The Pause That Offends

The Coca-Cola company has recently run afoul of Multicultural Political Correctness in Sweden, causing grave offense to Swedish Muslims — and possibly to all 4.8 octillion Muslims in the known universe.

One of our Swedish correspondents just sent this report:


Coca-Cola has launched a campaign in which the classic name logo has been replaced with the 144 most popular names in Sweden. The name Muhammad should not be involved, because Coca-Cola believes that the product is strongly associated with the U.S., and Muhammad is a name that may be offensive to the public because it is so closely linked to the religion of Islam.

The exclusion of the name Muhammad has angered at least one Muslim, and that is Mahmoud Aldebe — your old acquaintance, Baron, who is president of the Foundation for Culture and Integration (Ordförande för stiftelsen kultur och integration) and a former chairman of the Swedish Muslim Association (Sveriges Muslimska Förbund).

Aldebe is perhaps best-known for his desire during his time as a centrist (member of the Centre Party) to impose sharia law in Sweden.

Aldebe believes that Coke’s action is discrimination, and it is wrong to exclude the name when, according to him, not only it is associated with religion, but is a common name in Sweden today. The fact that there are hardly any non-Muslim parents who give their children the name Muhammad, Aldebe pretends not to be comfortable about.

“It is the largest Arabic name and it should be more visible,” says Mahmoud Aldebe.

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7 thoughts on “The Pause That Offends

  1. Would not their be riots if they did name a coke bottle Moe. Death to those who insult the prophet. It is not the name of the person drinking it, that the is the name of the bottle and they are instituting him by calling him a plastic bottle. Akin to the cartoons that just said that it is the image is Moe, the teddy bear named Moe and countless more.

  2. But if they had used the name Mohammed then there would have an outcry about insulting the Prophet Mohammed (mhrih)!!

  3. OK I was not buying coke because they are tied up with the polar bear scam and now I can because they say mohammed is offensive !!

  4. Coca Cola is a private company, paying for his own advertising campaigns.
    They don’t like Muhammad name and all it recalls, they don’t include it. Simple as a Coke!
    I agree. Whay not include Shyukinh or Evchyyk (from Chukhodka).
    Chukcy people didn’t complain.
    We have enough of this islamists, feeling offended all the time for anything, while they don,t care of anybody’s feelings!
    I also don’t like Muhammad name. Will all mof us be forced to like it?!
    Bravo Coca Cola!

  5. As the coke bottle has some sort of figurity to Pagan Puppets, if there would be the name Mohammed on such maybe Mr. Aldebe would have reached which he wished to reach ……. and his Muslim brothers would be forgiving because he used a forgery to begin a war, saying “Oh see the Infidels really wished to disrespect Mohammed by doing which I said them as a betrayal to test them”.

    The Muslims mentality is strongly out for reaching the next Phase of Dschihad…..

    In real: Islam is which Moh did in about the first approx 13 years. It could be called to some extent a sectarian cult/religion.
    Between last mocking attacks on other believers during the Islam phase over to decide for the Hidschra and to attack with arms it was quite a short time until open Dschihads were begun.

    THIS IS WHICH RULES EVERY MUSLIMS HEART …. this even produces the wishes to PROVOCATE TO WARS (which is clear in the adult Umma and needs except for kids no explanations), as Moh had done himself provocation, when he ordered to rob Meccan caravans …… labeling such as “defensive operations for Allah”, which also can be done during the “Holy months”.

    Naskh – according to Sura 2, Vers 106 ended Islam. Moh himself did end it – “under Allah”.

    Dschihad has to be ended by us…… and there is a simple, quite straight honest way ……. with my book……. or dirty, lieful inhonest ones a whole bunch which have to do to give Muslims time and opportunities to fix their power in Europe and elsewhere where they are in the subliminal conquering phase. …. with some first break out attempts to full scale Dschihad as being “tested” by “Mr.” Aldebe.

    ….. for its Moh`s hertiage of his Hypocrite Soul to try to “achieve” a “picture” as if the “Others” have been the aggressors —- and not the Muslims.

    This has a simple reason: If the “Others” are kind to Muslims the Umma has “some difficulties” to fight them, since from the Muslim tradition ALL SOULS once were in the Umma, but the “Infidels” had left …… if the “Infidels” are kind to the Umma reasoning on fighting them brings Muslims in a kind of strange situation.

    …….. if the “kindness” is prolonged to the state that they could become from “Infidesl” even clear and proper explanations HOW the Islam was made and WHY it ended up in Dschihad this would disturb them even more —— to the point where they begin to doubt…….

    And when minds are programmed on only doing every time the false: Doubt is the beginning for the Rescue of these Souls.

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