Asylum For All, Documents For None

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a report about the latest scandal surrounding the asylum-seeker industry in Norway. He includes this introductory note:

This article concerns the staggering number of asylum seekers without proper identification documents that are granted political asylum in Norway. In the period between 2010 and 2012, nearly 27,000 individuals without ‘secure’ IDs were allowed to settle in Norway, the majority of those hailing from Somalia.

I wonder how many of these so-called ‘asylum seekers’ (illegal immigrants) are criminals, terrorists, etc.?

The most famous case of inconclusive identity was brought to the public’s attention only a month ago when a Labour Politician, Khalid Haji Ahmed was exposed as a fake asylum seeker. He is from Djibouti, but in his asylum application he claimed to be from Somalia because he had been told by people smugglers that it was easier to get political asylum for Somalis.

He has been living in Norway for more than ten years, obtained a Norwegian passport and brought family members from Djibouti over to Norway on family reunification visas!

The translated article from today’s edition of VG:

27,000 asylum seekers whose identities are in doubt have been allowed to stay in Norway

Several thousand individuals have managed to obtain residency in Norway in recent years, despite the fact that Norwegian authorities haven’t seen proper documentation that confirm their true identities.

From 2010 to 2012, 12,167 asylum seekers with “probable” identity were granted political asylum, writes Aftenposten. In the same period 12,626 arrived on family reunification visas and 1,189 received work permits with a so-called “probable “identity.

The identity of 94.1 per cent of all asylum seekers who were allowed to stay in Norway in 2012 could not be conclusively verified. Somalis make up the largest group of those with uncertain identities.

The main reason why so many arrive without proper identification documents is that many asylum seekers hail from countries where it is almost impossible to obtain proper identification documents. The majority have neither travel documents nor ID documents when they apply to stay in Norway.

In addition to all the asylum seekers are those who are here illegally and of whom the Norwegian authorities are unaware.

The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) points out that Norway is required through the Refugee Convention to give political asylum even in those cases where the identity of the applicant hasn’t been properly established.

“The most common reason for allowing people with unsecure IDs to stay is that we have sufficient information to determine that the person is in need of protection, despite their not being able to accurately confirmed their identity. In most cases we’re able to determine the country of origin. Once we have established that the asylum seeker is in need of protection, we have no authority to reject the claim,” says Stephan Mo, the department manager of the UDI.

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7 thoughts on “Asylum For All, Documents For None

  1. International conventions seem to have become suicide pacts, giving maximum advantage to criminals, liars and pirates, and systematically removing the ability of individual countries, states, or societies to protect themselves and their citizens.

    In the case of immigration, the fact is that savage, lawless, poverty-ridden societies are like that for a reason: they reflect the abilities, morality, and social view of the individuals in them. By importing immigrants from Djabouti, Somalia, or Pakistan, we are importing the people and social structures that made those countries what they are today.

    At the heart of the “open-boarders” philosophy is the assumption of the “melting pot”. People of limited abilities, skills, and education from savage societies will adapt to the ethics and mores of their host countries. As evidence, they see the adaptation of Germanic or Irish immigrants in the early 20th century to the American culture.

    The political classes, used to a comfortable, if not luxurious life, and well aware that their promotions and their prestige come from not rocking the boat or thinking for themselves, ignore the obvious around them, and assume that the chaos resulting from their policies will not reach them or their immediate offspring.

  2. “The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) points out that Norway is required through the Refugee Convention to give political asylum even in those cases where the identity of the applicant hasn’t been properly established.”

    The same excuse is used in Britain and I guess in every other western European nation. Does the Directorate of Immigration want this immigration hence its eagerness to comply with the Refugee Convention, or is it yet another case of Europeans being so law abiding/unwilling to step out of line that they will apply any law, no matter how destructive?

  3. According to the socialist thinking the nation-state has already been surpassed, at least intellectually. So they changed their approach to the EU project from highly reluctant (it was the large corporations’ pet project conceived to exploit the working classes even more thoroughly) to an exultant pro EU approach when they realized that getting rid of the national identity, the last frontier, they could implement their internationalist project. It only needed a slight twist, namely the EU should continue its expansion to include first and foremost Turkey (75 million Muslim souls) with full rights. An equivalent in the US could be granting American passport to 125 million Mexicans; imagine that.

  4. Is there a contact email for this site? I’m producing a strategy game about the European Union project smashing its nation states into pulp to achieve “100% diversity” – and I wonder if there are any people in the ‘ECJM’ to provide some feedback, support or suggestions.

    If anyone knows of any laws which are too absurdly dystopian to countenance but that are in force, that would be nice.

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