Tommy Robinson Gives Sharia Lessons in Birmingham

“This [Mohammed] is a man that we SHOULD criticize. This is a man we have the RIGHT to criticize.”

The English Defence League organized a demonstration in Birmingham this past Saturday. For once the EDL supporters outnumbered the police — there were several thousand demonstrators hemmed in by about a thousand police. Check out this video to get a feeling for the size of the crowd.

When Tommy Robinson addressed the gathering, he took the opportunity to explain some of the important elements of Islamic theology and legal doctrine. Tommy told the audience that he had read the entire Sira [biography of Mohammed] by Ibn Ishaq while he was in solitary confinement last winter, and he quoted from it to help his listeners gain a better understanding of the Koran, the Doctrine of Abrogation, and the life of Mohammed:

It’s an impressive talk, one of the most substantive and inspiring that I’ve ever heard him give.

Kevin Carroll’s speech is also well with listening to, and may be heard here.

Other speeches from the demonstration are available at the EDL website.

12 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Gives Sharia Lessons in Birmingham

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  2. Kudos to Tommy Robinson for trying to tear the veil off the p.c. blinded eyes of his fellow countrymen about the bizarre and murderous despot Mohammad and the tenets of Islam.

    Tragic that the West forgot so much of the essential imperialistic and totalitarian history of the Koran’s marching armies that we now need street speakers to try to remind the populace of what their own crooked and cowardly educators have conveniently “scrubbed” from the school books concerning the depredations of Islam.

    Apparently censored and “disappeared” in order to “be nice to Muslims” …especially since Middle Eastern oil became a vital strategic commodity.

    The imams and mullahs speak honestly to Muslims about their ultimate aims.

    We need to be as honest in reply.

    And tell the people the harsh truth: Islam is incompatible with a free society.

    It will destroy freedom and install a theocratic tyranny.

    Anyone who does not oppose that is either a traitor- or a lunatic.

  3. A very impressive speach in that he showed that the problem is Islam. The funny thing is that by putting him in jail that they actually made him a lot more effective, because he took time out to study Islam in teh detail he needed to, to be able to engage them on the subject. Tommy Robinson is a HERO, I have so much respect for him!

  4. When Tommy Robinson addressed the gathering, he took the opportunity to explain some of the important elements of Islamic theology and legal doctrine. Tommy told the audience that he had read the entire Sira…

    But those are FACTS about Islam. What do facts matter? Heavens, all we can do with facts about Islam is predict what will happen when large numbers of Muslims are allowed into a country. And what does that matter? The important thing for DECENT people is whether or not you’re being NICE about Islam. Just take a look at the Guardian and the experts who signed this letter:

    We are concerned by the rise of Islamophobia, the negative coverage of Muslims in the media, the violent street mobilisations of extreme rightwing organisations like the English Defence League…

    Ken Livingstone
    Bonnie Greer
    Dr Abdul Bari Secretary general, Muslim Council of Britain
    Brendan Barber General secretary, TUC
    Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC
    Dr. Edie Friedman Executive director, Jewish Council for Racial Equality
    Professor Eric Hobsbawm
    Rabbi Lee Wax
    Professor Avi Shlaim
    Rev. Alan Green Chair, Tower Hamlets Interfaith forum
    George Galloway MP
    Musleh Faradhi Central president, Islamic Forum Europe
    Salma Yaqoob Leader, Respect party
    Bell Ribeiro-Addy NUS black students officer
    Sabby Dhalu Joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism

    Only racists, antisemites, fascists etc could disagree with that dazzling array of intellect and humanitarian concern.

  5. This is an improved tactic – highlighting the indefensible instructions in the Koran. Tommy will do his cause a great deal of benfit by adding a scholarly feather to his cap. When in discussion with opposition his ability to quote facts will win him the arguement. Perhaps this is why, more than any other erason that Robert Spencer is not allowed into the UK.

    At every demo Tommy should use the televised opportunity to repeat this message about the facts of the Koran. Already the Armed Forces think highly of him and the Police, by and large at least dislike the UAF more than they dislike the EDL.

