tune of £20 million for what after all was legally acquired property and allowed for a 6 year ‘apprenticeship’ period to phase in the change.

    Take care, OK?

    All Good Things ,

  5. What a fantastic heart felt post, I told a black friend yesterday that I who have never been racist have had it up to here with the black underclass and the BGI, they deserve to reap what they sow, and he could understand where I was coming from. Its going to be nasty, from my prespective Europe will fall into a Muslim non-Muslim civil war, the US will have a black vs white one and its the BGI pushing that.

    • I’ve had similar thoughts. Long ago, my late father scolded a co-worker for being rude to the small handful of black customers who came to their store. My parents and my church taught me to think of racial differences as superficial, but also interesting. There’s nothing that I have done to earn the racial hostility of black people.

      I did nothing to deserve being robbed by black people (at least twice), or even to get the sullen treatment at the post office. My friend didn’t deserve to be assaulted or to have his life threatened twice by black men. There are plenty of white people today who have been victimized by black people more than victimizers of them, yet we’re repeatedly told that we are the ones guilty of racial injustice and that we owe something to all black people — including the ones who drive cars I can’t afford.

      We see a black popular culture that glorifies violence and lawlessness and cultivates contempt for civilized values. A black social culture openly and proudly rejects “white” norms like taking education seriously and respecting the law and working for a living — but then demands to be respected and blames any lack of respect on white racism.

      I’ve watched a mob of black teenagers emerging from a graduation party to smash store windows and steal things, just for fun and profit. I’ve read about too many unprovoked and sometimes fatal attacks on white (or Asian) people, just for entertainment. Why, pray tell, are we supposed to respect a culture that produces such behavior and then keeps playing victim?

      When white people suggest that black people are mistaken in crying “racism” all the time, we’ll hear things like “You don’t know what it’s like to be black.” Subtext: the black perspective on racial tension is the only legitimate one; it’s up to white people to understand the black perspective, and black people have no obligation to understand the white perspective.

      The fact is, black people generally don’t know what it’s like to be white. I’ve heard some ridiculous statements to the effect that every white person gets a free ride through life, etc. Black people don’t know what it’s like to bend over backward to be more than tolerant and accepting, but still be labeled congenitally racist, while those who disproportionately commit crimes against us insist on claiming the moral high ground and refuse to accept any blame at all for racial tensions.

      An honest conversation about race cannot be just another session of black finger-pointing and white groveling in guilt. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the likes of Obama and Holder think it would be.

  6. They’ve done that here in England… gone on about the need for a ‘conversation about race’. And they did make a start, of sorts, but really they never got any further than talking about talking about it.

    Is it that much different in America?

    I’m not convinced by the history and environment argument; I don’t think they’re as relevant as is made out. In fact I think the focus on history and environment is a feint – and it’s a feint that’s in danger of selling one too many dummies.

    History and environment are merely the setting for the action. It’s the action that matters, which, in this particular case, is the problematic relationships between the races.

    I don’t believe we’ve yet had a conversation on race and I’m sure cowardice plays it’s part in the establishment’s reluctance to have this talk, but I think there’s more to it than that.

    The establishment’s default position in matters race is that “race is a social construct.” And although they do their best to avoid making the statement, nonsensical as it is, when backed into a corner they’ll use it.

    This attitude governs their thinking and legislation on race-issues and results in their focus on history and environment to the exclusion of the part played by race – which is why none of their initiatives ever works. It’s like reviewing a play by focusing on the scene to the exclusion of the actors.

    With respect, Dymphna falls into the same trap, “All of us are born with that sense of “rightness” hardwired into whatever it is that makes us human.” No. I’m afraid we aren’t. Some peoples are much more altruistic than others.

    We’ve got to begin by recognising the reality of race, the difference, and taking account of it in our actions. Having a proper conversation about race involves bringing these matters to the fore and acting on them.

    The evidence is there for all to see. At some stage we are going to have to include it in our conversation.

