Clown World Election in Berlin

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Chaos Capital New glitch: election notifications in Berlin with the wrong date

The re-run in Berlin also starts with a glitch. The wrong date is stated on election notifications. Is chaos starting all over again in the red-red-green-ruled capital?


The state returning officer recently sent out election notifications for the repeat election on February 12 in Berlin. The dispatch was issued in German and English. A serious error has crept into the latter version. There is the date “12 September 2023”.

Background: The House of Representatives election of September 26, 2022 has been declared invalid. It must be repeated in its entirety “because of the frequency and severity of the electoral errors”. [A nice phrasing for FRAUD.] That was ordered by the state constitutional court of the capital. But the glitches continue. The election to the House of Representatives is now under great international scrutiny.

Berlin: Election notification not resent

When asked by the Berliner Zeitung, Stephan Bröchler, the new state returning officer, admitted: “That is an annoying mistake. We are in the process of correcting that.” What this correction might look like remains his secret. Because Bröchler also made it clear that the wrong election notifications will not be sent again.

Given the history of the mistake, in the eyes of the opposition this is particularly embarrassing. CDU General Secretary Stefan Evers said: “This is a dangerous sign of the same negligence with which the last election was run by the Senate.”

Afterword from the translator:

Too many glitches for my liking; one has to assume that this is done with FULL INTENT. If such serious mistakes are made in the run-up to an election that election notifications are sent out with the wrong election dates, this election is being sabotaged. Because going through an election under such circumstances is willful fraud, which fits the whole system in Europe’s biggest rat hole, which is run by vile ideological retards.

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  1. Everything is going according to the plan : chaos , distraction accidentally “ mistake “ at a date !!, like in the States exactly .I can’t digest anymore this government, freaking annoying..

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