An Enricher in Every Bed

It looks like the citizens of the village of Upahl in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are going to need to install bundling-boards in their beds, because they’ll be welcoming almost as many “refugees” as there are local residents.

500 culture-enrichers will be imposed on 700 townspeople, and for a while it looked like there would be no accommodations for them. But a container facility in a meadow has just been approved — against the wishes of the local populace — so Upahl can now expect to be fully enriched.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this video news report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In Upahl on the A20, hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers
00:04   are to be accommodated in residential containers.
00:08   Upahl has 700 residents, and then 500 asylum seekers come here,
00:12   they have children, they need apartments, the children have to go to school.
00:16   The schools aren’t there, the teachers aren’t there, the apartments aren’t there.
00:20   Then they’re locked up in the commercial area, that’s not good at all.
00:23   That’s an imposition for our small community
00:27   that we don’t want to put up with. That’s why we’re here.
00:31   It’s not that we have anything against refugees or…
00:34   But the order of magnitude, 500, that’s one refugee for every inhabitant in Upahl.
00:39   And these people are bored, that’s a given.
00:42   According to the district, they have to accommodate 20 to 30 NEW refugees every week.
00:47   The motto, now at the time, this explosiveness,
00:51   is just warm, sated, dry, we can’t afford more as a community.
00:56   To get offers or even an offer, even from colleagues
00:59   that we… containers… yeah…
01:02   can get containers, so that we can build a container facility,
01:06   and for that I need land, and as I said, we only got rejections.
01:10   Then the only thing we could do was
01:13   to use our municipal property in the Upahl commercial area
01:16   in order to be able to set up a container facility there for up to 400 people.
01:21   Where should I put these people? In sports halls, next to schools,
01:24   next to kindergartens? I have no options.
01:27   I don’t have any offers, I just get no, no, no. At the beginning of February
01:30   the district council is to decide whether a container camp
01:33   for 400 refugees will be built or not on this meadow in Upahl.
02:23   Resentment about the decision for refugee accommodation.
02:27   At a meeting against the establishment of refugee accommodation in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
02:31   there were tumultuous scenes in Grevesmuehlen on Thursday evening
02:36   in front of the district parliament building of the District Council of Northwest Mecklenburg.
02:39   According to the police, around 700 people had gathered.
02:43   Some participants of the registered gathering had tried
02:46   to gain access to the district building,
02:50   but were prevented and pushed back by the police.
02:54   The district council nevertheless approved the refugee accommodation in Upahl.
02:59   This means that the construction of the containerized facility for 400 refugees can begin.
03:05   Announced by the District.

6 thoughts on “An Enricher in Every Bed

  1. 400 savages, parasites “refugees “ in very , very small town ! About 700 or little more people!, can You imagine what’s gonna happen to this children and women there ???, I don’t Eve want to think about it , RIP. Deutschland..

  2. All going as plan destroy cultural, destroy order, destroy safe communities , destroy Christian faithful people, destroy freedom of speech , bring in a bunch of violent ,unemployable savages , new world order rides in to take away all freedoms to keep you “safe”.

  3. The members of the district council who approved this have names and addresses. Certainly there isn’t at least one person living there that knows how to make a molotov cocktail?

    This situation is an object lesson of why playing by the rules and obeying the law no matter how unjust ultimately gets you nowhere if the implicit threat of violence isn’t there to cause these creatures to not stray too far from the wishes of their constituents.

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