Railroaded in Rochdale

Regular readers are familiar with the work of Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation. Below is an example of what happens when Gavin is not called in to help opponents of a mosque. It shows how new mosques obtain planning approval in Rochdale, which is infamous for its “grooming” scandal and one of the most culturally enriched cities in Britain.

From the point of view of the Muslims running this meeting, the most important thing is to force the issue to a vote without allowing opponents to present information or give their opinions in detail.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

6 thoughts on “Railroaded in Rochdale

  1. That young woman needs to be taught that occupying the Chair does not entitle her to behave dictatorially. That aside, the people of England have to accept that the destruction of our way of life is going to continue at an accelerating rate until control of English affairs is taken out of British and foreign hands.

  2. The English councillors were weak! They allowed themselves to be bullied – no doubt colonial guilt had something to do with their wet-blanket approach – but they had the choice to stand firm. They just chose not to, sacrificing their ‘non-muslim’ constituents quality of life rather than demanding to know the facts before they made their decision.

  3. Thanks guys, please leave this up, have placed it on at least 9 stories in todays Daily Telegraph. We mushrooms need to see more of what goes on. Brilliant-thanks again.

  4. In eastern cultures, disagreeing with someone who is higher on the totem pole than you is considered a mark of disrespect and the lead chick is putting the lady in her place by cutting her off. Yet another joyous multi-culturalist import onto British shores.

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