Only the Good Die Young

Eight obedient citizens in Stuttgart who complied with Germany’s “vaccination” requirement have now joined the ranks of those who “died suddenly”.

Actually, I don’t know for certain that those eight unfortunate souls had been vaxed. I made an assumption, and I shouldn’t do that. So I’ll just say that eight people in their prime died unexpectedly, and no one can figure out why.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

City of Stuttgart: Eight employees in their prime die within four weeks

The dead are between 44 and 59 years old. Just a few years ago, one would have said that a 59-year-old is still relatively young and still has at least two fulfilled decades of life ahead of him. It’s different now; numerous people are dying everywhere, the undertakers are reporting on more funerals than ever before. The average life expectancy will soon have to be corrected. You are still not allowed to speak publicly about it.

Three of the dead come from the youth welfare office. It urgently needs to be questioned whether it is normal for the deaths of people of this average age group to accumulate in such a way.

There are numerous areas from which we receive news that the death rate is currently more extreme than has been reported since the Second World War. First there are the tobacconists who report at least 20% more funeral tickets being ordered. Wooden crosses pile up in cemeteries, which are put up right after a funeral until the tombstones are ready. Undertakers report that in the last 150 years there has never been so much work to be done as there is right now.

And the German pension fund is happy about having fewer payments than it has had for a long time; instead of an expected huge loss, they have even recorded a big plus. [Of more than €2 billion instead of a €6 billion LOSS]

Everywhere you can see that excess mortality has reached unbelievable proportions. It is medically certain that the alleged “Corona epidemic” is by no means to blame for the deaths. It is also important to look at the age of the dead. In the case of the city of Stuttgart, the people who died within just four weeks are between 44 and 59 years old.

With such an accumulation of deaths at an unusual age, it would be appropriate from the point of view of the population to initiate an investigation. [I seriously doubt that, since the vast majority hasn’t a backbone to confront any type of “authority” that they’ve helped to be placed over themselves. They have the mindset of slaves and are dying as slaves now — in droves.] Even if the deaths were due to cancer, for example. That too should not be expected at this age with this frequency — in normal times one wanted to know whether, for example, there were specific areas of illness or other or other causes in the work environment.

One may eagerly await the coming time to deal with the situation, the time for the constitutional indictments and the first verdicts. One thing is for sure — a lot of people took part; some are still doing so today. Their complicity will be proven, and soon no one will want to be in their shoes anymore. This applies above all to many unscrupulous system journalists.

Afterword from the translator:

It certainly cannot be the fault of the vaxx, if one believes the narrative, as most do, and that means the culprit must be found somewhere else. What’s left is: “Manmade Climate Change”, “Vladimir Putin and Russia”, “the Purebloods” or could it simply be too much booze, whoring and smoking? I guess we’ll find out soon enough in another big letter mainstream headline.

On the bright side, the situation isn’t as grave for grave-diggers any longer, unlike in 2020 at the height of the most deadliest plandemic in human history where they couldn’t find enough bodies to make ends meet. Now it’s more of a storage problem, and from “shovel to riches”.

11 thoughts on “Only the Good Die Young

  1. People are beginning to associate each and every new case of ‘diedsuddenly’ with the jabs — and no amount of psyop can change that.

    • If it were only “died suddenly”…

      Among my friends, one computer administrator died after a year of deteriorating health…

      Two airline pilots incapacitated, one with eyesight problems, the other can’t walk because of some leg problems.

      And one of the guys, a maintenance worker who was always fit, never smoked, drank two glasses of wine at christmas parties… Had a heart attack just a few months ago.

      Every time I hear news like this my mind goes back to the vax, so that even I have to reconsider if I am not imagining things.

      One “scientific test” I have in mind is to compare these people to their 90 year old granddads. Unfortunately, “the Science (TM)” can show results only after they become sick with something their parents and grandparents didn’t have, which is the case of the airline pilot, and the computer admin… their dads lived healthy up to over 90. If something goes wrong with their health, then it must be poisoning of some kind. But then again, how do I know it’s not Monsanto’s Roundup, 5G radiation, or microplastics?

      Only that their health deteriorated after the vax.

  2. “One may eagerly await the coming time to deal with the situation, the time for the constitutional indictments and the first verdicts”

    Will happen?
    I don’t think so. Not in my life time. Maybe maybe, someday, maybe history will condemn this people.

  3. “Undertakers report that in the last 150 years there has never been so much work to be done as there is right now.”

    Just to say that the German URL to which we are linked does not confirm the statement in English of 150 years, it says ” der arbeitsreichste Monat seit 15 Jahren”, the most labour -intensive month for 15 years, which is 10 times less.

    I had smelt a rat because 150 years takes us back to 1873, and Austria has had 2 big wars since then.

    • Most likely a printing mistake.

      On the other hand, an old school-friend of mine told me more than 18 month ago that his father and grandfather, who’s almost a 100 years old, have ever seen so many coffins being ordered, especially for children.
      They have been cabinet- and coffin makers for many generations now.
      If I remember correctly from the plaque and the date above the gate, that business was founded in 1828.
      Now it seems they can’t keep up with the demand.

  4. just saw this today: 01/03/23

    ” CDC Finds Hundreds of Safety Signals for Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines
    Information obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified hundreds of safety signals for the two most widely administered COVID-19 vaccines.”
    The article lays out info that is really disturbing, seems to be valid and needs to be given attention but of course the media will ignore it.

  5. What will it take to burst the government’s Covid balloon? They have had their reward for the pandemic narrative that they invented and, maybe, they don’t care if the truth comes out, now.

    Frankly speaking, Europe could be facing a self-inflicted disaster equal to the Black Death.

    How much tax revenue is the German government going to lose as their deceased pensioners can no longer spend their pension money? I’d say it’ll be more than two billion.

    There should be severe political consequences for the political careers of the unthinking complacent personnel of the political parties who are responsible for this débâcle.

  6. They just had a major league foooooseball player keel over on NFL Sunday with a major heart attack and it seems that people are getting it, and the naysayers who believe in the death jab are frothing at the mouth telling people who are pointing out the bloody obvious that we should trust in the government and they and Dr Mengele have our best interest at heart. LOL Just look at all the players of various sports who are dropping like flies in the US,Canada and Europe? So who are we going to believe? The Governments? Or our lying eyes? I frankly believe the bastards really are trying to kill us.

    • They’re not trying, they are and will continue to do so unless there’s a mass awakening.

      None of this is by chance or incompetence. They have been telling us for years that the planet is overpopulated with useless eaters. What you are witnessing is democide pure and simple.

    • He collapsed after a hit to his chest during a tackle. Experts speculate it caused a rare condition called commotio cordis. This occurs when an impact occurs at just the precise moment to disrupt the electrical activity in the heart.

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