Austria Kisses the Islamic Crocodile

The following report (partially allegorical) was originally published last Friday in the German-language section of Europe News. Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

Austria Kisses the Islamic Crocodile

April 19, 2013

In the late 1970s, a father bought his young daughter a baby crocodile for her birthday. The child was enchanted when she was handed the reptile, because she had seen pictures of them in her children’s books.

Overjoyed, she tried to kiss the crocodile, which thereupon bit her nose. The little girl burst into tears and had to be taken to the hospital. The angry father tried to get rid of the repellent little creature.

The next day, it was reported to the police that a strange creature was swimming in the Danube canal. The crocodile was rescued and the father was warned, as being ultimately responsible, that the crocodile could have gotten sick in the cold water.

Animal activists complained that the animal had been misunderstood and they demanded understanding. It was clear that it had only been defending itself.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Shortly after the crocodile episode, two Muslim terrorists armed with machine guns and grenades attacked a synagogue where a bar mitzvah was being celebrated.

One of the perpetrators, Mohammed Rajeh, was a mathematics student who had been living in Austria for two years. He and his accomplice, Marwan Hasan, shouted “PLO, PLO” as they were shooting.

Two months before that, two terrorists had been arrested at the airport after a Kalashnikov and hundreds of grenades had been found in their luggage.

The terrorists were deported and a formal protest was made to the PLO representative in Vienna, who was likewise thrown out of the country.

The Socialist chancellor of Austria at the time, Bruno Kreisky — despite his Jewish ancestry — liked terrorists and Nazis. His cabinet consisted of former Nazis, and he compared Zionism to Nazism.

Although the terrorists had shouted “PLO,” Kreisky let it be known that he was convinced the attack had nothing to do with the PLO, but on the contrary was sabotaging “Palestinian interests.” The “poor, unjust treatment of Palestinians in Israel is one of the reasons for such extreme actions.”

Kreisky was the first major Western politician to receive Arafat officially. He refused to hear the appeals of the Jewish community, and forged closer ties to the PLO.

Vienna was later the center for the German Taliban, as it had been the center for the PLO. In fact another German member of the Taliban, arrested in Vienna, had planned to fly an airplane into the Reichstag building.

Chancellor Kreisky delivered Vienna to the PLO and in the 1970s there were very many terrorist attacks, in which Jews were high on the list.

Today there are probably 500,000 Muslims in Austria in a country with a population of only 8.4 million. The percentage in Vienna is nearly 8%.

The Muslim population in Austria has doubled in a decade. It will double again considerably more rapidly. Half of the Muslims in Austria are younger than 25 — twice the proportion of the normal population.

By 2050, the majority of children and teenagers in Austria could be Muslim. The Vienna of the 1970s was a place with more dogs and seniors than children, but 4 decades into the future, it will have fewer dogs and many more children. The major languages will be Arabic and Turkish.

And if global warming really happens, there may even be crocodiles swimming in the Danube.

8 thoughts on “Austria Kisses the Islamic Crocodile

  1. Serious estimates consider about 600000 Muslims in Austria.

    US and NATO and Allies did often very wrong in Afghanistan. The war against the core Islamists there should have been made other than it was done …… to that time there was already reason to argue against Islam by thaught and not be weapons.
    Weapons should have only be used in urgent precaution situations and in self defence.

    For sure in this situation Austria`s Gov should not be punished for having had their as “their diplomacy participants” in evil doings only for some time 2 soldiers there.

    Though there is reason for accusations and trials when the time comes not to have used my knowledge until now ……. instead of screening my life and playing the Islamic Dhimmi Underdogs for spreading Islam they should be open and frank to see how this most brutal Ideology ever can be stopped in the best manner —- that is: At its basis.

    I did contacted the Austrian Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution in September 2012 (? or was it August..) on the theme of offering them my help and presenting them my knowledge.




    So Baron – after knowing this – knowing that I am an “Austrian” by passport- not by heart, and also should have recognized that I AM NOT AN ENEMY >TO THE HISTORIC AUTHENTIC JESCHUA and his FATHER you should understand now, why I am asking for help in direction USA – since here in this country truth is nothing worth……..

    Most Austrians are definitly Grave Cult Souls …. some are even born with one leg already in the coffin, such deeply cracy are the minds in this country of life denying Souls.

    Finally: My way of ending Islam is not criticing Islam itself …
    My sort of ending Islam is opening Muslims minds to self criticsms. Only this will work ….. and I have the “tools” for this.

    • I think that’s a great idea, ending Islam by opening Muslim’s minds to self-criticism. But just be sure to do this in Muslim-majority lands, not in our lands. We need to immediately stop all Muslim immigration here in free lands.

      • The only serious chance to do this is in these lands which you called “free lands” ….. though they are`nt anymore, since most of the countries are in Dhimmi subjugations.

        To try this in Islam lands is suicide…… so your “idea” is supposed to be not of the kindest sort.
        In fact its evil ….. and you know it.

        The time “window” to turn this is very small by my estimations …. in a few years it will be over since every year the Umma is growing so rapidly in Western Nations this strenghtens their dark confidence and it will become harder to tear the “inner net” of their leaders….

        …. the alternative: Bloodsheds over years …. over Decades …… similar developments which took place in history so very often that anyone knowing this is quite shocked how silly and primitive are “the Western experts” on Islamic history.

        In fact I am sure many of such are reading here to learn without having any tip of honesty in their character to be in any way grateful …… they are the sort of “special eloys” who only hope to make it to their pensions before ……….. and that they possibly get their pensions transmitted to the other country …… even when here the rivers get red.

          • Luke,

            It’s discourteous to cite scripture without including the text. Many people do not know the Bible as well as you do.

            Next time, please include the relevant quote.

            Isaiah 5:20 (New International Version)

            Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

  2. …… the text from Europe News.

    At present with this sort of “Dhimmitude” here in Austria ongoing THEY !!! FOR SURE WILL NOT WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE OVER 50 per cent. With back up from Erdogan and the Balcans which are to a great extent through US and NATO muslimised THEY will try much earlier the “Libanon Thing”.

    At this stage I would think that the “Algerian Thing” would in this sort of developments not take place …….

    The “biggest problems” for overtaking willing Muslims are the surrounding mostly Slavic nations and Hungarians …… this is the only reason why they would be hold back by their Imams. Also the infiltration rate in Bavaria is not that high ….. Southern Tiroleans and Italians would also help……
    Maybe Switzerland would have themselves such major problems that help from their side could perhaps only be small IF the time comes when developments are drifting how they are let be drifted at present ……

    Sure Austria is the country with an aging Autochthon Population and a brutal and immense Dschihad by Birth which is getting first into the danger of collapsing into inner wars ….

    The invain hope of Austrian Politicians is fed by what Saudis in their hypocrite Sensing are doing in Saudi Arabia with their own Dschihadis in gigantic non-prison-prisons. They try to drown their wishes to “go to Allah” by luring Luxury ….. and Lieing on the Quoranic Matters.

    The very point is …… this hollows souls. Makes them living here on this planet even as seen as more disgusting than before and then they go on ………. finally many have in their “national rassist” feelings the inner dynamics of “not getting behind the Turks” again.

    • Sultan —

      Yes, after this was posted, someone told me that the piece in Europe News was a condensed version of your essay. Unfortunately, Europe News had failed to credit you — a violation of mandatory blogging protocol.

      If it had identified the original, we could have excerpted from and linked to it, instead of translating.

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