  7. My apologies Baron, but may I resume the rant for just a little bit longer ? Ive just been watching reports about Detroit, now you have news anchors, politicians, supposedly intelligent, educated, capable of rational, logical, reasoned thought, who tell us without a trace of irony that it’s all the Republicans fault, and implied but not spoken (because that would be too near the truth), the ‘white folks’ for leaving.Despite the Democrats having run the city for over fifty years, can’t admit their culpability and the destructiveness of their political ideology. Rather like the five year old, mouth surrounded by chocolate and crumbs, completely denying having been anywhere near the cookie jar.
    As they stand in the wreckage of what used to be one of America’s greatest cities they can neither admit to the wrongness of their actions, nor learn from them, despite the evidence of desolate ruin all around them, and they won’t rest until they have done the same to the rest of the country.
    I say again: YOU JUST CAN’T REASON WITH THESE PEOPLE. They are totally detached from reality.

    • Phil —

      This is Dymphna’s post. If she disapproves of the length of your rant, she’ll let you know!

  8. Thank you, sir, (and Madam) , this inability to be able to have a reasoned debate with these people really vexes me, especially when you think you are having a reasonable debate, you manage to pin them down with an undeniable fact, and their reaction is – go all quiet, blank you and hate you forever.Can I say one further thing, then I really will shut up ?
    From this side of the pond it appears that Mr Zimmerman has had the U.S. justice system, the bulldog media, the F.B.I. and God knows who else going through his past, trying to dig up some dirt on him-which they have
    not find. He must be an exemplary man – not many peoples character would stand up to such scrutiny. Moreover they have lied (f—ing coon statement) and covered up the good that he has done.
    If the American state can pursue such a good, decent, public spirited man, with all the combined power of state and media in pursuit of an ideology, then no good, decent person in America is safe

    • Well said Phil, all of your snippets. You truly know that your country and specifically Whites are in VERY deep
      doodoo. I seriously believe that this is a kind of black hole situation, once it begins sucking you in, a process has begun that cannot be reversed. What happens in your country is incredibly important for the rest of the Western World, so I really hope I am wrong. By the way,
      this whole thing IS racial, from the other side that is, they
      believe they can take out White America PERMANENTLY

      • s Ducain: Thank you for your comment. It IS racial, as you say, but that only appears to be a means to an end. This whole thing is being orchestrated-it couldn’t be going on in every country in the western world by accident. They can’t all have taken leave of their senses and embarked on a policy of suicidal immigration coupled with reckless spending, persecution of their own citizens by accident. Who set it in train there can be no doubt – the Comintern, the Soviet Union. There is no doubt in my mind too that the end game is to destroy us completely. Who is pulling the strings is anyones guess, NWO, Illuminati. There does seem to be, in Europe a very strong Jewish, east european element. Please don’t take that to be an attack on all or even most Jews, but we now have a situation where most of our senior politicians, even our archbishop of Canterbury seem to have that background in common.
        Certainly everything that made us a stable, strong, cohesive society is under attack from every conceivable angle, some of it planned and orchestrated over decades, some things just latched onto when they come along and are found to be damaging. Whatever, I’m sure the end game is to destroy us so completely that we can never recover.
        It must come to a fight eventually because at some point the penny will drop with what’s left of us or the forces who are doing this will move to finish us off.
        What happens then is anyone’s guess, but I don’t honestly think that when push finally does come to shove that they will be able to rely on the loyalty of those they think that they have at their command. It’s one thing to be carrying out acts of petty persecution on your fellow citizens-it’s quite another to be shooting them like rats in a barrel, in fact from what I keep seeing on the internet the military are beginning to not like shooting foreign citizens like rats in a barrel who pose no threat to the American people.
        What’s happened in Egypt gives me hope too. it seriously rocked their plans-and it was heartening to see demonstrators carrying placards saying = ‘American people we love you-but we hate your government’. Perhaps the people of the earth WILL unite-but not in the way that they want us to. Syria too, is a big mistake, every time I see any newspaper comments they are dead against what our governments are doing, and God only knows what will happen if the US military are asked to go into Syria in support of those bloodthirsty extremists.
        SO, yes, it’s going to be tough, but don’t write us off just yet, they have gotten away with so much for so long because they have carried this all out in secret, and have managed to maintain peoples confidence in the government and media. Well the scales are rapidly falling from people’s eyes on that score, and at some stage they are going to have to play their hand in the open, and once the gloves are off it will be a very different game, so there is hope for us yet. I’m sorry if I’ve rambled on too much.

