Copts Murdered and Beheaded in Jersey City

Speaking of Islam and beheading, two Copts in Jersey City were shot to death, beheaded, and had their hands cut off. The alleged perpetrator has a clearly Islamic name, but police have not yet identified a motive:

Below is the article on the same topic from News 4 New York:

A Jersey City, N.J. man has been accused of shooting two men to death before beheading them, removing their hands and burying their body parts in a wooded area in south Jersey.

State Police say the investigation began last Thursday with a report of suspicious activity in at an address in Buena Vista. Detectives arrived to search the premises, and in a wooded area behind that home, cadaver dogs found recently disturbed soil.

The bodies of the two men, also from Jersey City, were found buried there, and the heads and four hands were found at another burial site.

Police say Yusuf Ibrahim, 28, shot both the men, 25 and 27, in the chest and then removed their heads and hands.

Police say earlier in the week he had been driving a white Mercedes Benz that belonged to one of the victims. That car was found abandoned and set on fire in Philadelphia.

Ibrahim was found at a home in Bayonne on Sunday and was arrested.

Friends told NBC10 in Philadelphia that the two victims were roommates, and that one of the men moved to America from Egypt four years ago.

Police did not explain their connection to Ibrahim, other than to say they all lived near each other in Jersey City.

Lawyer information for Ibrahim was not immediately available. He is being held at the Atlantic County jail.

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10 thoughts on “Copts Murdered and Beheaded in Jersey City

  1. What a horror! I think it is high time to start regarding murders of Christians by people of different beliefs as hate crimes and to punish the perpetrators with corresponding severity. Christians are now becoming a persecuted minority not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe.

  2. Police have not yet identified a motive? When will they ever learn?Muslims don`t need a motive. It`s inherent in the victims beeing infidels and the total lack of self-control in muslim “civilisation”, if I dare call it thus.The perpetrator was probably offended by some culturally inadequate remark about the sexlife of his 23 year old sister.Please reread Nicolai Sennels theories.

    • HJH —

      Ibrahim could well be a surname for a non-Muslim in the Arab world (cf Raymond), but “Yusuf” is considered Muslim. A Copt would normally be named Joseph instead.

      I think the chances of the guy being non-Muslim are less than 0.1%.

  3. Baron, I think you’re likely correct. I only wanted to note the possibility since the name could have been chosen as a relatively neutral one for a dhimmi in a Muslim context. Some notable Christians have had the name “Yusuf” and its variants:

    Yusuf Salman Yusuf

    Yusuf ibn Abu Dhaqn

    Yousif Ghafari

    Youssef Aftimus

    Youssef Karam

    My curiosity about the name “Yusuf Ibrahim” was piqued because it’s not explicitly Muslim even though one would expect a “Muhammad” or variant to be there, e.g., “Yusuf Ahmad Ibrahim.”

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  4. Motive, motive… I don’t know… maybe because of Global Warming, PTSD, or the housing crisis.
    The perpetrator wasn’t White(TM) so alas, we must exclude racism.

    This is your brain. This is your brain on Political Correctness.

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