Changing Swedish Attitudes Towards Immigration, Part 1

This Swedish documentary about immigration is amazing in the same way that a dog walking on its hind legs is amazing — the marvel is not how well it is done, but that it is done at all.

The segment below is the first of two parts of an in-depth report from Swedish television. Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Now, let’s all be calm. Put them in the cars.
00:03   I’m on the website YouTube and looking at videos from 2007.
00:07   In Ronna in Södertälje the youths have terminated the social contract.
00:12   There are riots, cars are being set on fire and live rounds are fired directly into the police station.
00:20   In Angered in Gothenburg schools and apartment stairwells are burning.
00:24   Terror and fear are spreading among the residents there.
00:30   Are you surprised that such things are happening here?
00:33   Well, the scale of the fire is unusual, but it’s quite normal to hear gunshots and such.
00:38   But I don’t think we’ve had a fire on this scale before.
00:46   You say that gunshots are an everyday occurrence. Is that really true?
00:52   Well maybe not every day, but it is quite common during the nights.
01:03   In Rosengård in Malmö youths are throwing stones at the police.
01:07   Police officers feel threatened and aim their loaded guns at 10- or 11-year-old kids.
01:21   And everybody is asking the question, who lit the fires in Rosengård?
01:26   But they don’t ask why the fires are there.
01:30   We are going to lift our gaze and take a closer look at the integration policy.
01:34   How do we ancient Swedes coexist with the new Swedes?
01:40   Two years ago in 2005, Sweden received twice as many refugees
01:46   on a per capita basis as Germany, France and Denmark.
01:50   How did the Swedish people react to this?
01:53   According to the surveys people accept it, but do the surveys reflect reality?
01:58   They drive around in Mercedes, live on welfare and they ride the bus for free.
02:05   They have these f***ing disability cards.
02:09   Take a look around. They are dressed in nice clothes, shirts, ties and suits.
02:13   God dammit, they are better off than the people who go to work every day.
02:23   I met him fifteen years ago in Ronna, a neighbourhood in Södertälje.
02:27   The typical Swedish worker who has seen his apartment building completely transformed
02:30   in just a few years.
02:33   It didn’t matter what he thought. The politicians certainly didn’t listen to what he said.
02:40   We journalists stamped the word racist on his forehead.
02:44   But shouldn’t we help people who are less fortunate than us?
02:47   No … well perhaps we should …but … I have difficulties finding the motivation.
02:52   It gets so goddamned overwhelming … I simply don’t manage … I don’t want to contribute to it.
03:00   In the early ‘90s there was no room for critical voices in the humanist
03:04   and generous immigration and refugee policy.
03:09   And those who were most sympathetic towards the refugees settled in areas
03:13   where foreigners were unwelcome.
03:16   In Lidingö, neighbours protested against a proposed asylum centre.
03:20   I don’t think that it is their mentality …. that they would think that it is especially nice
03:23   and beautiful out here.
03:26   I think that they would feel goddamned sick of seeing large villa plots, of which
03:30   there are plenty in this area.
03:34   And I don’t think that it would benefit them at all.
03:37   I had invited the leader of Ny Demokrati, Bert Karlsson and the leader of Folkepartiet,
03:41   Bengt Westerberg, to a studio debate.
03:44   Bert was accused of being just like Hitler.
03:47   There are similarities, as this person just pointed out.
03:50   The same prejudiced arguments are constantly being used when debating the issue.
03:56   Hitler succeeded in blaming the Jews for everything.
04:00   It was the Jews’ fault that people were suffering, that the care for the elderly wasn’t working,
04:03   that there weren’t any jobs.
04:06   Everything was blamed on the Jews, and Bert is saying the same thing now.
04:10   No! Yes, it’s the immigrants’ fault that the elderly are suffering….
04:14   No, no, no! Didn’t you just say that?
04:17   No, no, no, I said, that the flawed refugee policy is costing us a lot of money.
04:24   And to be able to finance it we have to cut public sector spending in other areas.
04:27   This is self-evident.
04:30   But in the years following this debate Ny Demokrati’s refugee policies
04:34   were implemented by both social democratic and conservative governments.
04:38   Entire neighbourhoods are being abandoned by Swedes.
04:42   Immigrants whom I talked with began trembling when I referred to their areas
04:46   as slums and ghettos.
04:49   95 percent of Fittja’s residents are immigrants. Do I talk crap about immigrants?
04:52   I’m an immigrant myself.
04:55   But in order to create a healthy environment for immigrants, we need to mix with the Swedes.
04:59   Believe me, I’ve attended school.
05:03   The only languages we spoke during recess at school were Arabic and Turkish.
05:09   See, they’re stupid.
05:12   If I were to compare Fittja with Småland where I used to live…
05:20   Everybody is kind there, no one makes any trouble and no one is doing anything wrong.
05:26   If I ever sold the kiosk I wouldn’t want to stay here in Fittja.
05:30   I wish that I was living in Turkey.
05:36   Here in Sweden? I wish I was living in my old house in Småland.
05:42   Here it’s pure hell.
05:47   Surely, you don’t mean that?
05:50   Yes I do. I live here, yes, but still ….
06:00   In 1994, the same year that Nelson Mandela was elected president,
06:05   I received a phone call from the Bergsjön neighbourhood in Gothenburg.
06:08   Now we are building an apartheid wall here in Sweden, the caller told me.
06:12   I went there and did a story about an underpass between two residential areas that had become a wall.
06:21   When one rides the subway to go to work one get’s the sensation that one is riding through Africa.
06:27   VAM — Vitt Ariskt Motstånd (White Aryan Resistance)
06:31   It’s the Berlin wall and on the other side; they have apartheid.
06:35   Is it really just like apartheid?
06:38   Sure, for whites and blacks.
06:41   What are your thoughts about the people on the other side?
06:47   I think of them as scum, plain and simple. F***ing scum.
06:53   We want to integrate with the Swedes, but we can’t do anything, we who live here are immigrants.
07:27   One notices that things are just getting worse as the Swedes leave.
07:32   One feels lonely here. One becomes more and more isolated.
07:37   There are only refugees left here?
07:40   Yes, there are only refugees left here.
07:42   And new refugees who arrive speak different languages so we don’t get to know them.
07:46   They are afraid of making contact. Almost no one dares to talk to each other anymore.
07:50   What will happen with us?
07:54   What are you going to do? Will you continue to live here?
07:57   Where should I move? Where should I go?
08:04   Is this an acceptable situation? You are seeing it with your own eyes.
08:08   Segregation is never acceptable; but it was not intended to be like this.
08:14   There are people who own land over there and things look like that over there.
08:20   Over there we have rental units with relatively large numbers of refugees,
08:23   an overwhelming share of refugees, and things look different over there.
08:26   That’s the reality. If you are a politician and refuse to accept reality
08:30   then you should find something else to do.
08:34   We had a live broadcast from the men’s sauna in Klippan.
08:39   Now that you know that it was two youngsters from Klippan involved, how do you react?
08:45   It’s tragic, it’s incredibly sad. I really feel sorry for the parents of these young people.
08:52   In hindsight, it’s easy to be wise, that one should have done this or that.
08:57   But there are enormous problems with the youths today. That’s how society has evolved.
09:03   You feel sorry for the youths?
09:06   Yes, I do and especially for their parents. Both youngsters have ruined their lives and their futures.
09:12   What about the person who was killed then?
09:15   Yes, murders are so common today that one is almost a bit blasé about it.
09:19   In the news there’s hardly anything else than murder and misery.
09:23   We don’t know the person that was killed, but of course I feel sorry for him,
09:27   but then again we don’t know those people.
09:30   Can I ask you a question, and be honest now guys. Who wouldn’t mind
09:33   having a black person move in next door?
09:36   Raise your hand please. Did you hear the question?
09:43   Yes, yes.
09:45   Not a single one?
09:48   OK, but if you don’t want a black person living next door, what are we then
09:51   going to do about the situation?
09:54   Are we not supposed to have any black people in this country?
09:57   So it is us Swedes that are supposed to move? Shouldn’t it be the blacks who have to move then?
10:02   I get so angry when I hear such b******t.
10:05   You are angry?
10:07   Yes, I get pissed off when I hear such f***ing rubbish. It’s always us Swedes
10:09   who are supposed to crawl in the dirt.
10:12   And if we dare to stick our head up it’s just all about immigration.