        • When Orwell wrote 1984 in the late 1940’s
          he described a World divided into 4 or 5
          superstates where totalitarian regimes
          ruled permanently. There was an Inner Party comprised of a very small number of
          elite families who controlled a very large
          Outer Party comprising civil servants, Police, essential professionals, Army etc.
          Underneath this layer was the mass of humanity, controlled in permanent bondage and in a mindset that didn’t even know that anything was not right. Look at the World now, in particular the USA, the New World part of NWO. It looks like we are at about 5 minutes to midnight. The only thing stopping total lock down is the fact that so many Americans possess guns
          and know how to use them. But the star student of the New World Elites, Barack
          Obama, may be soon to deliver the top prize to them, probably in these next 4
          years. If that happens, the Western World
          and ultimately the whole World will be in the worst position it has ever been in.

          • Spot on Dc (hope you don’t mind the abbreviation). The thought struck me not long ago that I had always thought Orwell a genius for predicting things so far into the future, using technologies that either hadn’t been invented or barely existed. I have since realised that Orwell was no visionary-he had just been privy to their secret plans. They were planning all this way back in the 1930s ! Even when the technology was in its infancy (Though probably far more advanced, at least theoretically than the public knew), the plan was to develop it and use it as it is being used today. The first attempt to run a cable into all homes in the UK was actually in the late 50’s ! The rest, as they say is history. I had always thought of Orwell as a dissenter, a visionary. I now think he was a very brave man. He knew what the future plans were for the human race, and he spent the rest of his life exposing it.No wonder he died young !

  9. Thomas Sowell wrote an interesting article in the WSJ the other day in which he pointed out just how much power and influence the BGI has LOST. They wanted to churn up the verdict into a cross country demonstration of rage and failed to do so. Yes, some people turned out and a few people were beaten up but, no where near the numbers hoped for.
    I think Americans are sick and tired of this “conversation.” It always ends up the same way; white males have exploited everyone else and should be brought down a rung.
    And Phil you are correct. If the gov’t chooses to do so they will destroy you.

  10. Quote:
    First point: People have a RIGHT to live in peace and security. They have a natural right not to be molested and robbed, and a right to organise themselves for their own protection.

    This must be the beginning point and the conclusion of any “conversation about race.”

    • That people have rights is dependent upon their power to exercise them.

      • precisely. Your “rights” are only as good as your abililty to exercise them.

        Feminists keep telling us they have the right to _____________[fill in the blank] but again, that ‘right’ only extends to being able to defend it against those who refuse to respect those rights.

        It’s past time to focus on the concomitant obligation which inheres in any ‘right’.

  11. Babs: and that is the difference between ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ – ‘truth’, ‘justice’ mean nothing to them, no lie, no injustice is too great for them, in the furtherance of their ‘ideals’. Whereas to us, Zimmerman could have been white (in complexion), a church going, fully paid up member of the tea party with ancestry going back to the English royal family, and if he HAD been guilty of murder, we would not only have accepted a guilty verdict, we would have EXPECTED it and SUPPORTED it.
    Similarly, if Martin had been white, and Zimmerman black, then white conservatives would not only have accepted his acquittal, they would have expected it and applauded it.
    AND therein lies the truth about ‘white privileged’ – You cannot build a successful, decent, society where, first and foremost TRUTH, and honesty, closely followed by decency and justice have no part. Lies, corruption, lack of good manners, respect, greed, justice, all fatally weaken a society from the bottom to the top, it creates a society where everyone preys on, and is exploited by everyone else.
    A society built on decent, Christian values will ALWAYS be successful, prosperous, and pleasant to live in. 2000 years of steady progress, followed by a century of failed Godless experiments, which cost the lives of, and led to the murder and oppression of tens of millions of people in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, ect SHOULD have taught us that, but, as we abandon that which sustained us for over 1000 years, those countries which suffered so much from the Godless scourge of socialism, are now increasingly embracing it. (Christianity is increasingly incorporated into the Russian state, and is the fastest growing religion in China)
    Perhaps they know something that we don’t (or have taken for granted)

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  15. The Confederates had a point. Maybe they should have been left to their own devices by the Union. Slavery would have been squeezed out of existence by economic pressures anyway. Brazil etc didn’t need to slaughter 700,000 bad racist people to end slavery did it?

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