Democratic Party in Italy Bombed by the Anarchists

The Democratic Party in Italy, like its namesake in the USA, is a left-wing party, but that’s not enough to save it from being attacked by anarchists, who are even further to the left. The Left is like Islam — there’s always a faction that is purer and more zealous, ready to take down any moderates it views as timid and squishy.

The following video report concerns an anarchist attack on the branch headquarters of the Democratic Party in Rome. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Anarchists threw a cherry bomb in front of the Democratic Party local branch
00:04   located in Piazza Bologna: on its walls graffiti against the 41bis regime were found.
00:09   Last night a registered member texted me to inform me
00:13   about something which occurred at our headquarters.
00:16   I called him back at about midnight, 12:30.
00:21   I called him and I went to check myself, and the police were already there.
00:26   It probably dealt with a cherry bomb that exploded in front of a window of the building.
00:31   It sheared off the glass, ripped up the window,
00:34   filling the room with shards of glass.
00:40   So someone could have been injured, because of this attack.
00:46   After that, we discovered some graffiti too, outside.
00:52   They are about the demand to abolish the so called 41bis
00:58   [article establishing a harsh detention regime for mobsters and anarchists].
01:04   Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the only attack. There have been others which occurred in the past.
01:10   Some of them were similar to this, others a bit different with similar demands.
01:16   Unfortunately they even targeted my mailbox, the one I have at home.
01:21   We condemn this gesture. This afternoon,
01:26   at 5.30 pm we will probably organize a sit-in,
01:31   I mean they will do that to express their sympathy with this party seat, not with me.
01:36   I consider this gesture an attack on one of the many local branches of the Democratic Party.
01:44   One of those that worked hard to ensure the election of the secretary last February 26.

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