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  1. Amazing video that says there is a real Sweden. Fing muslims strutting around my town. Their attitude is the same even though their costumes say pakistan, nigeria, yemen, sub sahara africa, occupied Serbia, balkans, turkey, algeria, China, “Step aside kufar. We are all muslim leeches here to take all we can and give you nothing in return but the promise of chains – and there is nothing you can do about it haha.”Enough of this demonic mad theology and its adherants.

  2. Intense. It’s seems that immigration into white countries is the new normal. It will take years to unwind this way of thinking. Extreme, extreme, left wing trying to completely deconstruct countries, but conservatives are the evils ones.

  3. “It’s always us Swedes who are supposed to crawl in the dirt.”

    There is such a slow creep towards reason. I know the news of this sort of stuff is no shock to us, but it is trickling through into the mainstream media. It may take many years, but I do have faith in society to overcome (even if ever so slowly) false ideas.

    • Unfortunately, I fear this will only give the powers that be the necessary time to fine-tune their plan. A little tweak on the marketing here (i.e. MSM), a few incidents there…

      • Just watched it. Seems it was created in 2007, now 6yrs ago. Why has it only surfaced now? Because the situation has progressed to the point where the PTB can no longer pretend nothing is wrong?

  4. You gotta love that last scene – nobody puts their hands up and the announcer asks “did you hear the question?” Oh yeah we heard ya! Then one of the old guy’s speaks his truth “I get so angry when I hear such bulls**t”.

    And when he sees thing going to s**t – why not say it?

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