  6. Thank you for posting this. And congratulations to Tommy Robinson!! – for his knowledge, for his ability to communicate it so clearly, and for his impressive personality, maybe his courage most of all. But it’s much more than that – courage isn’t enough. He sees and speaks THE TRUTH.

  7. Dear Tommy, Its hard to know where to begin, given i was born into the late 60s a time of love and peace and hope for human kindness, In brief, i live in fear for our children, our fathers fathers fought the genocide of Hitler and lampshades of human skin, gassing children, and their parents in dark trains of fear, I admire and respect your courage and am in awe of your understanding of the Quaran, for i have no desire to read it in the way i have no desire to read any doctrine which finds killing of children, strapping them with bombs, or sacrificing them on mountain tops in the name of anything other than our modern day evoloutionary thinking, instead i would rather follow the family virtues of the mountain Gorilla ( of the primate kind , not the human as , i have heard too many horrific truths there too, of the miss named human Gorilla ), I lived with a Black African from Zimbabwe, lets not begin to talk those atrocities, i have always held a happy comfort and tear when a black hand holds white, which is why from my heart i know racism is far from your sights, to those who call EDL racist i say ‘turn on your light’ , know your fight, If Islam and Shite, sorry Shiite Law , double ii stands for i and islam, i alone clearly spells the true definition. We currently have 85 too many shite councils enforcing Shiite law, whereby a child is eligible for her first marriage (no right to say no to intercourse) by her first period, i was a late bloomer around 14, however, although some muslim girls are 9, my daughters age. , girls are told under Islamic doctrine that they are lesser human beings and told to HATE jewish, hindu and christian classes.. Death penalties are given for homosexuality, being a non muslim ( apostate) a scientist or athiest, just for starters a Norwegian woman fell victim to a sex out of marriage Shitte Law work business , raped and the victim sentenced to 16 months in jail, it appears the fact she had some alcohol sealed her fault, think with or without the law would have remained the same!!! Oh not to mention fathers get custody of all children even if they abuse their children and their wives of which they can have 4, no doubt Tommy this is no news to you, as a mother, and someone who sometimes lives in fear not only of reality but of how this effects our mental health and well being. Stay safe, come to Scotland soon so we may unite in the good and the truth and human unity you speak.

  8. Tommy Robinson learned a lot in his solitary confinement as a political prisoner. He read the Koran. And books about it. He made his knowledge clear in his speech. I was captivated by how he captivated a crowd of thousands. He has learned how to speak to a crowd. He has learned how to give an interview. Being in solitary confinement for months might do that to a smart person. Perhaps PM Cameron after being teary eyed for the Royal Baby, might get teary eyed for the fate of his country? He must immediately issue a statement saying the EDL are a force to be contended with, oh no he couldn’t do that. Having called all EDL members crazy or whatever nasty thing he said, he could now at least give them the time of day, or does crying crocodile tears about the royal baby give him immunity for having slandered any and all members and supporters of the EDL? Mr PM, tomorrow is another day, baby is home, you are still PM and are expected to say you were wrong about the EDL. If you were a bear of little brain, you would adopt some of what they want, since the average Englishman supports them despite your campaign of hatred toward them. Don’t you want to win, Prime Minister?

  9. Despite UK Channel 4’s negative comments* on the English Defence League, there seems to be evidence of growing support between the EDL and British troops:-

    “Are British soldiers joining the English Defence League?”

    (* E.g. Channel 4’s comments on ‘drunkenness’ may have had something to do with the fact, not mentioned by Channel 4, that the EDL people were locked into a pub for 3 hours before the demo.)

  10. tommy you are geeting good at it but tell you that is not enough , you can change things only by getting into positions into england and moreover take the christains and christanity along with you atheist and seculars cannot save christanity , where are the leaders of christanity , should not they with you. only with the help of church you can win this war , why dont make a wing to convert muslims into christanity and start into luton , give them a taste of their own medicine, all the best ; i support you because we are fighting them for past 1400 years in our homeland we dont want that you people take that war too far ,end it now

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