Silvio Berlusconi Departs From the Narrative on Ukraine

Silvio Berlusconi is a former Italian prime minister and current Italian senator whose party is one of the three that make up the right-wing coalition under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Mr. Berlusconi is 86 years old, and has had a long and entertaining political career. He has been on trial on multiple occasions, and has been convicted at least once, but he still hasn’t fled the field.

In the following video Mr. Berlusconi answers questions from the press about the war in Ukraine. His responses run counter to the Narrative, and are at considerable variance with the policies of his prime minister.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. President, it was a tough week for Prime Minister Meloni,
00:04   who was not invited to the dinner that Scholz, Macron and Zelensky had together.
00:08   Did she do something wrong? —I don’t think so.
00:12   If I had been PM, I would have never gone to talk to Zelensky.
00:17   Because, as you know, we are witnessing the devastation of his country
00:22   and the massacre of his soldiers and civilians.
00:26   He should have stopped attacking the two Donbas autonomous republics,
00:30   and all this would have never happened.
00:34   So I judge this gentleman’s behavior very, very, very harshly.
00:39   Well, PM Meloni said that in order to get to peace,
00:42   it’s necessary that the two armies are militarily at the same level first.
00:45   Do you agree with that? —No. I think that in order to get to peace,
00:51   it’s necessary for the US President to tell Zelensky:
00:58   “There is a Marshall-like plan suitable to rebuild Ukraine,
01:03   available for you, at the end of the war.
01:07   A plan worth six thousand, seven thousand, eight thousand, nine thousand billion dollars.
01:15   On one condition: that tomorrow you order the cease-fire,
01:20   also because we will stop giving you dollars and weapons from tomorrow on.”
01:25   Only something like that could convince this gentleman to order a ceasefire.

One thought on “Silvio Berlusconi Departs From the Narrative on Ukraine

  1. Never thought, that I would ever agree with Berlusconi on something.
    Except the so called Marshall plan for Ukraine.

    On all other aspects he is spot on, while Meloni’s stance it somewhat dubious.
    Well, she is an asset of the Aspen Institute after all.

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